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Chapter 2.

Lima, Ohio 4 weeks later

As the stage coach rolled into the small town, Santana looked out the window. The weather was grey and the sky was covered with rainclouds though it was not raining. The ground was very muddy and wet though so it must've been raining not too long ago.
The air was cold but crisp and had a smell of fresh rain in it. She couldn't help but think how she was going to get up to dry land as she was getting off the stage coach. Turns out she couldn't. She had to get down into the mud, she clenched her jaw and bit down and just did it, ruining her black shoes as she did. Her luggage was handed down to one of the drivers and he put her bags on dry land before getting back up on the coach again, and they headed off again.
Santana stood there in the mud, cold and lost and not knowing where to turn. Suddenly a strangely long-haired man in black clothes with a white collar walked by. He had dark hair, dark eyes and a thin body. His chin had a days shade but it was his hair that caught Santana's attention. It was long, very long but what she found really odd was the way it looked. It looked .. like he hadn't brushed or combed it for months, and it was like he had it braided in a very peculiar way. Just very strange.
'Excuse me' she said as she tried to get his attention. She got it.
'Yes miss? What can I do for you?' he replied with a mild voice.
'I was looking for father Joseph' she said. 'I believe he's expecting me?'
'I'm father Joseph' the man stated, 'or father Joe for short. I'm not sure I'm expcecting you miss' he then said, obviously trying to remember if he was indeed expecting her. 'I'm expecting a doctor Santiago Lopez though' he continued.
'That would be me' she said with a slightly annoyed voice. 'I'm doctor Lopez, doctor Santana Lopez.'
'Really? But you're a woman?' The man looked utterly confused.
'Yes, is that a problem?'
'Well, the people around here can be rough and a bit, how shall I put it, blunt towards new people, and getting a doctor in town was really hard to get through' the man explained, 'but a woman doctor is going to be a bit tougher.'
'I'm up for the challenge' Santana said, her eyes flickering with her latin fire.
'Follow me' he said and walked towards a house at the end of the street they were facing.

They walked through the mud, Santana trying to lift up her skirt so it wouldn't get too dirty, but it was too late for that and she finally just gave up trying to save it and just followed father Joe down the street towards the house. She could now see it had a sign over the entrance, 'Postal Office' it said. It looked primitive.

She frowned from the looks of it, and almost regretted coming here. She looked behind her, watching all the houses. Everything was so .. primitive. She wondered if there was a hotel in town or something, because she had no idea where she was going to spend the night.

'Good morning Rory' Father Joe greeted the young man behind the desk.
'Mornin' Father' Rory greeted back and got up from his desk chair by the telegraph.

He was a very young man, and didn't look old enough to even be in charge of the postal office, but he must be at least 17 or 18 years old, Santana thought. He had blue eyes and blonde hair that bordered to being brown. He had a thin build, and his accent sounded Irish to Santana. She knew that accent as she had known a few people of Irish descent back in Boston.
'Can I see that telegram again Rory? You know the one about the doctor coming?' Father Joe asked Rory as he smiled awkwardly towards Santana.
'Of course Father, here you go' Rory said and handed him the telegram that had laid right there on the desk.
Father Joe read it and it said 'doctor Santiago Lopez' and not 'doctor Santana Lopez'.
'Now Rory, I know you're fairly new at this telegraph business so are you sure you got the name right of the doctor? Father Joe asked him.
'I'm fairly certain Father' Rory replied, but looked a bit worried he might have messed up already. He had just gotten this job last week and he needed it.
'Well as you can see, I'm not a man' Santana almost snapped at the Irish boy and Father Joe. 'Santiago is a man's name in case you don't know, and my name is Santana.'
Father Joe scratched his head in confusion but decided that Santiago was indeed Santana, and that Rory somehow must have mixed up the letters.

'I'm really sorry miss Lopez' Father Joe said 'but I'm not sure this will work out well. For any of us.'
'First of all, it's doctor Lopez. I'm a doctor. I have a diploma in case you want to see it. Second of all, I didn't come all this way just to be sent away again because you people in this town can't get used to the fact that I'm a woman doctor.' Santana's latin fire was once again fueled and she got worked up again.
She was starting to cause a scene and people were stopping to see what it was all about as they were passing the Postal Office. Rory started to look scared behind the counter, and Father Joe was starting to falter. He noticed the people outside and tried to calm the situation down.
'Okay doctor Lopez, okay. We can give it a go.'
Santana calmed down and she listened to the priest talking.
'First, we don't have a clinic for you so we have to start from scratch, also you need to board somewhere, and I know just the place. Follow me.'
Father Joe thanked Rory, and then he left the Postal Office with Santana in tow. People outside got a first look of their new doctor, even though they didn't know it yet. Some had heard Father Joe say 'doctor' but they thought he was joking or something. He couldn't be serious, a woman doctor? People were looking at each other in disbelief.

Father Joe talked while he walked and Santana listened as he described the town and its people, how alot of people lived around the town on their farms, which would require for her to make house calls mostly, at least to begin with. Santana nodded, agreeing. That would be a first for her but she loved a challenge and she wasn't backing down easy. This town would be her new home, for how long she didn't know but she was damned to make it work. She didn't want to go back to Boston as a failure. She had to prove something. To herself and to her mother. She wouldn't have it any other way. She wasn't latina for nothing.

Santana listened to Father Joe's description of some of the town folks. She learned about Sam the Barber. She learned about Puck the barkeeper. She learned about Finn and Rachel, the shop keepers. She even learned a little bit about Rory, the Postal Office kid. She also got to hear a little something about a certain blonde. A reputation. It was mesmerising at the same time daunting.
She continued to listen to Father Joe, and occasionally she threw in some questions that he happily answered for her. As they were walking, they passed the small cemetary. In the cemetary a person was standing by a tombstone. The person was blonde, wearing clothes that looked like they were made from animal skin and a hat. She could only see the back of the person, but the clothes made her curious.
Finally after a few minutes walk down the street in a slow march, they reached the boarding house. It was run by a woman named Susan Smith.
'Hello mrs Smith' he greeted the woman when she opened the door for them.
'Oh hello Father Joe' she smiled a genuine smile up at him. 'How can I help you?'
'Oh forgive me. This is miss Santana Lopez, oh forgive me, doctor Santana Lopez, and she needs a place to stay.' Father Joe introduced Santana to Susan.
'Oh a woman doctor? That's amazing' Susan almost gasped out of joy.
Santana genuinely smiled at the other woman, she seemed to at least be happy to see her in spite of her being a woman and a doctor.
'Yeah' Santana nodded. 'I'm a doctor. And a woman.' She was so tired of this. Having to do the same thing over and over again. Though this woman seemed like a warm, genuine person so she couldn't do what she almost always did, roll her eyes and snap at people when she got annoyed.

'You are welcome to stay here as long as you want' Susan said, stepping aside to let Santana inside.
'Thank you mrs Smith' Santana smiled at the older woman as she passed her in the doorway.
'Please, call me Susan. Mrs Smith was my mother' the woman chuckled.
'I'll leave you in the hands of mrs Smith here then' Father Joe said and bid the two women goodbye as he continued on his journey down the street.

Santana entered the door and was met by a pair of hazel eyes. She smiled at them, and they smiled right back.
'Hi there, what's your name?' she asked with a calm voice.
On a small bench sat a girl that could be no more than five or six years old. The little girl was blond with delicate features, and Santana could tell that the little girl would become a breaker of hearts once she was old enough.
'This would be Alexandra' Susan introduced her. 'She's my youngest daughter.'
'Ah, I can see that' Santana smiled. 'And how old might such a pretty little girl be?'
The little girl held up her hand and showing off all her fingers on it.
'Five years? You're a big girl then' Santana smiled. 'My name is Santana. It's a pleasure to meet you Alexandra.'
The little girl looked up into Santana's face quickly before hiding her face in her mothers neck.
'She's a little shy around newcomers' Susan said, smiling. 'This Alex, is doctor Lopez. She's going to be our new doctor in town.' The little girl peaked out as her mother spoke.
'But you'we a woman' the little girl managed to pipe out before hiding in her mother's neck again. Santana smiled at the little girl.
'Yes, I am, but I am a real doctor' she said.
Susan smiled as her daughter interacted with the foreign woman.
'Be sure to be really nice to doctor Lopez, Alex. We wouldn't want her to leave now would we?'
The little girl shook her head at her mother's words.

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