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Phantom logged on. Plasmius logged on.

"How's it going fruitloop?" Phantom typed.

"My name is not fruitloop." Plasmius typed.

"Righhhht and I'm not a boy." Phantom typed.

"Well then it seems that you are female then because last time I checked I wasn't a fruitloop." Plasmius typed.

"You still haven't answered my question." Phantom typed.

"My little badger, if you must know everything is how it usually is." Plasmius typed.

"Okay," Phantom typed.

"Why are you just saying okay? Aren't you wondering what my evil scheme to get rid of your dad, and to have your mom as my wife is?" Plasmius typed.

"You forgot about having me as your perfect son." Phantom typed.

"Oh yes, my dear boy, I did forget that part. Why aren't you worrying about my plan to have you as my son?" Plasmius typed.

"There's something that I know that you don't." Phantom typed.

'What is that?" Plasmius typed.

"I know that you are a crazed fruitloop that wants to kill my dad, marry my mom, and have me as your son. I also know that your plan won't work. You know that too, that's why you have your cat that I prescribed for you." Phantom typed.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not a fruitloop?" Plasmius typed.

"As many times that I tell you that you are. Here's a hint: I'm going to keep calling you that for the rest of your life, so you should be prepared to keep saying that you're not for the rest of your life." Phantom typed.

"My dear boy, we shall meet each other soon. By the way, Maddie and Jack said hello." Plasmius typed.

Plasmius typed.

"I should probably get him to go to a psychologist or Jazz. He's worse than I thought." Phantom typed.

Phantom logged off.

Danny logged on. Sam logged on. Tucker logged on. Jazz logged on. Dani logged on.

"Guess what time it is!" Danny typed.

"Is it Randomness Time?" Tucker typed.

"Why yes, my dear fellow you are correct." Danny typed.

"You guys have completely lost it." Sam typed.

"I thought they lost it a long time ago." Dani typed.

"That's a good one Dani." typed Jazz.

"Thanks, I'm learning new stuff every day." Dani typed.

"Well today the topic is: Sushi." Danny typed.

"Of all the things you could've picked to do this, you had to pick sushi?" Sam typed.

"Danny and I had sushi last week." Tucker typed.

"Of course you did." Jazz typed.

"Now, what do you guys think of sushi? Dani, you start us off." Danny typed.

"I haven't tasted sushi before, but from what I've heard it's raw fish. That sounds a little weird to me, but it doesn't sound too weird." Dani typed.

"The thought of sushi is disgusting to me. How can you just eat the fish raw? Fish are living creatures as well. That's almost as bad as eating meat." Sam typed.

"Sushi isn't that bad. I'll eat a couple pieces occasionally, but I won't eat a whole plate." Jazz typed.

"Sushi is soooooooooo delicious. I could eat it all day. It's almost as good as meat. I remember that one day that I put wasabi on Danny's sushi, and he was screaming for water. Funniest day of that week!" Tucker typed.

"That was you? Just wait until I get back at you. Sushi is so cool. It's rice rolled around fish. I find that so interesting. It tastes better than people give it credit for." Danny typed.

"Well that completes Randomness Time for today folks." Tucker typed.

Danny logged off. Tucker logged off. Sam logged off. Jazz logged off. Dani logged off.

Danny logged on. Sam logged on. Tucker logged on. Dani logged on.

"We're using my idea today! I feel so special." Dani typed.

"Yeah, you are special. That's for sure." Tucker typed.

"Tucker, stop saying mean things to yourself." Sam typed.

"What are you guys talking about?" Danny typed.

"Clueless…" Sam typed.

"Okay, we're going to tell each other what our favorite quotes from Naruto are." Danny typed.

"I'll start." Dani typed.

"I'm a little worried about this." Sam typed.

"I'm worried that I agree with you." Tucker typed.

"This was so funny to me: Naruto: HEY! LOOK AT ME! I'M A BOOGER!" Dani typed.

"She would be amused by that." Tucker typed.

"She has Danny's DNA which means he was amused by it too." Sam typed.

'I did not find that funny. Okay maybe a little." Danny typed.

"Okay, this is a part from the show that I found funny: Sasuke: *Thinking* We must attack him from a certain position and Naruto and I are in a perfect position. I'll attack from the inside and Naruto can attack from the outside.

Naruto: Hey Sasuke! I snuck in here to save you! How'd you like that move?

Kakashi: Naruto, you sneak up on your enemy, not your ally.

Sasuke: You are a complete loser! You're a shinobi, think carefully before you move!

Naruto: What's your problem?! You should be thanking me for coming in here to help you!

Sasuke: Naruto, if we're both inside...grrr...forget it! I've had it with your mistakes!

Naruto: And I've had it with your attitude! Believe it!" Sam typed.

"Let me guess why. It reminds you of us sometimes." Tucker typed.

"Exactly," Sam typed.

"This was funny to me: Hokage: So, you want your headband nice, but your photo which makes you look like a complete fool. Look at this picture, you can't even tell who it is!" Tucker typed.

"That part was so funny." Dani typed.

"Naruto is pretty funny. This was one of my favorite parts: Konohamaru: What's wrong? I thought you were gonna hit me, tough guy? Afraid because the Third Hokage is my grandfather? Naruto: I don't care if he's your grandmother! *Punches Konohamaru.* So believe it!" Danny typed.

"I thought we were sticking to my idea." Dani typed.

"It looks like we forgot." Tucker typed.

"Next time I'll forget your PDA in the street." Dani typed.

"That's my girl." Sam typed.

"How could you both be so evil?" Tucker typed.

"The world will never know." Danny typed.

Here's another quote that I liked: Naruto: AM I GOING TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE ON THE POT?!" Dani typed.

"Why do you always pick the weird ones?" Tucker typed.

"Because I can," Dani typed.

"Okay," Tucker typed.

"I'm going to go before you guys say any other weird parts." Sam typed.

Sam logged off.

I liked this part: Naruto: Excuse me, I gotta, you know. *Naruto turns to the camera and unzips his pants with a large smile and his eyes closed. Sakura hits Naruto over the head making him dizzy.* Sakura: Yeah right! Not in front of me you don't! What is this, a kennel? Go find a bush! *Naruto walks away dejectedly.*

Naruto: *Peeing off screen.* Wow, that was a lot! I wrote my whole name!" Tucker typed.

"You hypocrite!" Dani typed.

"She has a point there." Danny typed.

"I don't care." Tucker typed.

"Here's another part that I liked: Naruto: I was right! You are pathetic. You're nothing but a lousy little pervert! Jiraiya: I am not a little pervert. Naruto: Oh yeah? Then tell me, what are you?! Jiraiya: I'm a big one. Naruto: *Eyes twitching* Oh great...that makes all the difference." Danny typed.

"Wait, what's a pervert?" Dani typed.

"We'll tell you some day." Tucker typed.

"I get to go last. This was pretty funny: *Naruto farts in Kiba's face causing everyone but Kakashi to look in horror/shock/disgust/embarrassment at Naruto while Kiba over reacts due to his highly sensitive nose.* Kakashi: Who said Naruto had run out of gas?" Dani typed.

"You are a strange little girl." Tucker typed.

"I know." Dani typed.

"You guys are both pretty weird." Danny typed.

Danny logged off. Tucker logged off. Dani logged off.

Jazz logged on. Danny logged on. Tucker logged on. Sam logged on.

"Danny, you do know that you're a little bit like Harry Potter right?" Jazz typed.

"How dare you say such disgraceful things to me?" Danny typed.

"You both are teenagers, have special abilities, and have ot fight a crazy guy." Jazz typed.

"I'm cooler than him because I have ghost powers. My ghost powers are way cooler. I also don't sleep under a staircase, and at least the crazy guy that's after me has a nose." Danny typed.

"He's cooler than you Danny. His magical powers are way cooler than your ghost powers. He also killed a giant killer snake." Sam typed.

"See, Sam agrees with me." Jazz typed.

"Well, you both are wrong." Danny typed.

Dani logged on.

"I see you guys are talking about Harry Potter. He's way cooler than you Danny. You just have to face the facts that he is." Dani typed.

Dani logged off.

"That doesn't mean anything." Danny typed.

"Why are you guys talking about this in the first place?" Tucker typed.

"We're talking about it because we can. Why aren't you talking about it?" Sam typed.

"I'm not weird like you guys." Tucker typed.

"You're the weirdest out of all of us." Jazz typed.

Danny logged off. Sam logged off. Jazz logged off. Tucker logged off.

Danny logged on. Sam logged on. Tucker logged on. Dani logged on. Jack logged on.

"Hey kids, how's it going?" Jack typed.

"Hi Dad," Danny typed.

"We're doing fine." Sam typed.

"Do you guys know what this fudge button does?" Jack typed.

"It's just an ad. Don't touch it or it might mess up your computer." Tucker typed.

"Okay, but it looks so tempting." Jack typed.

"How was your fudge that Mom made yesterday?" Dani typed.

"It was delicious." Jack typed.

"That's wonderful." Sam typed.

"Are there fudge ads popping up on your computers?" Danny typed.

"Yes," Sam, Dani, and Tucker typed,

"What happened? It was fine a minute ago." Danny typed.

"It looks like the chatroom might be broken temporarily. I could probably fix it, but I would have to know what happened to it first." Tucker typed.

"Oops," Jack typed.

"Did you press that fudge button dad?" Danny typed.

"It looked so delicious. It was fudge. I love fudge so much." Jack typed.

"It looks like you broke the chatroom temporarily." Sam typed.

"These fudge ads keep popping up. It's going to take me longer than I thought to fix this." Tucker typed.

"We learned something today." Dani typed.

"What?" Danny typed.

"Don't press fudge ads or else you'll break the chatroom and have fudge ads from all around the world popping up." Dani typed.

Danny logged off. Sam logged off. Tucker logged off. Dani logged off. Jack logged off.

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