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Chapter 5.


'You didn't think my story would end there, did you? Because it's not the end. In fact it's just the beginning. I'm just trying to build it up here for you. We are still at the very beginning of this story. There will be a couple more flashbacks to tell Brittany's story, but for now .. I want to tell you my story. Well parts of it anyway.' *coughs* 'Oh forgive me, my old throat is not used to telling these long stories. I shall just drink a glass of water and then I shall continue.'

February 1886

A little later that evening Santana was seated in the small dining room of the small hotel. She was alone at the moment and was enjoying the peace and quiet. It was unusual for her. She usually could hear more noises outside. Horsedrawn carriages making a noises as they rolled by their house. The newspaper boys shouting out todays news.

Here the only noise she could hear was that of Susan in the kitchen, and the gentleman at the other table turning pages of his newspaper, and the occasional horse walking or trotting by. It was quiet, and she loved it. She closed her eyes for just a second to enhance the peace and quiet she felt at that moment. It felt good. It felt really good.

She finished her dinner and got up to her room to unpack a little and to start her nightly routine. As soon as she was done, and dressed in her nightgown and robe, she sat down in a chair next to the window in her room. The window was open slightly to let in the cool night air. She took a deep breath and started reading. For once, it was not a medical book she read, it was a novel, fiction. Something that was made up by someones imagination.

A small distance down the street she could hear the men shouting and cheering as they were playing poker or drinking in the saloon, she had learned the owner of the saloon was a man named Puck. Or at least everyone called him that. She guessed it was a shortening of his last name, Puckerman. She had yet to meet him, or any of the townfolks really. The only ones she had met so far was Father Joe, Rory and Susan and her youngest daugher. It was Susan who had told her a little bit about the townfolks, their names and who was married or together with who.

Finally she managed to shut out the sounds and went back to her book.

Next morning she got herself ready and descended the stairs to enter the diningroom for breakfast. Today she was going out to meet the people of the town and try to get to know them a little and see if she could find a place for her practice to be located. She wanted her own clinic. She also needed a house or her own place to stay somewhere. She couldn't afford to pay this much in rent over an extended period of time. She loved the small hotel, it was cozy and had a really comfortable, relaxing atmosphere about it but she realised she couldn't afford it in the long run.

Breakfast was hearty and delicious and enough to make her last for a while. She wiped her mouth with her napkin, and got out of her chair and up to her room to fetch some things she needed before heading outside.

After getting the things she needed, she went outside and stopped just outside the door, on the boardwalk. The city was waking up with the sun. It was quite grand to see actually. The sun was rising beyond the hills and all the stores was opening up for the day. The hustle and bustle of the day was starting and soon it was as if the previous night never happened. Horses were walking or trotting by, reins held by their riders, mostly men with cowboyhats, politely touching the brim while passing her on the boardwalk. Men, women and children were walking on the street and on the boardwalks, entering and exiting shops. Santana could see many children start to get together over by the church. She had heard Susan mention the church was also serving as a schoolhouse until they could afford to build a real schoolhouse.

She slowly walked the boardwalks, getting acquainted with where the shops were located, where the street parted and where the barbershop was located and where the convenience store was located. She learned the town had no newspaper, at least not yet. They also hadn't any railway yet which would make the time to get medicine supplies longer. She would have to plan that months ahead and hope that no epidemics would break out, and lessen her supplies faster than she had anticipated.

She passed the saloon, the working girls was nowhere to be seen. They were probably sleeping. Santana was no fool, she knew what they were doing for a living even if she had no experience in it herself. She was also sure she would get them as patients one of these days too, once her practice was opened.

She rounded a corner and saw a black doglike shape a little further up the street next to a figure in deer skin clothes. A figure with blond hair. She knew that figure. It was the same figure she had seen at the cemetary when she first arrived. A thin figure that .. looked like a woman? Santana shook her head. That couldn't be right. A woman with a big, black dog and dressed in animal skin? What was she? An indian? But indians didn't have blond hair, and they were not allowed into town, at least that's what she read and heard.

The figure pet the head of the big, black dog before looking up and saw Santana staring at them. They turned around and hurried off the street and towards the forest on the other side of the church. Santana got confused, but decided to let it go. She was on a mission to get to know this town inside and out. The heart of the town was the church, the flesh was the buildings, but it's blood was the people. You can't have flesh or a heart without the blood to run them. She had gotten to know the flesh pretty good by now. Now it was time for the blood. She'd take care of the heart later, though the heart and the blood was pretty much the same here.

She entered the convenience store that held pretty much everything you needed, food, clothes, fabrics to make your own clothes, wood, nails, tools, literally everything you needed. It was one big room when you entered. In the back she could spot a staircase, which probably led upstairs to the living quarters of the owners. The owners were Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson, Santana had learned from Susan the previous day. Rachel and Finn were engaged to be married, but had yet to tie the knot.

'How can I help you miss?' she heard a voice behind her.

She turned around and was met by brunette hair, a nose out of this world and brown eyes. She almost jumped because of the closeness.

'Um, I'm Santana Lopez and I'm the new doctor in town' she introduced herself. 'I just thought I'd walk around and familiarise myself with the town as I just arrived yesterday.'

'Oh how lovely to meet you, I heard from Father Joseph that we would be getting a doctor, what a surprise to see it's a woman doctor' the brunette woman talked and ranted on and on about how wonderful it was to see a doctor and a woman doctor at that.

'Forgive my fiancée for talking and not introducing herself' Santana heard a man's voice entering the room. She turned her head slightly and spotted him. He was tall, very tall, and kind of looked like a .. giant baby, but with a days shade. He hadn't yet had time to get himself to the barber for the day.

'Forgive me for looking like this, I haven't had time to go to the barber this morning. I have to go very soon. Allow me to introduce us. I am Finn Hudson, and this is my fiancée Rachel. Rachel Berry.'

'Nice to meet you mr Hudson, ms Berry. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around the town, but now I'm afraid I'm going to have to run. I have plenty of more people to meet and get to know.'

'Anytime' Rachel said. 'I'd love to hear more about what it's like being a doctor.'

Finn just shook his head behind Rachel, smirking at his fiancée's poor attempt in finding a new friend, he also knew that if Santana for some reason would come back and talk to Rachel about being a doctor, it would be Rachel talking and not Santana. He still loved her even if she most of the times didn't know when to be quiet.

Santana continued her quest on getting to know the towns people. Next stop was the barber shop. As she entered the shop, she could tell the crowd was slowly starting to thin out as the men exited, all of them politely touched the brim of their hats as they walked past her. She smiled and nodded a small greeting back to them.

'I'll be right with you' she heard a voice say. She figured it belonged to the barber. He was a nicely built young man, perhaps in his early or mid twenties, blond with a little longer hair than she'd expect to see on a barber. He was clean shaven too. That she would expect from a barber. Either that or a well cared for beard.

She stood by the door, watching the customers watching her. She cleared her throat quietly, shifting slightly uncomfortably under the eyes of the men in there. Finally the barber finished with the customer he was shaving at the time she came in.

'Now how may I he-' he started saying as he was wiping his hands on a rag and turned around. He had a surprised look on his face. He certainly did not expect to see a woman in his shop.

'Hello, I'm new in town and I'm getting acquainted with it and its people and I thought I'd come and introduce myself' Santana said to the blond, nice looking barber. He had a friendly face and something told her he was one of very few men that would not look down on her for being a woman doctor, once he knew. 'I'm Santana Lopez, actually I'm doctor Santana Lopez.'

All the men in the shop were dead silent and everyone was just staring at this woman doctor and their barber.

'Oh ... oohh, you're the doctor Lopez, Father Joe's been talking about' the blond barber finally caught his tongue again.

'Yeah, that'd be me. As you can see I am not a man.' She almost laughed at it now.

'Yeah, that I can clearly see' he chuckled. 'Well it's very nice to meet you, and I apologise because I don't want to be rude but as you can see I've got customers. I'm sure I will see you soon again though?'

'Oh, forgive me. Of course you have customers. How silly of me. Yes, I am sure we'll see each other again. And be sure to disinfect that razor of yours. Alcohol would do the best, not just water and soap.' She winked at him as she gave him her advice. He looked up just in time for the wink and smiled at her.

'Thanks for the heads up. I will make a note of that for sure. Oh, and the name is Sam by the way.'

She nodded politely, acknowledging the name, and exited the shop to continue her quest of getting to know the people of the town. So far, so good she thought, even if she did hear the men in the barber shop whisper among themselves as she left. She knew they all would start talking freely with each other as soon as she left. 'Oh well' she thought. 'They can think what they want.'

As she exited the barber shop, she headed towards the church on the other side of a small creek that ran across town. If you crossed it you'd arrive at a great meadow where the church was located as well. She wanted a small break before she continued her quest. As she walked, she suddenly heard someone say 'psst'. She walked past the saloon and just as she walked past the building she heard the 'psst' so much clearer and she looked around. Suddenly she spotted a petite brunette with her head out her window who was clearly looking at her and trying to get her attention. She walked towards the window.

'Hello' she greeted the brunette as she reached her.

'Hello ma'am' the brunette greeted back. 'I'm Sugar.'

'Nice to meet you, I'm doctor Santana Lopez' she introduced herself.

'Yes, nice to meet you too. I know who you are. People have been talking about the new doctor arriving yesterday. I um, I kind of need your doctor skills right now.'

'Oh?' Santana questioned.

'Yeah, can .. can you come inside?' Sugar asked.

'Sure' Santana said, and climbed inside the window, trying to do it as gracefully and ladylike as possible without getting caught by anyone.

'So what can I do for you?' she asked as she stood inside the small room that contained nothing but a bed, a closet and a drawer that doubled as a desk as well.

'I need you to look at something' Sugar said. 'I noticed these this morning and I don't know what they are. I've never had them before.'

She turned around and lifted her shawl and blouse up to reveal her lower back to Santana. Santana discovered some red, small marks as she looked closer. She examined them carefully while asking Sugar a couple of questions.

'Do they itch?'


'You never had them before?'


'Are you sure about that?'

'Yes, well sort of. I can't remember ever having things like these.'

'They're nothing to be scared of. It's mosquito bites.' Santana said, smiling at the brunette, petite girl.

'Mosquito bites? It's not season for mosquito bites, besides' Sugar said in disbelief. '.. I've had mosquito bites before, these are nothing like that.'

'No? Well maybe you're reacting to these a little bit different than you used to then? Just come back to me if you get a fever, or you don't feel well. Also, the wetter the weather, the more mosquitos will come.'

'Thanks' Sugar said, smiling up at the doctor.

'No problem.' Santana said and looked out the window before climbing outside.

'I .. I can't pay you right now' Sugar said.

'Oh no worries, that one is on the house' Santana said and smiled at the smaller girl.

'Thank you' the smaller girl said with a smile.

'Don't mention it' Santana said with a small chuckle. 'It was nice to meet you Sugar, I'm sure I'll see you around town.'

'You will' Sugar said, smiling still as she did a small hand wave.

Santana smiled and mimicked the gesture before heading back down to the street to walk to the meadow to get some sun and just take in the surroundings.

She heard some clanking sounds and decided to go to the blacksmith, she knew she needed a horse to get around these parts. There were people scattered all around town and all of them couldn't make it into town all too often.

She walked towards the clanking noises she assumed was made by the towns blacksmith. She rounded a corner and she knew she had been right. A tall, rather thin man was standing over by the fire and from what she could tell, he was forging a horse shoe by hitting the steel piece against the anvil with a hammer. He was a nice looking man she could tell, a little young to be in the profession she thought but looks could decieve.

'Hello' she greeted the man as she got closer 'I'm doctor Santana Lopez, and I'm new in town.'

'Hello' the man said quietly. 'I'm Jake.' He stopped hitting the horse shoe as he watched her. 'What can I do you for?'

'Well' Santana said, a bit taken back as he didn't seem quite as friendly as the other people in town so far. 'I'm in search of a horse and since you seem to be the blacksmith in town, I thought maybe you have one for sale or rent?'

'I may have a couple for sale, and some for rent.' The man spoke quietly and to the point. 'Would you like to try them out?'

She nodded and followed him as he quietly made his way to the corral he had behind the shop.

He came out with a brown horse already saddled up. It was a bit ragged looking, and it had a white blaze on its face and white socks on its backlegs.

'This is the kindest horse I have' Jake said, this time with some warmth in his voice. He pet the horse's neck. 'It's a nine year old gelding. He'll take good care of you if you wish to have him. He's not for sale but he's for rent.'

Santana nodded and walked up to the horse, petting its nose before examining him. He was sturdy, not big but not too small either. She decided she could easily get up in the saddle on this horse. She put her foot in the stirrup and mounted him, taking the reins in her left hand. She may be a classy lady, but she knew how to ride a horse like a man, with a leg on each side of the horse. She was far from a beginner on the horseback.

'I see you've ridden before miss' Jake said as he silently watched the horse and rider get acquainted with each other.

'Yes, I have' Santana replied as she pet the horse's neck. The horse had accepted her to be in charge. 'He's a nice horse, I'd love to have him, at least for now. Is he broken to drive as well?'

'He is' Jake nodded, this time sounding a bit friendlier. 'His name is Lucky. He'll take good care of you. He's broke to drive yes, he's friendly and obediant as well and he takes really good care of his rider.'

'Perfect' Santana smiled and dismounted the horse, giving him another pet on his neck. 'I'll take him. I need him to stay here though, at least for a while until I find my own place. You don't happen to know anyone who's renting out a room or a house for a cheap buck do you?' She asked him. 'I'm staying at the hotel for now but I want my own place.'

Jake nodded at her statement. 'No, I'm sorry I don't know anything available but I can spread the word?'

'Please do' Santana asked, smiling at the now much nicer sounding young man.

It had been a long day, and she was back at the hotel for supper. She ate like she hadn't seen food for days, Susan almost laughed at her. The two had quickly found each other. Santana was happy that she had met her first friend so quickly, and she was very helpful too. She had too spread out the word that Santana was in search of her own place.

Suddenly the door opened to the dining area and Santana looks up, surprised to see a figure wearing deer skin clothes, a hat and by its side she sees the black doglike shape she had seen before, only it isn't a dog. It's a wolf. Santana gets alarmed as she notices this, but the wolf seems quiet and obediant towards the figure that pets its head before looking up, blue eyes meets brown and for a moment the world stops for Santana.

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