Note: This is the first chapter of my new Saki fanfic, Saki: After Story, which will be a Saki/Nodoka centered romance fanfic. Mostly it will focus on what happens to the two after the Inter High School Mahjong Championship and their graduation from Kiyosumi High School. It is loosely based on my other current fanfic, Lucky Star: After Story. This is my first Saki fanfic, and I wanted to have this chapter up by Valentine's Day.

One last note: If you are unaware what Saki is, basically the premise for the anime series is adorable girls playing Mahjong with a liberal dose of Les Yay (TV Tropes' term, not mine).

Rating: Rated PG-13 for some violent moments, brief coarse language, and sexual content later on.

Saki: After Story

Saturday August 1, 2009, 8:00 am

Our story starts out on the second day of the Inter High School Mahjong Championship. It was being held in the Tokyo International Forum building. The girls from the Kiyosumi High School were staying at the Imperial Hotel only a little more than 1 kilometer away from the Forum building.

A brown haired first year student by the name of Saki Miyanaga was laying in her bed, when she was woken up by a soft voice saying, "Miyanaga-san, it's time to wake up". The voiced belonged to Nodoka Haramura, a pink haired, blue eyed girl who was in the same grade and went to the same school as her friend. Saki opened her big brown eyes and whispered, "O-Oh, g-good morning, H-Haramura-san".

Their hands interlocked as Nodoka pulled Saki up out of her bed. Both girls looked at each other and blushed fiercely. To put it this way, Saki and Nodoka are actually secretly in love. However, they have always been too shy to admit their true feelings to the other person. After a few seconds of staring into each other's eyes, they composed themselves and got cleaned up and dressed in their summer school uniforms.

"Well today is the big day", Saki noted. "If you're talking about the Inter High School Mahjong Championship, then yes it is", Nodoka agreed. "Maybe I'll be able to move on to the finals, and maybe my sister will make it too", Saki answered hopefully. "I know how much you want to make amends with your sister", Nodoka replied, understanding.

You see, for some reason, Saki's sister Teru, has constantly denied the fact that she has a sister. No one seems to know why Teru denies Saki's existence. It has been this way since Mr. and Mrs. Miyanaga separated in 2002. However, Saki has refused to give up hope of making amends. Even after 7 years, she is still hoping that the day where they make up will come.

Anyway, after this conversation, Saki and Nodoka walked down to one of the hotel's restaurants to have breakfast. This is where their fellow members of their Mahjong club were waiting for them at a table near the door. As they walked in, they were quite surprised to hear someone shouting something about tacos. "What the hell do you mean you don't serve tacos this time of day?", the voice complained.

As they expected, that taco-related outburst was blurted out by one of their teammates, Yuuki Kataoka, the little pigtailed blue-eyed brunette, who absolutely loves tacos (she actually needs them to feed her Mahjong prowess). The other two members of the club, Mako Someya and Hisa Takei, were trying to keep her from making a scene. The former girl has green hair and brown eyes that are covered by her glasses, and she is the only second-year member of the club. The latter girl has red hair and brown eyes, and she is the oldest member of the club being in her third year.

"Don't throw a fit, it will be fine", Mako placated as she grabbed Yuuki's left arm. "I'm sure you'll be able to find some tacos later on", Hisa concurred as she grabbed Yuuki's right arm. "All right! All right! I'm sorry for throwing such a fuss! Just let go of me!", Yuuki protested as she struggled. It was just then that the three noticed their two colleagues standing there.

"Saki-chan, Nodoka-chan, when did you two get here?", Yuuki wondered. "We just came in", Nodoka answered. "What was all that yelling about?", Saki asked. "Oh well, Yuuki over here was upset because they don't serve tacos this early", Mako explained. "We told her that we're sure she'll be able to get some later", Hisa added.

"And also did you hear that the tournament is going to be taped by the local news?", Mako questioned. "I've heard that, and Inter-High Radio's been covering the tournament since yesterday", Hisa replied. "Sounds like an awful lot of coverage, if you ask me", Yuuki interrupted.

"Are you nervous, Miyanaga-san?", Nodoka asked. "A little bit but I'll be fine, Haramura-san", Saki assured. "I'm a little uneasy as well, but I'll manage", Nodoka answered. "Well, let's not waste any time", Saki exclaimed. So with that they sat down with their classmates to have breakfast before heading to the Forum building.

11:30 am

Later that morning, the girls arrived at the Tokyo International Forum building. It was certainly a huge building and it was packed with people. Meanwhile somewhere in the main performance hall, Saki's sister was waiting with her classmates from Shiraitodai High School for the tournaments to start. "I wish they'd hurry up and start already", Teru complained. At that time, one of her teammates by the name of Sumire Hirose walked up to her. "It doesn't officially begin until noon", Sumire explained. "But I want to kick some ass", Teru reiterated. "You know, maybe you'll run into your sister", Sumire suggested.

"God damn it! How many times do I have to tell you, Sumire?", Teru growled through gritted teeth, "I. Do. Not. Have. A. Sister!". "Quit bullshitting, Teru", Sumire shot back, "Sooner or later, you're going to have to face facts". "Don't make me hit you!", Teru warned, as she stood up. "Now you're just in denial!", Sumire challenged, "And you could at least try to smile once in a while". "I've had enough of you!", Teru shouted as she charged towards her teammate, "Don't tell me how to live my life! Now you're going to get it!".

Before Teru could do anything, she was restrained by her three teammates, Takami Shibuya, Seiko Matano, and Awai Oohoshi. "Teru, control yourself!", Takami pleaded. "It won't do you any good to attack someone on our team!", Seiko hollered. "Do you want us to get disqualified?", Awai questioned.

I should mention that throughout her life, Teru has had a hard time controlling her anger. Sometimes she can get so angry at someone that she will try to put that person in physical harm. That usually results in her having to be restrained. But enough about that for now, let's move on.

Now to start the tournament. To be a little creative, I'll put this radio here and let the announcers lead us into this part. And here we go (turns radio on).

Announcer: You're listening to NHK Radio 1. We'll be back on the air in a few hours to bring you all the latest news, sports and weather from around Japan with NHK Newsline. In the meantime, we're going to hand over to Inter-High Radio for their coverage of the second day of the 71st Annual Inter High School Mahjong Championships.

At the stroke of noon, the handover completed and the coverage began.

12:00 pm

Second Announcer: This is Inter-High Radio, broadcasting live from the Tokyo International Forum on NHK Radio 1.

We then go to two girls at the desk near the scene of the action. The girl on the left has purple hair and blue eyes. The girl on the right has brown hair and brown eyes.

"Good afternoon and welcome to the Tokyo International Forum. I'm Sukoya Kokaji", the girl on the left announced.

"And I'm Uta Mihirogi and it's a beautiful day here in Tokyo", the girl on the right responded.

Sukoya: "71 years ago, the first Inter High School Mahjong Championship took place just a few blocks away from this building".

Uta: "A lot has changed in the last 71 years, even though I wouldn't know, since none of us here have been around for quite that long".

Sukoya: "Anyway, our play by play commentators, Kouko Fukuyo and Eri Hariu, are standing by, waiting to get a piece of the action"

Uta: "So what's the scene like in the hall right now, you two. Can you feel the excitement?"

We then see Kouko and Eri standing near the playing platform. The former has brown hair and brown eyes. The latter has blond hair and red eyes.

Kouko: "Well, Sukoya and Uta, you can just feel the excitement building up here in this hall"

Eri: "Whoever wins the final today, her school will take home the championship title"

Kouko: "Oh that reminds me! Sukoya won the 61st Championship back in 1999, and to this day she remains undefeated in ALL OF JAPAN! In fact I'd be willing to say that Shiraitodai High School is the strongest in the leagues!" (Kouko has been a total fangirl towards Sukoya ever since she won, and Shiraitodai is where the latter graduated)

Eri: "Control yourself, Kouko. Anyway, things should be getting underway very soon. Back to you".

Going back to the two color commentators, Sukoya is blushing heavily with an extremely embarrassed look on her face. Uta puts her hand on her partner's shoulder trying to console her.

Uta: "Anyway, don't forget for those of you who have a television or a computer, we are simulcasting live on NHK General TV as well as live on the Inter High Website"

Okay, that's enough of that for now.

4:00 pm

After several hours, the final match of the tournament was upon us. Somehow, by some miracle, against all odds, Saki proved to be right. The final match of the tournament would be between her and Teru. It was hardly an easy task. During one match, the power of one of Saki's competitors caused the lights to go out for several minutes.

Before Saki stepped up to face Teru, Nodoka pulled her aside to lend her "Etopen", the stuffed penguin that she always holds during her matches. "I think you could use it, Miyanaga-san", Nodoka told her. "Thank you, Haramura-san. I'll be sure to return it to you after the match", Saki replied greatfully.

Now on to the match. I'm not going to include many moves. I'm sorry but the scoring system is impossible for me to figure out.

It proved to be a very intense and fairly long match. Teru had led early on with a tanyao, pinfu and sanshoku doujun, but Saki eventually closed the gap with several moves including a 2 han 70 fu. By 4:45, the game was tied. The game went on for another 5 or 10 minutes, before Saki pulled out the Rinshan Kaihou, which is her signature move, and that pushed her to the win. The final score was 112,000 (Saki) to 110,000 (Teru).

"Saki Miyanaga has won the tournament for Kiyosumi High School!", Eri exclaimed. "That's the first time in more than 10 years that someone from Kiyosumi has won!", Kouko announced.

The Kiyosumi students who had gathered were in the process of celebrating. They jumped out of their seats and cheered. Clearly, they were very excited at learning this news. Not so much for Teru, who sat there, stewing silently.

"Hooray for you, Saki-chan!", Yuuki cheered. "You did us proud, Saki", Mako complimented. "We're very proud of you, Saki", Hisa agreed. "Gee, um, uh, thank you guys", Saki stammered. She started walking down the stairs to join her fellow students, however, she ended up tripping over her own feet part of the way down and tumbled down the stairs, luckily landing into Nodoka's ample breasts.

"Are you all right, Miyanaga-san?", Nodoka asked. "Yes, thank you, Haramura-san", Saki answered. "You're welcome. And congratulations on winning for Kiyosumi", Nodoka replied back. "Oh by the way, here's your little penguin back", Saki remembered, handing Etopen back to Nodoka. With that, the two girls hugged each other in a seemingly romantic embrace.

After recieving the trophy, posing for a few photos with her teammates, and having the 4 commentators give her a brief interview, Saki noticed that Teru was stomping out of the room. "Haramura-san, I'll be back. I have to try to talk to Teru", Saki told her friend. "Okay, I'll be with you in a minute", Nodoka replied. And with that, Saki went to catch up to Teru. "Teru, wait, hold on a second!", Saki called out, finally catching up, "I need to talk to you!".

But when she got to her older sister, that's when her heart started racing with fear. Remember when I said that Teru can sometimes lose control when she gets angry? Well, this is happening now. And with a metal pipe and a box cutter in her possession this is not going to end well.

5:30 pm

Teru took several quick and brutal swings with the hard metal pipe. Saki tried to dodge them, but she tripped again as she stepped back. Before she could get back up, she was hit several times in each leg, crippling her ability to run or even walk away. Teru then jumped on top of Saki and punched her several times in the face. "Teru, why are you doing this to me?", Saki whimpered with tears streaming down her face, "I'm your little sister for God's sake!".

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU BITCH!", Teru screamed as she kicked Saki in the abdomen several times, "YOU ARE NOT MY SISTER!". By this time, Nodoka had caught up and saw what Teru was doing to Saki. She managed to push Teru away from Saki. "Miyanaga-san! Are you all right? What has she done to you?", Nodoka sputtered. "Haramura-san! Look out, she's got a weapon!", Saki managed to say.

Nodoka looked over her shoulder to see Teru swing the pipe at her face, hitting her and sending her down onto the floor. Teru then hit Nodoka several times in her left arm and her right leg, before cutting both girls with the box cutter. By this time, Sukoya and Uta had seen what was going on and sprinted to the intercom. "Attention all faculty! Report to the center hall outside of Hall 1 at once!", Sukoya yelled urgently. "There are 2 girls being beat up by another girl! We need help here, and hurry!", Uta shouted insistently.

This got the attention of Saki's teammates as well as Teru's teammates who rushed out into the hall, managing to subdue Teru, who by now was whacking both Saki and Nodoka with a wooden chair.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?", Sumire roared, "Do you realize what you've just done?". "Why do you care?", Teru shot back, "She's not on our team". "Why would you even do such a thing?", Takami demanded. "Did you even think of the consequences?", Seiko wondered. "How could you?", Awai questioned.

"And it was your own sister you did this to!", Sumire sighed. "For the last time, she is not my sister!", Teru shrieked, "She never was my sister! I never had a sister!". "That is utter bullshit! I've had enough of your lying!", Sumire snapped back, now completely outraged at Teru's blatant lies, "I have obtained proof from both your mother and father that Saki is your sister! And what you just did to her and her friend is absolutely inexcusable!".

Upon hearing this, Teru looked back at Saki, who was on the ground, crying and shaking from the pain she was in. "Oh my god!", Teru mumbled to herself, "What the fuck have I done". It seems that she's finally realized the magnitude of what she's done. She just stood there in a state of semi-shock which she remained in even after she was handcuffed and taken away by the cops.

5:40 pm

Meanwhile, despite the pain she was in, Nodoka had managed to crawl over to where Saki had fallen. "Miyanaga-san! Are you all right! Please tell me!", she asked desperately, the tears falling down her face. Saki looked up and wondered, "H-Hara...Haramura-san. W-Why d-d-did this have t-to happen?", before she started to cry. Nodoka could see the pain in Saki's eyes. Not just the physical pain but the emotional pain as well.

The Kiyosumi team which was celebrating just a few minutes ago was now in a state of silence. All three of Saki's and Nodoka's teammates were at a loss for words. A few minutes later, an ambulance pulled up to the front entrance.

When they got in, they loaded both Saki and Nodoka onto stretchers. "Which hospital are we heading to?", Saki wondered. "Well based on your injuries, you two will be heading to Tokyo Medical University Hospital", one of the paramedics told her. "How far is that from here?", Nodoka asked. "It's about 6 or 7 miles away, which means we should be there in about 15 or 20 minutes", another paramedic answered.

With that, the two were wheeled out of the Forum and into the ambulance. As soon as they were secured in, they sped off. The Kiyosumi team followed right behind them.

Author's Notes:

Chapter completed on Thursday February 14, 2013 (Happy Valentine's Day)

Tokyo International Forum - A multi-purpose center located in (where else?) Tokyo, Japan. Or to be specific, Chiyoda, Tokyo. It was completed in 1996 and opened in 1997. One of its halls can seat over 5,000 people (5,012 to be exact). Another hall can seat about 1,500 people. It also has 7 other halls, in addition to exhibition space, shops and restaurants.

Imperial Hotel Tokyo - A modern hotel tower that was built in 1968, with another tower being added in the 1980's

Tokyo Medical University Hospital - Founded in 1931, this hospital is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, about 1.5 miles away from the Tokyo Medical University campus.

I apologize for the fact that I did not include many moves, the scoring system is just too damn hard for me to figure out.

And for that attack scene, I admit that I don't like Teru very much at all. In fact, quite frankly, I hate her. But don't despair, now that I've gotten my frustration out by making her this chapter's villain, I will build her up to be a more likable character later on and actually show remorse for her actions, unlike the villains in "The Day Everything Changed" and "From Concert to Chaos", two of my other fanfics.