Another block-breaking exercise. The same warning of sappiness applies.

In relation to theme 18, you can find a brief history of military ballooning on Wikipedia. I have no idea whether the development of the party balloon was at all related.

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1. walking
When the microbe infected Flower City, Aelia had her first taste of what it was like to be ground-bound - and she wondered how Acylius had borne it before he learned to fly.

2. waltz
Most Joyce dances were energetic and enthusiastic (as indeed was most of the music), but the quieter, more sedate waltz was Aelia and Acylius's favorite - it was the perfect excuse to hold one another close.

3. wishes
Aelia had never really believed in the Joyce superstition of sending wishes on windblown petals, but after she met Acylius, she took it up - religiously wishing on each petal for Acylius to be able to get away from the Stump.

4. wonder
Aelia had thought that she had maintained her wonder at the beauty of Flower City despite having lived there her whole life - but then she saw the way that Acylius breathed that beauty in, and knew that she hadn't.

5. worry
They both worried about the other, knowing that when the Yuks launched their next assault on Flower City, they would both be in the thick of things, trying to thwart it.

6. whimsy
Fulgor sometimes teased Aelia about her whimsical streak, but the fact that it had led to her meeting with Acylius gave Aelia all the justification she needed.

7. waste/wasteland
When he mentioned the way that the wasteland depressed him, she took him by the hand and showed him the golden-orange cactus flower that grew there by night - confirmation that beauty could be found in even the most barren of places.

8. whiskey and rum
There were certain drinks among the Joyces that seemed to send the drinker into an even higher state of joy - but Acylius politely declined when offered them, saying that as long as he was with Aelia he was as happy as he could be.

9. war
When he mentioned being confused as to why the war had continued for so long, she hesitantly offered her own deep-seated anger with the Yuks for destroying her work - but this only increased his confusion, because the Joyces had never done more than stop the Yuk incursion.

10. weddings
In the end, with the peace so new and relations so uncertain, they held two weddings - one in the depths of the Stump, and the other below the Prism in Flower City.

11. birthday
Acylius's eighteenth birthday was a miserable affair, a reminder that he was still shackled to his Yuk royal duties - but when he snuck out to Flower City that evening, Aelia organized another party, and suddenly it didn't seem so bad after all.

12. blessing
Getting a blessing out of his mother had been like trying to fly with rocks tied to his feet, but in the end the fact that Aelia made her son happy pulled a reluctant betrothal agreement from Bakrakra's lips.

13. bias
Despite what might have been considered an inevitable bias against Yuks, Aelia still thought that Acylius was the most beautiful young man she'd ever seen.

14. burning
He'd never liked the smell of burning, but after he met Aelia, Acylius actively avoided the Hotsy-Totsy - he hated to think of all her work just going up in smoke.

15. breathing
After being confined to the Stump for so long, getting to Joyce territory and seeing Aelia was like being allowed to breathe again.

16. breaking
Acylius never said anything, but Aelia could see that life in the Stump was taking more and more out of him - and all she could do was hope that it wouldn't break him completely.

17. belief
Sometimes believing that the war could really end took all the effort that they both had.

18. balloon
Aelia's creations certainly brightened up what might otherwise have been sparse decoration, considering the winter season - and it pleased both her and Acylius to have developed them from sketches of old Yuk technology.

19. balcony
If it weren't for the fact that it was such a public place, the balcony that edged the entrance to Flower City would have been a wonderful place to watch the sunset - as it was, teasing comments from Fulgor and knowing giggles from Joyce workers forced Aelia and Acylius to relocate elsewhere.

20. bane
Acylius made a point of innocently mentioning Aelia every time he spoke to his mother - he knew that the way the Queen vented her irritation at the relationship had become the bane of the Prime Minister's life.

21. quiet
It was a sad truth that neither of them could feel entirely comfortable when there was a quiet period in the conflict between their two peoples - such lulls generally meant that Krabo was up to something truly diabolical.

22. quirks
It made Aelia angry to think that every quirk that made Acylius so dear to her - his appreciation of kolor, his love of flowers, his desire for peace - was another reason to the Yuks that their prince was a bad person.

23. question
Questions had come naturally to Acylius from a very young age, but, "Aelia, will you marry me?" stuck in his throat for a long time before he was able to force it out.

24. quarrel
Their relationship was not without its quarrels, but the constant conflicts between their peoples had a way of putting things into perspective.

25. quitting
There were many occasions in Acylius's life when quitting would have been easier - in his attempts to escape, in digging the tunnel to Flower City, in fighting for recognition of his relationship with Aelia - but he considered that the rewards for not giving in had always justified his efforts.

26. jump
Sometimes Aelia was struck by how large a jump she had made, from hating the Yuks to falling in love with one of them.

27. jester
He couldn't stop his mother, but the rest of the Yuks quickly learned that it was a very bad idea to refer to the Joyces using any of their usual insults - particularly when those insults were directed at Aelia.

28. jousting
Acylius was almost coming to look forward to his verbal jousting with Krabo - the stories of their scraps always made Aelia giggle.

29. jewel
Nobody in the Stump objected when Acylius took possession of the strange rock, shiny and colorful - and it did make a wonderful gift to Aelia.

30. just
They laughed later over the mockery that the Yuk law court had been, but the best moment for Acylius was when Aelia told him, "It was a good idea."

31. smirk
Even when he wasn't able to escape, Acylius was easily able to keep track of the situation in Flower City - he just had to observe the presence (or, far more common, the absence) of Krabo's smirk.

32. sorrow
After the initial joy of victory had faded, Aelia was always left to contemplate the destruction of her work - something that Acylius, with his many escape attempts, could relate to all too well.

33. stupidity
Whenever Acylius appeared from his tunnels, Aelia always felt a moment of gentle pity for the Yuks that had been stupid enough to stand in his way.

34. serenade
Fulgor's surprise serenade was doubtless well-meant, but that didn't stop Aelia from shouting at him about interrupting their moment - and it was a measure of Acylius's anger that he made no attempt to stop her.

35. sarcasm
"Oh, absolutely," said Acylius, thwarted again and at his most sarcastic, when his tutor asked if he was going to give up his ridiculous escape attempts - and his liaisons with a Joyce.

36. sordid
It all seemed so sordid, putting a price on peace - but Aelia's suggestion of the trade of specifically-grown flower wood for new technology finally quieted the majority of Yuk objections.

37. soliloquy
Aelia had always had a habit of talking aloud as she worked, one that she had always meant to stop - but then she met Acylius, and realized that talking aloud wasn't always a bad thing.

38. sojourn
Acylius's sojourns in Flower City were all too brief, and Aelia treasured each one of them.

39. share
They helped one another realize that their peoples shared far more things than they had initially thought.

40. solitary
Acylius couldn't find it in himself to be bothered by the amount of time he spent alone in the Stump, since life there seemed even more distasteful when compared to life in Flower City.

41. nowhere
There was nowhere that Acylius would rather be than at Aelia's side - or vice versa.

42. neutral
Acylius shifted the Koleopter out of neutral with his heart in this mouth, thinking that the presence of Aelia - who had decided that she wanted to see how a Yuk machine worked - was very distracting.

43. nuance
It was amazing to Aelia that Acylius, who had grown up in the most drab environment possible, was better at detecting nuances in kolor than some Joyces.

44. near
The completion of the tunnel connecting the Stump and Flower City was a great thing for both of them - it made the other seem so much nearer.

45. natural
The natural outcome of the limits on the time they spent together was that they cherished every moment.

46. horizon
With Flower City always visible on the horizon, Acylius could never falter.

47. valiant
Despite their valiant efforts, Acylius and Aelia could never quite forget during their encounters that soon Acylius would have to leave.

48. virtuous
Aelia felt positively virtuous each time that Acylius related some tale of woe and she didn't immediately fly off to the Stump to pick a fight with those involved.

49. victory
The party that followed the ceremony under the Great Prism was not just a celebration of their marriage - it was a celebration of victory, for all that they had fought for.

50. defeat
One by one, one after the other, the Yuks were forced to admit defeat - there was nothing, absolutely nothing, that would keep their Prince Acylius apart, or away, from Aelia.