Note: In the last chapter, the finals of the Inter High School Mahjong Championship took place. Saki ended up beating her sister Teru in an extremely close race. Teru did not take it well, to say the least. Not fully aware of what she was doing, she beat the living daylights out of both Saki and Nodoka, and injured them badly enough for them to be rushed to Tokyo Medical University Hospital. After being called out on it by her fellow teammates, Teru finally at long last realized what a bitch she had been, not just on this day, but over the last several years.

Also I am aware that I do not know an awful lot about the show. The user Fragment of ring pointed that out to me already. And I admit I wouldn't know shit about all the moves and scoring system for Mahjong if my life depended on it. However I do know now that mahjong is a 4 player game not a 2 player game and for the record, he agreed to help me out if I ever do another mahjong scene. So for all that was wrong with the first chapter, I apologize. What I really want to do with this fanfic is to focus more on the romantic relationship between Saki and Nodoka. Also I have watched the show more since completing the first chapter. Also I'm just going to have Saki and Nodoka call each other by their first names from now on.

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Saturday August 1, 2009, 5:45 pm

The ambulance carrying Saki and Nodoka pulled out of the Tokyo International Forum parking lot and onto the main road. The girls from Kiyosumi High followed right behind in another car. Within the space of a few moments, they as well as all the Kiyosumi supporters still gathered in the Forum had gone from cheering and shouting and celebrating their first ever win (as Fragment of ring pointed out) to deathly silent and worrying if Saki and Nodoka would be all right. At this point, nobody was in the mood to celebrate anything.

It was the same thing in the announcer booth. By this time, Kouko and Eri had switched places with Sukoya and Uta, so the former duo was at the booth and the latter duo was out in the hall reporting.

"I honestly don't know how this whole incident came to pass", Eri answered. "To think that someone could be such a poor sport at losing a simple game of Mahjong and snap like that just astounds and angers me", Kouko agreed. At that moment, the telephone rang. "Hold on for just a minute folks, we need to take this phone call", Eri announced. "We'll be right back after this short commercial break", Kouko added. Following this statement, Inter-High Radio went to a commercial break while they took the call. After about 2 minutes, they went back on the air, just as Sukoya and Uta returned to the booth.

"So who was that on the phone?", Sukoya wondered. "Yeah, and what was so important that we had to go straight to commercial for it?", Uta asked. "That was the management over at NHK Radio 1", Eri explained. "They're allowing us to stay on the air until we learn the conditions of the girls who were attacked a little while ago", Kouko continued.

"Doesn't NHK Newsline start at 18:00, though?", Sukoya asked. "They said they wouldn't mind moving it to a later time", Eri told her. "Actually, they said they could fax us today's news and we could attempt the newscast ourselves if we wanted", Kouko added in. "Good thinking, after all I don't want to go off the air without knowing if those two girls will be okay", Uta concluded. The 3 other girls nodded in agreement.

Okay that's enough of that little subplot. Now back on to the real story at hand.

5:50 pm

Meanwhile, inside the ambulance, things were not getting any better. Saki's entire body was shaking both from her sobs and the excruciating pain she was in. Nodoka noticed this, and she felt her heart tinge with sadness. "It'll be all right, Saki-san", she assured her, "The doctors will fix us up really good". "It's not just the pain, Nodoka-chan", Saki explained to her, trying to fight back her tears, "It's just...why would Teru do this to us?". Nodoka really had no idea how to answer that question, and she tried to grasp for a response.

"'m not really sure how to answer that question", she told her friend, "But it's best not to worry about that at this moment". At that moment, Nodoka extended her right arm and held out her hand. Saki saw this and she extended her left arm and she held out her hand as well. The two hands interlocked and they held each other's hand through the rest of the journey to the hospital.

6:05 pm

At just after 6 o'clock, the ambulance arrived at Tokyo Medical University Hospital. As soon as they were pulled up to the emergency entrance, the paramedics unhooked the stretchers and wheeled Saki and Nodoka into the emergency room. Two doctors were already waiting for their arrival. After being given quick external examinations, Saki and Nodoka were wheeled into the Radiation Department for X-rays. Just as they were getting back to the examination room, they saw another girl being wheeled in, with another girl following right behind her.

The girl in the stretcher was holding her stomach and had tears streaming down her face, and the girl next to her also had tears streaming down her face and had a worried expression on her face. The two girls ended up being seated into the room next to Saki and Nodoka. "Ow, my stomach hurts so bad", the girl on the stretcher cried out. "Don't worry, they'll find out what's wrong", the girl next to her tried to say through her own sobs. It seemed she was crying harder than the girl on the stretcher.

"What's going on here?", Saki asked, lifting her head. "Who are you two?", Nodoka wondered, lifting her head as well. "Well, my name is Ryuuka Shimizudani", the girl sitting answered, wiping away some of her tears. "And my name is Toki Onjouji", the girl in the stretcher explained through her sobbing, "We're both third years at Senriyama All Girls School".

"Well I'm Nodoka Haramura", Nodoka answered back. "And I'm Saki Miyanaga", Saki explained through her sobs, "We're both first years at Kiyosumi High School". "Wait a minute, didn't you guys just win the Mahjong Tournament", Ryuuka asked. "How did you know?", Nodoka asked. "We were listening to it on the radio", Toki told them.

"So why are you guys here?", Nodoka asked. "Well, I've been having this really bad pain in my stomach and I threw up a few times", Toki answered. "When she fainted from her pain, that's when I knew we had to call 119", Ryuuka continued, "The woman in the ambulance said it might be appendicitis". "Anyway, what are you two here for?", Toki questioned.

"They're here is because some bitch went berserk and attacked them", a voice rang out from near the door. Saki and Nodoka lifted their heads to see that their teammates had finally reached the hospital. "What do you mean by that?", Ryuuka wondered. "Someone attacked them?", Toki sputtered.

"Yes, and you won't believe who did this", Yuuki explained. "It was Saki's own sister that did this to her and Nodoka", Mako added. "Right before she attacked, Saki defeated her in the tournament", Hisa concluded.

Right around that time, two more girls came into the room. One of them was sitting up in a stretcher with an oxygen mask over her face and wearing several layers of clothing. And the other girl was walking next to the stretcher with a worried expression. The one standing up is named Kuro Matsumi, and the one of the stretcher is her older sister, Yuu Matsumi. Both girls used to be Nodoka's classmates.

"Is that you, Kuro-chan?", Nodoka asked. "Nodoka-chan, what are you doing here?", Kuro wondered. "Well, Saki-san and I had to come here because Saki's sister went crazy and beat us up", Nodoka told her, "What are you and your sister doing here?". "Someone accidentally dunked Yuu into the pond a few days ago", Kuro answered, "You know how sensitive she is to temperature. Well she caught a cold and now it's probably turned into pneumonia".

"Wait, did you say you and Saki were beaten up?", Kuro realized, shocked at what she just heard. "Yes, and even worse, it was my own sister did this to us! And worst of all, I still don't know why she did it!", Saki cried out in anguish. As she said this she felt tears coming down her face and she started sobbing even harder. These tears were from a combination of her heartbreak and the pain she was in. "Saki-san, please calm down", Nodoka advised, "You're going to make yourself sick worrying over this". "I-I'm t-trying to c-calm down, Nodoka-chan", Saki confessed through her sobs, "B-But I..I...j-just c-can't help b-being upset!".

Not too long after that, a doctor came in with the results of the X-rays, and quite frankly they weren't pretty. Saki had suffered a shattered right kneecap, a broken left ankle, several cracked ribs, four of her teeth knocked out, and an 18 inch gash on her right leg. Nodoka had suffered a dislocated left shoulder, a fractured right fibula, a broken nose and two badly chipped teeth (no doubt due to that brutal hit to her face with the pipe), as well as a 12 inch long gash on her left arm. Both Saki and Nodoka would have to undergo surgery; Saki for her knee, and Nodoka for her nose and her teeth.

8:00 pm

Not long after they learned the bad news, Saki and Nodoka had their broken bones mended and cuts stitched up. This took about an hour and a half altogether. After that they were moved to Room 628 on the 6th floor. They were told they would remain in the hospital until at least Tuesday morning. At around 8 o'clock, they were given some medicine to help dull their pain. Their surgeries were both scheduled for around the same time, 8:30 pm or once Toki's appendectomy finished up. At around 8:15, their three classmates were told they would have to go to the reception room and wait until the surgery was over.

"Saki-san, before we go into surgery", Nodoka informed as she turned to face Saki, "There's something important I have to tell you". "Is that true, Nodoka-chan", Saki answered, "Well you can tell me anything you want". "Okay, I'm going to be really quick about this", Nodoka replied back, as she took a deep breath. Saki's eyes widened in anticipation, as Nodoka opened her mouth to speak.

"I love you, Saki-san", Nodoka called out, "I've loved you since the day we first met. And I want to spend every moment of the rest of my life with you". Saki gasped and blushed heavily when she heard this, and she put her hands to her mouth as tears filled her large brown eyes. Nodoka saw this and sputtered apologetically, "Oh my god! I'm so sorry, Saki-san! Please forgive me!". But what Nodoka didn't realize was that Saki's tears this time were tears of joy.

"Oh, Nodoka-chan, please don't feel bad", Saki assured her, "You don't know how relieved I feel to hear you say that". "What do you mean by that?", Nodoka asked with a confused expression on her face. "I've been waiting a long time to say this", Saki admitted, "I love you too, Nodoka-chan. Ever since the day we met. And I want to be with you too". Now it was Nodoka's turn to gasp and blush. "Do you really mean it, Saki-san", Nodoka wondered, as tears filled her big blue eyes. "Only if you really mean it, Nodoka-chan", Saki answered back. "I absolutely do", Nodoka asserted. "Then so do I", Saki replied. Upon confirming these feelings to each other, the two girls grabbed each other's hand and held it tight.

At around 8:25, two more doctors came in to give Saki and Nodoka some medicine to make them sleepy before they went into surgery. "All right you two, your surgery will be in about 5 minutes", the first one explained. "But don't worry, we're going to put you two under anesthetic, so you won't feel a thing", the other doctor added. "Yes, I think we understand", Saki answered. "We understand what's going to happen", Nodoka concurred.

About 15 minutes later, the two doctors came back into the room to take them to the operating room. It was now about 8:40; apparently Toki's appendectomy had dragged on longer than expected. The medicine was doing its job as both Saki and Nodoka were becoming drowsy and they were having a hard time keeping their eyes open as they were starting to get heavy. It took about 2 or 3 minutes to wheel them both to the operating room. As they made it there, the anesthesiologist placed the masks on their faces and told them to count backwards from 10.

"10. 9. 8..7..6...5...4...", Saki and Nodoka counted, yawning as their eyes finally closed. It was at this point that the surgeons noticed that Saki and Nodoka were still holding each other's hand. After a few seconds, they decided that it ultimately was not necessary for them to disconnect their hands, so they got right to work. Saki had metal screws inserted into her knee so it could repair. Nodoka had her nose reconstructed and her teeth fixed.

All in all the surgery had lasted a little more than 5 hours total, wrapping up at 1:55 am on Sunday morning. After this, Saki and Nodoka were transported back up to the 6th floor and Room 628. Once they were secured back into their room, one doctor started heading down the stairs to the first floor. Her job would be to explain to Saki and Nodoka's teammates as well as any family members what had happened during the surgery.

Sunday August 2nd, 1:40 am

It had been a very long night of waiting in the reception room for Yuuki, Mako, and Hisa. "Come on! When the hell are they going to finish?", Yuuki demanded impatiently through gritted teeth, "They've been in that operating room forever!" "It's only been a few hours", Mako answered as she adjusted her glasses, "Like they say, Rome wasn't built in a day". "Still, they said it would only take until midnight at the most", Hisa countered, running her hand through her hair, "It's now almost 2 in the morning and they're still not finished".

"By the way, what time did you say Saki's mom and dad and Nodoka's dad are supposed to be here?", Yuuki wondered. "Well, they were supposed to be here at around 10 o'clock", Mako told her. "They must have either run into car trouble or their flights got delayed", Hisa added in.

It was at that moment that Mr. and Mrs. Miyanaga and Mr. Haramura all came rushing in the reception room. "Hey, is somebody here?", Mr. Miyanaga called out. "What's happened to Saki?", Mrs. Miyanaga asked. "And can anyone tell me what's wrong with Nodoka?", Mr. Haramura questioned. A few seconds later, a young triage nurse came rushing to the desk, tripping over a box filled with papers on the way. "May I help you this evening?", she asked clearly a bit frazzled. All the other patient registration officers had gone home for the evening, leaving her by herself.

"Yes, you certainly can", Mr. Miyanaga told her, "My ex-wife and I want to know what happened to our little girl". "And I want to know what happened to my little girl too", Mr. Haramura cut in. "Can you please help us?", Mrs. Miyanaga pleaded. "Well, I'll try my best to help you", the nurse assured as she sat down at the computer, "May I have the patient's name". "We're looking for Saki Miyanaga", Mrs. Miyanaga told her. "And I'm looking for Nodoka Haramura", Mr. Haramura answered. "I'll look them up for you right now", the nurse explained to them.

After a few seconds, the nurse answered back "They are supposed to be in Room 628 on the 6th floor, but the both of them are still in surgery at the moment". At the same time, another doctor came by to explain to the parents what had happened to Saki and Nodoka, and how they had both been badly injured at the tournament and who did it. "So wait, you're saying that Teru did this to Saki and her friend?", Mr. Miyanaga asked. "Oh dear, I never thought that my big girl would suddenly go crazy like that on my little girl", Mrs. Miyanaga gasped. "And my daughter too. Poor girl never hurt a fly.", Mr. Haramura added in.

So they sat down in their chairs along with the three girls from Saki and Nodoka's team. And they waited for what seemed like an eternity. Finally at around 2 o'clock, a doctor (the one heading down the stairs in the last section) came by and explained to them what had happened over the last 8 or 9 hours. They were told that Saki and Nodoka had just gotten out of surgery, although it was a harder task than they expected.

"Can we see them now?", Mr. Miyanaga asked. "Sure, but try and be quiet, the other patients are asleep", the doctor told them. "Thank you, Doctor. We'll remember that", Mrs. Miyanaga responded. "What room are they in again?", Mr. Haramura questioned. "Room 628 on the third floor", the doctor explained to them. So with that, the group of parents and teammates started down the hallway. "By the way, they should still be asleep from the anesthetic", the doctor concluded. The group nodded in reply as they continued down the hallway. After stopping at the hospital gift shop, the group headed up the stairs to the 6th floor.

Author's Notes:

Chapter completed on Monday May 27, 2013 (Happy Memorial Day)

18:00 - 6:00 pm, however since Japan uses a 24 hour clock (otherwise known as "military time"), 6:00 pm equals 1800 hours.

119 - the emergency phone number in Japan; basically their version of 911.

I apologize for the fact that it took so god damn long for this chapter to be published. You see I am also concurrently working on a Konata/Kagami fanfic called "Lucky Star: After Story", of which Chapter 30 just came out on May 15th. I also currently have an as of yet untitled TTS (text-to-speech) voices fanfic (aka Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Microsoft Anna, Speakonia voices) in the planning stages, of which the first chapter is due around July 4th or so.

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