Hey guys & gals! Well I'm back with a one shot. Now first warning, I am not good at these but I'm learning. Even years of fan fiction, I'm still learning :P Anyways I don't have a Valentine this year, so instead of feeling sorry for myself Ive decided to make a one shot for all those Jorrie lovers out there! Hope you'll enjoy! And Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers in this world. I may not have a honey, but I have a lot of loving friends and family so not completely alone. :D

Anyways enough of my rambling, onto the one shot!

New Story-My Superman

Summary-On the eve of Valentines Day, the most romantic night of the year. The lovely Torrie Wilson is happy to spend the holiday with her boyfriend, John Cena. But with the high weather conditions, will he get there in time? Or will Torrie be forced to spend the night alone.


13th February 2013.

It was almost here again, seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter make a year. Throughout the year, there are holidays in the seasons. There is a holiday that is only a day away from right now. That is the most romantic day of the year, Valentines Day.

It's the day, that cupid strikes those arrows. It was the holiday to shower your loving partner, show you're love and affection for them. The day that involves all special gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, candles. A night that is lit up with bright lights and romance.

It was a special holiday that comes around every year, the day lands in the season of the winter. It's always the perfect opportunity to spend the day with your honey, just hold onto the special moments to remember.

A day that can create many memories, it was a special holiday. For those, that don't have a Valentine it can be a depressing day but it doesn't stop the world from turning.

Time keeps moving in any kind situation, you have to find a way to go along with it.

On the day of Valentines Day, hearts & loves are definitely sparkling around the world. One woman, that always preferred love, then gifts was the beautiful blonde from Boise Idaho. Torrie Wilson.

Her perfect Valentines Day would be just spending time with her love, just have a relaxing day. Sure being showered with gifts is lovely but to the pretty blonde. Its always been the love.

All she wanted this year, wished for is her boyfriend to be with her. It was their first Valentines together. It was the only time, Torrie had kicked off a bit of fuss making sure that on February 14th, as soon as the new day is here.

Her love is right beside her. It was the only time she had battered her eyelashes at him, trying to act like it wouldn't upset her if he couldn't make it back for the holiday but underneath the disguise, The Boise beauty was pleading with her man to be with her, so they can spending Valentines Day together.

She didn't even care about the gifts, all she wanted was to see her baby standing in front of her door. It was all she had ever wanted, in such a long time. It meant so much to Torrie, more than he could ever known.

They had been friends for almost 9 years, one night after seeing each other again.

The sparks flew around, as soon as they saw each other again. Both were single, he was going through his divorce, and Torrie had broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks prior, and then they bumped into each other one day in Tampa Florida where he resides.

Sure there was a little drama since their 9 year relationship was an issue. The shock they both felt, realising the feelings they had held in for many years.

The tide turned, it was a tense situation the road to each other, the storms were silently brewing. Against all odds, Torrie and her boyfriend decided to try a relationship.

Neither could deal with the possibility of what if it had worked out, and they had missed their chance due to fear and doubt of it falling to pieces, and maybe their friendship would be jeopardised. They couldn't let the chance of happiness lying on the horizon pass them by.

The sparks were there, flying around. The chemistry made a magical rhythm surround them. It was a special moment, no words spoke just a silent gaze underneath the moonlight. It was a moment, they couldn't fight.

All that happened then, was a the first kiss. All the fear & doubt faded away. All that had laid was happiness.

It was the specific reason why Torrie so badly for her boyfriend to be here. She wished all her heart. She had been so happy, there was moments that Torrie didn't realise she could ever be this happy. She felt the love and the respect he gave her

He just fluttered her heart, took her higher. On the eve of Valentines Day, she wished in her heart like a shooting star was shooting across the night sky. It meant so much to her.

They had been dating for 4 months, what amazing 4 months its been. Torrie felt so blessed, and thankful even for the bad feelings and upset she went through with her EX because if she had just suffered in silence, of being some trophy girlfriend. Being ignored, just a pretty blonde to be on the arm of Baseball player…no, Torrie just couldn't stand it anymore so she decided to end the relationship.

If she didn't, she wouldn't have been in Tampa visiting a girl pal. She wouldn't have ran into her amazing hero so all these little things, fate could have seriously changed Torrie's life.

She felt glad of the tears falling down, the break in her heart thanks to her Ex boyfriend because that road led her to the happiness, she is currently living in now.

Torrie felt just happy, nothing else lingered. The sparkles in her eyes, the shine in her smile it was just happiness. The happiness, the love he gives. Before the love was found, Torrie would tremble to be part of him and now she was. She'd hold her baby safe in her heart.

She couldn't wait to see him again, his hectic schedule keeps him from spending time with her. Sure it hurt, made her miss him when he was gone but she would support him, be beside him because Torrie knows he is happy, and exactly where he needs to be.

She knew her man was happy doing what he loves, not only that. She also knew the happiness just surrounds him. He makes so many happy, bringing smiles to people's faces. It was his passion, what he truly loves to do.

Her boyfriend was glad, happy to know that his girl would be beside him even if he can't see or hear her voice. Her heart would still be his to hold. Torrie would still proudly stand beside him. Just like she had done, for the few months of them dating.

It's not going to end, she would remain exactly the same place.

Torrie would be his one, and only. Always have been, always will.

Her boot heels clicked on the pavement, her black coat with golden buttons hugged her body. Loosely she had her black scarf lying on the collar. Torrie had been shopping all morning, getting ready for tomorrow.

She just couldn't wait, right now it was very likely her boyfriend would be here tomorrow but he hadn't promised her yet but she was still hoping for that promise.

Torrie Wilson opened the front door of her home, she came in holding shopping bags between her fingers. Dropping the bags on the counter in the kitchen. She was humming to herself while unpacking from the shopping bags.

Torrie took off her coat, scarf on the hook in the hall way. She went to answer phone to see if any messages have been left. There was no message blinking, letting out a soft moan. Torrie made her way to the couch.

Second later, 3 fluffy companions named Chloe, Stewie and Pepper made their way to the couch. "Hey babies" scooping them up, Torrie had a cuddle to give herself some comfort.

"Mommy loves you all very much, but I've got things to do can't snuggle" Torrie gently put them back down.

A silver frame on the table caught her eye, Torrie reached over to grasp the silver photo frame. Seeing the picture lying before her, of herself sitting on the couch beside her boyfriend smiling, their heads tilted together in a awe kind of fashion.

Torrie continued to gaze at the frame, sweetly a smile surfaced. Her emerald eyes gazed at the photo lying in her hands.

A photo of herself sitting beside her love, he's known as John Cena. Yes, the Boise Belle Torrie Wilson is dating WWE Heart & soul, John Cena. Sure as hell, couldn't be happier.

It was a special holiday, in her mother's living room. It was decorated, so the holiday was Christmas. Torrie & and her boyfriend spent their first Christmas together in Boise Idaho, hometown of Torrie. Her family had already approved of John, he wasn't some stranger, he had been Torrie's friend for many years so he wasn't a stranger.

Torrie gently brushed her fingertip on the frame, "I really hope you're gonna be here with me" gently above a whisper.

Placing the frame back down on the table, Torrie walked into the kitchen. She got a glass from the cupboard, she opened the fridge and poured a juice drink.

Sipping on the fruit goodness, she looked at the gift bag lying on the dining table. She had done some shopping for the special day. Even if he didn't make it for Valentines Day, she would still give him what she brought. After all, she wanted to show John her love and affection. Just how happy, he makes her.

Pulling out the items of the bag, she placed them on the counter. She looked at the card, she had bought. Something that wasn't too lovey- dovey but did sprinkle the word "love" across the card so it was just what Torrie wanted.

Suddenly the phone rang, Torrie dived to the phone almost tripping over Chloe as she ran forwards. "Hello"

Sighing, it wasn't her honey. "Oh hi moma"

"Hello sweetheart, how are you?"

"Yeah I'm good, just got in for shopping"

"Oh you're pulling out all the stops for Valentines Day?" Lana Wilson asked her daughter.

"Yeah I guess"

"Dear what's wrong?" noticing the tone in her daughter's voice.

"Nothing moma, I just want tomorrow to be amazing….and well I've got every I need, and want for tomorrow except…"

"Except what?"

Torrie leaned back on the wall, she needed the most important of all to show tomorrow. "My Valentine is missing"

"Oh is John working?"

"No he's not, but I don't know if he's going to get here in time. He said he would be but John hasn't promised me…so I don't know, he never breaks a promise to me so until he promises me that he will be here. I'm not going to get my high hopes on him being here" Torrie spoke over the phone.

"Aw honey I'm sure he will"

"Yeah I know, he's trying his hardest I spoke to him on Monday. It wouldn't be too bad to spend Valentines alone…" Torrie said.

"Oh honey I think John is going to be there"

"Well I hope so, but I'm not going to bitch a fit about it if he can't. I wouldn't even mind if he just arrives empty handed, or flowers from a gas station…you know I don't need gifts I just need the love, I just need John to be here" Torrie poured her heart out to her mother.

"Oh I know you do, honey"

"I've hoped for this for so long, and its our first Valentines together…..I just hope he is with me tomorrow"

"I'm sure it will always work out"

"Thanks Moma, what are you and Terry doing?"

"Oh the usual, you're step dad will give me breakfast In bed, some flowers and chocolates and then we will go out to dinner"

"Hey, at least you have someone be thankful for that" Torrie said to her mother.

"True" Torrie and her mother shared a giggle, while she was talking in the hall way to her mother. Torrie's iphone lit up in her purse. It continued to ring for another minute before it listed on the touch screen.

"1 missed call, John"


Letting his android touch screen blue covered phone slip from his ear, after he didn't get an answer from his girlfriend. John Cena put his phone back in his pocket

"So you're still going to try and get there by tomorrow?" Sheamus asked John.

"It is possible" Cena said.

"The weather is really bad, I mean there is a plane but you'll be cutting it fine" The Irish fighter said with a pint in his hand.

"I know, but as long as I get there before the night is over then it will be good"

"Look John, you can't help the weather and we have to be in New Orleans early for Sunday"

"I don't care, okay if there is a way I can get to Tampa tonight then I will. Ok for the first time in years I'm excited for tomorrow okay." John said.

"Ok, that is a bit hurtful to your ex wife"

"After everything she did, trust me that's a nice way of putting it. And I didn't actually mean that, I meant for the first time I'm excited for Valentines Day. I'm not alone, and I'm not working" John said.

"So yeah I'm happy for tomorrow, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to be with Torrie"

"Ohh, well fella wish you all the best" Sheamus said.

"Thanks man, I'll see you later." John manly hugged Sheamus before he took his leave. He was on his way back home to his beautiful girl.


Torrie walked down the stairs in her workout gear consisting black tight shorts, a pink tee. She tied her white trainers, ready to do her usual workout.

Torrie went into her gym room, and laid on the mat to do some stretches to get her body moving and warming up. Torrie got her gym ball, started doing some exercises.

One thing Torrie loved, she is definitely a fitness girl. She had won an award for her fitness regime so yes she definitely loved to keep fit. So no matter how, she was feeling Torrie would always do some kind of work out.

After a few more exercises, Torrie did a new unique exercise she had found out.

She laid down on the flat floor, pressing a small tennis sized ball on her lower back relieving a tight tension in her back, It had worked no end.

Torrie flickered her blonde hair to her back, bending her body down she rose her upper body up, rising her arms high doing a few more stretches.

After a bit more exercising, doing a bit of cardio. Torrie got her iphone, clicked the Instagram app on her phone. She captured a picture and shared it on social network.

"I work out, see he-he :)" Torrie uploaded to her twitter page, the username " Torrie11"Torrie didn't notice the voice message little icon was in the corner of her phone.

The blonde tidied up her gym/exercise room keeping it a tidy room. She shut off the light walking out of the room.

She made her way upstairs to take a quick shower, refreshing herself. Torrie changed into black jeans, a baby blue top that cuts to her slender stomach.

Torrie placed her black knee boots back on, she made her way into the kitchen to make herself some lunch. A reminder of "Valentines Day" lit up her phone.

Torrie grabbed her phone, letting out a soft sigh "Yes I am aware.." she then noticed the little icon on her iphone. She looked at her missed calls, it highlighted "John"

Torrie's heart skipped a beat, this was it! Would John be here tomorrow or will she spend the day alone and loving him afar, like text messages what not. Sure it would be okay, Torrie would deal with it.

Torrie tucked a few strands behind her ear, clicking on voice call to retrieve message.

She bit her lip gently, hearing John's voice from her iphone.

"Hey babe, it's me. I hope you're alright….I'm sure you're out or working out but I wanted to let you know, that…"

Torrie let her eyes softly close, her fanned out lashes touched underneath her eyes.

She let out a soft breath, waiting for what's going to happen.

"I promise that I'm going to be with you tomorrow, I'm leaving for Tampa now so I'll see you very soon" John's voice, made Torrie squeal like little girl.

"Okay so you know me, I don't make promises I can't keep so I'll be with you. I love you Tor, I can't wait to spend our first Valentines together, you've made me so happy thank you, I've gotta go, so see you soon bye"

Torrie's white pearls were shining in her smile. She knew her love will be here!

The blonde let her phone slip from her ear, letting out a slight squeal. She felt very happy with the news.

Torrie turned to the mirror in the hallway, looking at her reflection. Torrie had decided that she had things to do right now. Now, that John will be here for Valentines she had things to do.

She saw Chloe near her, Torrie giggled scooping up her fluffy maltese cuddling her.

"Now John is going to be here, mommy is going to the salon."

Torrie gave Chloe a kiss, before she put her back down on the floor. Looking to the clock on the wall, it was already midday.

"Oh, I better go now, so much to do" Torrie collected her purse.

She put on her black coat, and black scarf since the season of winter was around. It was very cold outside, Torrie grabbed her black handbag on her wrist.

Torrie opened the front door, the rain was pouring down on the concrete from the skies. She stepped out, keeping her head lowered so the rain wouldn't hit her face.

Torrie unlocked her car, and opened the driver side door. She put her purse on the passenger seat. Torrie got out her silver iphone out, scrolling down her tweets…the last few words was on the same date, she had seen John last that was a few weeks ago.

"Going to get hair & nails done, a new outfit today. Gotta get ready for my superman" that tweet was just about 3 weeks ago.

Torrie watched the rain slide down on her window, land on the windshield. She began to start pressing on the keypad touch screen.

"Rain is pouring down, sunshine come back. #AintNoSunshineWhenHe'sGone"

"Need to be in that special someone's arms badly! Tomorrow can't come fast enough. #SupermanWhereAreYou." Torrie tweeted.

Torrie placed her phone back in her purse, she turned on her car revving the engine. Torrie drove out of the driveway, and made her way to the nearest mall.

Now she had a reason to get dressed up to the nines. John would be with her soon. The Boise Belle just couldn't wait to see him again.


Torrie climbed out of her car, she brushed back her blonde hair walking on the pavement. She opened the salon door and booked in for nail and hair appointment.

After being booked in, the Boise beauty took a seat waiting. Putting one leg over the other, sitting like a lady. Torrie held her phone in her hand, typing her fingertip on the keypad.

Torrie touched the keypad, to upload on twitter. Her profile picture was white elegant dress, with a beige hat from her last photo shoot "Getting my nails done for Valentines Day I'm so excited! 3" a little emoticon of a heart was at the end of the tweet.

She leaned back on the seat, feeling so happy right now. The time was slowly ticking down, John is going to be here soon. She just couldn't be happier.


Torrie arrived home, early evening. She curled her hand on the doorknob being careful with her new set of nails. She had gone with shining French manicured nails.

They were looking so lovely. Her beautiful blonde hair was in sweet curls, bouncing on her shoulders.

Since she had dolled herself up, Torrie felt the excitement growing in her. She just couldn't wait for the most romantic day of the year.

Torrie walked into the living room, she picked up her Ipad from the coffee table. Switching on the device, Torrie surfed the net. Clicking on her baby's twitter " JohnCena. She saw his profile pic in his recent wrestling attire "10 years strong" Torrie's grin came on her face, just seeing his adorable dimples.

Torrie noticed he had made a few tweets today, it fluttered her heart when she saw written in a tweet "in other news, for the first time in years I'm excited for #ValentinesDay."

Torrie let her pearly white smile appear on her face, her dimples settled in her cheeks.

"Tomorrow is going to be the best Valentines Day ever!" Torrie clapped her hands together.

Torrie bent her legs up on the couch, she sent a text to John's phone.

"Hey honey, I got your message I'm so excited you're gonna be here! I would have understood if you couldn't have made it but I'm so happy you will be. I can't wait to spend tomorrow with you, good to know you're excited for Valentines Day Lol I'm gonna make you so happy! Xoxo travel safe love"

It took a few minutes before she got a reply from John. Seeing the words, it bought a smile to Torrie's face.

"I am happy, excited for Valentines Day. I can't wait to be with you. I will be very soon x" Torrie read on her phone.

"I can't wait, see you soon xoxoxo" Torrie touched the keypad, sending a reply.

Torrie touched her Ipad, she continued to search the net. She went on her Twitter, scrolling down using her fingertip. She saw her recent tweets, she saw a recent update on her favourite fan site.

When she has a spare few moments, Torrie clicks on to see what's going on after all the dedication, and effort. Torrie felt so thankful for such lovely, devoted fans that will support you through anything.

Torrie clicked on the recent update link, it took her to the fan site. The update was mostly all about social media. It had a picture of Torrie and a new friend in Alicia Marie she had found a friend thanks to fitness.

Also it had past few week tweets on the update, mostly were all about her hero. Torrie had got back into watching WWE, shortly after Wrestlemania 28 appearing ringside on the spectular show. Torrie loved to see John on television doing what he loves to do, in a way she felt closer to him.

Torrie had got into tweeting when Raw is on, a few weeks ago. It started on the Royal Rumble.

Torrie's tweet was "Watching The Royal Rumble! I love this PPV, second best to Wrestlemania. Now I know who I'm rooting for! :')

Then after the show had been done, the tweet read Torrie11"Good night, sweet dreams. I'm a very happy girl! I just knew he could do it! So proud!" A little heart was at the end of the tweet.

The night after that, reacting to the night after Royal Rumble 2013 was RAW Roulette "I'm feeling like Lady Luck right now….Always by your side"

The final tweet of that night written. "Oh my gosh :(….you know what boys, my hero will deal out his own version of injustice, wait and see boys!"

While she scrolled down using her fingertip, Torrie let out a soft giggle. She didn't realise how obvious she was making it, the whole world probably knows that Torrie and Cena are happily dating. She knew John wanted to keep it personal, but Torrie likes to show her dedication to John even if its just a few words.

"My Superman is here to save the day, " the tweet was made when John Cena called out The Shield consisting of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins after suffering the hands of the Shield of Injustice week before. After John had won the Royal Rumble, something he vowed to do. That was fulfilled, but then the next night.

Cena announced he challenges the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 29, his passionate speech faded in the music of the Shield. Just like many times before, 3 dressed in black compacts, bullet proof vests came through the crowd circling John Cena.

They believe in suffering, making those pay of injustice. They are the Shield of Injustice. Even Cena wasn't a match for them, John tried to fight but the numbers game got the best of him. John was beat down in a heap in the corner, Sheamus tried to help but he was overcome too, and then the monster Ryback but The Shield managed to lay him out too.

The Shield stood tall in the ring, John had fight left in him but the sinners beat Cena down again, then laid John out with the triple power bomb leaving John lying unconscious in the middle of the ring. The Shield took their leave through the crowd leaving destruction behind as always,

Cena lying on the mat squinting his eyes in pain after being dropped on his back, neck and his back of his head, Sheamus cradling his arm on the outside, Ryback leaning against the steel steps.

Fuelled by the attack, week later. John Cena announced he would call out the Shield. It looked to be by himself. People questioned, does John have a death wish but Cena claimed The Shield needed to be stopped. Their tirade had gone on long enough.

So after The Shield beat down rat, Brad Maddox. John Cena's music hit. The strong hearted hero didn't emerge from the curtain. He came through the crowd, but he sure was not alone. Sheamus and Ryback came down through separate places in the crowd.

The three circled the ring, The Shield was then cut off by other superstars standing on the ramp. The Shield had nowhere to run, Cena Sheamus and Ryback fought with them, sending them running for the hills in the crowd.

John stood tall, with soldiers Sheamus and Ryback. After the show went off the air, Cena challenged The Shield, telling them they have a fight coming on February 17th, Elimination Chamber 2013. It would be John Cena, Sheamus, Ryback v The Shield. The lasting image, of Cena, Sheamus and Ryback joining hands high for the crowd to cheer.

Torrie remembered watching, feeling so proud. She did react via twitter. "Ha I tell ya, Justice will be served boys!"

Torrie scrolled down on the screen with her fingertip, the last RAW tweet was the last stop before This Sunday after watching John talk about Elimination Chamber, vowing The Shield will meet the sword, Justice meets the law! The Shield will be stopped this Sunday by WWE heroes.

Torrie absolutely loved when John got passionate, he surely was on that night. "Wow…so passionate…I know what I want, what I need….I….can't wait for Thursday. Please let my Valentine be with me good lord #OnMyKneesPraying!"

Torrie continues to mention Monday Night Raw week by week, I think we all know who "Superman" is Tor, he-he. Was listed underneath. Yeah, Torrie knew it was a obvious code but she thought it was sweet. John is her hero, and her favourite is "Superman" so it just works out together. Cena's resolve is never to give up, despite all the pain of consequences.

Torrie tucked a strand behind her ear, clicking off her twitter. She scrolled down more updates on her fan-site. Her happiness was plastered all over the screen, she let out a smile because she is just happy, no other shadow nothing it was just happiness.

She stopped suddenly, looking at the screen. That night was special, it was the first time Torrie had been seen romantically linked to WWE leader of Cenation, John Cena. The pictures were taken outside, the scenery was lit up with bright lights.

It had been a premiere event, organised by her friend. Torrie was able to take Cena as her date, the pictures of Torrie in the arms of John Cena standing on a red carpet.

The headline on the top was, "Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson dining with WWE Superstar John Cena" her fan site had an article listing

"Premiere night & date"

John's strong arms wrapped around the waist of Torrie, while her head rested in front of his chest. They had been dressed for the occasion, Torrie was in a rose pink strap dress that hugged her curves. Her hair was straight flowing on her back. John was in a black suit consisted of black trousers, white shirt top buttons undone with a black blazer.

Torrie rested comfortably in Cena's arms, with fingertips grasping gently on onto John's forearm. The pearly white smile on Torrie's face, and John's own pearly whites shining in his gorgeous smile.

The other laid Torrie's arms around John's neck, grinning for the camera shot outside standing on the red carpet. Another, in the venue. John was holding Torrie's black clutch bag while she was giggling with a few girlfriends.

Another image was Torrie with her girlfriends, and John included in the photo. The last photo was Torrie catching John's lips in a sweet kiss on the dance floor. The cute dimples in Cena's cheeks shown the enjoyment, Torrie held a grasp on his wrist. The pictures were so sweet, it looked to be a special night.

Torrie read the little article underneath, The article read, "This is exciting news, rumours have been flying around surrounding a relationship with Torrie & WWE Superstar, John Cena. From the pictures it seems official that Torrie is dating Cena. Last night, Torrie attended her friend's premiere launch, Torrie bought John Cena as her date. The two looked affectionate, adorable together even having a kiss on the dance floor! Torrie & Cena are not strangers, They were close friends prior Torrie's time in WWE.

Torrie remembered that amazing night, the best was after the night. It had been the second month of them dating, when they slowly made their relationship public.

Torrie remembered sharing a passionate kiss with John near a waterfall feature. It was so romantic for words. It was a special memory, the blodne would always hold in her heart.

The Boise Belle scrolled down, to the Christmas Holidays update. She saw images of

Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Torrie had spent Christmas in Idaho with John, at her mother's house.

Torrie smiled looking at the pictures, Torrie was sat beside John on the couch in red long sleeved jumper dress, with black jeans. Her hand was around John's shoulder, her beautiful smile shining along with John's cute dimples. It was the same photo in the photo frame.

The other photo was Torrie holding her "lil wolf pack" in her arms spreading some holiday cheer. Another, an cute Torrie sitting in front of John on the floor, while her brothers sat on the floor with their partners, a photo her mother had requested.

Torrie giggled at the mini subline. "Torrie spent the holidays in her home state, Boise Idaho at her mother's home. By the looks of it, John Cena and Chloe, Stewie and Pepper were right there with her to spend the holidays with. So sweet. Also looks like, Mama Wilson approves of her daughter's boyfriend.

Surely that was the truth, Torrie knew that. Her mother liked John straight away. Even her brothers were a little guarded but warmed up to him in space of an hour. That was music to Torrie's ears, a lovely melody.

Her relationship with John, hadn't had a single glimpse of drama. All there was, is the sensation of missing John when he's gone. Torrie had reacted once, telling her feelings.

"Bed is feeling lonely, definitely missing someone! Big and handsome I miss him but instead of crying, I'll smile thinking of when he will be back with me! :D" only bitter-sweet tweet she's done.

Torrie continued to scroll down until she started to get tired, it was quite late. She switched off her Ipad, and placed it back down on the table.

She stood up from the couch, she went to the window looking out to the colour of the night outside the window. There was no car parked next to hers, John wasn't here yet.

Hopefully by tomorrow night, he will be.

"Yes he will be, John promised me. He don't break promises" Torrie told herself.

She shut off the light in the living room, she walked up the stairs to the bedroom. Torrie changed into bed clothes, hot black pants and John's white shirt.

"God this drowns me, man his muscles" Torrie felt her dazed smile coming across her face.

"I don't need gifts, I just want your love"

Torrie climbed into the king sized bed, she cuddled the duvet into her body. Torrie got her iphone from her dresser. She sent out a goodnight tweet. "Good night, sweet dreams lovelies I know who I'll be seeing in my dreams tonight. (little heart symbol) Bring on the love day!"

Torrie brushed her fingertip on her phone, she looked to her gallery gazing at her personal photos. She smiled softly at the few pictures of her and John. She turned to the other side seeing no other lied beside. A soft sigh slipped through her lips.

Torrie started to feel the missing feeling whirl in her frame. Two words that drifted in her mind, "he promised" as she lay down to fall asleep for the night.

The new day would bring a sunrise, the dawn of tomorrow would bring a special day.

Valentines Day. Right now, the Boise beauty Torrie laid alone asleep.

But Would she be alone tomorrow? Only one man in this world can make definite sure that The kind-hearted, beautiful blonde known as Torrie Wilson wouldn't alone.

That is the one, only. John Cena.


End of Part 1.