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Danny logged on. Sam logged on. Tucker logged on. Jazz logged on.

"Hey everyone," Danny typed.

"Hi," Sam typed.

"What's up?" Tucker typed.

"You won't believe what Danny did the other day." Jazz typed.

"What did he do?" Tucker typed.

"He wanted cookies, so he made them himself. Let's just say there was a hole in the wall." Jazz typed.

"How did he get a hole in the wall?" Sam typed.

"That's what I'm wondering about." Jazz typed.

"Ok, it's not my fault 3 ghosts wanted to attack one after another while the cookies were baking." Danny typed.

"It's called turning off the oven, Genius." Tucker typed.

"This is why you are called The Clueless One." Sam typed.

"Whatever, this is why the town doesn't have ghosts running around." Danny typed.

"Burrrrnnnn! Do you need some ice for the burn Sam? I'll be glad to bring you some." Tucker typed.

"I suggest you stay home or else you'll need the hospital for when I'm done with you." Sam typed.

"Burrrrrnnnnn! Do you need Frostbite for that burn Tucker?" Danny typed.

"No, not the hospital, that is the most evil place on Earth! You are only saying that because you two are lovebirds." Tucker typed.

"We're not lovebirds!" Danny and Sam typed.

"Tucker you need help. Anyways, I'm sure there are many more places that are worse than a hospital. Bye, I need to study for my test tomorrow." Jazz typed.

Jazz logged off.

Danny logged on. Sam logged on. Tucker logged on.

"Remember what happened today in class?" Danny typed.

"Yes, why?" Sam typed.

"Tucker wasn't there so he doesn't know." Danny typed.

"What happened?" Tucker typed.

"Ok, so I'm doing the stick dance in P.E. right? When I am done jumping for my turn, these 2 guys walk by and they both had haircuts." Danny typed.

"Not this again," Sam typed.

"Yes, this again," Danny typed.

"Okay. So what happened?" Tucker typed.

"After about 5 minutes I turn to Sam and then I ask her if she noticed all the new haircuts," Danny typed.

"Really? This is it?" Tucker typed.

"No. After that I turn around and notice 3 other guys with haircuts, who just so happen to have at least 1 class with me. I then ask Sam 'Did I just not notice all of these haircuts or what?' ", Danny typed.

"I said 'You need to get a life if you are worried about other people's haircuts.' Sam typed.

"Okay, now that was funny." Tucker typed.

Sam logged off. Danny logged off. Tucker logged off.

Danny logged on. Sam logged on. Tucker logged on. Valerie logged on.

"Hi," Danny typed.

"3…..2…1…. and…" Tucker typed.


"Ummmm. Tucker, what happened to Danny?" Valerie typed.

"TUCKER! How many times do I have to tell you not to give Danny that much chocolate?" Sam typed.

"A lot? I wanted to have some fun, and he's the one who bought it." Tucker typed.

"Why didn't you stop him?" Valerie typed.

"Or have him buy less?" Sam typed.

"He said he would give me some." Tucker typed.

"Did that work out or not?" Valerie typed.

"Let me guess. It didn't work out for you, huh?" Sam typed.

"Nope, not at all." Tucker typed.

"What made you think he would give you some? You know how Danny gets about chocolate." Valerie typed.

"He promised this time." Tucker typed.

"This happens every time, Tucker. He promises, but then he is uncontrollable. What time is it now?" Sam typed.

"This is the 121st time Tucker's fell for it. I wonder how he manages to keep falling for it. Danny's the Clueless One, so that must make Tucker the Dumb One." Valerie typed.

"Nice one, Valerie. See, this is why girls are better than guys. We can be funny without being gross." Sam typed.


"Oh no. he is in sugar overload mode." Tucker typed.

"How much chocolate did he buy?" Sam typed.

"He bought 2 bars from this little girl." Tucker typed.

"If he only had 2 bars, why is he bouncing off the walls?" Valerie typed.

"He might've had 10 root beers." Tucker typed.

"Tucker! Are you crazy? He is going to crash and burn any second now from all that sugar. You know how the more root beer he has, the faster he burns out. You better hope he doesn't have to do anything 'important later'." Sam typed.

"I have to go guys. Bye, see you later." Valerie typed.

Valerie logged off.

"Man, I feel so tired all of a sudden." Danny typed.

10 minutes later….

"Man, that nap did me wonders. What happened, you guys?" Danny typed.

"Tucker let you go on a sugar rush." Sam typed.

"Oh, sounds like fun." Danny typed.

Danny logged off. Sam logged off. Tucker logged off.

Danny logged on. Sam logged on. Tucker logged on.

"The story called "The Telltale Heart" that we read in Lancer's was creepy. I mean the guy said he wasn't crazy, but he cut the guy into pieces. Who does that? Crazy people, of course. The video from Youtube was even creepier. I think I am going to have nightmares from it because it was so scary. How could Sam laugh at something like that?" Tucker typed.

"It wasn't that bad. Stop being such a crybaby, Tucker. I mean the guy was a little weird, but it was still a good story. I actually paid attention for once in Lancer's. The video was pretty good. I think it was a cool movie, especially the music in it. Anyway, Sam likes that kind of stuff, so it isn't weird that she laughed during the movie." Danny typed.

"That was AWESOME! I loved that story. The video was even better than the story. I liked how the guy was getting all paranoid. I liked the concept of the story. I knew I was going to like it, when I found out Edgar Allen Poe wrote it. He was one of the best horror writers in his time when he was alive. I want to read the story again and again." Sam typed.

"I'm glad you liked it." Danny typed.

"Yeah, sure." Tucker typed.

Danny logged off. Tucker logged off. Sam logged off.

Danny logged on. Tucker logged on. Sam logged on.

"Tucker, will you be my Valentine?" Danny typed.

"Of course, my handsome ghost boy." Tucker typed.

"Do I want to know what happened?" Samantha typed.

"Probably not," Tucker typed.

"Ok then, I won't ask." Sam typed.

"Guess what time it is?" Tucker typed.

"Random time?" Danny typed.

"You got it." Tucker typed.

"Shout the first thing that comes to mind." Danny typed.

"Okay, let's try to name as many fruits as we can." Danny typed.

"Oranges," Sam typed.

"Apples," Tucker typed.

"Watermelon," Danny typed.

"Honeydew," Sam typed.

"Peaches," Tucker typed.

"Cherries," Danny typed.

"Tangerines," Sam typed.

"Pears," Tucker typed.

"Mangoes," Danny typed.

"Honeydews," Sam typed.

"Cantaloupes," Tucker typed.

"Bananas," Danny typed.

"Grapes," Sam typed.

"Raspberries," Tucker typed.

"Blueberries," Danny typed.

"Avocadoes," Sam typed.

"Persimmons," Tucker typed.

"Tomatoes," Danny typed.

"Tomatoes are not a fruit, they are a vegetable." Tucker typed.

"No, you are wrong. Scientists have proven that the tomato is a fruit," Sam typed.

"Whatever," Tucker typed.

Danny logged off. Tucker logged off. Sam logged off.

Author's Note: Ok, some of these actually happened to me. The first one came from my imagination. The second happened to me. One of my friends is Sam, and I'm Danny. I was all like "Why is everyone getting haircuts?" Sadly, there was no Tucker in this one. The third is a mixture. I bought some chocolate, and I was saying some stupid stuff. I didn't almost walk into the street though. The fourth happened in English. I was Sam, and my friends were a mix of Danny, and Tucker. I was laughing throughout the whole video. After class, one of my friends asked if I was okay. The fifth happened during and after school. I was walking up to my friends and kept asking them if they would be my Valentine. I have about 5 now. And, the sixth came out of my imagination. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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