Chapter One – Like Father, Like Daughter

Maria opened the wooden door slowly. Her footsteps echoed throughout the room, and the young woman in front of her glanced at her with a smile. "Hello, Maria. You did nicely."

"You have my biggest pleasure, Mistress," Maria bowed slightly, replied by a giggle. Although there were some wrinkles here and there on Maria's beautiful face, Maria actually looked younger than her age. She almost looked as the way she looked 10 years ago, in the Dravis Mansion.

"Please lock the door now, if you may," the young woman said, looking intently at an unmoving body, laying on a hard bed in front of her. "It would be such an annoyance and hindrance if someone suddenly came."

"As you wish, Mistress." Maria, without further question approached the front door. She put a 'Closed' sign in front of it, closed the door and locked it shut. "Is everything going according to your planning, Mistress Aya?"

"Ah, yes, thank you for your attention, really," Aya chuckled. She tidied up her front hair that covered her eyes, and glanced at the woman lying in front of her. "And also thank you for bringing her here."

Maria shook her head. "It is already my job to do what you wished, Mistress. It's my promise."

Aya turned to her assistant, and smiled sheepishly. "I owe you for life, Maria."

I owe you my life, Maria thought, silently smiling. You don't owe me anything.

"But it is quite rare indeed for you to request a doll," Maria approached the body as well. She took a glimpse at her whole body, from head to toe, and turned to Aya again. "Jean, was it?"

"Jean Rooney," Aya held Jean's cold hand, and entwined their fingers. She kissed Jean's point finger gently, and slowly put her hand down again. "She's such a beauty."

"She is indeed," Maria nodded in agreement. She then moved to another room, but kept the door open so she could still hear Aya clearly if she said anything. "And her eyes—"

"Especially her eyes." Aya looked at Jean's eyes intently. But Aya suddenly liked Jean's eyes least than before.

Maria couldn't reply anything about that that could make her beloved Mistress satisfied. Even Aya's father couldn't make the light in her eyes come back, or make a beautiful sincere smile. It was all artificial.

But probably... Maria glanced at Aya with a wry smile. Probably Mistress is a better.. Scientist, than the doctor. And even she can't bring back that light to the dead.

Aya Dravis. A young woman – probably 21, with a thick black hair and an innocent smile that melts every heart. Her short hair goes a little above her shoulder. Her blue eyes matches her usual blue gown, with a white apron tied to her back.

She's the daughter of , an intellectual doctor that experiments on human beings, or any other creature that is alive. He turned them into dolls, to maintain their loveliness through time.

He also had an affair with Maria. This affair, unfortunately for him, lead to his death, that is what Aya believe.

Maria was a girl the Doctor picked up on the street years ago when Aya was 7. Her image was cunning, indeed. Her beautiful green eyes, that lovely brown hair, a loyal assistant..

But of course, Aya's mother disliked her. Maria, the woman who stole her husband away from her, the woman that caused her misery. She then cursed the entire Dravis Mansion, turning the dolls alive.

Dravis Mansion is long gone, and now Aya and Maria live in a secluded life deep in the forest. Only few people knew the existence of the Dravis Clinic, moreover the Dravis tragic history. The tragic history that turns Aya into what she is now.

"It is a shame that only few people come in here, though." Maria sighed as she opened the huge glass container. "It is ready."

Aya pushed Jean's bed towards the glass container. "What are you suggesting?"

"Well," Maria, alongside Aya, carried Jean's lifeless body and put her inside the glass container, and quickly closed it. "This clinic is very, very far away from the city."

"Many people also live in the countryside, but yes, I agree," Aya took out a long hose from the corner of the room without taking a single look at Maria. "That aside, we are saved from the trouble of forcing people to visit us. I'm glad I didn't have to use that chainsaw like father did, that I'm sure."

The truth is, Aya had quite a lot of customers. But she had a certain standard for her patients. Those who didn't meet Aya's standard didn't turned into dolls. Aya still checked up on them like a normal doctor, and that's how Aya got her good reputations.

"Too bad Jean's advantage is her eyes," Aya sighed, turning a red faucet beside the glass container. "When she become a doll, her eyes lost it's light."

Jean Rooney. Aya's beautiful patient until a few moments ago, now she's just another victim in Aya's collection. Sooner or later, she will be joining the other dolls – in Aya's room, or the basement, anywhere Aya found it pleasing.

"You're very precise though, Mistress." Maria remarked cheerfully. "I'm sure you'll make more beautiful dolls someday."

Aya look straight into Jean's empty eyes, and smiled wryly. "Someday, Maria. Someday, I'll surpass my father."

Maria nodded, and picked up a dark, huge, blanket from the table beside her. She then covered the glass container tidily. "I'm sure you will, Mistress Aya."