Chapter 1: Princess Shani

The couple both stared down at their new edition with a quizzical expression.
"Where on Earth did that come from?" Kovu asked.
"I-I'm not sure. But I still love her just the same." Kiara responded to her husband.
"Me too, I wouldn't exchange her for the world!" the king lifted his daughter into his arms.
The newborn cub was pure white, excluding the cream tufts on her head and tail and the piercing blue eyes she possessed. Although seeming odd in colour, there were no health issues in this young one, Rafiki assured them of this.

"WOAH!" the young cub named Pini exclaimed, "She looks so weird!".
"Pini! You should have more respect for the new princess!" Pini's mother scolded her.
"Oh.. right, sorry.." she responded guiltily, ears lowering.
"It's fine Pini, we found her colouring to be quite odd too." Kiara smiled at the young girl.
Pini noticeably perked up after the Queen's kind words, returning to her normal demeanour.
"Sooo, what's her name?" the grey cub asked.
"We've decided to name her Shani" Kiara and Kovu looked at each other smiling.
Upon hearing her new name the young cub rolled over in her mother's arms, sneezing, which disturbed her sleep for only a second. It was obvious that her company all found her adorable because an audible "Aww" came out of all of their mouths.
"Come on Pini, we should leave the royal family to rest," Yumi nodded and turned, much to Pini's dismay.
"Bye Shani! We'll be great friends!"