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Soon after our dorm matron Mrs. Weathers got us all to calm down and listen to her. She explained that we all needed to clear this area, but we couldn't go back to the dorm. They really didn't seem to have a logical place to put all of us, so I assumed that meant we were to go to other dorms.

However, I'd stupidly freaked out a little when I'd seen that shadowy figure in the tree. And Eddie, observant as always, had followed my gaze and seen the same shadow I did. It disappeared suddenly leaving us both confused and me shaken. Needless to say Eddie's guardian instincts wouldn't allow us to stay around campus, at least for now, with some shadowy figure lurking around that may or may not have helped in starting this fire.

I was scared, this hit too close to what had happened with Alicia. I couldn't help but think that the figure I'd seen could be her, after all she had to be out for vengeance after Adrian and I had nearly caused her death in a fire I'd accidentally set on Ms. Terwilliger's house during a magical battle we'd unfortunately ended up in. I'd actually thought at the time that I had killed her, but I didn't. Half of me was relieved not to be responsible for anyone's death, and the other half was terrified that she was still out there somewhere.

In the end, the decision was made to go to Adrian's apartment. Since the sad demise of my car Latte, we didn't have any means of driving ourselves so I called him giving him as much detail as I could without freaking him out. I told him there'd been a fire that we didn't know the cause of and that they were clearing our dorm rooms so they could get authorities in to investigate after they'd made sure the fire was completely out and that Eddie didn't feel safe staying here. I didn't mention the shadowy figure, I didn't want to worry him more than I had to just now.

He didn't take long and in a matter of minutes he pulled up in the Ivashkinator, Adrian's amazing yellow Mustang I'd had the pleasure of naming. Naming cars was about the only creative thing I seemed to be good at. I wasn't an artistic person.

Then I remembered something that I should have realized sooner.

I'd actually forgotten in the chaos that this was the first time Zoe had been around the vampires and I glanced at her (I'd also just noticed how close she was standing to me- our shoulders were nearly touching) her eyes were wide and scared, her posture tense. I'd gotten so used to them and hadn't really been around a new alchemist in so long, it was so odd to think that someone could be so afraid of someone like Jill, or Eddie or... Adrian. I felt the safest I'd ever felt when I was around him, even around Eddie, Jill and Angeline I felt perfectly safe. The new guardian, Neil, didn't bother me either. They were just people to me.

But to Zoe, these were the monsters she'd been taught to fear more than anything in the world.

I don't know why but that made me angry. Not at her, it wasn't her fault. But at the Alchemists for drilling it into everyone's head that the Moroi and dhampirs were so evil and wrong and unnatural. Nonetheless, I grabbed Zoe's hand and squeezed it tight, trying to understand her fear and be supportive. She tried to give me a smile in return but it wasn't very convincing.

The car wasn't actually meant for six people (there were only four seats). And while this was a problem- especially to me, I loved this car, we didn't have much of a choice here. It ended up Adrian driving, Zoe and I smushed into the passenger seat and Eddie, Jill, Angeline and Neil shoved into the back.

Everyone sat quietly the entire time, even Adrian had the sense to keep his mouth shut. I think having Neil and Zoe around was making things awkward for all of us, no one new had joined our little "group" since Angeline, and we hadn't thought we'd be getting anyone else, it'd been a complete surprise. We especially didn't think we been getting an alchemist. Especially a brand new alchemist that happened to be my sister.

She held my hand the whole time, a little too tightly. When you were training to be an alchemist and not out in the field, it didn't seem like it would be all that hard to be around Moroi and dhampirs. Sure, they were scary and evil in your mind, but you never imagined you would be as scared as you were when you were actually around vampires, at least at first. As irrational as I knew Zoe's fears were, I did understand them.

The drive to Adrian's apartment seemed a lot longer than it usually did in the silence that surrounded us. When we got there and Adrian parked the car we all just kind of sat there for a moment before getting out. We all walked into Adrian's apartment and as he turned the lights on, I looked at him and then burst out laughing.

"What?" He asked, confused at my sudden laughter but he smirked nonetheless.

"We match." I said, simply, pointing to his shirt. We were both wearing our Alpha Yam Ergo shirts. I hadn't actually realized that I'd put it on, I'd grabbed the first shirt in my drawer on my way into the bathroom because I was panicking about Zoe and needed space.

He laughed with me, but we both quieted as everyone else entered his apartment. Zoe quickly hurried to my side and a pang of annoyance hit me. Why would they have sent an untrained alchemist who was afraid of everything if I was legitimately concerned we needed backup? I wasn't, of course, but it was odd of them to send Zoe. She wasn't ready. And having a shadow follow me around wouldn't really be helpful for anyone.

I shoved those thoughts aside. Zoe was my sister, I should have been happy she was here. In fact I was happy she was here, just not under these circumstances.

It was eventually decided Zoe and I would sleep on Adrian's pull out couch, and the others would make beds on the floor. Adrian offered his bedroom, but I insisted her could keep his own room. After all we had made him come pick us up at one o'clock in the morning, the least we could do was not make him sleep on the floor.

Everyone fell asleep quickly, even Zoe surprisingly. I would've thought she'd have more trouble sleeping around everyone, but she seemed okay, probably because I was with her.

Before I could really consider the consequences, I got up and glanced around, making sure everyone was asleep, then walked through the little apartment to Adrian's bedroom door. I opened the door quietly and peered in. He was awake which didn't really surprise me.

"Hey, what are you doing up?" He questioned softly as I crossed the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I could ask you the same." I said.

"Waiting for you to go to sleep," He said smirking. It dawned on me that I could have just gone to sleep and he would have visited me in a Spirit dream. It probably would've been easier that way, "Come lay down."

I complied, laying on my side facing him. He wrapped an arm lazily around my waist and pulled me closer. "We've got to be careful, Adrian. Everyone's just in the other room."

"Hey, you're the one who came in my bedroom trying to seduce me." He said, tugging his blanket over me.

I glared at him jokingly. "I am not trying to seduce you."

"Sure you're not, Miss 'I'm a Quick Study'." He said, pressing his lips to my forehead. I laughed again and he laughed with me this time. I really hoped that nickname wouldn't catch on. I'd rather Sage than that.

We lay there for a while in blissful silence and my exhaustion soon began to take over. It occurred to me that I should go back to the couch and Zoe, but instead I fell asleep against him, listening to his steady heartbeat.

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