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Chapter 3.

Five years earlier

The little family was looking broken down as they made their way from their house. Two blondes and a brunette had been more or less thrown out of their own home and forced to leave.
'Leave, and never come back' the harsh voice behind them was heard. 'You are sick and disgusting and should be executed.'
The three people were walking, as fast as they could so noone could do what they threatened to do. They didn't want to leave their home, the only house the two blondes had ever known. The brunette was used to this kind of talk. The scared and afraid people. She knew that was what it was all about. She knew that what she was was scaring people. Especially people who didn't know her or wasn't in the same situation as she was.

She sighed as she grabbed the hands of the two blondes and walked between them as she led them away. The only place she knew about where people might accept them, was this little place called Lima in Ohio. It had a reputation of being a small town that accepted just about anyone.
It was getting darker and they needed somewhere to sleep. They had been walking for hours, and their feet was starting to hurt and they were hungry. They hadn't been able to bring anything with them from the house, except the clothes they wore.
'Brittany it will be okay, it will be fine' the brunette said to one of the blondes.
'But how can it be okay to be .. this?' Brittany asked with tears starting to well up in her crystal blue eyes.
'Britt ..' the brunette said as she turned to the blonde woman next to her, letting go of the other blondes hand to wrap her arms around her.
Brittany wrapped her arms around the brunette in a tight hug as she started crying.
The brunette soothingly rubbed her hands over Brittany's back while cooing soothingly and comfortingly.
The other blonde silentely stood beside them, placing a hand on Brittany's shoulder and looked at them with sad, blue eyes. Brittany let go of the brunette and turned around and clutched to the blonde.

'Sam ..' she cried. 'What are we gonna do? Where are we gonna go?'
'I don't know Britt' Sam replied, 'but we have to trust in the Almighty to show us the way. I also think we should listen to Maria.' Sam made a motion with his head towards the brunette.
Sam was a man of faith, while Maria had a hard time to believe in anything and Brittany was torn in between.

'How can I when it's His doing we are not in our home anymore?' Brittany suddenly got very angry, untangling herself from Sam hitting his chest. 'How can I? Please tell me Sam? I don't think even you knows what to do right now.'

'Brittany' Maria's voice was soothing still but a little more firm. 'Don't hit Sam. It's not his fault that we are not in the house anymore. It's not his, or his God's fault. This is the doing of man. It's from fear.'

Sam just stands there, letting Brittany hit him. He knows she doesn't really mean it, she's just upset by what has happened. He was really upset too, and he still is wondering how they all found out about them. Someone must've seen something and told the reverend and the town leaders. Finally he just embraces Brittany, pinning her arms to her sides as he's doing so, efficientally stopping her from hitting him she starts crying even more violently this time. Sam rubs his hands up and down her back, trying to comfort and soothe her while Maria stands next to the two blondes and has her hand comfortingly placed on Brittany's shoulder.

The trio settled down for the night near a creek. Sam managed to make a fire, and with some luck he even managed to catch some fish with practically nothing but his bare hands.

The girls were seated by the fire, Maria was still trying to soothe and comfort Brittany. Sam's heart ached for the two women, one his sister and the other as close as a sister as she could be without being blood to him. The two women were together and Sam was one of very, very few in their life that didn't care about them both being women. Actually he was the only one so far, at least that Brittany knew that didn't care.

As the night grew closer and the darkness surrounded them like a soothing blanket, Sam told the girls to go to sleep. He would be keeping watch. He smiled as his eyes locked with Maria's for a second as she was trying to get Brittany to lay down and go to sleep. Maria smiled back at him, knowing he was a good man that honestly loved them both like sisters. He wasn't playing with her, or pretending to accept her as she was. He did accept her just the way she was, simply because she was with Brittany. No, not only that. Because she loved Brittany. If she could, she would marry her. She really wanted to marry the blonde and live happily ever after, but she was far too realistic to know that would never happen. She loved everything about the blonde girl. Everything. From the way she was to her personality to her looks and to her way with people. She was a natural and loved talking to people, and people usually loved her. At least until they found out. Maria hated that people didn't acknowledge two people of the same gender as couples. Why was it so wrong? In her eyes there wasn't anything wrong with it. It was as natural as breathing. Something she did without thinking about it, but she has also learned not to take anything in life for granted.

Sam sat watching the fire as the night grew even darker. Luckily it was summer, so it wasn't dark for very long, and the nights weren't that cold. Since they hadn't any warm clothes, he was thankful for the fact that it was indeed summer. He loved both girls dearly and he would do anything to keep them safe, literally he would. They were all he had. His and Brittany's parents had been sick with the flu last winter and hadn't made it. Maria's parents, he knew nothing about. He only knew that they were dead as well. That didn't matter to him now though. The two girls was his family, and he would protect them the best way he knew how.

A month later

They had been travelling by foot for what seemed like months but it was really just weeks, until they arrived at this little town called Lima in Ohio. They literally walked into town looking very dirty and ragged, with no money and barely clothes on their bodies.
Sam's and Brittany's hair that once was golden blonde, was now almost brownish out of dirt and not being able to wash it properly for weeks.
All three looked very dirty and in desperate need of a bath and wash, Sam also needed to shave as he hadn't done that for weeks. Not since that day.

The trio walked towards what looked like the town church and hoped to gain some help from there. As they walked through town, they noticed alot of people around, but somehow not a single one of them were staring at the trio. It was as if they were invisible, but Maria somehow knew it was because they accepted anyone, no matter who they were or what they looked like, or who they liked.
All three had agreed that once they got to town, they would locate the church. Even if Sam was the only one still with any real faith, the two girls admitted that it was the most logical thing to do at this time. Maybe they could at least get something to eat and somewhere to sleep for the night.
They crossed the main street and crossed the small wooden bridge that led them across a small creek and towards the church that was resting on a small hill in a big meadow a short distance from the main town. Just outside they found a man with long hair that looked odd, and he was wearing black clothes with a white collar, making him stand out. They understood he was the priest of the town and walked towards him. The man was working on the church, mending some things and painting as well as looking after the flowerbeds around the church's walls.

'Excuse me' Sam spoke out as he stood protective in front of the two girls.
The black clothed man didn't hear him first.
'Excuse me?' Sam spoke a little louder, and this time the man heard him.
'Oh hello. I'm sorry I didn't hear you' the man spoke in a soft voice.
'Are you the priest of this town?' Sam asked in a somewhat hoarse voice. He was thirsty, and hadn't had anything to drink for a while.
'Yes, I am Father Joseph, or Father Joe for short. What can I do for you?'
'I was .. we were wondering if ..' Sam trailed off. He hated really to ask anyone for help, even if it was from the church.
Father Joe looked at Sam first and then his eyes travelled to the two girls behind him. All three looked like they could use a bath and something to eat. He felt sorry for them.
'Can I buy you something to eat?' he asked finally. He figured that was what they were looking for but didn't want to ask for. 'It would be my pleasure to buy you some lunch.'
'I .. we .. thank you' Sam finally sighed. He hated it but he swallowed his pride because he knew Brittany and Maria needed something to eat. He himself could use something, as well as something cold to drink.

Three years later

As she passed the barber shop, she saw the blonde man stand just outside the entrance, sweeping the front boardwalk in front of the barber shop. Brittany waved at him and he waved back with a smile. She loved her brother and was so proud of him. He had gotten a chance to learn the barber profession from the previous owner of the shop, John Adams, before he passeed away about a year ago. Now, it was Sam that was the barber of the town. Everyone went there to get a hair cut or a shave everyday and the shop was quite busy.

Brittany continued down the street, passing the grocery shop, the towns paper and the saloon. She waved at Sugar that was seated just outside the saloon together with Kitty and Tina. The three women were working in the saloon as working girls, but had become friends to Brittany and they enjoyed each other's company.

It was getting late in the day as Brittany walked down the street and towards the path she used to go home to the house she shared with Sam and Maria. Sam slept in the barn while the two women inhabited the house and slept there. He only went inside during the day. Sam had managed to find work, besides learning the trade of shaving and cutting hair, so he could buy some land and build a homestead for the two women and himself, which included a house and a barn. He was proud of himself for being able to do that. Brittany was also very proud of him, as was Maria. Sam had given so much effort into making sure Maria was feeling like he was a brother to her too, she couldn't help but loving him for it.

As Brittany closed in on their little home, she noticed something was off. It was far too quiet. No birds, no sounds from nature. Nothing. It was dead silent. She started to feel scared and hurried towards home. As she closed in on the house, she noticed nothing at first, but then right by the barn, she saw something on the ground. A body. A human body.

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