Hi guys! It's been a while since I wrote/typed something up, isn't it? Lately I've been a fan of the Professor Layton series so much, especially of the 2nd game, The Diabolical Box.

I've played all games in English so far and this is the one I liked the most. The result: I was inspired to make a fanfic of the tale of the Diabolical Box – retold in three different points of view. This trilogy, called "In the Eyes of Love" will feature 3 separate stories, but tell the same exact story, just in a different person's eyes. This would be the first one out of them and the one most explored in the game: Anton's side of the story. :)

(and if you ever ask for Prof. Layton's POV, just play "Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box" please XD)

This is my first time to write in the prose format, so please forgive me for any mistakes I make in doing this. Now, let's move on to the first chapter. Enjoy!

-In the Eyes of Love-
"In the Eyes of The Delusional"

-The Tale of the Diabolical Box in Anton Herzen's point of view-

- o - o -

The Herzens

There was once a town called Folsense. In this town lived many rich families, and among those families, the Herzen family came on top. That is because from that family hailed the ruler of the town.

Duke Herzen is the current duke of Folsense. The town was once a place unheard of, but because of Duke Herzen's founding of a gold mine in town, the town got rich, including the duke himself, and many people started to move in the town because of its success over the years. You can say that Duke Herzen "The Miner" is a very significant person in Folsense not just because of his title, but of his achievements as well. However, he is more of the unyielding type in a negative sense; he'll do what he wants whether everyone likes it or not.

The duke has two sons, Anthony and Fredrich. Both of them were raised in preparation of their future ruling of Folsense, so they had to act and be raised like royalties, and knowing their father, they couldn't do anything about it.

Fredrich Herzen, the youngest son, is one grumpy and short-tempered young man, much like his height (he's actually just half as tall as his big brother). He tends to put his own desires before others, causing him to get into fights quite often with his father. Despite this, he has a hidden soft side for his loved ones. He cares a lot for his brother, and as irritated as he is to the duke, Fredrich still harbors a degree of respect for him.

Anthony Herzen is the eldest son of Duke Herzen. Many people address the young man as "Young Duke", "Your Grace", "the duke's son", "Duke Anthony" or even just "Anthony". Unbeknownst to everyone except the ones closest to him, he dislikes being addressed as such. He prefers to be just called by his nickname, "Anton". Modest, mannered and humble, he's almost the opposite of Fredrich, hence why the majority likes him better than the latter. He is aware of this, but he tries his best not to mind this matter just for his little brother. Every time a commoner or fellow aristocrat treats him as someone so high and powerful, it secretly irks him. This is the reason why Anton likes being called as such instead.

Rich, influential, famous – these are the descriptions of the Herzens ruling over the town of Folsense. But the following tale will not be about them… well, not the whole family, anyway. The following tale you will read about will be Anton's story. His story of triumph, sadness, failure, betrayal, and most of all…

of his unwavering love.

So, that's all for now! I intend to make this reader-friendly for those who don't have a clue on who these guys are, so that I could share this to everybody else. It's short, but I hope I got your interest in reading on :)

The next chapter will be coming up shortly! Reviews are greatly appreciated.

By the way, I just remembered; today's February 14, so I'll greet you a Happy Valentine's Day! Consider this fanfic a treat for today's occasion. Whoever you spend the day with today, I hope you enjoy :D

P.S. If you ever ask, yes, I drew this fic's cover ^_^