Saitou and Kaoru: Blanket Scenario

By Daimyo Shi

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The Blanket Scenario

The situation: two (or more) Rurouni Kenshin characters trapped overnight in a single-room cabin in
the middle of a blizzard. Its so cold that falling asleep uncovered will undoubtedly cause hypothermia.
One blanket.

Your assignment: create a scenario for posting. Idea From Chelsea Deanne See her site here


[] indicate thoughts from Kaoru {} indicate thoughts from Saitou.

Saitou took a drag on on his cigarette. He looked around the plain cabin.

"Saitou are we going to stay here? Asked a concerned looking Kaoru. [I hope Kenshin, Yahiko, and Sano are alright.]

"Hai" replied Saitou. Saitou continued to examine the room without looking back at Kenshin's Tanuki Girl. A bundle of of cloth caught Saitou's eye. He when over to it a picked it up. He gave it a shake and a cloud of dust rose into the air.

"A blanket, thank kami-sama." said Kaoru.

"There is only one Kamiya-san, we will have to share." said Saitou.

"Uh. . . Hai." said Kaoru uneasily.

Saitou could tell that she was uneasy. He was not happy about it either, but he couldn't let a Kaoru freeze. {Tokio would kill him or worse leave him.} Inwardly he shuttered at the thought. Of course if she found out about sleeping next to Kaoru could cause the same result. Despite the forced nature of their being in this cabin, Saitou could not shake a slightly guilty feeling. {Kamiya-san is almost young enough to be my daughter. How to approach this.} thought Saitou

Kaoru watched Saitou. He was almost done his horrid smelling cigarette. [How can he stand those?] thought Kaoru. [I am such a fool for insisting on coming on this trip. Just because Sano and Yahiko were going I felt I had to go. I can't believe Enishi escaped from jail and then he kidnaped Tsubame. So Saitou came to recruit Kenshin's help in to capture Enishi. Then of course Yahiko wanted to go because Tsubame is his girlfriend. Kenshin agreed to help Saitou, then Sano said he wanted to come, and since everyone else was go I wanted to go. Saitou told us that only he and Kenshin were going. We spend several minutes arguing about it. After a while though Saitou just agree to all of us going since he just wanted to get going after Enishi. Then in the pass after several hours of walking. There was that avalanche that separated us from Kenshin, Sano and Yahiko. We could see them on the other side of the now cleared ravine luckily but Saitou and I had to try and find a new way around. I hope Tsubame is ok. That Enishi if he harms her I will . . . I will KILL HIM.] raged Kaoru.

Saitou felt the sudden surge from Kaoru's Ki. {interesting I wonder what she thinking about.] Saitou shivered. He was cold and his clothes were wet as was Kaoru. [We can't sleep in these clothes.] Saitou undid his belt and removed his Katana, and began to undo his pants.

"Saitou what are you doing?" said Kaoru both blushing and wide eyed.

Saitou stopped for a moment. Saitou thought {I guess it is weird to just have someone undress you don't know undress in front of you.} "we have to get out of these wet clothes or we will not keep warm during the night." Saitou took his pants and off. He then laid on the floor facing away from Kaoru. "If we sleep back to back we will keep warm enough in the blanket.

[well that is logical.] Kaoru removed her hakama and Kimono. Then she laid with her back to Saitou. He was warm. They arranged the blanket around themselves. [His back is so warm. It feels so weird here with him. Only a few months ago he was trying to kill Kenshin in my own dojo. He is not quite emotionless but nothing ever seems to bother him. Maybe ice water runs through his veins rather than blood.

"Good night Saitou."

"Good night Kamiya-san"

Kaoru quickly fell asleep. Saitou could feel the warmth of her back against his. He briefly looked at his bed partner for a moment. Saitou was amazed by her endurance and perseverance. {When we met those months ago I saw her as the hysterical girl trying to save Battousai from me. I thought she was some normal hysterical land lady/girlfriend of Battousai. Never have I been so wrong about anyone in my life. She came to Kyoto just to see him one last time. She managed to hold her own against the members of Shishio's band the came knocking on Aiokyo door. Although this trip which must be like re living the nightmare of Enishi capture of her shortly after Shishio's mess. Enishi must die this time even if he has to do it my custody after Battousai and I capture him. Aku Soku Zan after all.} Saitou feel asleep almost in spite of himself.

Saitou awoke from his slumber it was still dark and a woman was holding him, "Tokio" he whispered. {that night wasn't it so long ago. such a night of . . . wait this cabin is not right!} He looked over his shoulder and saw Kaoru's face with an expression of sorrow on her face. He tried to gently extract himself from her grip.

"No Kenshin don't go again." muttered Kaoru in her sleep. She gripped Saitou tighter.

{She is strong.} though Saitou.

"No Kenshin you can't leave, I . . . I . . . I . . .lo . . .I love you, Kenshin!" said Kaoru in her sleep, a few tears fell from her eyes running down her arm to Saitou's shoulder.

{ I glad no one is here to see this. Tokio would kill him. She feels so nice next to me. Wait, Battousai's girl yes Battousai my rival from the Ishin shi shi. The man that at some point I must defeat. I wonder if he has figured out that Kaoru feels about him. It cannot be that hard to figure it out. I mean she came all the way to Kyoto just to see Kenshin one more time. If he does why does he play this boarder and landlady farce. Maybe, he doesn't lover her. If that was the case he has taken advantaged of her.} A trickle of rage coursed thought Saitou at that thought. {He must die if that is the case. Aku Soku Zan! But if he does love her than what holds him back.} while he wondered about this, Kaoru's tears made his shoulder wet. Saitou managed to drift back to sleep.

Kaoru awoke with a start, she was holding someone. [Kenshin? . . .No too tall and muscular.] the fog of the sleep lifted from Kaoru [Oh yeah Saitou . . . Saitou?! Kaoru nearly jumped out of bed. She blushed and turned away from him. She checked on the clothes there were could, Saitou's were dry hers were mostly dry but not entirely dry.

"Kamiya-san are they dry." asked Saitou

"Yours are mine are still a little damp."

"Well we can wait a bit then." said Saitou [I rather leave now but I can't let you get sick.]

"No, there is no time to waste." said Kaoru as she began to put on her clothes

{She is stubborn as that Ahou, Sano. But she is a lot more sensible.} though Saitou "All right then, let us go then." Saitou picket up his clothes and put them. He stopped at his tunic and then draped it over Kaoru's shoulders. "It would not do if you caught a cold."

"What about you?" asked Kaoru. [how can he be so nice all of the sudden.]

"I be fine. Let us just get going, we need to find Battousai, the Brat and Ahou so we can . . . Deal with Enishi."

[Deal with him? I guess that Saitou's way of saying kill.] thought Kaoru.

Saitou refolded the blanket and then Saitou and Kaoru left to walk in the mountain sunshine.