How Do I Love Thee

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Author's Note: Just a fluffy little Valentine's offering to apologise for the level of angst in my one-shots recently. Enjoy…

Dearest River,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

I love you in the mornings, before I even open my eyes.

I love you when you chew on your lip because you're nervous.

I love you when you turn up out of the blue and disrupt all my plans.

I love you when you fall asleep on my shoulder.

I love you when you're shooting at things for me.

I love you when you try to fly my TARDIS. (try being the key word)

I love you when I think there's nothing good left inside me. Then I remember you and I love you all the more.

I love you when you make me cross.

I love you when you point out that I'm wrong.

I love you when you try to save me, that you think I'm worth saving.

I love you when you roll your eyes at me.

I love you when you do something crazily clever and grin at me.

I love you when you call me sweetie.

I love you more than I thought anyone could love anyone, and certainly more than I thought I was capable of.

I love you in ways I don't think I could ever articulate.

I love you, always,

Your Doctor.

"That," River grinned. "Was the soppiest, most overly-sentimental thing I have ever read. And I've read Dad's love letters to mum!"

"I know." The Doctor grimaced as he ran his hand through his hair nervously. "But it's Valentine's Day and I didn't know what to get you because you always have everything and I just thought-"

"Oh shut up. I love it!" River beamed as she reached up and pulled him close to her and kissed him like she'd never have another chance.

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