Eternal Insatiability, a twilight fanfic

By Mikarin Aoi

Summary: Six one-shots on the more mature side of Carlisle and Esme's relationship.

Warning: Rated M for Mature content Genre: Romance/Family Pairing: Carlisle/Esme

Disclaimer: I don't own the Twilight Saga. I also do not own the song "Insatiable" sang by Darren Hayes so superbly and so sexily.

Author's Note: These one-shots are actually part of a fanfic I wrote about Peter and Elizabeth (the actors who play Carlisle and Esme in the movies) but since I can't concentrate on it anymore, I'm taking out these Carlisle/Esme scenes and posting them here. These were written back in March 2012 – August 2012. Just skip the lyrics part, there's really no need to read it. It's just the song that inspired me to write these scenes, and the song Carlisle will later whisper a line from.


~His Insatiability for Her~

When moonlight crawls along the street

Chasing away the summer heat

Footsteps outside somewhere below

The world revolves, I've let it go

We built our church above the street

We practice love between these sheets

The candy sweetness scent of you

It bathed my skin, I'm stained in you

And all I have to do is hold you

There's a racing within my heart

And I am barely touching you

Turn the lights down low

Take it off, let me show

My love for you, insatiable

Turn me on, never stop

Wanna taste every drop

My love for you, insatiable

The moonlight plays upon your skin

A kiss that lingers takes me in

I fall asleep inside of you

There are no words, there's only truth

Breathe in, breathe out

There is no sound

We move together, up and down

We levitate, our bodies soar

Our feet don't even touch the floor

But nobody knows you like I do

'Cause the world, they don't understand

That I grow stronger in your hand

Turn the lights down low

Take it off, let me show

My love for you, insatiable

Turn me on, never stop

Wanna taste every drop

My love for you, insatiable

We never sleep

We're always holding hands

Kissing for hours

Talking and making plans

I feel like a better man

Just being in the same room

We never sleep

There's just so much to do

So much to say, can't close my eyes when I'm with you

Insatiable, the way I'm loving you

Turn the lights down low

Take it off, let me show

My love for you, insatiable

Turn me on, never stop

Wanna taste every drop

My love for you is insatiable

When I look in your eyes

Insatiable, the way I'm loving you

What can I do?

Insatiable, insatiable

For you, insatiable…


The song repeatedly reverberated throughout their room. It spoke so well of how the man sitting in the dark corner felt about the woman entering through the door. Surprisingly, she didn't look over to where he was seated. Darkness engulfed their room, with only the candles on the nightstands on each side of their bed flickering dimly.

Although she didn't take recognition of him being inside the room, he knew that she was aware of his presence. He knew she would have noticed his scent. The scent that he used to lure her with every time he wanted and needed her. She opened the door to their balcony and stepped outside, letting the breeze of the summer night enter and pass right by him, making him inhale the aroma of freshly mowed grass, the humid night and her fragrance now stronger with the breeze drifting it towards him.

Separating her scent from all the others, he felt his eyes flicker in anticipation. Slowly rising from his seat, he walked over to her. Her arms were wrapped across her waist and her head was held up high as she watched the full moon tonight. He could see the way the moon's rays shone over her face, making her eyes glow and her hair shine. Hearing her sigh in contentment made him smile. He loved the way she took in the sight of nature and felt one with it.

Slowly wrapping his strong arms around her waist, taking her hands in his, he leaned his head down on her shoulder and inhaled the scent of her as he nuzzled his nose close to her neck. Lifting one hand up to slide into her locks, he heard her take a sharp inhale of breath. She was taking in his scent. Caressing her hair and pushing it to the side, he leaned in and planted a light kiss on the exposed curve of her neck. Deliciously tempting with the way her shining white skin was visible for him alone, he couldn't stand from biting down where he had bitten her for the very first time.

Hearing the approval of his action escape her lips excited him. Softly darting his tongue out to brush away the pain of his bite, he slipped his fingers through the straps of her dress and slowly let them fall off her shoulders as his lips kissed her shoulder blade down to the middle of her back and up her nape. Straightening up, he rested his hands on her shoulders and slid his fingers ever so slightly down her arms and back. Feeling her shudder with desire and wanting more of it, his hands travelled down her chest and slowly pushed her dress down her front.

Cupping her breasts through her brassiere, he could hear her breath hitch followed by a low moan. Swiftly turning her around to face him, he made her step out of her dress which was now gathered around her feet. Her eyes were glimmering with excitement, desire and love, matching his. Snaking his hands around her, he unclasped her brassiere with deft fingers. As it silently fell to the ground, he let out a low growl as his eyes wandered down her chest.

Letting his fingers roam through her soft curly caramel locks, and slowly cupping her head in his palm to guide her closer to his, he watched how her eyes became a darker glow of gold. Realizing she was as needy as he was, he crushed his lips onto her parted ones. Not hesitating to slide his tongue in, he swiftly met hers, already tasting, exploring and probing.

Her skillful fingers started unbuttoning his shirt until she ripped it off impatiently with her nails. As his hands cupped her now bare breasts while his fingers flicked over her pert nipples teasingly, he felt her moan into his mouth as her tongue surrendered to his furious onslaught. Her fingers grazed over his nipples lightly to mimic his deft fingers on hers before her arms slid around his neck.

Lowering his hands to her waist, he pulled her up against his body closer. The way she melded into his body reminded him of how perfectly she was made for him alone. Changing her was the best decision he ever made in his three hundred plus years. There was something about that decision that was right. There was a certain unspoken promise that she'd be his mate for eternity. And she loved him despite being in this life. Because all she wanted was him. He never got tired of those words she would utter after he exhausted both of them until they were spent.

Pulling her up, he rested her on top of the railing of the balcony. Her legs wrapped around his torso in frightened delight.

"I'm not going to let you fall," he whispered into her ear and captured her smiling lips yet again.

Slipping down his hand between them, he took hold of the waistband of her thong and ripped it off in a second, leaving her stark naked on the railing of their open balcony. Withdrawing from the kiss, he watched how the moonlight's rays basked her vampire skin in its glow. Feeling himself harden at the sight of his wife, a sense of pride swelled up within him for her never failing to do what she did to him.

Throwing her to the bed, and deciding to leave those sexy heels on her feet, he snarled at her as she gracefully tried to take them off. In an instant, his grip was on her wrist, and he knew she understood as her eyes and lips twitched with amusement. Watching her lean back on her elbows, he let his lips wander to the soft skin of her legs up to her creamy white thighs, while his hands were busy caressing and massaging both her legs, knowing that whenever he touched her, she would shiver in pleasure.

Grabbing hold of her thighs, he spread her legs apart and continued the journey of his lips on the insides of her thighs. Her scent was intoxicating. Feeling like drowning in her smell, he looked up at her with hazy eyes as she watched him intently. With the way her whole body quivered, he knew she was desperate for him to start pleasing her.

Parting her folds slowly with his fingers then gliding a digit across her slit, he heard her gasp in surprise but she kept her eyes focused on him. Sliding his finger to her entrance and slowly slipping it inside, he felt his finger being soaked in her as she threw her head back and let out a silent cry of bliss. Dropping his head low and letting his tongue graze across her slit and up her clit, he heard her clutch onto the sheets and heard another moan escape her lips as he ever so slowly slipped another finger into her. With a steady rhythm, he glided his fingers inside her as she rested her back fully on the bed.

Slowly withdrawing his fingers, eliciting a disappointed groan from her, he took them into his mouth and tasted her. The taste of her was something he could never get enough of. She was addicting. Every inch of her skin, every curve on her body, he memorized its taste. Hearing her frustrated and needy body, he slipped his fingers back into her and added another, making her whole body tighten up.


The way his name crossed her lips urged him on to quicken his finger's ministrations, and so he did. Slowly moving his body up over hers, while his fingers continued teasing her down below, his lips captured one delightful pert nipple, gaining him another moan. He would never tire of hearing those seductive noises that sounded distinctly of Esme.

He knew she was close as her fingers entangled into his hair, lifting his head for him to meet her smoky gaze. She was more than ready for him and she wanted more. Before he could give her more, she, with her own vampire strength, pushed him against the wall opposite their bed. He let out a low growl as his back hit the wall, leaving a visible dent. Smirking, he realized that they'd have to patch up this wall once again. With the way creatures of the night made love, no house could stand any longer than twenty minutes. It always started innocent, a mere simple act of love between a man and a woman. But it never ended the same way. It was more than hormones going crazy and way more than animalistic urges.

As her body pressed up against his, her mouth found his neck and with one bite, he heard himself groan in pleasure as her tongue flicked over her mark soothingly. Continuing with her little bites and her hasty licks to taste more of him, her hands dropped low to the waistband of his slacks. Skillful fingers unbuttoned and unzipped, and brash nails once again tore the rest of his clothing.

He chuckled. Esme always had to purchase new clothes every month with the way they loved destroying each other's clothing nearly every night. Not to mention the need to buy new ones for their children too, especially Rose and Emmett. Though he would never divulge his kids' own private sexual life, he knew nothing in their house could be kept a secret. Not even right now. Edward must have left already minutes ago with the way his mind kept wandering off to what he would be doing to his wife and Alice must have warned all her other siblings and her mate what they would be doing by now. So he wouldn't be surprised if right at this very moment, the house was empty aside from them.

Esme's small hand had wrapped around his eager length, stroking him as she pulled him in for a hungry kiss. Dominating him was something she was very good at. She knew what would drive him crazy or drive him to the edge of insanity. Just like now, as she got down on her knees and as her lips lowered down his chest and traveled lower until she paused on his hipbone. There was something about her and hipbones. It was probably what she loved the most on his body, which was, to his misfortune, also his most sensitive spot. And whenever she would trace it with her tongue, his whole body would tense up just like it did just now.

"Esme…" He couldn't help letting out a low growl of sinful pleasure as he gritted his teeth, closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

He could feel her smile before her lips lowered onto him and the next thing he felt was being engulfed completely by her mouth. There was something seductive about seeing his wife do this kind of thing for him and only him, he had thought so many times. Despite their many years together, she never stopped pleasuring him with her mouth. And with each passing year, she got better and better and his chance of being able to hold back diminished every single time.

Opening his eyes and looking down at her, he saw her watching him intently with her hazy, smoky, golden eyes as she continued sucking him in completely. Her hands travelled up and down his bare thighs, stroking and grazing with her fingernails. His fingers dug into her hair and slowly, he thrust into her mouth, building up his pace. As he quickened, she backed away, knowing that if he had his way, he wouldn't last.

Grasping him in her hand and stroking ever so slowly with the tip of her tongue grazing against the tip of his member, he let out a groan in frustration. Aware of her other hand slipping up his thigh, he shut his eyes and leaned his head against the wall as he felt her hand grab his sac, massaging it carefully. Lowering her lips to it, he couldn't help but moan out her name as she took it in her mouth. Making sure the other one wasn't left out; she repeated the same action to it.

"Esme…" His voice broke in helpless frustration. He heard her chuckle and shift a bit. Curious, he looked down but before he saw what she was doing, he felt her breasts that was proportionate to her every curve, squeeze around him. Throwing his head back and closing his eyes, he enjoyed every squeeze her breasts provided as they glided up and down on him.

Slowly working his hips to help along, he watched how she bent her head over and lick the tip of his length each time he thrust back up between her breasts. This woman was driving him crazy. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he pulled her up and pushed her onto the dresser, spread her legs wide open and without warning, entered her swiftly.

Her arms wrapped around his neck in an instant, as did her legs around his hips as she let out a silent cry of pleasure. Not being able to control himself, he sheathed himself inside her completely and moved inside her in uncontrollable speed. The dresser wouldn't hold for too long with how much pressure he was banging it against the wall every time he thrust into Esme. He felt the mirror above the dresser slide from the wall, and before it could fall, he felt himself being thrown across the room, landing on the chair in front of the vanity table.

Before he knew it, Esme had straddled his lap and was now riding him with the urgency her body needed and wanted. His hands found her tiny waist, while his eyes were stuck to her breasts bouncing deliciously in front of his chest. As he felt her tighten, he cursed under his breath and thrust up to her, meeting her half-way when she would lower herself back onto him, making her shudder at each thrust.


The way she moaned his name nearly drove him to the brink of his limit but he didn't want this to end. With his speed, he pushed her off of him. Hearing her slam her hands down on the vanity table, he positioned himself behind her and pushed in. Amusement shook within him as he watched his wife in the mirror. Her eyes were fluttering shut as her lips were slightly apart, moaning in utter pleasure as he deepened himself into her, slamming into her harder with the new angle of penetration.

"Esme, love, watch," he muttered quietly into her ear. And as he felt her body tingle at the sound of his voice, he nibbled on her earlobe as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him through their reflection. The spark of the passion in her eyes gleamed. Apparently, not only him but his wife too liked the idea of seeing what they were doing to each other.

Tracing the curve of her waist back and forth, he let his hands wander up to cup her breasts and as his fingers lightly pinched down on her nipples, she let out a loud moan and slammed her hand onto the mirror, leaving a slight crack on it. Smirking, he watched on as the expressions on her face changed from desire to pleasure to frustration, as he felt her so close to her own release, just as he was.

Grabbing her wrists and pulling them behind her, he hit her even deeper and she was screaming nearly throughout his powerful thrusts but before he could push them both to their limits, he felt the palm of her hand push him down onto the floor. Clearly, she didn't want this to end neither.

Impaling herself onto him, he noticed the change in her pace. This time it was slow, making both of them ache desperately for release. He could have easily thrust up to her yet he let his wife ride him in this torturing pace. Mesmerized by the beauty on top of him, his hands once again found her breasts; massaging them as slow as the pace she rode him in. As she leaned over his body with her hands on either side of his head and her breasts not far from his lips, he captured her nipple in his eager mouth, making her scream out his name fervently.

Sitting up, he clutched onto her hips to keep her down as he thrust upward into her, hasty with his urgent need for release. Her moans grew louder and more desperate as her arms flung around his neck with her fingers digging into his hair. As he quickened his thrusts, she was mewling and moaning so loud that didn't make it easier on him to hold on for long. His hands wandered to her back, his nails digging into her skin as he pulled her closer to his body.

He felt the way her body scorched his and the way her heat radiating from below was emanating from her and sinking into his skin. Hiding his face in the curve of her neck, he inhaled the sweet scent of her with the way her hair wafted across his nose, and then he heard her desperation.

"Carlisle, please…" she begged.

Pulling her with him, he pushed her down onto the bed, still connected to her. And with all the strength he had left, swung her legs over his shoulders, leaned down close to her body and continued to ravish her with his quick thrusts. Her hands desperately clung onto his neck as her lust-filled eyes met his. Ramming into her deeper and faster, he could feel her imminent release. Wanting her to reach climax, he focused on her wants and needs. Claiming her lips one last time, their tongues intertwined in desperate and needy haste. And as ferocious as his thrusts were, his tongue mimicked it perfectly.

"Carlisle, Carlisle, Carlisle…"

His named was mixed in a string of incessant begging for more, begging for her release. She was so close, he could feel it. Lifting himself just a bit over her body, he looked into her eyes and gave her all the encouragement she needed.

"Let go, Esme… Come for me, my love," he whispered as his movements turned into quick but hard thrusts that hit her deep.

His name rolled off her lips several times before he finally felt her walls tighten around him at the same time her nails scratched and dug into his back. As soon as she clamped down on him violently, he let himself reach the pinnacle of this session of love-making. Giving himself to her fully, he filled her with everything he could offer her, not wasting an ounce of a drop, spilling everything into her.

As her legs slowly slid off his shoulders, he rolled off her body and lay still beside her, his eyes gazing up to the ceiling. They've made love so many times already in the years that they've spent together yet his hunger for her was never sated. His thirst for her skin was never quenched.

Making love to Esme was always something new. She awoke a different kind of need, a different kind of hunger, and a different kind of thirst that he had for her every time they ended up immersed in this magnificent art of love-making.

Resting on his side, he watched her as she tried to regain herself after coming down from her high. She looked at him with that smile that captured his gaze nearly a hundred years ago. As she snuggled up to him, he wrapped his arm protectively and possessively around her and held her close.

It's been nearly a hundred years yet he was nowhere near done with her.

And that's when he whispered it to her, along with the song that was still playing.

"My love for you is insatiable."

She smiled up at him and said the usual words she would utter as soon as he spent both of them into exhaustion.

"I love you, Carlisle. And I will want and need only you in this lifetime of eternity."

And instead of saying the words, he showed her just how much he loved her back.

He was nowhere near done with her.

His love for her would always be… insatiable.


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