"Stand still girl."

Fear, I'm afraid.

I don't want to die.

A strange feeling bursts through my chest as I fall to the ground giving me only a moment to see my attacker before closing my eyes for the final time.


I wasn't given time to feel the pain.

Darkness had swallowed me for longer than I can remember. In my mind, every day was an eternity, with no pain or emotion to feel.

I merely, existed in sleep.

Then, there was light.

I woke in the dark, staring up at the shining, pale moon as it called down to me, whispering as though it were right next to me, relaxing my once frightened and confused mind as it showed me who I had become.

You are the leprechaun, spirit of fortune.

I nodded once and sat up, crawled towards a nearby pond and gasped at my appearance. My memory was cloudy and confusing but I was aware of the changes that had happened during my sleep. My blue, tired eyes had turned a bright emerald green, shinning in curiosity as I saw that my once long and dirty brown hair had now turned a fiery red surrounding my small face. I gently pulled one of the curly hairs, amused at its oddity.

My clothes that had once been a dull gray dress and brown boots had been transformed into a short lime green dress that stopped at my knees with a black belt around my middle and shiny black boots.

Eventually I stood, only to fall back down as a numb feeling spread through my legs. I waited for the feeling to pass before trying again and walking in a small circle to make sure that I wouldn't fall.

Satisfied with my accomplishment I was about to walk off when I noticed a strange black pot nearly buried in the dirt. Still as curious as I had been in my old life I walked over to it and picked it up, wiping away the dust from the pots rim.

There was nothing inside but I thought it best to take it with me, it might prove important later on. Besides, if what my fears were telling me was true, it was best not to walk through this certain part of the woods without some sort of protection.

I looked at my surroundings, the forest was just as alive as it had been in my youth, but now it was covered with horrid memory of my death, something that I thought best to leave behind. Yes, I shall find a new place to call home.

I briefly paused, feeling as thought I had forgotten something important before shrugging, my thoughts now on the new direction I should take, I looked up at the night sky and smiled as the North Star lit up the sky. That would be a great place to start.

With my objective in mind I quietly saluted to the moon and forest that surrounded me before running off towards the stars direction, my new emerald eyes bursting with excitement at the thought of my freedom.

I wandered through the now unfamiliar forest in happiness; my nerves had by now grown numb to the coldness of the snow as I walked. I took this time to inspect the black pot I had picked up when I woke; it was a strange thing indeed. Strange, because it looked completely empty yet it felt as though I carried the weight of a thousand pots in one hand, which, even more strangely didn't bother me since I seemed to have become stronger when I woke in this new form.

I reached my hand into the pot, almost expecting to find nothing as I pulled out my hand. So it's easy to say I was surprised when I pulled out a fist full off gold coins. I stopped and stared in shock at my hand before slowly tipping the gold coins back into the pot.

Is this what the man in the moon had meant by fortune? What was I supposed to do with all of this gold? Was I supposed to help people? I sure hoped it was, since I had known many children in my old life that had required this kind of help.

During my ponderings I was unaware that I was heading towards the edge of a cliff and only registered it as I fell.

A horrified scream ripped through my throat as I fell, terror possessed my mind as I held my hands in front of me in a half hearted attempted to protect the rest of my body as the ground came spiraling towards me.

I squeezed my eyes shut as I lamented on the sudden stop in my new life when I realized that I had not hit the ground yet. My eyes opened slowly and registered that I was holding myself in mid air by a strange multi colored like substance that had come from my hands. I slowly sat comfortably on the strange colors as I thought over the possibility on my new power.

After a short while I sat up on the strange cloud and held out my hand again, this time forming a path in my mind. The path appeared in front of me, a rainbow path would probably be a better description. I grinned and walked across the path before looking down. I gasped and nearly fell off the path from shock. I was several feet above ground.

Gaining control of my emotions again I formed the rainbow path father in my mind and followed the North Star. Eventually I gained confidence in my ability and started to run across the path as it formed in my mind, the joy and exhilaration I had felt earlier this night returned with full force as I ran.

Eventually the North Star led me to a town. I slowly maneuvered my path so that I eventually landed safely on the ground. I looked up at the night sky as the moon started to disappear over the mountains ahead and waved him goodbye.

The sun soon made its arrival and lit up the town, water left behind on the trees from rainy days gently started to fade, leaving the trees with only a small amount of the moisture on its lower branches, giving the town a rather calm and relaxed feeling. I took in a deep breath of the fresh air and took the time to relax myself before walking through the towns empty streets.

Hours later, I had looked about the town in search of any children, only to be disappointed to find none around. Disappointed but not discouraged I continued in my search until it came to my attention that it was still early morning and they were probably still sleeping.

I chuckled at my humility and waited for the children to make their appearance. During my wait I inspected the gold coins once more, content that I wasn't going to plunge off another cliff while doing so.

The coin was small yet shone brightly in the morning light, leaving a rather beautiful image on the wet grass beneath my feet. It was mostly bare in carvings apart from a four leaf clover symbol on both sides. I placed the coin back in the pot and held the pot up in air, wondering briefly just how heavy it must seem to normal people.

My thoughts were broken by the sounds of laughter in the distance. Looking up, I placed the pot on the log that I had been resting on as several children appeared from behind one of the houses, talking excitedly as they were apparently gathering around one small boy who was inspecting something in his fist. I walked over to the group; my interest peaked as I drew closer.

"Come on; just show us what you got from the Tooth Fairy!" The smallest of the boys complained as he pushed the boy in the centre, who laughed and silently shook his head, a challenging smirk on his features as his friends pleaded in reaction. I stood back a bit wondering what they meant by Tooth Fairy? I seemed to recall a sort of children's tale that if you lost a tooth then a sort of, spirit would reward you.

I chuckled under my breath; dismissing the whole idea that this spirit could actually be real as I walked away from the scene, back to the log where I had left pot. The group of children however, seemed to have the same idea as me and followed me to the log, their voices still full of laughter and requests to see the item in the boy's hands.

Sighing in annoyance, I picked up the pot and walked back over to the group as they gathered around the log and waited for the boy to reveal the item in his hands.

Eventually, after a large amount of begging he opened his fist, showing a small coin with a symbol of a tooth. Confusion crossed over my features as I pulled out one of the coins from my pot and held it up in the air, comparing it with the tooth coin in the boy's hands.

They were practically the same! Other than the symbols they could have been mistaken as the same coin. Thinking back to my dismissal of the spirit I decided that there was a chance, a small one, that I could have been wrong.

I stood up from my resting place just as the kids were about to sit there themselves as I quickly plunged my hand into the pot and pulled out a coin for each child, laying them carelessly on the wet grassy floor for them to hopefully find before continuing in my earlier inspection of the town.

So tell me what you think. And remember, I require constructive criticism, not random insults that barley make sense in context.