So, I decided I would write this for Valentines day! :3 I hope you guys like it and don't think it's too gushy and stuff. Also, the next Chapter to Cupcake Love should be up soon, if anyone is interested. :D

Valentines Day

Gamzee glared at the glue, he'd never been more annoyed in his life. He rolled his eyes and kept in mind it was for Tavros.

"Gotta do this."

He chanted taking one of the paper hearts and rubbing glue on it with his thumb, then he flipped the heart over and flattened it against the large white paper. He grabed another paper heart, unlike the first one, this one was purple not red, he did the same to the back side then flattened it over the middle of "Valentines". He stepped back and smiled as he gazed upon it.

There were wrapped chocolates in every corner and tiny 'Wonka' hearts lining the margins of the giant page. In the very center of the paper was a small teddy bear(palm size) with a key chain on its ear. The words inside the decorations read: "Happy Valentines Day babe, I love you so much, you're my life bro." Or, atleast they were supposed to, because at one point Gamzee had spilt his hot chocolate all over the card and now it read "Happy Walemtimes pay babe, I wve goc go mudn, gou're my lipo bro." bit was fine, Gamzee could explain it to Tav when he saw him. He smiled, satisfied with his work. He picked up the bundle of roses he had bought the night before, swung his bag over his shoulder, grabbed the card and left the library.

He was in the hallway whe he saw him. His mohawk was stuled in a thin coat of gel and he was dressed in a black jacket above a white button up and a pain of black slacks. What caught Gamzees eyes though, was the giant violet teddy bear he craddled in both arms, as well as the balloons floating over head and the roses in one hand. Gamzee stops before, blushing bright red. They're quiet for a second before Tavros speaks up.

"For you."

Gamzee frowns, "Mine is so stupid. Damn it." Gamzee compains as he exchanges his gift for Tavs'.

"No, Gamzee, I love it. It's creative, i really like the candy deoration." Tav says holding the card up to examine it. Gamzee burries his face in the teddy bear to hide dhis blush.

"It shows you worked hard. I love you Gamzee."

"Thanks Tav, I love you too."

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