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Chapter 6.

Santana stands there baffled by the figure in front of her and she doesn't really know what to do or say right now. Those blue eyes were the most mesmerizing she had ever seen in her life.

'You are in need of a place to stay' the figure says in a soft voice, softer than Santana thought was possible, and she can only nod at the sentence, that wasn't really a question as much as it was a statement.

'I have a cabin you can rent, if you want you can come by tomorrow morning and see if you want to rent it.' The voice is tense but soft.

Santana nods again before clearing her throat quietly.

'Y-yes' she says, 'I'll come by tomorrow morning after breakfast if that's alright?'

The blue eyed figure nods that it's fine, and then turns around to leave with the black wolf.

'I live about 2 miles west of town. Just follow the path. You can't miss it' and with that the figure is out the door and gone before Santana can comprehend what just happened.

She sat down again, her head starting to work again. What had just happened? She shook her head to try and clear it but all she saw in front of her was a pair of blue eyes.

Next Day

Santana was riding towards the cabin she had been directed towards. Lucky was a smooth ride, and did what Jake said. He took really good care of her and never spooked, not even when an animal suddenly made a startling sound next to them. Santana didn't know what kind of animal it was, but it couldn't have been some sort of predator she reasoned, Lucky was far too calm for it to have been that.

She was thinking about those blue eyes again. As soon as those blue eyes locked with hers, she felt a funny feeling inside her, something she had never felt before. She wasn't sure what it was, but it wasn't unpleasant and she kind of wanted to have that feeling again.

She arrived at the cabin safe and sound with Lucky and she halted him out in the yard. She looked around but no sight or sound of a living thing. Where was that strange, blue eyed woman?

She dismounted Lucky, and stood by his head, holding his reins and petting his neck and softly stroke his nose until she heard a sound behind her. She turned her head and spotted a feminine figure followed by a black doglike shadow. It was her and her wolf.

Santana gasped in surprise and a little bit in fear for the wolf. Lucky stood still, but you could tell he was not comfortable with the presence of the black wolf at the moment.

'You came' the blue eyed woman expressed, almost in shock.

'Of course, I said I needed a place to rent and you offered, why wouldn't I come?'

'Just most wouldn't ..' the woman spoke quietly.

Santana wondered what she meant, but chose to shake it off.

'So .. you have a cabin to rent out. Can I see inside?'

'Oh of course. Follow me. You can tie Lucky up over there' she pointed at a fence post with a metal ring in it.

Santana did as she was told, but halted her steps when the thought came to her.

'How'd you know his name?' she asked as she turned around.

'I broke him in' the figure shrugged.

'You .. what? I learn things about you yet I've still to learn your name.'

'Oh, didn't I already give you that? Guess I didn't. It's Pierce, Brittany Pierce.'

'Santana Lopez' Santana introduced herself.

'Oh I know your name' Brittany said and turned around walking inside the cabin.

Santana shook her head at the rudeness of the gesture. Had she done the same back home, she would've gotten an earful.

She tied Lucky up at the spot suggested, and followed the woman inside the cabin.

It wasn't that big, but it was big enough. You entered into the main area of the cabin, which served as both kitchen, living room and dining room. Behind the stove was a small area that was the bedroom, which consisted of a big bed with a dresser next to it.

The dining part of the room consisted of a table which had room for six people and benches around it. Then by the fireplace located at the other end of the cabin there was the a lounge chair with a foot stool. Around the entire cabin was cupboards scattered which probably consisted of plates and silverware and glasses and necessary things.

The entire cabin was dusty though and there were cobwebs here and there, as if noone had lived there for years.

'Sorry for the dust and stuff' the blond said. 'I've not really been living here for some time now.' She shrugs as if she doesn't care what the place looks like.

'Nothing that can't be fixed' Santana said as she was walking around the cabin. 'I'll take it. How much do you want in rent?'

'I don't really want anything' Brittany said quietly.

'What? Nothing? You .. I can't accept that' Santana said, almost stuttering. 'I have to pay you something.'

'Okay. How about ... fifty cents a month?' Brittany said. 'And I'll make sure to fix anything you need to be fixed?'

'That's too little' Santana said. 'Fifty cents a month is too little for that. I'll pay you a dollar at least a month.'

'Okay' Brittany just shrugs, like she doesn't care.

A couple of weeks later

It's a beautiful morning when Santana rides into town. The weather is finally getting warmer, as it's been very chilly the past few weeks and rainy as well. Now, the sun is shining from a clear blue sky and is finally giving off some warmth. Spring is on the way, and it's noticeable everywhere in nature. She's letting Lucky walk for now, just sitting on his back and taking in the sunlight, the warmer air and the spring scents, watching the birds fly around and listening to them chirp. She's spotting alot of different animals too, mostly grass eaters, but she's seen a mountain lion or two as well as a fox here and there. They were far away luckily as she could feel Lucky tense a little as he smelled the predators, making her take a firmer grip of the reins and press her legs against his sides. She had taken a liking to riding like a man, with one leg on each side of the horse. It made it more easy to control the horse.

She made it uneventful into town, watching people hustle and bustle to and fro in the street, going where ever they were going. She halted Lucky by Jake's blacksmith shop and dismounted. She tied him up knowing that Jake would take care of him until she needed him again.

She walked towards the hotel for breakfast. It was really the only place in town she trusted with food. The day was just starting for the town, and people were starting to come in from their homesteads and farms just outside of it. The stores and businesses were opening.

Suddenly Santana could spot a girl come running towards her from the hotel. It wasn't Alexandra, but Katherine. Katherine was Susan's oldest daughter, and second child. Santana had finally met all of Susan's children just the other day when she had been in the hotel, getting lunch.

First there was James, also known as Jimmy. He was the oldest, fifteen years old and the man of the house. He was quite tall and thin, but Santana could see he was starting to getting rid of the childish teenage body and was turning into a man. He was blond with green eyes.

Second was Katherine, also known as Katie. She was twelve, and starting to rebel a little like most girls do when entering their teenage years. She was blond with blue eyes.

Third was David, or Dave, and he was eight years old. He was an obedient boy who did as he was told, but sometimes his childish self would take over and he would rebel and question everything anyone said.

Last but not least, was Alexandra, or Alex, who was five and blond with hazel eyes. She was really shy, but once she got to know someone she opened up and would chat away like any five year old would, without a care in the world and so full of innocence a child of that age can muster up.

'Slow down Katie' Santana said as the girl would just grab her arm and start pulling her towards the hotel as fast as she could. 'Is there something wrong?' Santana asked as she saw the girl's face. It was tearstreaked. Santana grabbed the girl's hand. 'What's wrong Katie?'

The girl said nothing, she couldn't so she just nodded towards the hotel and managed to get out: 'Mother' before tears started falling again.

Santana was starting to get worried and hurried towards the hotel. Katie was following closely after. They entered the hotel and Katie took lead again, leading Santana to the private parts of the hotel, where they lived.

They entered a room, Susan's bedroom. In the bed laid Susan, looking very pale and weak. She looked like she could have a fever as well, a thin sheet of sweat covered her forhead and face. She just laid there with her eyes closed under the quilt that had been pulled up to her chin, her arms resting on top of it.

'What happened?' Santana asked as she felt Susan's forhead with the back of her hand.

'She was going to empty out the nightly vessels when a rattler got her' James said, his voice covered with concern for his mother. He tried to stay strong for his three younger siblings.

'A rattler?' Santana asked, eyeing the teenage boy.

'A rattlesnake' he clarified as they heard Katie start sobbing.

'James, I want you to take your sisters and brother out of this room right now, and I need you to fetch me some water, clean cloths and Father Joe. Can you do that for me?' Santana's work mode kicked in and she was in her efficient state. The boy nodded and did as he was told.

As she was left alone with Santana, Susan suddenly opened her eyes and looked straight up into Santana's eyes.

'I need you to take care of them for me' she said with a shaky voice. She was feverish and Santana knew she hadn't long left. She had nothing to help her. She just didn't want the kids to see her go like this.

'I don't need to take care of them. You can do it all yourself.' Santana tried to convince the woman in bed that she'd live, even though she knew she wouldn't. Susan knew it too. She could feel it, with every fibre of her being. The venom was taking control and was now speeding rapidly towards her heart and soul, taking over.

'Promise me?!' Susan said with as firm voice as she could muster up. 'Promise me!'

Santana looked her in the eye, and then slowly nodded.

'I promise' she whispered.

Just then Father Joe came in and started praying for Susan, and took her confession and trying to ease her passing as much as possible, while Santana tried to ease her physical pain.

The children were waiting just outside when Susan demanded to see them. Santana nodded and went to get them.

She stood in the doorway, watching with tearfilled eyes the children say goodbye to their mother. Alexandra was the only one not fully understanding what was going on, but she was sad too because her three older siblings were sad.

A couple of days later

Santana and the four children were driving towards the cabin Santana rented. In the wagon laid all the belongings the children had, it wasn't much. Basically just clothes. Behind the wagon trotted James's horse. He had his own horse that he had been given by Jacob a couple of years ago on his birthday. James tried to help Jacob whenever he could at his shop. The two were good friends despite the age difference, that really wasn't that much.

They had laid Susan Smith to rest the day before and it was known that she had made Santana promise to take care of her children. Noone had expected that, and to be perfectly honest. Santana had no idea how to take care of children. She couldn't cook. She barely knew how to dust and sweet a house. She didn't know how to do laundry. She almost regretted promising Susan, but she didn't want to break a promise to a now dead woman whom she had befriended instantly. The four children had no choice but it was clear that the two oldest wasn't too happy about it, and the two youngest didn't really understand it.

James was driving with Santana sitting next to him. On the back of the wagon sat the two girls and the youngest boy. Alexandra sat in her older sister's lap while David sat next to them and looked ahead. Everyone was quiet. Nothing was heard except the sounds of nature and trotting hooves followed by the creaking of the wagon.

Finally arriving to the cabin, James stopped the wagon and jumped out down before helping Santana down first and then he went back to lift down his siblings. Santana watched him as he cared for his brother and sisters. It was clear he was a protective soul. David was especially attached to him, while Alexandra was more attached to Katherine. The four siblings stood by the back of the wagon, hugging each other before detaching from each other and then just standing there looking sad and lost. Santana's heart broke for them. She didn't know what it was like to have a loving mother like they had had, but she wasn't going to let them down. She would make sure of that. She'd do anything not to break her promise to Susan. How she would do it, she had no idea but she had to do it.

They entered the cabin that Santana now inhibited. She had cleared her things and tried to tidy up a bit as well as making room for the children's clothes and other things. She had also decided when it came to bed arrangement. The girls would sleep inside the cabin, while the boys would sleep outside in the barn. It was warm enough, at least now that spring had finally come for real and summer was really just a breath away.

'You rent the cabin from Sam and Brittany Pierce?' James asked as he looked around and found that he regonised the place. He hadn't paid much attention on the way but he surely recognised the place as he had been here several times visiting as well as working.

'Yes, from Brittany' Santana answered.

'It's Sam's place too' James replied. 'You know, the barber?'. Santana nodded. She knew Sam yes. She had even treated him once for a cut that had caught a mild infection a couple of weeks ago. He was now fully recovered.

'So the two live together?' Santana asked. She had heard about the two siblings and the tragic loss of their friend Maria a few years back. She had heard it was then that Brittany had started to live with the indians in the territory and befriended them.

'They used to' James replied as he had started to untie his horse from the wagon and untack him before releasing him into a small paddock. 'but ever since they lost Maria, Brittany's not been here much but with the indians. Sam is living in his shop more or less. He's even set up a bed there.'

'Oh really?' Santana said as she helped the children unload their baggage off of the wagon.

'Yeah' James nodded. 'He's in a bad shape too. You can't tell it because he hides it pretty well, but he is. Maria was just his friend but all three were very close.'

'How close?'

'Very close. As in Maria and Brittany were an item close.' James said.

Santana stopped in her tracks.


'Yeah. They were.' James nodded like it was nothing. His mother had taught him to be open minded to anything. Even this.

'But .. was that known in town?'

'Yeah, but this town is very open minded and we're all really misfits in this city, which really is a strange island, you know?' James said.

Santana looked at the teenage boy. He was admirable. So open minded, even at his age and so care free about grown up things. He seemed wise beyond his years too. At least when he spoke like this. He carried the girls bags inside the cabin before taking out his own and David's and carried them inside the barn and up to the hayloft where they would be sleeping. He didn't mind sleeping there. He would have suggested it himself. David on the other hand. He was eight, maybe it wasn't so suitable yet but he would let him stay with him for a few nights and see how he coped before he would bring it up to Santana and ask if he maybe could sleep inside the cabin instead as he was still so young.

James loved his younger siblings and was very protective of them. Even now. He trusted Santana, even though she couldn't really hepl his mother. He knew though that being bit by a poisonous snake didn't give much hope of survival, so he didn't blame Santana for anything. He could see she hated that she couldn't help his mother, which made him sad. He liked this woman. She was nice to him and not to mention how nice she was to his siblings. He swore silently to himself that he'd protect her with everything he had if it came to that. She was his family now and family was all he had.

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