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Fate Chapter 1

How had it come to this? Those same cold eyes bored into Deidara's baby blues seeing everything but him. Itachi's Sharigan eyes could see so many things but they couldn't see them together. Itachi wouldn't even try. He'd said it was not their fate to be together forever. That what they had was temporary, meant to expire. So neither of them should get attached. They should just let it be what it will be.

That seemed to work for a while. Deidara had excepted that, but he just wanted to be with Itachi, so he would have excepted almost anything.

He had dreamed of melting the ice that encased Itachi's heart. Dreamed of those cold eyes warming to him seeing him, lusting him. But it was only a dream, one that it seemed would never come to past.

"I told you before we started this Deidara I can't love you. I only have room in my heart for my brother. I need him to fulfill my destiny."

It was the same thing Deidara had been hearing for years. That Itachi's little brother Sasuke was the key to this unknown destiny!

"Always with this Sasuke destiny crap! You say you need him but, why you have me! I'm here I want you I can help you fulfill your destiny! What destiny can he possibly help you fulfill he hates you and you hate him! I am just as powerful as he is I've been training since we met! Let me take his place...please Itachi!"

Itachi looked into his emotional lovers eyes. He was always like this so wound up, so erratic. Which is why he enjoyed making love to him. Itachi didn't need his eyes to see that. Everything he felt was right before you nothing was hidden. His soul was always on display. Even when he tried to hide what he was feeling. It was never truly hidden, just merely not as visible, but the truth was Itachi didn't have that luxury.

He couldn't express all that he truly wished to. He couldn't throw caution to the wind and do as he truly wanted. There was too much at stake. His eyes could see so much more then anyone knew. They were a blessing and a curse. They had brought him to this point in his life.

Had he made the right choice by killing his whole clan? He believed so, but that didn't mean he was at peace with it. And Sasuke...his beloved little brother hated him. He deserved that hate for what he had done. Even if it was for the village, even if it was for peace.

He knew the fate of his life with Deidara but he still pursued it. Was he wrong? Would it have changed the outcome if he never allowed them to be together? Maybe but Deidara was still Deidara, a cocky powerful, emotional being who love him with all of his heart. He would make the same choice he was going to no matter what path he took.

These are the thoughts, the emotions he could never let anyone see. Tobi, Orbito, Madara, whatever he chose to call himself he was always watching. Itachi knew he could see into his true heart but he didn't know how deep.

So he kept his lover at arms length. Stayed cold and distant so this, what they had wouldn't give Deidara false hope. And maybe just maybe it could make Deidara hate him and he could change his fate. Keep him safe. The chance was slim but still there. It would cost him his lover but everyone he loved hated him. His village, his brother. What was one more.

"You are not an Uchiha Deidara. I killed my whole clan and left Sasuke alive so I could have an opponent. Some to test the true strength of my powers on. You cannot take his place further more I need his eyes to fulfill my true destiny. You do not possess Sharigan."

Deidara was floored he sat in Itachi's lap swimming with emotions he wanted to release, but nothing could touch that heart of ice Itachi had. But he loved him so he craved Itachi like a thirst he could never slake. Itachi knew this he could see it with those eyes of his. Itachi vexed his soul so, it was unbearable.

Deidara pulled Itachi close to himself by his shirt collar. Trying to make him feel something. Anger, fear, happiness, sadness, something! He knew he felt these things but he would never express it! Never show them to anyone. He saw this as a weakness, to open himself in this way.

His eyes began to fill with tears that He didn't want to fall. The blonde wanted to be strong and hold it all in. But facing the only person he truly loved staring at him coolly, unflinching and calm was to much for for his weary heart to take.

The warm saline slid down his cheeks taking the sorrow with it. Even though it left so much more sorrow behind. Deidara's broken heart compressed in his chest and his breath shuttered as he gazed into the cold eyes of his raven haired lover searching for the warmth he so desperately desired. All he could see in those eyes was a barren wasteland of endless ice.

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