Two Sides of The Same Coin Chapter 9 – When The Thunder Strikes Pt. III

"Sometimes I have to leave

Knowing sometimes I got stranded

Sometimes I want to fight

Through many times I was branded

Whatever life may bring I just try to keep my head up

Sometimes you have no choice but to kill

A man as I am

I don't give a damn"

Waiting For The Thunder – Helloween

Concert Place – Evening

"Things are really bustling here" - King said while getting another glass of wine.

The band was in the backstage, where they were relaxing before the great concert in Seoul, this metal festival gathered around one million people, being the second biggest concert in the history, only to Rolling Stones in Copacabana, years before, which gathered 1.4 million.

King was sat in a sofa while drinking some wine, Keeper was reading a book by the side of the vocalist, Savage was eating some chocolate in a chair, and Mr. Madman was standing up and playing a game on his cellphone. The sound of The Invisible Man by Helloween was being heard inside the room, it was close to the end of their concert, only two more songs were going to be played.

"So, King, how was the talk with your idols again?" - Keeper asked, while closing the book.

"Ah, you know... Great... It has been some years since I heard Helloween live, Megadeth is going to close the concert, so I guess I'll take my time to listen a little too. Dave and Weiki, two guitarists who made me play how I play nowadays. How can I dislike playing in the same stage as them?"

"You know, my main inspiration won't play tonight..." - Savage finished his chocolate as soon as the talk started, he was picking a cigarette to smoke in this meantime. While picking the lighter he continued speaking.

"Ingo Schwichtenberg... Man, he was so awesome *laughs*! If it was not Victim of Fate I'd never play drums! I still remember that depressive day back in 1995... So sad... But I'm enjoying the work that currently Helloween drummer is doing, he isn't an Ingo, but plays amazingly."

He then fired his cigarette and started to smoke while waiting, Asshole was already starting to be played, a polemic song from Helloween 14th studio album, hated by some, loved by some. Children of Hell knew well that kind of song.

The bassist was standing still, very concentrated in his game that didn't even notice the other guys talking, until King shouted him.

"Hey Shit Eating Bassist!"

"What King?"

"Are you ready to play?"

"Hell yea. Are we going to play already?"

"No, Helloween just started 'Asshole', then one more song and it's we."

"Great. So, shall we get ready now?"

King looked to the other two men, Keeper was already putting his book inside a suitcase, while Savage was finishing his cigarette. He then picked his wine, and finished it, then he picked a whiskey jar and put some milliliters in the same glass his wine was before, and chugged it down.

"Okay, *guttural vocal* we're ready to rock *guttural vocal*!"

Savage helped King in sitting in his wheelchair, then the four members exited the small room, with the classical black rose with a letter left. They almost always did it, when exiting the backstage room they left a black rose alongside with a letter, which said:

"If you're reading this, that mean you intruded our particular backstage room. So bring us a 2 liters and a half Coke, a whiskey jar, a wine bottle, a pack of cigarettes, 2 chocolate boxes, otherwise we're going after you!

PS.: Remember we placed many cameras in the room so we know who are you!



No need to say who were "KS". King and Savage first did this when they were in a concert in London back in 1997. Two days before the London concert, in another place, some people entered their room during their show to take photos, King was with some black roses inside a bag this day, a fan stole one of the roses, thinking that the guitarist wouldn't notice, as there were many of them. However, what that fan didn't know is that King always counted everything to see if it was right, and when he noticed a missing rose, he became angry. Savage also lost two chocolate bars this day. And then, the concert in London was the first to receive this King and Savage "gift". And every time they did this, someone gave to the musicians what they asked.


Konata's House – Evening

QAN – Recommend reading this scene while listening to "Corridors of Time [Extended]" (Chrono Trigger: Ressurection)

Konata and Kagami were already inside the bedroom, Yutaka and Soujiro were watching TV downstairs. Konata unpacked her game and was prepared to play, she was almost forgetting about Kagami's existence, until the purple haired girl sat on the bed and started to speak.

"Hey Konata... Will you play leaving me alone here?"

"Ah... Kagamin~... I didn't forget you! I prepared a chair just for you be here! So you can help me in the part which I have to do hard decisions after all you're great at it!"

"What do you mean with 'I'm... Great...'..."

Can't believe she is joking with something so serious like that! Not only I, but she was very bad that day! Thinking about it... Where's her guitar?


That scolding came with a hit too, Kagami hit the blue haired head in the same place as always, and Konata always pretended that it hurt, but it never did any damage, everything was just a plan to get more of her girlfriend attention.

"Sorry Kagamin~..."

That was the answer given every time, and every time after that answer, Kagami never resisted and hugged her.

"By the way Konata... Where's your guitar?"

"Ah, I've put it inside my closet, why?"

"Nothing nothing... I was just wondering if you meant to start playing any day, but it looks like you'll never *laughs*."

"Did you started playing on yours?"

"No too... I'm thinking if I'll really play it... I know Mr. Madman gave us some money to get an amp and a pedal, but... Well... I don't really know..."

"Maybe we should invest in a thing for us with that money... Like traveling abroad..."

"I don't know dear... I don't want to hurt those guys feelings, they did it to us! Like a wedding gift. Speaking about wedding, do your dad already know?"

"No, I didn't talk with him yet, neither I did with Yutaka."

"So, for them I'm here just a friend like always?"

"Yes... Did you talk with your parents?"

"Not yet too, Inori and Matsuri already know, as you remember from my house... Misao and Ayano know too. They all watched the concert."

"WHAT?! They were watching that concert? I guess what happened to our friends to listen to such heavy music *laughs*..."

"As far as I remember Misao's brother was watching TV,as he likes that kind of song, and then when the thing happened he called for her. And of course, Misao had to tell Ayano, they are almost sisters..."

"Ah... So they aren't getting crazy..."

Both the girls laughed, Kagami was still sat down in the bed, while Konata was in the PC chair, the difference was that for the first time, Konata left the installation window open, waiting for someone to press the "Next" button, which didn't happen that time, the blue haired was with the chair with the back to the PC screen, talking with her love.



"I love you."

"I know that dear. I love you too."

The scene was being build up, the two girls were looking to each other in a solid way, there was nothing to make them lose their attention, they were really focused on ach other.

Konata stood up and sat by the side of her "dear", both were still wearing school uniform, as they went straight to the blue haired house after they bought Konata's stuff. Kagami was looking down to her skirt, while Konata was holding her hand.

"Is this how couples are?" - Konata said while putting Kagami's head in her lap.

"Wh... What?"

"I mean, we're here, you're laid down in my lap, we're sat in the bed, doing nothing, just looking to each other. Being happy to be here. Is that being a couple?"

"I-I don't know... I never dated anyone before... You're the first one I can call love without any worries, Konata..."


"What, dear?"

Konata hugged her beloved Kagami and started to take some deep breathes, her voice was trembling a little, like if she was about to cry.

"Thanks Kagami, thanks for everything you did for me... I-I never imagine someone would be able to stand someone like me... Someone who only thinks about gaming, animes, mangas..."

"Konata... I'm the one who need to thank you... You changed my whole life, the day I've met you completely changed everything. I started to be more caring, I became different someway... You supported all my angry moments, supported everything in me... Even when I was about to kill you, you were there, smiling. I scolded you so many times, and you were able to love me back. Thanks Konata..."

The two kept in that position, only looking to each other, being happy for being together, under a strong bond that no one would be able to destroy.

Some minutes passed, it was already coming the night, Kagami knew she had to leave soon, to go home, but her heart wasn't able to do it. In the end, Konata took the initiative, she placed her head closer to Kagami's to a point their breathes were felt by each other. Kagami lifted her head a little up, and then their lips touched, the hot feel from each other was felt, Kagami and Konata were one that time, a single being in the universe. This was their most romantic kiss, most of times their kisses were hidden, a teasing, under some pressure or even to provoke some people, but this time, it was for real, they shared each others feelings. It felt so good...

Kagami then stood up and exited the room, Soujiro insisted to take her home, in the end, for the first time, Soujiro won the battle and he accompanied Kagami to her house.


Seoul – Show Time

The lights were all off, King positioned himself in the center of the stage, close to the microphone, his pedals were ready to rock, he was sat on the wheelchair with his famous signature Ibanez ready to be played. Mr. Madman was positioned by the left side of the guitarist, while Keeper was by the right side. Savage was eating a chocolate bar to relax, he was going to play using Megadeth's drumkit, as they were the great closing scene that night.

Just like always the concert started with a strong light illuminating King, while he being frozen and waiting for the people stopping all the shouts, to then himself shout the famous sentence "Let The March Start!". And then starting to play the amazing song, while the lights are all bursting and flashing crazily to Savage's speed drumming.

The band played the songs like always did, King was played his famous heavy riffs, followed by melodic bends, the guitarist signature playing. Keeper played his speeding furious solos, "for sure one of the best guitarists in the world." as said by his band mate, King. Mr. Madman controlling the tempo and doing some famous bass lines from huge names like Steve Harris and Geddy Lee. And this all accompanied by what Savage knew to do at best, play with style, speed and melody, thing that he always said that was inspired by, to him, the best drummer ever, known as Ingo Schwichtenberg, Helloween's first drummer, who played like a machine gun while keeping melody.

Even being like this, the concert there was very different from Kyoto's one, the crowd in Kyoto was nothing close to one million, neither they were as excited as Seoul's crowd, but the big difference was in King's feelings, there was no Kagami there, no one to conquer his heart like she did.

In the end the band played the great instrumental "Reading The Flow of Your Soul", this show had no covers like Kyoto's one, as it was a festival and most of the songs the other bands were already going to play. The guys left the stage with a massive applause, like they always did. Dave Mustaine was already close to the stage's entrance, he complimented and greeted the four band members, a great honor to King, whose had Mustaine as one of his great inspirations.

The Children of Hell was back to the backstage, King and Savage found the stuff asked by them in the "gift", but for the first time the whisky was missing, which saddened greatly the two guys, until they found a small paper over the wine.

"I took your whisky! Sorry, but I wasn't able to resist. - LK"

"Oh hell no dude..." - King was starting to get angry at that LK, who played the same joke on them.

"I guess who this LK may be..." - Savage was thinking by the other side of the sofa, they were all sat down again. In the same position as before the concert, but this time they were commemorating another well done concert.

"LK... Is there anyone I know with initials LK?!"

"Who knows... He may be lying too... But let's forget it and have fun by now... C'mon King! You have some more whisky in this small fridge there!"

"Wait... The cameras! How could I forget?"

"King... At least pick me a goblet inside the small fridge, I want to have some wine now."

"Okay... Okay..."

When King opened the small fridge he saw a new whisky jar, there was a little paper in this one too.

"Sorry for that joke! I don't want Savage to hit me! Take your whisky back! - LK"

"Hey Savage! Look what's here *laughs*!"

"The whisky *laughs*!"

"YEA! Let's commemorate now!"

"Er... King, did you pick my goblet?"

"Not yet, wait a little..."

The vocalist then picked four goblets, for everyone in the band have some of the wine. Keeper put the wine in everyone's goblet and then they all chugged it down.

"Just like always, right friends?" - Said Madman with a warm smile.

"Yea... I hope this never ends! Even if that means supporting that shit eating bassist every single day of my life *laughs*."

"You love me King..."

They all laughed again, Megadeth's concert was able to be heard from their room, they were playing Holy Wars... The Punishment Due by that time, the song that along March of Time and Sixpounder inspired Children of Hell most famous song, March to Hell.

Some time passed, the band was having some talks, until Megadeth's manager met knocked the door.


"I'd like to talk with King."

"What do you want...?" - King was annoyed with this guy there spoiling all the fun.

"Mr. Mustaine wants you guys to play Hangar 18 along with them."

"That's great! Keeper, can you lend me your Fender again?" - Savage was excited to play one of his favorite songs with the writer of it.

And the night ended like this. Children of Hell played Hangar 18 with Megadeth, a great closing scene, all the fans were already going crazy. Michael Weikath and Markus Grosskopf from Helloween were also there.

"We're all brothers in metal. There is no need to fight against others bands. We will play now Hangar 18 with Weiki and Markus from Helloween, and the Children of Hell! Hope you enjoy this super jam with the three headliners of today's show."


Animate Store – Morning (Sometime between 9AM and 11AM)

The store was closed until noon for a small meeting between the five employee and the manager, this was the first day after they sold a game to the Legendary Girl A, Meito was excited and wanted everything to be ready for the next appearence.

"*evil laughs* I've finally sold a game to the Legendary Girl A! Now we have to make sure we're ready to attend her next time! So what are the upcoming events?" - Meito Anizawa was feeling ready to sell another game to the legendary Konata, if not a game he was going to sell anything else to her.

"Er... Tenchou... My friend called me and told me Children of Hell is going to come to Saitama soon to play! I wonder if we can sell tickets for it!" - The newcomer El Moss was a friend of the legendary King.

Back in the start of the band, El Moss was the band roadie, he was a not tall guy with black hair, which made a funny and weird forelock, somewhat fat and used glasses, but as time passed he went to Saitama and started to live there, since then King always called him to tell about the new concerts that were going to happen in that city, that way they could met up again.

"What the hell El Moss?! We're an anime/game store! We don't sell tickets to this kind of show, did you forget where you are working at *laughs*?"

"I have a picture of that girl in a Kyoto metal concert, from the same band, also I've seen her with a Megadeth T-Shirt these days. Why in hell can't she be in that concert?!"

"Exactly! She was already in that concert! There's no reason to her go again!"

"Just to you know, my friend also told me that the band members became friends with her and her girlfriend Kagami."

"Hum... Kagami... She already bought some stuff here... But who is that friend of yours that know this all?"

"Er... I-I can't tell this... He wants me to keep secret about this..."

"So how can I confirm the authenticity of this information?!"

"AAAAHHHHH! Forget it!"

"Okay. Any more suggestions? That isn't stupid like that?" - Meito looked extremely calm and ironic.

"Tenchou! What if we sell special new figures?" - This employee was a long date one differently from El Moss.

"Yes! That's what I'm talking about!"

"What the hell?! We already cover almost all special figures out there! Why you need more?! All that 'The Legendary Girl A' could want we already cover!" - El Moss was getting more and more angry.

"El Moss! You'll never know!"

After some time the meeting ended, they've decided that they would have start to sell some new figures from very low rated anime, which even Konata probably never watched. El Moss exited the store angry, he still had ten tickets he received by air mail from King himself, with VIP access.

"Do you know what?! I'll sell these tickets by myself! I'm sure I'll find some people who want it, starting by.. Er... Kagami *evil laughs*!" - El Moss was speaking to himself.


Kagami's House – After School


After some hard time, El Moss finally found the Hiiragi's house, the place where he knew he would find Kagami and be able to sell her a concert ticket. However who opened the door was Inori.

"Hi, good afternoon... Is there anything you need?"

"Ah... Hi! Er... Is that Hiiragi's house?"

"Yes, is there anything you want?"

"Oh... Is Kagami-san there? I have something that may be of her interest."

"Sure, no problems... What's your name?"

"El Moss... I'm a seller at a local anime and games store."

"I see... I'll call her..."

Inori shouted Kagami downstairs and then went back to the door, continue the talk with the seller.

"So, El Moss, right?"

"Yes, yes!"

"What do you want to sell to Kagami?"

"Ah, not only to Kagami, but to that other girl too... Er... Legendary Girl A... Er... Konata! Yea, yea... Konata... I'm selling some special tickets to a show and I think they should be interested in it."

"Cool, what show is it?"

"Children of Hell in Saitama! I know they went to a Children of Hell concert recently, but I also know that they've became friends with the guys too! So probably they are interested in going to another one!"

Kagami was by the door then, she saw the seller and remembered of the day before, when Konata kicked him, while he was as maniac as the other people there trying to sell something.

"Good afternoon good sir. Sorry by yesterday before anything... You know, my friend can be harsh sometimes..."

"Ah... That's okay now... So, I've got some tickets to Children of Hell Concert, with VIP access... Do you want to buy to go with your girlfriend again?"

Matsuri was passing close by that time, she was able to overhear the end of the talk. VIP Access huh? She ran to the door and started to negotiate already.

"Hi! I'm Matsuri! I see that you have some concert tickets there. I want two!"

"Wow! That was fast... Here they are... 10k yens, please."

"What? Matsuri! What are you doing? Do you even have that money?!" - Inori was worried about her sister, with such reckless movement.

"Calm down Inori, I'm getting this for us *blinks one eye*."

"I see... Kagami, don't you want to go too?"

"No, no... I imagine Konata is too tired too. I don't think we are ready for another experience like this *laughs*."

"Okay then! Here is your money, Mister... Er..."

"El Moss."

"Okay, here is your money mister El Moss, hope it covers up something already, you have plenty there yet..."

"Ah, that's not much problems... I'm going to use one for myself, others were free..."

The three sisters were together in the door, the only one missing was Tsukasa, who was busy watching TV while texting Miyuki on the cellphone. Kagami wanted to ask one thing, she was a little hesitating but in the end she said.

"Mr. El Moss, how did you get that much VIP? And even more, how did you get concert tickets before they even announced start of selling?"

"Er... Ah... Er... I-I... I can't say that..."

"How do you prove me it's read then!"

"Check the back of the VIP invite, signed by King himself..."

"Do you know King?"

"Er... *blushes* Yes... We were close friends back in highschool... I was the band's first roadie... Not a worthy position, but was good enough... When I arrived Saitama I decided to live here, since then every time Children of Hell made a concert here I reveiced some invites from King himselft."

"I see..."

"Now it's up to you to believe if this is real or fake... I have to go now... See ya later in the concert girls!"

El Moss was going out, the girls were still confused, Kagami gave up and went upstairs again, back to her studies, and also to some texting with Konata. Matsuri and Inori sat down on the sofa, and started to talk a little.

"Matsuri... Why did you buy this for me?"

"For us... We may not be the biggest metal fans, but I promised you you'd met the man of your dreams. Who knows if you end up dating a nice sound manager or even that El Moss?!"

"That's just too unrealistic Matsuri... Forget about it..."

"But you're still going with me right?"

"Yes, sure! We'll go together as the good sisters we are!"

"Good! I'll wait anxiously for that day!"

The two girls hugged each other, they were really happy, yet so anxious about what was going to happen, the same thing happened to Kagami some days ago, she was confused about going to the same concert in Kyoto. The difference was that now it's their hometown, so things are really easier, or not.


School – Lunchtime (Two days after Seoul's concert)

Konata was with Tsukasa and Miyuki again, waiting for her beloved Kagami to arrive and then they all lunch. There was some noise in the hallway, Children of Hell was going to make a concert in Saitama in two days, it was a late announcement, but the tickets were selling like water in the desert.

The elder twin arrived the classroom somewhat tired, she looked like if she had to ran a little to arrive there. Konata looked worried at her girlfriend, but Kagami only smiled and sat on her "reserved chair".

"Geez... These people want to kill me..." - Kagami said while opening her bento.

"What happened Kagamin~?"

"Children of Hell is coming to Saitama, there are many boys there who want to attend that concert, and they thought that I had tickets! But I don't!"

"Heh? King is coming back? That's great! We can talk more again and have some fun together!"

"There was a guy who went home to sell me some tickets, he expected that me and you would go again to that concert *giggle*"

"So you didn't buy..."

"Yea, did you want to go Konata?"

"Not at all, I just thought that it would be fun to talk with the guys again... Specially you, who enjoyed so much the time spent with them."

"Actually Inori and Matsuri are going... I found funny... But anyway... It was Matsuri's idea..."

Tsukasa and Miyuki were too busy eating their lunches while talking about any mindless stuff to hear what Konata and Kagami were talking about. Even Tsukasa being sister of Matsuri she didn't know about the concert, as she was watching TV that time and it was never again mentioned in that house.

"So... Kagamin... Did you talk with your parents about... Er... Us?"

"No, I'm still too worried... Dad and mom are acting normal, so I think they don't know yet... However... Someday they will know that... It's just a matter of time Konata, and I think it's better we talk with them over they discovering by themselves."

"I'm seriously thinking about talking with dad and Yutaka today... Can you come home? So we can make it together!"

"Yea, I'll go!"

"Good! Also, can you pick your homework for tomorrow? I forgot to do mine and I'm too lazy for it *laughs*."

So it wasn't only about out relationship... As expected from you Konata...

Kagami was ready to scold her partner again, but instead she continued eating her meal, as if she didn't finish soon it would mean being hungry during the classes. Konata was already almost done with her chocolate cornet.

"Please Kagamin~..."

"Okay... Fine..."

"Seriously? That easy? This makes things no fun..."

Konata was looking to her side, Tsukasa and Miyuki were smiling to each other, like if nothing special was happening, the place looked like divided in two completely different worlds, Konata and Kagami were in one of these worlds, while Tsukasa and Miyuki were in the other.

"Aww Konata~... So you wanted me to be harder with you~?" - Kagami had just finished her meal when saying that.

Konata looked again to Kagami who was staring her, oh my... I think it's the first time I noticed how pretty her light violet eyes are... Kagami then stood up, picked her chair and put by Konata side, very close to the blue haired girl. When the purple haired stood up Miyuki and Tsukasa looked to see what happened, when they saw everything was normal, they continued their talk.

"Konata~... I'll be everything you want..." - Kagami whispered in Konata's ear, while caressing Konata's legs, the purple haired blushed when doing this, but everything is for her joy...

What happened to that girl *laughs*? But... I have to admit... *small moan* I like that... Konata left an inaudible sound out of her mouth, while blushing a little, and then after that the bell rang. Kagami got up and put the chair back to the place it supposed to be, then she said her good byes to everyone.

"See ya later girls... Hey Konata! I'm going to your place after school then, okay?"

"Yes, yes. I'm fine."

"See ya then."

"Bye-bye!" - They said in unison, Konata winked to Kagami discretely, which made the purple haired blush a little.


Konata's House – After School

"Hey dad! I'm home!"

"Konata... Welcome back my small lovely little daughter! And Kagami is here too... I see... Interesting..." - Soujiro was already hugging Konata while welcoming her, Kagami was only looking at it awkwardly.

"Good afternoon Soujiro-san."

"Enter enter girls... I just prepared some tea for me, you can have some too." - Soujiro was strangely happy, but that seemed not too weird for Konata.

"Er... Sorry, but there's no need for it dad."

"Ah, so you're just going to your bedroom like always... Well, I see... Go on..." - All his excitement turned to almost zero when his daughter refused the tea.

"No, actually we want to talk with you dad."

"... What?"

The two girls were with a serious look, they were still at Izumi's front house, Soujiro was looking surprised, this was a rare event, Konata wanted to talk with him. And what about that "we", what do they want to talk with me?

"Ah, okay... Enter then..."

The tension was very high, Soujiro was walking by the front of the two girls, his way of acting was completely different from when he opened the door, he was not anymore smiling or cheerful, he was serious and yet surprised, like if he knew what was going to be said. Konata and Kagami were discretely holding hands, when they arrived at the table, Konata's father sat by one side, while by the other side Konata and Kagami sat one by the side of the other.

"So, what do you want to talk with me girls? I'm open to any opinion or anything..."

His eyes were very serious, Konata stared him, Kagami was looking down. The blue haired girl wanted to start speaking, but Kagami interrupted her even before any word come out of her mouth.

"Soujiro-san... It has been some time that I and your daughter were... Hum..."

She was hesitating a lot and starting to blush, both were still holding hands under the table,Konata could feel her wife's hand shaking a lot, both were really nervous, what would him think about it? Soujiro could be perverted and such, but he always knew to be serious too.

"'I and your daughter were...' Continue please..."

"Sorry... I and your daughter were... Were..."

"Dad! I and Kagami are dating! We love each other, I'm happy to know that I found someone in my life, someone who can accept my faults, can help me in every situation I'm feeling bad, and is always smiling to me, no matter what, she's there to help me."

Konata spoke that all in one breath, the tension was even higher, Soujiro looked at the roof, looked at the table, looked at the two together, then he put his left hand on his chin and closed his eyes, like if he was thinking about something really important or complicated, or even both.

The two girls were almost having a heart-attack that single moment, the tension was so high that they couldn't even breath. In the end, Soujiro opened his eyes, and smiled towards his daughter, and made her a thumb up sign.

"Konata. I'm happy that you could find someone you can rely on. For more that it saddens me to know that you won't be mine forever, I see that you're happy this way. I don't really care if that person is a boy or a girl, what matters at most for me is your happiness my lovely daughter. I imagine how proud Kanata would be now... She's probably looking at us now and smiling... Being happy for you... Kagami, please take good care of Konata, she's my most valuable gift, she's what resulted of my love with my beloved Kanata... And that's really important for me."

Soujiro's words made the two girls shed some tears of joy, most of people would never expect something like this from a man like him. I always imagined there was something between them, guess what? I was right *laughs*!

"Dad... Thanks... For accepting my decision..."

"Soujiro-san... Thanks for accepting me as your daughter-in-law. I promise you I'll take very good care of Konata."

"That's all very beautiful girls... I'm very happy that I have a daughter courageous enough to assume that to me, most of people are very traditional and conservationist, so they don't really accept. I'm happy that you trusted me it. But more than that, I'm happy for you Konata... I guess every bird has to leave it's nest someday huh? By the way, Kagami, do your parents already know?"

"Not yet, we came at you first..."

"I see... Well, what about that tea now?"

"I think I'll accept..."

"Me too! I want mine like always dad *giggle*."

The good man left the table and went to pick tea, they were all very cheerful at that moment, Soujiro's acceptance was already a very big step in the two girls relationship. Konata and Kagami were looking at each other, smiling, they were still speaking 'we did it!', and some tears were dropping from their eyes, their relationship was about to be official, with the acknowledge of their parents.

"Ah... Kanata... How I wished you could see how our daughter is happy now... It's so good... She's dating someone... She found someone to love and to be loved back, that is such a huge proud my dear..."


King's Bedroom in Hong Kong's Hotel – Morning

The vocalist was sat down with his laptop over a table, he was looking at some sites and reading a little about some feedback on his last concerts, Hong Kong was just last night and it was good, it was not an exceptional experience like in Kyoto and Seoul, but every show held a special meaning.

When playing on a band they didn't feel like 4 different people, there was no King, Keeper, Mr. Madman and Savage, there was only Children of Hell, and also the lighting and sound engineers, the roadies, everyone there was part of the great Children of Hell family.

Oh man... I need to check one thing with El Moss... King picked his cellphone and made an international call to his friend, money was not that much problem anyway, and it was not worth risking if he was online or not.

*Waiting Sound*

"Hi, El Moss here."

"Ah, good morning El Moss!"

"King? Good morning King-san!"

"How are you doing brother?"

"I'm doing great, what about you?"

"Very good too... Exhausted, but that's a part of rockstar life... So how did the tickets went through?"

"I managed to sell two, so, including me, it makes 7 left."

"Oh... Two... I see... Did you sell them for Kagami and Konata?"

"No... Sorry King, I went to their house, but they showed no interest in going again to the same concert..."

"I see..." - King's voice was somewhat disappointed by that time. He sighed and then continued to speak with his dear old friend.

"So, are you coming to see me at least"

"Yea, yea! I would not ever lose this opportunity! I'm not a huge fan of your music, but seeing you again would be cool."

"Man... You worked as our roadie, lived with me for some years, and still isn't a Metal fan... How disappointing..." - King was again with a disappointed voice, but this time he was being ironic to his friend.

"Okay! Whatever!"

"*laughs*Thanks El Moss... See you later in Japan!"

"See ya!"

And like that he ended the call, the world famous guitarist looked up at the light and sighed heavily, then looked back at his laptop. A text editor was open, he saved what he did and then closed it, then he looked deeply at the background picture, a Kyou Fujibayashi wallpaper. Why aren't you real?


Hiiragi's House - Evening (Two days before Children of Hell show)

The Hiiragi family was reunited for their dinner, Matsuri and Inori were by one side of the table, Miki and Tadao were in the points and this night they had a special guest who was smitten between Kagami and Tsukasa, a guest called Konata. The two older sisters already had an idea of why Konata was there, but they stayed quiet and waiting anxiously to discover if they were right.

Everyone was appreciating the very tasty dinner. and some small talks happened here and there, until Matsuri finished her meal and then picked two piece of paper from her pocket.

"Dad, Mom! I and Inori are going to a concert!"

"What? When did you buy those tickets? And also what concert?" - Tadao was surprised and also worried about his daughters, they didn't know yet about Kagami going to Children of Hell show in Kyoto alone with Konata.

"Calm down dad... We got them from a guy from Animate, who came here wanting to sell the last ones for a special price... It's a normal concert... No worries! It'll be close from here." - Inori was trying to make things easier, she wasn't lying at all, just omitting the truth.

"Hum... I see... I see..." - He said that while putting his hand on his chin and nodding positively with his head.

"So, can we go?"

"Yea, fine. You two are overage already, right?" - He was now smiling, making it like an approbation demonstration to the close relationship of these two were getting.

The mood was up now, Matsuri and Inori looked at Kagami by the other side of the table and then smiled, they knew what their younger sister was about to do, and they wanted it to go right and she be successful. No matter what. It was a fight with many allies by their side, Konata and Kagami counted with Inori, Matsuri, Miyuki, Soujiro, the legendaries King, Keeper, Mr. Madman and Savage. and also many others.

The dinner ended with some small talks, Kagami asked to talk in private with Tadao and Miki by the end of the dinner, everyone left the table, but the four people, Kagami's parents, Kagami and Konata. The tension was even worse than with Soujiro, Tadao showed no emotions like Konata's father, however he appeared to be even colder and harsh, although Miki was waiting anxiously to hear what her daughter had to say.

"So, what is it?" - Tadao started with a cold direct question.

Kagami blushed and looked to Konata, they were in a situation close to Izumi's house, they were really nervous and holding hands secretly under the table.

"Dad... Mom... I'd like to tell you one thing..."

All the attention was in Kagami now, the tension was very high, she was almost breaking up into crying, but she stood there strong, no tears.

"I and Konata are dating for some time now..."

Tadao looked at her surprised, he didn't say anything, just stood up and left the table, Miki was still there, smiling, she looked at the elder twin, who was looking desperate due to her father reaction.

Kagami started to call for her father name, but he continued walking, until he exited the room and went upstairs, she was already crying. Miki stood up and hugged her, Konata was caressing her girlfriend hair meanwhile...



~~End of When The Thunder Strikes~~

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