Hitokiri, Okami, and Meokami

By Daimyo Shi [e-mail author here.]

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Chapter six: Test of the Okami.

Minko and I left her room. I went towards my room as she went to the kitchen. In my room I found my copy of the Five Rings and read it, until dinner was ready. I when to the dinning room and sat down at my normal table, without Himura I guess I would dine alone. Minko came out in her finest kimono, carrying my Soba in a fine bowl, on a fine tray. On the tray as well were carefully arranged flowers. I was in awe. She presented me with my tray and sat down beside me. She poured my first cup of sake. I started to eat my Soba, it was wonderful. "Minko-chan I have never tasted Soba so good."

"Thank you." she bowed a bit.

I had over whelming urge to tell Shinata to buzz off, as I had something else to do tonight. But I was honour bound to lead tonight. I finished my meal and sake. The group had assembled in the Inn by now, I looked them over. There were fifteen of us counting myself. The Shinsengumi would have at least ten member if it was a guard group, possibly more, we have to limit their ability to flank any of us. The big advantage the Shinsengumi had over us was that they in general were better trained, the Ishin shishi are not that well trained we make up it in number but this is not quite the numbers I was expecting. We have to corner them and limit their manoeuverability. I looked the group over I only really knew Taka-san and Taro-kun.

Minko came over to me. Without warning she grabbed me and pulled me down enough so that she could kiss me. "Be careful." My entire group started laughing.

"I will Minko-hime. I promise to return to you." I gave the group a evil look, they stopped laughing. I looked the group over. "Right let's get going."

We quickly made our way to the safe house, we hid in alley across from the safe house ever effort was made to look like the house was still occupied. We then began to wait for the Shinsengumi. After about half and hour the Shinsengumi showed up, there was eight of them, they entered the building. "Come on, but be careful." we quickly charged the building going in the front door, I see the lead Shinsengumi member just as he realizes it is a trap. He turns and faces me and my group. "You never win!"

"Believe that if it gives you comfort." I said unsheathing my Katana. I charge the first Shinsengumi member, my katana finds his shoulder, He steps back and trusts hard towards my chest, I parry it, I draw my Wakazashi and cut open his gut. He doubles over and falls to the ground. Around me battle has broken out, a Shinsengumi charges me with a two handed thrust, I parry it but the strength be hind it cause it to nick my right shoulder, I barely feel it as my katana finds his neck and cuts deep enough to kill him. He falls on the railing for the stairs breaking it causing him to fall on a fellow Shinsengumi member. Too my surprise after that death there seems to be no more to fight, only two of my member have been hurt neither too bad. I count the corpses quickly, I see only seven "Where is the eight member?" I shout.

"I think he jumped out the window."

"OUT! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE THIS PLACE WILL BE SWARMING WITH SHENSENGUMI, IN MINUTES!" I yelled "Scatter and regroup at the inn in the morning."

I when outside, my group was scattering, I hoped they be ok, I knew that every Shinsengumi member would be looking, Taka and Taro stood there looking at me. "What are you doing?" asked Taro.

"I am going to try and run interference and keep the Shinsengumi busy. You two should go, and don't go to the inn until tomorrow morning." I realize that scattering the group weaked it, I have to distract the Shinsengumi. but the idea was that moving as a group from here might lead the Shinsengumi towards one of our true safe house, if they scattered then they would be harder to follow. and if I ran interference.

"Shouldn't we go to stay together?" asked Taro

"No, I am going to engage the Shinsengumi." I though to myself, I going to be a Hitokiri tonight.

Taka looked at me, and pulled Taro, protesting along. "Time to go." said Taka

I waited, I figured the Shinsengumi would break them selves up looking for use, since they were looking for our little group, that was both good and bad since I had scattered the group. But if I could engage a couple groups they start looking only for me. That was what I hoped. I saw the approaching Shinsengumi members. I made sure they saw me and then dashed down narrow alley, I could see them follow me, I smiled darkly, they fell for it. The alley was only wide enough to for one person to fight. They came charging down I met the first one's charge with my Katana parrying his thrust. I countered with a deep slash up his chest he fell down, I ran further down the alley, the stopped and met the other his over hand slash was strong. I manage to dodge it cut half way into the wall. He twisted around to attack me, My katana slashed at his left shoulder, he parried it. He countered with a slash aimed at my neck, I parried it just barely. I kicked him in the chest. I followed with a spin kick to his head, he fell head first into the wall. He was out or dead, I didn't care. The next member was a little surprised with ease I had dispatched his friend his slash missed me completely. I reversed my grip on my cut and cut cross his chest he fell down. I jumped on a carte and then on to the roof of the building to my right. I ran along the roof. In the confusion, they lost track of me and I jumped to the next roof.

I headed west, towards the Shinsengumi headquarters. I jumped roof to roof top as I got closer. Five Shinsengumi members saw me, I leapt towards them katana leading they way. My katana struck home. Killing one member, I removed my Katana from his chest, the next man lost his right arm to my slash. The third member charged me thrusting, I sidestepped it and his Katana logged in the body of his friend. I hit the back of his head with the spine of my katana, knocking him out. The fourth guy charge me with a Gatotsu, I jumped over him slashing at his right shoulder. Wounded he collapsed back, the fifth member just muttered "two Battousai?" He stubbled back falling on his butt. I smiled evilly and stared down at him "Hai, Coward."

He thrusts at me weekly I laughed parrying it and replying with a slash to right shoulder, I twisted my Katana, he screamed in pain. I removed my katana, he wasn't getting up soon, I dashed down the street only to find Okita looking at me. I looked around, I didn't see any of his guard maybe I had kill most of it. "Hello Okita-sama." I looked at him. Part of me was going finally a challenge, part of me was going you can't take him yet.

"Hello, Battousai-no-Samurai."

I chuckled it would seem that Saitou had given me a new nick name. I flicked the blood from my katana and re-sheathed it. "I am ready."

"I see, well so am I." said Okita, the First Guard Group captain of the Shinsengumi.


Okita charged at me his speed was much faster than I though, my Katana flew out of my Saya barely in time to meet his, deflecting it from stabbing my shoulder. He repressed his attack, the thrust barely missed, I began to fight on pure defence I had to find a weakness in his attack. Each of his slash or thrust I managed to just meet before he cut me. Tired of defence, I manage to during one of Okita's parries, hit him with the butt of my katana causing him to stager back He charged again with a little blood running down his cheek from a small cut. I smiled at the small wound. He trusted quickly and manage parry it. I slashed towars his throat. he parried it easily. he then pressed in closely to me with a quick slash. I parried it just barely. he quickly slashed again and I dodge most of it but he left a small cut in my new kimono. I was getting a little tired. [got to wound him so I can get away.] I though. He lunged towards me, one thrust I parried, the second entered my right shoulder, and the third hit my left thigh. The pain was great. I manage to slash through as he withdrew his katana from my thigh hitting his right shoulder, he staggered back. He was breathing very heavy. I slashed at his chest he parried it and threw me back. He charged at me I manage despite my bad leg to move out of the way. He coughed, he charged again, I parried the thrust, there was less behind this one any of the others. He prepared himself again and then he coughed again, I saw the blood come out of his moth on the ground, but instead of another charge he stood there. I charged him and Okita barely parried the attack I stepped back from him. He faced me then he coughed again and then again he put his katana leaning on it for support. I flicked the blood form my Katana and sheath it. Okita coughs a little more he breathing very heavy now. "What? are you not going to kill me?" he readies himself but he only holds it for a moment until he coughs again.

"I don't kill sick samurai, I will not take advantage of your sickness just to kill you. You are the better swordsmen it would be wrong to kill you because you are not at full health. You are not in any condition to follow me. So I going now. Call it victory if you like call it a draw, we shall meet again Okita-sama" I jump the roof of the house next to me leaving Okita there in the alley. I mange to leave quickly despite my leg. The pain shoots through me as I push my leg's endurance. I find somewhere I can attend my wounds the thigh one is shallower than I though, the shoulder feels like it on fire ever time I move that arm. I mange to hide from the Shinsengumi, stop and pray that the rest of my group is doing well. Just as I think I home free I meet three Shinsengumi members. "Damn it!"

"You will die now Battousai." says the lead one.

"You think so?" I draw and launch my Wakazashi at him it his him square in the chest sinking in six inches, he collapses. The second member charges at be with a slash, I weave out of his way and my katana slashes through his neck. His head goes bouncing off the wall and bonking down the street. The last one looks at me with pure hate in his eyes. "I can't believe that Miromoto betrayed us and let you live."

"Miromoto was only repaying the debt he owed me, when I let him go."

"Bah, he was a fool, He deserved to die!"

"You know who killed him?" the rage build in me, my wound ceased hurting.

"Yes I killed him, he betrayed the Shinsengumi!"

"He repaid a debt that he owed as a samurai! A debt of Honour! HE FOLLOWED THE CODE OF BUSHIDO!" I growled "DIE!" I charge at him, every bit of my power behind my attack. He parried it, well he though he had but his Katana broke under the righteousness of my attack the tip of his katana when flying. My katana cut from his left shoulder through to his right hip. He hit the ground in two pieces. I cut his head off, and spat on his body. I picked up my wakazashi. I began to walk back to the inn. My rage spent my body felt like it was made of lead. [I hope Miromoto that my killing of your murder gives you peace. We shall meet again in the next life my friend. As the sun rose, I approached the inn. Taka had been looking for saw me, and came towards me. "Shiba-sama? Are you ok?"

"Of course I am, I thought I limp here for the hell of it." I snapped at him.

Minko came rushing out of the inn, shadows under her eyes told me she hadn't slept yet.

"Kenshin! You hurt!"

"I am back Minko-hime." she shoulder me on my other side, the two of them were now nearly carrying me. "Minko-hime I am bleeding on you."

"Never mind that!" Minko and Taka carried me into a spare room, Minko cut off my Kimono and hakama. She summoned a doctor somehow he came and with Minko's help since she insisted that she won't leave me alone. They dressed my wound putting stiches in my shoulder. I stared at Minko, there she was with blood all over her blue sleeping kimono, water all over her sleeves.

"There that it, you live Shiba-sama but you should get some rest, and don't go fighting the Shinsengumi any time for the next two weeks." said the doctor

"Hai, if I can." I said, I was so tired.

"He will! I will make sure!" said Minko.

I struggled to get up.

"What did I just say about you needing rest?" said the doctor

"I just need to check my group." Minko helped me out to the main room. Twelve of the original fifteen where there counting myself, most were wounded is some manner but only three were missing. I sighed, it was no bad but seem like it was still to much. "Well I glad to see those of you that made it, and by Hachiman-sama, the other three will show up soon."

"Hai, Shiba-sama!"

I bowed a bit to them, they bowed deeply back. "I want to sleep Minko." Minko helped me to my room. She settled me down. "Minko one more thing can you write a letter for me?"

"Of course."

She took me desk and prepared the ink and paper. "Ready."

"To Miromoto's mother, I found Miromoto's murder, he lays dead, where the crows can pick at his bones. May that make Miromoto feel better. I hope this pays my debt."

She wrote it out. "Where is it to go?"

I explain how to get to Miromoto's house. Minko calls for one of the boys that runs messages for the inn. She turns to me after giving the message to the boy.

"Thank you."

"Now you are going to go to sleep and rest up now aren't you?" it was an order not question. She looked at me with a frown on her face.

"Hai, Meokami-sama."

" Good!" she cuddled up to me "I could use some sleep too."

"Good night, Minko-hime, I love you."I said before sleep claimed me her whispering "I love you too" was the last thing before sleep claimed me.