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Fate Chapter 8 "Final"

Deidara awoke in the bed he shared with Itachi. He looked about the bed noticing it was in total disarray. As if he and Itachi had really made love in it. Itachi was missing in action, but Deidara was stark naked under the sheets and his body ached in the most delicious way.

He could smell the faint sent of lemon on himself. He lifted his arm to his nose trying to figure out if what he dreamt was real. Sure enough it was his favorite soap on his skin. Someone had wiped him down, cleaned him up, then placed him back in bed. Had Itachi given him that dream.? He must have, it wasn't as if he had really been in a secluded field with his raven haired lover. Itachi had one of the most powerful genjutsu of any ninja. He could make you see whatever he wanted, make you interact in the real world while your mind was in the genjutsu. Deidara had never seen Itachi do it but he was beginning to believe that's was what had happened.

The strangest thing was that Ita had allowed him remember it, every little detail. The taste of the food, the breeze on his skin, the smell of the grass. Deidara even remembered their love making down to the last detail, nothing was lost. Why had Itachi allowed that? This weighed on Deidara's mind but he was too excited to let it bother him for long.

Itachi had finally really and truly made love to Deidara. Did he really mean all the things he said? Deidara's heart began to pound in his chest. He was so happy, Itachi had finally said he loved him with his own mouth, with his own words. Deidara smiled to himself as he sat up in bed with the sun streaming in the window on his back. He watched the dust molts dance in the suns rays. He touched his lips as they were still swollen from all the use they had incurred. He ran his fingers across them remembering Itachi lips against his own, sending shivers of pleasure down his spine.

Deidara sat reliving every moment again and again, until he realized he should go find Itachi and relive it with him. Deidara kicked off the covers and jumped out of bed and went to his dresser to find some clean boxers. He slipped them on and smiled to himself. Itachi hadn't redressed him it was like he wanted Deidara to know they had really made love. It seemed as if he was finally ready to express his true feelings.

Well...maybe...what if even after all this Itachi was the same, cold and distant. Deidara's happy disposition began to fade a bit, but then the dream resurfaced giving him hope.

Though there was on thing that kept scratching at the back of his mind. There was one part of the dream that Deidara couldn't remember clearly...the end. Every time he tried to really think about it his mind would loop back to the beginning of the dream and he'd get lost in the dream again. He knew it had to be a block Itachi had placed there but he didn't know why.

Deidara pulled on a t-shirt and walked in the living room looking for Ita.

"Itachi!" Deidara called.

Deidara searched the little room but Itachi was no where to be found. Finally he made his way to the kitchen realizing he was hungry. As he went to grab something from the fridge he saw a note with his name on it.

"Out hunting Jinjuriki, with Kisame."

That's all the note said, nothing about the dream, no goodbye, no we need to talk...nothing.

Deidara was disappointed but still overjoyed. In all the time he and Itachi had been together Itachi had never once left a note for him. Even when he went away on missions for months at a time. He'd find out from other Akatsuki members he was on a mission, or he'd find out when he didn't come home at night. This time Itachi left him a note.

Deidara didn't know how long Itachi would be gone but he hoped he'd be back before he got called for a mission too.

Deidara decide he'd fix something to eat before he started training, but even though he was doing his best to take his mind off the dream it was all he could think about. Suddenly he was pulled from his fantasies by a knock on the door. Deidara opened the door to see Tobi. A chill ran up his spine but Deidara did his best to suppress it. That had never happened before so it took him a bit by surprise.

"Uh h-hey D-deidara I came to let you know Pein has a m-mission for us. Since Sasori's is no longer with us a-as you know." Tobi stuttered.

Deidara had never liked this idiot but now he was feeling something new for him and it felt a lot like...fear. Deidara never liked to admit when he feared anyone or anything but he was seeing Tobi with new eyes and something about him was deadly, and he thought it best to act as he always did, and treat Tobi like the idiot he seemed to be.

"Why would Pein send you instead of contacting me directly?" Deidara said with distain leaning against the door frame.

"U-um w-well you see I-I was close by." Tobi replied.

"Humh.." Deidara scoffed.

"A-are you gonna let me in Deida-chan?"

"NO wait here! And DON'T call me that!" Deidara said through gritted teeth.

Whatever this new feeling about Tobi was it must have come from Itachi, because Deidara never felt it before and he didn't want whatever Tobi was in his house.

Deidara put on his cloak and made his way back to the door. Tobi was still standing outside of the door. Deidara pushed by him and walked out, locking the door behind himself.

"Ok Tobi...where are we going? Deidara asked sarcastically.

"O-oh ha ha another Jinjuriki hunt."

"Well...lets go then!"

Deidara had been on the road with Tobi for days, and Tobi's incessant talking was driving him insane, and just when he was about to tell Tobi to shut up for the 500th time he suddenly felt the presence of very powerful chakra. Deidara turned to find the younger Uchiha just behind Tobi.

"Ah! W-where'd he c-come f-from!" Tobi yelped running and hiding behind Deidara.

"Where's Itachi..."

Deidara had always wanted to battle Sasuke to prove himself to Itachi but now it seemed like a wish of a spoiled child, not even worth remembering.

"What do you want with Itachi little Uchiha?"

"Not that it's any of your concern but I want to kill him. Now tell me where he is."

Just to hear Sasuke speak of killing Itachi caused fire to surge through Deidara's veins. He knew Sasuke wasn't powerful enough to kill Itachi but he hated hearing the words none the less.

He did his best to keep his facade up for Tobi's sake. He had to make him believe that he wanted to fight Sasuke for the sport of it. To keep Itachi safe.

"How about you forget about Itachi and just deal with me."

"Tch! You are no match for me." Sasuke scoffed.

"Deidara knew he was right. Every nerve in his body was screaming for him to run, to leave disappear never to return again, but he wasn't giving up Itachi and there was no way Sasuke would let him walk away without the info. So there was nothing left to do but fight.

"U-uh u-um D-Deidara...this is not our mission should I help you dispatch the little Uchiha?"

"Shut up Tobi! And stay out of this! This is my fight!"

"As you wish Deidara." Tobi replied.

Tobi had offered to help but something told Deidara that this meeting was no accident, and that Tobi had no plan to help him though his words said other wise. Tobi probably wanted to know how strong Sasuke had become and he was gonna use him as a guinea pig. Deidara knew he might not make it out of this fight alive but he was gonna give it his all no matter what.

Deidara was spent he'd been battling Sasuke for hours. He'd had a couple of close calls and even a few times where it looked like he might win but it looked like his time was finally up. Tobi had stayed out of it watching, but Deidara knew this was the end. He had one last jutsu.

"I was saving this jutsu for Itachi but it doesn't look like I'm gonna get the chance."

Deidara smiled to himself as he made himself into the biggest clay bomb he had ever made. He started to think about their dream again when finally the ending became clear.

"I love you Deidara...and if you're remembering this part of our dream it means the genjutsu was released and you are near death. I never wanted this to happen and I did all I could think of to prevent it but things don't always go the way you want them to. Wait for me on the other side Deida one day I'll come for you. I love you always Deida...always."

Deidara smiled bigger as tears streamed down his face. Ita did love him...he always had. Maybe he could get Tobi in the blast too, then he could keep Itachi safe for a little bit longer.

"Goodbye Itachi I'll be waiting for you..."

"What's wrong Itachi...? Is someone coming?" Kisame asked stopping just behind Itachi.

"It's nothing I was just remembering something."


Itachi began to walk again. His Deida was gone. He felt the genjutsu release. Itachi allowed himself this one reprieve from his facade as a single tear slid down his cheek and landed on his cloak disappearing into the black.

"Goodbye Deida..."

Not long after Deidara's death Itachi battled with Sasuke, and just as he was about to pass on he tapped his brother forehead, his blood dripping into his little brothers eye and uttered his last words.

"I did what I thought was best and I hope one day you can forgive me for the pain I caused you, but someone's waiting for me and I miss him more then I ever thought I could. Make your own way in life, and I hope you're old and gray when we meet again. Goodbye little brother..."


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