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Summary: Elijah is tired of seeing Elena's heart get broken time and time again so he decides that its time to finally tell her of his feelings.

I've finally got up the courage to tell Elena how much I loved her. I was tired of seeing her get her heart broken time and time again by the Salvatore brothers. Damon, although he truly did love her, let Stefan get under his ice cold skin. Stefan was another problem all together, when he wasn't flaunting his relationship with my sister, he was making sure that Damon never found happiness; he always found a way to make Damon miserable. Although no matter how much they hated each other, they were always there to save each other when one of them got into trouble.

I was brought out of my musings by the florist calling my name. I walked over to the counter and the florist said, "Mr. Mikaelson, I have your order of twenty red roses all ready to go."

"Thank you. They are the blood red roses that I asked for correct?"

"Yes, sir."

"Excellent." I replied as I paid for my flowers. When the florist went to get my order, I picked up one of those cards that people put into flowers and wrote,

My lovely Elena,
I've kept my love for you a secret for far too long. I know that you are going through another break-up but I hope you come to the bridge in the cemetery to meet me tonight.
Yours forever.

I left it unsigned because I was hoping that she would be curious enough to find out who gave her the roses. I then took the roses from the florist, tucked the note into the flowers and then left the shop with a word of thanks to the florist. I walked over to my black '68 mustang, placed the roses on the passenger seat and then got in and drove to Elena's house. I parked a few houses down, got out and took up the box of flowers in my hands before walking towards her house. I could tell that she was up in her room, so I rang the doorbell and when I heard her coming down the stairs, I zipped around the side of the house and jumped through Elena's window; I was thankful that she left it open, I placed the box of roses on the bed and left just as quickly as I came. I walked back to my car and then drove to the cemetery and waited to see if Elena' would indeed turn up.

A/n: So there you have it, I know the chapters are short but I never meant for this story to be all that long. Yes both Elijah and Elena are vampires in this story. Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Singles Day depending on if you're in love or not. for me it's Happy Singles Day.