Happy Valentine's Day: Mitobe Rinnosuke

My teacher was very different from the others.

I can't describe how exactly but she was different in a way you can only see with your own eyes.

"Ma'am Riya here likes Mitobe-kun!"

I blushed and hid in my hair. I heard the multiple teasing sounds from my classmates, friends and so on. I can't deny it. I do like him but they didn't need to tell the most outgoing teacher in the school. I nervously watched them as they chatted amongst themselves, of how I liked Mitobe-kun ever since we were children. I was sure all they wanted was a TV worthy love story in the school.

My teacher was very different and she was the homeroom teacher of the person I like.

I bowed to my teacher who was grinning at me. She gave me the activity papers and handouts I needed to catch up with my studies. I was a model and sometimes I get too busy.

She, by the way, was a journalist.

"The teachers approved my proposal to add in a western styled dance." She smiled. I eyed her. Should I be preparing? By the look of her chocolate irises she looked like she was plotting something.

My teacher was very different. She was so… out of this world.

Everyone was dancing. I danced a little a while back but now nobody's asking me to dance. My friends were at the dance floor enjoying themselves while I fix our things, to make sure everything was organized. To fend off my boredom I sang a little, confident that my voice would be unnoticeable by the loud music. This was my first time having what my teacher called a western styled dance. Everyone was so... happy.

That's when my teacher called for me.

I was grabbed by the hand and pulled to meet someone she was ushering to. I had a good idea on what she was planning and I was amazed that she would actually do that. My heart resounded slowly with the beat of the music. It just went with its base. I didn't even hear what she was saying when I saw Mitobe walking to us.

That's it.

She wanted us to dance.

Mitobe led me to the dance floor. I didn't know what to do. Those hours of practicing the simple dance rushed out of my mind. He placed my hand on his shoulder and placed his on my waist. Slowly and clumsily, we started to dance.

I cannot fully explain exactly what I felt as we danced but I realized that I was happy. I looked at his face time to time but kept looking down, my cheeks getting prickly from the heat. I was mustering all of my strength merely to stand up. I felt like I was shivering.

"I'm sorry you were forced into this." I said.

Mitobe shook his head indicating that it was fine. I just nervously continued dancing.

Then the dance ended.

Mitobe led me back to my seat and we both thanked each other for the dance with our own ways respectively. I patted my cheeks, trying to cool it down. I fanned myself but…

…I can't just stop smiling.

"Mitobe you lucky bastard!"

I looked over to where he was staying. His friends were teasing him then I saw my teacher.

She was smiling.

My teacher is different and I kind of want to thank her for that.

She stopped by at my small area. She was saying a couple of things. I honestly don't know what she was saying. I just replied.

"Thank you."

A/N: Happy Valentine's Day guys ^_^ I hope it was a happy day for you guys.