So one day I was surfing the internet, minding my own business when I suddenly came across a parody video that combined the horror of the video game Slender with crazy violence of the Hunger Games. I couldn't help but feel inspired from this, and thus the Slender Games were born!

Just to clear up a few things:

1.) This story is the 100th Hunger Games, or the Fourth Quarter Quell, so for this universe's sake the rebellion never happened. Unlike my other story (The 76th Hunger Games - The Haunted) I will not be doing as much background about what happened during the earlier Games or why the rebellion didn't happen. All that you guys need to know is that it didn't happen and the abomination known as the Hunger Games is still happening.

2.) This is by nature a horror story along with Hunger Games action, so expect more disturbing scenes then your usual Hunger Games violence.

3.) My inspiration came from a video done by the How It Should Have Ended group. They do some pretty funny stuff and mainly focus on creating alternate endings to movies. Their ending for the Hunger Games is also pretty good. If you want to check out the link (which I highly suggest you do) go to my profile and find it under Fan Service.


The Slender Games

Chapter 1 The Swan Song

Day 1

When sixteen year old Ian of District 12 opened his eyes to the arena, he was stunned at what he saw.

There was no cornucopia.

There were no other tributes in sight.

He was standing on his metal plate in the middle of a dense forest. The surrounding area was serene and smelled of alpine and dirt, similar to the smell one got near the electric fence on the outskirts of the District border. The sky above was painted orange, yellow, and red, giving Ian the impression that it was either sunrise or sunset arena time.

To say this wasn't what Ian was expecting from the Fourth Quarter Quell would be a bit of an understatement.

Slowly, Ian moved off his plate and stepped onto the dirt ground of the forest. Leaves and branches crunched underneath his boots and in the distance, Ian thought he could hear birds chirping. He was also met with a sense of relief mixed with confusion. For ninety-nine Hunger Games there was always a Cornucopia to supply weapons and supplies for the tributes, now there wasn't any. It had been Ian's plan to run in, grab some supplies, and then sprint away as quickly as possible. Now he wasn't quite sure what to do.

Suddenly Ian heard the sound of crunching and he knew that there was someone nearby. Noticing some bushes, Ian ducked behind them, trying to keep his body as small as possible. The crunching became louder as the person got closer, but at the same time Ian could tell that each step was tentative and made cautiously.

Next to him, Ian spotted a sturdy branch and grabbed it to use as a weapon. While reaching for it, he had inadvertently created more noise that alerted the person of his presence. Ian hoped that the person would start moving away, but instead the steps became louder as the person walked towards the bush Ian was hiding behind.

Panic swept through him as the prospect of fighting somebody seemed to be becoming realer by the minute. What an idiot he had been, thinking that the Gamemakers would simply let him walk off his plate without anytime trouble. Well if they wanted a fight Ian would give it to them. He wasn't going down quietly.

Mustering all the courage he had, Ian jumped from behind his bush and raised the branch in attack position. He shouted out as he faced his attacker, who screamed and fell to the forest floor while throwing up her arms as protection. Ian stopped himself though when he noticed who the girl was.

"Maggie?" He said, relief in his voice.

From the ground the sixteen year old, merchant class girl from District 12 looked up at the Seam boy. Her blue eyes were filled with fear but quickly changed to happiness when she saw him. "Ian!" Maggie shouted, launching herself from the ground and into an embrace with her District partner.

Both of them broke apart and Maggie pushed her blonde curls out of her face and looked around. Ian smiled, looking around as well. "So this is the Quarter Quell? It's kind of peaceful." he stated.

Maggie smiled, her teeth white compared to Ian's stained teeth, which couldn't be helped regardless of Capitol cosmetics. "It actually is though. Do you think their getting lazy and just repeating the 50th Hunger Games?"

"Let's hope so." Ian said, "That way District 12 will have a victor."

Maggie smiled politely but he could tell he had said something wrong. He then realized that the 50th Games was won by a male tribute from District 12. "I didn't mean that I would win or anything-" Ian said, trying to correct himself.

"Oh don't worry, I know that!" Maggie said, not wanting Ian to feel bad. It wasn't like she felt she had an actual chance at winning anyways. She had lived a rather comfortable life back in District 12 compared to what Ian must have gone through. She knew he only had his hard working father as family with barely enough to eat every week, while her family always had food even with three older siblings.

An awkward silence fell over the two as they took a few steps away from each other, hoping the distance would some how fix the situation. When it didn't, Ian decided to talk. "So it looks like we're a team for now."

Maggie smiled, "I thought we were always going to be a team."

Ian cursed himself for putting himself in another awkward position. His discomfort made Maggie laugh, "Don't worry, I was only teasing you that time."

Ian laughed uneasily but later was laughing full heartily with Maggie. He remembered how he had first assumed she was just another merchant class snob. Over the past few days though, Maggie had proven that she was hard working, tough spirited, and more than able to take care of herself. They had bonded quickly and Ian was glad that they were a team.

"I think sundown is coming soon." she remarked.

"Why do you say that?" Ian asked.

"Well for starters the sun is setting if you look at it." Maggie said, smiling slightly at Ian's look of embarrassment, "But also we have flashlights around our belts."

Ian looked down, completely forgetting about the flashlight that his stylist had attached to his side as he stepped in the tube. 'You'll be needing this.' she said before kissing him on the cheek and wishing him luck.

Ian grabbed the flashlight from his waist, surprised by the light weight of it. It was an older flashlight, rather primitive to the ones used by the coal miners back in District 12. It would get the job done though, so long as it didn't run out of battery.

"Hopefully we'll have a bright moon too." Ian said.

"Let's hope." Maggie said.

"Should we try walking around?" Ian said, "Maybe see what the rest of the arena is like?"

"I suppose." Maggie said, eyeing Ian's branch in his hand. "Are there anymore branches lying around?"

Ian smiled and ran back behind the bush and grabbed another branch. It wasn't as strong as Ian's so he gave his to Maggie and took the weaker one. Maggie smiled, "Such a gentlemen." she said.

Ian smiled too, bowing in a mocking fashion, and pointing to the forest expanse in front of them. "Ladies first." he said.

Maggie did a curtsy and started walking ahead with Ian right by her side. They were an odd team to say the least, the Merchant girl and the poor Seam boy. Yet both of them were united in their agreed goal that superseded all other feelings and goals they may have.

One of them had to win for District 12, no matter the cost.

On the other side of the arena, a twelve year old girl was in tears.

The small dark skinned girl of District 10 was knelling on her plate, her arms lying limply at her sides as her face was cast upward, basking in the glow of the fading sunlight. Tears were flowing freely down her face, followed by fits of laughter that were interrupted frequently by gasps for breath.

Faith was not going to die in the Bloodbath because there was no Bloodbath!

This idea captivated Faith as she continued to cry and laugh at her good luck. Everybody thought that she was going to be a bloodbath, going to die from being on the receiving end of a Career's sword or simply by falling off her plate and blowing up. She could see it in everybody's eyes which was always in the form of pity. It was the same look that her parents gave her when they came to say goodbye, the same look her school friends gave her, the same look that her escort and mentor and fellow tributes gave her. Even during the interviews it was brought up.

'I don't think my age will be that big of an issue.' Faith protested, her voice breaking. 'Just because I'm young doesn't mean that I can't win.'

In front of her some citizens of the Capitol were laughing, though it wasn't encouraging laughter. They all looked at her with doubtful eyes while a few meaner ones had eyes that told her that she was wrong and going to die. There were a few people who looked at her sadly but meant nothing. Why weren't they this mean to the girl from District 7 who was also twelve?

Faith wanted to cry but her escort had strictly told her not to. 'Nobody wants to sponsor a cry baby.' she had told Faith in a strict tone, pointing a finger at her face which made Faith fear that her elongated fingernail might stab her in the eye.

In the very front row Faith could hear Capitolites betting on her. Betting on the exact minute she would die in the Bloodbath.

Faith then began to cry as the buzzer went off and she slumped back to her seat, nobody in the crowd clapping or cheering for her.

Remembering that horrible memory, Faith began to laugh louder. "You see this Capitol!" She shouted out, throwing her fist up in the air. "I'm not dead! I'm not DEAD!"

"Faith?" A voice said behind her.

Faith gasped and spun around, fearing that some tribute had found her and was about to kill her. When she saw who it was, her face lit up as she jumped from the plate and ran towards the figure. "Jared!" She called out, throwing herself into his arms.

Jared, Faith's eighteen year old district partner, returned the hug with his big arms enveloping her. "There isn't a Bloodbath!" Faith breathed into his arms. "I'm still alive!"

"I know," Jared said, pulling away from Faith to look her in the eye. "But you would have survived it anyway."

Faith laughed, Jared was always looking for ways to cheer her up. He always made her feel better about herself and actually gave her confidence. "You're so nice to me." Faith said.

"And I'll continue to be." Jared said, "Nobody is going to hurt you when I'm around."

Faith hugged him again, crying again. He was so nice, but at the same time she knew he couldn't protect her forever. Even if Jared could protect her, the Games would eventually get to the point were there were only a handful of tributes left before a Victor could be crowned. Would Jared actually let her become Victor? That would mean that he would have to die to allow her to live.

And who would want to die for Faith, the pathetic little girl from District 10?

Nearby, another tribute was crying out.

Marlin couldn't control himself, allowing himself to scream in fury at the top of his lungs. His face was red and his veins were popping from his neck, making him look like a true barbarian. He ran out of breath and gathered his energy, then screamed again as he charged at a nearby rock and punted it across the forest.

Ignoring the pain in his toes, eighteen year old Marlin of District 4 spun around to look at his younger District partner, Sylvia.

"What the hell is this?" He fumed, his entire body shaking. "WHAT IS THIS CRAP?!"

Sylvia looked around, her face relaxed. She shrugged, "Looks like a forest." she replied.

Marlin's rage only increased at his partners smart ass remark. "I know where we are," Marlin said with a shaky voice, "I want to know why we are here!"

Sylvia raised an eyebrow, casually brushing away her black hair from her brown face and eyes. "Where else would you want to be?"

Marlin's face twitched as if a blood vessel in his face had just popped. "THE FREAKIN BLOODBATH!" He shouted, charging at Sylvia. Sylvia just stood there though, looking unimpressed by his display of emotion. "Where is it?!"

Sylvia didn't respond, annoying Marlin greatly. He screamed in her face and charged away again, punting another rock away.

Sylvia, wiping away some of Marlin's saliva from her face, walked towards her raging partner. "Clearly this is part of the twist that was promised for us in the Quarter Quell."

"It's a pretty shitty one!" Marlin remarked.

"Indeed." Sylvia agreed, though sounded like she couldn't care less.

"Don't you get it?" Marlin complained, not wanting to look this idiot girl in the face. "The bloodbath is our way of getting by! Without it we won't have weapons or food or the other Careers!"'And I can't kill anybody.' Marlin thought to himself, not wanting to say that thought out loud. He supposed it wouldn't make much of difference though, he was a Career after all. Who cared if he admitted to the world he enjoyed killing. His mentors though always told him not to admit it for some reason.

"Well we have these flashlights." Sylvia said.

Marlin laughed sarcastically. "Yes, I suppose we could just bash in people's skulls with them!"

Sylvia frowned. "Well then we would break the flashlights, which wouldn't be helpful. No, these flashlights will help us when night falls. Many tributes won't be walking around then which we can use to our advantage. As for the lost Cornucopia supplies, if you haven't noticed we are in a forest. We can find some sticks and rocks and fight with them until we can find proper weapons. If we need to be stealthier or cleaner with our kills we can use our belts to choke or snap necks. For shelter we can use these jackets that were given to us, you would notice they are water proof if you bothered to examine it. For water we can find a river, this is a forest and it needs to get water from somewhere. And knowing the Gamemakers, if there is a river then there will probably be fish in it which we can eat. We are from the fishing District after all, I think we can manage to catch a few."

All of Sylvia's words made sense, which only made Marlin even madder. He was the older one, the bon a fide Career while Sylvia was only a sixteen year old junior Career. Why anybody had let her volunteer instead of another eighteen year old was beyond Marlin. All he knew was that he was suppose to play nice with her and that she had some special 'talent' which would come in handy in the arena. If that talent was to make Marlin feel like an idiot than he could tell it wouldn't be long before he snapped her neck.

"And what about the rest of the Career alliance?" Marlin asked.

"I'm sure we'll find them in time." Sylvia responded. "For now I think we can manage by ourselves."

Marlin sighed again in anger, but then began to force himself to calm down. Sylvia, no matter how much he hated to admit it, was right. They could manage themselves without the rest of the Careers, or the ally's that they had recruited this year. Besides the normal Career group, they added on a few additional members. The first was the male tribute from 9 who had proven that he could handle himself quite well with a spear apparently from using a pitchfork for most of his life. He had wanted to join their alliance and the Careers had agreed, not wanting an extremely tough enemy against them from the start.

The other tributes were the two from District 3. Neither of them were tough but they were smart and could help the Careers with creating bombs. A few years ago a District 3 tribute had managed to build themself a bomb from the mines underneath the plate. It was small and handheld with a massive blast radius, which had managed to kill the remaining Careers and crown the tribute Victor. The Careers this year had refused to let that happen again and recruited the tributes from 3 to help make themselves their own bomb.

But since there wasn't a Bloodbath it didn't look that plan would work out fully. Maybe if they ran across those two now Marlin could kill at least one of them.

"Dig faster!"

"I'm digging fast enough! You dig faster!"

The two fifteen year old tributes from District 3 were on the ground, digging with their hands and nearby sticks underneath the plate they had just risen up from. Julia's shoulder length hair was sticking to her face from sweat and her skinny arms were shaking from the psychical labor while her partner, Darwin, had stopped digging entirely.

"Julia," Darwin began, breathing heavily. "How do we even know that their are mines underneath the plates this year? There wasn't a Bloodbath or a count down."

Julia's stick snapped and she threw it to the side angrily, falling onto her back in exhaustion. The forest air was cool but not cool enough to keep the sweat away. "I don't know, it's just a hope I guess. Those mines are our only way of making it out of here alive. Besides, neither of us stepped off our plates for at least a minute so we really don't know."

"Well it was a good plan at least to stop the Careers from killing us outright at least." Darwin remarked, throwing off his jacket to cool his body down. Both tributes were currently cursing themselves for not trying to stay somewhat physically fit while they also exercised their minds in school.

"Fat load of good that did." Julia said, "I doubt they'll need us anymore."

"Perhaps." Darwin said, not wanting to think about what they would do should they run into somebody from the Career alliance. "You know what the funny thing about all that is?"

Julia laughed, exasperated. "No Darwin, I really don't know."

"Those bombs they wanted us to make really weren't that hard to build." he said, smiling at Julia. "If they didn't spend so much time beating each other over the head in training or pumping themselves with steroids they could have learned how to make them in probably half an hour."

Julia for some reason found that to be hysterical, and started to laugh. Darwin too, even though he knew what he said wasn't that funny. They were both exhausted and it was barely even fifteen minutes into the Games.

"Regardless, I think we should still try to dig up these plates." Julia said. "Even if there aren't any mines underneath them, there are a ton of electrical wires and plates we can use to maybe build something."

"Like what?" Darwin asked.

"I don't know, a taser maybe?"

Darwin raised an eyebrow. "A taser? Sure... that will stop those mean Careers."

Julia rolled her eyes, "At least I'm thinking of how to survive and not thinking of lame jokes."

Darwin gave her a look of mock hurt, but quickly became more serious. "Well, digging at this rate won't help us. We need to find something else to help us. Maybe the Gamemakers were nice and left us a shovel somewhere?"

"I suppose it's worth a shot to look around." Julia said, "But we should probably be careful on time since I think it will be dark soon."

Darwin looked up at the sky and sighed, "They're seriously going to make us work in the Dark?"

Julia chuckled, "It's a Quarter Quell remember? There has to be a twist!"

"Aww." Darwin groaned, "Well screw Quarter Quells." Darwin still looked like he was thinking of something, which interested Julia.

"What else is on your mind?" she asked.

"Besides how to possibly survive?" Darwin asked.

"Yes, besides that."

"Well..." Darwin began, looking rather sheepish, "I'm just wondering where Vera could be."

Julia rolled her eyes, "Your crush won't be able to help us too much I think."

Darwin looked kind of angry now, "She isn't my crush. We just have a mutual respect for each other. Plus she's two years younger than me!"

"Sure, but I remember her saying that she was fourteen in a month." Julia said winking at Darwin, who blushed in discomfort. "Well I suppose we can search for her too." Julia rose to her feet and held a hand out to help Darwin up from the ground. "Come on, let's see how much we can explore."

"Night's going to be here soon," Darwin said, taking Julia's hand. "Do you think it's smart to wonder around at night."

"No I don't," Julia said, "But I don't think it's a good idea either to stay in one place for too long. Plus we have these flashlights, might as well get some use out of them."

Darwin silently agreed and followed Julia away from their digging sight, wondering what Vera could possibly be up to at the moment.

Vera of District 5, at that moment, was having a less than great time as she lay in a puddle of mud feeling defeated.

So far her time in the arena had been less than impressive. After standing on her plate for at least five minutes, Vera had stepped down slowly from her plate, even flinching when the leaves on the ground crunched. Even the peaceful surrounding couldn't settle her nerves, every chirp she heard and every gust of wind unsettling her.

After a minute of just standing there, Vera decided to walk around a little bit. She moved slowly, afraid that moving to fast might set of a trap the Gamemakers could have laid to make up for a lack of a Bloodbath. She was satisfied to find that there were none, but her happiness vanished when she discovered something.

There was another plate in front of her.

Vera froze at that moment. There was another tribute nearby, another tribute would could very possibly mean her harm. Next to her the bushes began to rustle and Vera was shaken by fear at the thought of a Career jumping out and attacking her. Vera did the only thing that her panicked mind could think of.

She turned and ran.

She ran as fast as she could, ducking between bushes and trees that obstructed her path. Vera turned around to make sure nobody was following her and when she turned back she was hit in the face by a lose branch.

Pain rocked Vera's body as her vision blurred and mind went fuzzy. Vera stumbled forward, unable to fully see the path in front of her, and fell down a hill. She rolled down the hill, her body crashing into roots, rocks, and small bushes until she reached the bottom of the hill and landed in a puddle of mud. Vera just lay there for a while, ignoring the bruises and cuts all over her body.

Vera felt pathetic. Here she was, one of the smartest thirteen year olds in District 5, and she couldn't even run properly. She had no chance of winning. Her mother had told her she could be strong when she wanted to be and she believed in her daughter, but that belief wouldn't help her now. The other tributes wouldn't care that her mother believed in her, they all had mothers too who believed in them.

From the puddle of mud, Vera began to cry. She was as good as dead and she knew it.

Olivia and Trajan, two trained Careers from District 2, looked at each other unimpressed with the arena.

"A forest?" Trajan said, sounding more like a statement than a question.

"How original." Olivia remarked dryly. "It's pretty I suppose."

Trajan grunted in agreement. Both partners had nothing really to say to each other and didn't find small talk to be all that amusing. They were here to kill tributes and win the Games, not become pals.

Olivia turned to her partner, the defacto leader of the two since he was a year older. "How do you want to play this?"

Trajan looked around the area. Their plates had put them right near the top of a high cliff, giving them a view of a good portion of the arena. Trajan smiled at their good fortune of having such a tactical advantage, though maybe the Gamemakers did this on purpose to give them a boost. Regardless, despite not having a Cornucopia, seeing the entire arena was still a major help.

From what Trajan could see most of the place covered in forests. In the distance he saw a large waterfall and another large cliff where at points it looked like it would be impossible to climb even if they had the proper climbing tools. Near the top on of the cliffs was a tall, oddly shaped dead tree that soared above the rest of the live trees. It looked rather out of place, which made Trajan think there might be something important there.

Throughout the actual forest there seemed to be clearings where the forest stopped and left wide open spaces. In one of these spaces, Trajan noticed a building. It was a rather old and run down, but it was a building nonetheless. No doubt some stupid outlier tribute would seek shelter there for the night.

Trajan smiled. 'Easy pickings' he thought.

Olivia had now joined him, staring out at the expanse of an arena. Judging by where her eyes were looking he could tell that she was thinking the same thing as him. Her eyes left the building though and scanned the rest of the arena.

"It's kind of small." She remarked.

Trajan again grunted in agreement, though didn't find it to be that bad of a thing. It would certainly make things easier when it came to hunting tributes.

"We need weapons." He remarked.

Olivia raised an eyebrow in amusement. "I think your fists are a good enough weapon for now."

Trajan didn't react, immune to praise in any form. His mentors back in District 2 had beaten out any pride he might have had. Pride was for idiots and was what got a Career killed in the Hunger Games. Trajan looked around and noticed some sticks and stones laying around. Smiling as an idea came to him he walked over and grabbed them up. Sitting down on a larger rock, Trajan removed his jacket and made tears in the lining, removing the string and bindings in the areas. Olivia, seeing what her partner was doing, did the same.

In a minute both tributes from District 2 had created two rudimentary clubs. The clubs wouldn't break down any doors but with a few blows to the head they could probably kill a tribute.

Trajan looked at his partner, "We should head for that house for now, see if there are any tributes laying around or any helpful supplies. We'll find some place to sleep too and in the morning we'll head for the river for some water and tributes who will no doubt be there too."

"No hunting at night then?" Olivia questioned.

Trajan shook his head. "No, I don't think that would be smart. The Gamemakers are obviously planning something for tonight, otherwise they wouldn't have started us off so close to sundown. We'll take shelter for the night and get things started tomorrow morning."

Olivia shrugged, "Fine then. But if there is a bed in this building then I call it."

Trajan nodded and stood up. "Fine. I'll take first watch then."

Olivia laughed, "See? We don't even need the other Careers!"

Trajan smiled. Yes, they didn't really need them. Maybe this meant that they could kill them instead of working with the rest of the Careers. Trajan, and he knew Olivia thought so too, didn't find any of his allies to be particuliarly worth his time. They were all so proud, something Trajan had looked forward to beating out of them before he claimed victory.

With the pleasant thought of death in his mind, Trajan motioned for Olivia to follow him and they both set out, both eager for blood.

"Sir, I have another call for you regarding the Games this year."

Seneca Crane tiredly motioned to his secretary to put the call on hold. She looked rather distressed by the thought of putting the caller on hold though, her purple dyed eyes stained with worry. "But sir! It's the-"

"Is it the President calling?" Crane asked, cutting his secretary off.

"W-what? Well no sir, but-"

"Then put them on hold."

"I... yes sir."

Crane's secretary removed herself from his office, the door sliding shut behind her, before Crane smiled. He was quite enjoying all the confusion these Games were causing among the Capitol citizens. Everybody had gotten so used to the norm of Cornucopia Bloodbath that nobody had ever considered something different happening. Besides, in recent years Crane had found the Cornucopia Bloodbath idea to be rather tiring. So many tributes died in it that some Games became so boring to watch for Crane. A few years ago the Careers had all but slaughtered three non Career tributes in the Bloodbath, Crane was actually surprised that he hadn't be fired that year.

But no, Seneca Crane had been Head Gamemaker for twenty nine years. Twenty nine great years, the longest time anyone had been Head Gamemaker. He looked around his office, his eyes lingering on the nearby wall that held rows of trophies and awards, along with pictures of him with all the Capitol elite and some of his favorite Victors from his Games. Crane smiled when he looked at the photo of him and the Victor from the 3rd Quarter Quell, his first Quell. Now in his 2nd Quell, Seneca had approached it with almost solemn duty.

Each Quell was specifically designed to undermine the Districts and show Capitol dominance. When he had first received the card that detailed what message was suppose to be sent in this Quell, Seneca was quite confused on how to accomplish it. Not only did the condition overturn many different traditions in the Games but also gave no way for helping the Gamemakers figure out a way to accomplish it's goal.

Crane had spent many long hours thinking about how to accomplish that goal. It finally came to him when he was sitting in a movie theater, of all the odd places. It was during the trailers when one came on advertising for a horror movie. It was at that moment that Crane had a brilliant idea and he actually ran from the theater back to his office to work on his idea. Finally, after months of work his idea was complete, on full display now in the Quarter Quell.

Noticing that it had almost been thirty minutes since the start of the Games, the time he (or rather his secretary) had promised viewers answers to al their questions, Seneca rose from his desk and walked from his office down the Gamemaker Control Room. The Senior Gamemaker there welcomed Crane as he walked to his post. Once situated there Seneca grabbed the Microphone which cast his voice over the entire arena for all the tributes and Panem to hear.

"Greetings tributes of the 100th Hunger Games. Happy 4th Quarter Quell!"

On the screen in front of him were multiple individual screens which showed each of the tributes in the arena. All of them stopped to listen, some looking around for where the voice was coming from, other looking up in the sky. Crane smiled at the scene in front of him. The outliers looked relieved at having no Bloodbath while the Careers looked rather annoyed, especially that boy from 4. At least the team from 1 and 2 could keep control of their emotions. Crane also noticed several tributes still in tears, over what he had no idea. Nobody was dead yet.

"We here in the Capitol and across Panem are honored to have you special tributes compete in the Quarter Quell, and look forward to a successful Game this year! Now, as many of you know, each Quarter Quell is marked by a special condition to show the Districts how foolish they are to oppose the Capitol and to glorify the Capitol itself! This condition has largely been kept secret, until now."

Many of the tributes looked uncertain about what was to come next while many of the Gamemakers in the room looked very happy with themselves. Crane smiled, continuing with his speech.

"This year, as a twist and a first time for the Hunger Games, there can be more than one Victor."

Almost all the tributes in the arena looked shocked, even in the more stoic ones. Many of them actually cheered while some are simply stunned beyond words or actions. Crane noticed however that some of the Careers aren't as happy, though he isn't done with his announcement yet.

"But at the same time that there is the possibility for multiple Victors, there is also the possibility of there being no Victors!"

That dampened the mood of the tributes, who were no longer cheering or looking happy.

"Yes, quite the twist this year wouldn't you say?" Crane asked. "Not only is the end result different, but the manner in which you may claim victory will also be different. For example, you can kill every other tribute in the arena or perhaps hide from the violence and win that way, but it won't matter. This year, you don't win by being the last tribute alive but rather by taking part in a scavenger hunt."

"Around the arena are eight pages, most of which are hiding in plain view for you to find. All the pages will be necessary for you to claim victory, for they will tell you how to defeat your true enemy in the arena." Crane looked at the screen, enjoying the looks of confusion on each of the tributes faces. "In the arena is a monster of myth, specially brought to you by the best scientists in all of Panem!You will need to defeat this creature before you can claim victory, and before it finds you."

Crane was again happy to see the mixed reactions from all the tributes. Most of them were even more horrified now then they looked at the Reaping, while the Careers looked rather angry. On that note, Crane finished up his speech. "As a helpful clue, this creature will only hunt at night. And as another helpful clue, sundown will be in about ten minutes! Now from all of us across Panem, Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Crane smiled as he logged off from the mic as the Capitol anthem played across the arena. Cheers and claps of approval erupted across the control room and Crane accepted their praise. "Excellent work, sir!" the senior Gamemaker said smiling. Crane nodded to him though politely but knew that the man was nothing more than a sniveling kiss up.

Crane didn't let his mind linger on that though, he felt far to elated. He, Seneca Crane, had created the most unique Hunger Games to date. People would be talking about him for ages to come, how Seneca Crane had revolutionized the way the Hunger Games would be done. How he had created the greatest Hunger Games to date.

What a fitting swan song for Seneca Crane's amazing career.

And so it begins! THE SLENDER GAMES!

By the way, this story shouldn't be that long. I'm planning on only 13 chapters so stay tune for more!