You do not have to have submitted a tribute to gain sponsor points, there are other ways too.

Submitting a tribute – 15 sponsor points

Submitting a bloodbath tribute – 20 sponsor points

Submitting a tribute to less popular districts (3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11) – 10 sponsor points

Leaving a good review (Not just nice chapter) – 10 sponsor points

Answering Trivia question correctly – 5/10/15 points

Final 8 – 20 sponsor points

Final 5 – 30 sponsor points

25 sponsor points will get ONE of the following:

An empty water canteen

A small square of plastic

5 matches

2 iodine tablets

A meter length of rope

A pair of okay sunglasses

A lump of cheese

50 sponsor points will get you ONE of the following:

A full box of matches

A litre bottle filled with water

A bowl of soup

Half a loaf of bread and a small lump of cheese

Basic medicine (Plasters, bandages, fever tablets and mild painkillers)

A small pocket knife

A slingshot

Two sets of high quality sunglasses

A blanket

One pair of night vision goggles

7 iodine tablets

75 sponsor points will get you ONE of the following:

Two day meal

5 good throwing knives

1 spear

1 bottle of iodine

A hammer (You'll see why when they are in the arena!)

A bottle of sunscreen

a small handbook on edible sea creatures

a small handbook on edible desert creatures

a small purple backpack filled with night vision goggles,2 half litre water bottles, matches, iodine and some dried fruit

2 Knives (Not throwing ones)

Gloves for gripping

1 bottle of sleep syrup

A small basket of district bread.

100 sponsor points will get you ONE of the following:

A box of Capitol medicine (Morphling, bandages, sleep syrup, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs etc…)

Small black sleeping bag

10 throwing knives

A bow and 14 arrows

A capitol meal for two days

Blowgun and 12 poisoned darts

Throwing axes (5)

One bottle of capitol medicine of your choice (Like heals burns, or stops blood poisoning)

A basket full of capitol bread

125 sponsor points will get you ONE of the following:

A large black sleeping bag

An easy to carry backpack filled with Capitol food and snacks

Full body armour

One hint on the whereabouts of whatever they are looking for

A Trident

A day's rest (No danger from mutts, tributes or anything else)

2 weapons of your choice

If there are any items not on this list that you want to send your tribute then PM me and I will tell you how many points.

To send a gift to your tribute, PM me with the item name and the tribute's name.


Ellie x