Athena streched out her body and ran at full speed. It felt incredible as the wind rushed through her hair. She could hear and smell small critters moving as if they were close up. She felt exhilerated. She felt truly, truly alive.

She ran smiling and laughing as she hurtled through the forest, manouvering herself effortlessly around trees and jumping over logs. She ran up a tree, leapt off it and stopped still before bursting into laughter. Athena laughed long and hard. She hadn't laughed like that since she was a child - a time when she was young and carefree. A time when her parents were still alive. A time before they were taken from her by killers.

Her eyes focussed on a flower and she noticed the beauty of it. It was been years since she had appreciated such beauty. She twirled around drinking in the sights, sounds and smells.

The forest felt like home. But this was Creed's forest - not hers.

If Creed did manage to bring Bob back to consciousness and return, his rage would be nuclear. She had no doubt he would plan chaining her up and then killing her.

Athea stopped twirling. She had business to deal with. She would focus and focus hard.

Athena listened to noise of Logan's motorbike in the distance. She started running on two legs and lowered herself down to all four and ran closer and closer.

She ran for another five minutes covering enormous amount of ground. She climbed up a tree and looked over the horizon. There in the near distance she saw Logan riding his bike at lightning speed.

Athena wanted Logan to get Creed off her back. She wanted to 'call' Mark and warn him to get to cover. She wanted to put Bob out of commission and she wanted to get back to her life and try and find a way to have her child quietly.

She wasn't sure what she was going to do with Creed. She also wasn't sure what she was going to do with Logan. Part of her wanted to raise her child by herself and keep everything away from them. Creed had enemies and she was pretty sure Logan had them too. What would they do to her child if they knew?

She had also made an enemy of Creed. He would not forgive this. She knew his character and his dominance. He would take revenge.

Would she have to kill him? Probably.

But then...did she need Creed's blood for her unborn child? What about when the child was born? Would the child still need blood?

Athena knew she had to see Logan and see if his blood had the same calming effect. If so, she would...what? Move in with him. Move away and ask for a regular donation? What if she needed to be around a feral male all the time. Maybe both male and female parents were necessary for a successful pregnancy?

Athena felt a sense of anxiety of having to need anyone to that degree. She needed to see Logan now. She had decisions to make about her future.

She hurtled towards the motorbike and ran faster and faster.

She swerved around her approach, coming up from behind him, ran an incredible speed and leapt onto the back of the bike.

Shocked at the sudden thump behind him,Logan braked hard and Athena went flying forward, off the bike. With grace and elegance she spun in the air and landed into a crouching position.

Logan looked down from his bike and his expression was unreadable.

"Not clever, red," he said before looking at her hair. "I mean...blondie".

"Don't call me blondie," Athena said, standing up straight. She had things to get sorted and she needed to do them as quickly as possible. She was in no mood to verbally spar with Logan.

"Sure...blondie," he said, getting off his bike slowly, looking Athena up and down. Athena smiled tightly at him.

"You got yourself some new...powers," he said, walking towards her. His face seemed as handsome as before but his eyes had a dark, angry glint to them.

"Yes," Athena said, looking Logan up and down and sniffing the air. God, she could smell him. He smelt like ultra male and he looked like trouble.

He came right next to her. He looked down on the petite woman, his eyes taking in every curve.

"They are a side effect of my pregnancy," Athena said, looking into Logan's hazel eyes. "Creed believes he is the father. Can you tell by...instinct?"

Logan looked down at her very seriously and he said nothing for a short while. His eyes glinted dangerously before he knelt down. He reached out his hand before him and placed it delicately on her belly. He then leaned forward and inhaled deeply, closing his eyes.

"Victor can't tell if it's his..that's bullshit," Logan said. "Cub could be mine. It has our blood". Athena was very aware of the anger in his demeanor but she smiled inwardly. Creed may not be the father!

"I also seem to need ...well, my baby seems to need...his blood," she said. "Is that something you know about?"

Logan shook his head. "I ain't got much of a memory, blondie".

Athena nodded. She stepped forward and lowered her mouth to his neck. She waited to see if she could hear his heartbeat in her head and if a desire to bite him overtook her. She could smell his wonderful, male scent and was very aware of him as a male. She could also tell that her closeness was having an effect on him.

"Whatcha doing?" Logan growled.

"Seeing if I want to bite you," she whispered.

"And do ya?" Logan asked with slight amusement in his voice, the look of anger leaving him for a brief moment.

Athena stood back and looked around her. "No," she said. "But then...I only recently had his blood".

"I see," Logan said huskily, his pupils dilating. She knew that her closeness had effected him and that was not an avenue she wanted to go down. She moved away quickly from Logan, turning her back on him. His presence also had an effect on her and it was not something she could allow herself to investigate.

Athena looked around her and chewed her lip. "I've got to make a quick call," Athena said before closing her eyes and sending out her mental image of a blue owl. She was shortly connected to Mark. She warned him to go to a safe place and stay there. Mark, being Mark, refused, stating that his lab was one of the safest places on earth. And to be fair, he was probably right.

When she opened her eyes, Logan was standing behind her. She took a step back into him and he steadied her with hands on her shoulders. Athena moved away - her mind working on ten different problems at the same time.

"I could be the father, blondie," Logan said slowly and huskily. "You could be carrying my cub". HIs eyes moved over her body from top to bottom with eyes that bore into her. "You should've told me," he growled, a hint of anger rising in his voice.

"I could be, yes. It doesn't change what I have to do, though," she said quietly and with conviction, unconsciously taking steps backwards.

"And what is that?" he said, walking slowly towards her. He had the look of a man determined to do something and nothing was going to get in his way. "You are keeping the cub," he said as a statement and not as a question. His eyes were burning into her and it was a look that most wise people would not want to challenge.

"Of course," Athena said matter-of-factly.

"Look...I need to get as far as I can from here before Creed gets back and I need to know if your blood will stop my cravings," she said in as a much a business-like voice as she could.

"Is that all?" he whispered through clenched teeth as he continued walking towards her. His look was unmistakable. He had a similar look to Creed at that moment. A possessive air. He thought the cub could be his and he wasn't just going to let her walk away from him. His eyes seemed to stamp ownership on her.

"We need to go somewhere fast,"Athena said. And then I need to get away from you and your brother!

"I was thinking something similar," Logan said with a eyes looked over Athena and she could feel heat rising in his cheeks. He conveyed his meaning directly to her body and it responded.

"We should leave now," Athena said as calmly as she could and headed towards the bike.

Logan walked slowly towards the bike and he very slowly smirked.

"Of course, blondie," he whispered, as he climbed on the bike.

Athena got on behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. She felt an electric shock go through her and she was very aware he was aroused. She could sense it and feel it. But she needed to stay focused.

If she could just some blood from him and then disappear. If she needed more, maybe she could...clone some? Athena never wanted to rely on anyone or anything. She would get some blood and then get as far away from the feral brothers as she could.

Logan rode the bike for what seemed like days. it wasn't days, but it felt like that to Athena. They had driven miles and miles when Logan pointed out a small lodge/hotel.

"We'll go there," Logan said to Athena, who was now eager to get off the bike. She wanted to get into the room, get his blood and then get the hell out of there.

They walked through the door and into a very small reception area. There was no-one about but Athena could smell people nearby. She saw there was a little bell and she rang it.

A petite, middle-aged woman came out from a door and seemed surprised to see them there.

"Hello. Were we expecting you?" She asked them.

"No, " Athena said." We're getting married tomorrow... but... we need somewhere to stay for the night". Logan raised an eyebrow at her and didn't say a word. The gesture said more than a thousand words and she knew he was enjoying the situation.

The woman smiled and fussed over them and insisted they had their very best room. Athena protested but Logan picked her up bridal style, much to a glare from Athena, which the lady didn't see.

"Oh..honey...there's no need to do that," Athena said tightly.

"Sure there is...kitten" Logan said deeply and darkly.


The lady opened the door and gave Logan the key. As she walked away, she gave him a knowing wink and he grinned back at her.

Logan carried Athena into the room and closed the door with a kick from his foot.

Athena noticed Logan hadn't put her down. She looked at Logan and saw how incredibly handsome he was. His eyes were actually beautiful and they were very dilated.


Athena needed to act fast and get away. She did not have time for...him. Athena struggled to get down but Logan held her fast.

"What's the rush, kitten?" Logan growled. His face had the look of a man who had something on his mind.

"Put me down, Logan," Athena said calmly and coldly.

"Nah...the cold approach don't work with me, kitten" Logan said softly but firmly.

"Don't call me kitten," Athena said very calmly.

"Ok...blondie," Logan said with a dark smirk.

"Don't call me blondie," Athena said coldly.

"," he said, walking her over towards the bed and threw her on it. She landed and with lightning reflexes, leapt right off it. She was now on the other side of the bed to him.

Logan nodded at her. "," he said. "Kinda firing me up," he said deeply and slowly whilst crossing his arms.

Athena said quietly and with as much control as she could. "I don't have time for this."

Logan looked Athena up and down - the dark glint in his eyes unmistakable as he started to walk across the room towards her. Athena watched him like a hawk and was preparing to leap over the bed onto the other side.

"I'm assuming, red, if you could be outta here right'd be," Logan whispered. His voice had a gravelling, sensual tone to it.

"I need your blood," Athena said, trying to keep the conversation on-topic.

"And where are you going to keep it?" Logan asked slowly as he got nearer.

He had a point. Where was she going to keep it?

"Isn't it better, if I come with you...whereever it is you're going?" Logan asked, getting closer to her.

"I don't need help..."Athena spoke before she thought. Not something she ever did but she was changing.

"Yes, you do need help. You need a lot of things, red," Logan said."But you're stubborn and you think you know everything".

Athena laughed a derisory laugh.

"If only I did! I wouldn't be here now..." She said, trying to keep a lid on her anger.

"You know, red,'ve changed," Logan whispered. "I like it. You're...earthier...and I'm having all kinds of thoughts".

"Well...don't" Athena said.

Logan chuckled. "Too late...havin' them".

Athena inhaled slowly. "Creed may be back"

"I ain't scared of Victor," Logan whispered. "I'll protect you".

"I don't need protecting," Athena said with a slight growl in her voice.

"Yes you do," Logan said, walking closer towards Athena, who jumped on the bed to get out of the way.

"When your belly grows bigger and you can't fight - what will you do?" Logan growled.

Athena knew he had a point and that was why she wanted to get away somewhere quiet.

"I will not rely on you," Athena said.

"You already need Victor's blood for the cub...maybe mine too," Logan said. "You need me".

Athena felt her blood begin to grow angry. She was normally so calm and focussed but she was changing so much.

"I do not need you," Athena said, jumping off the bed. "If you're not prepared to help me, then I shall leave now". She headed towards the door but Logan got there first.

"Of course I'm gonna help" Logan growled, grabbing her wrist. Athena tried to break free of it but he has too strong.

"Let go," Athena said.

"No, " Logan said. "You need to calm down and accept my help".

Athena looked up to him with calm defiance in her eyes. "Of course, Mr Logan," Athena said.

"Knock that off, red," Logan said with an edge to his voice. "I don't like the ice-maiden act".

"It isn't an act," Athena said.

"I happen to know you've got a lot of fire in ya," Logan said. " and I'm happy to prove it".

Athena inhaled slowly and breathed out.

"I thought you were different to your brother, but you're the same," Athena said.

"Watch it, red," Logan said. "I ain't in the mood for this".

"Or you'll what," Athena asked. "Chain me up and then kill me?"

Logan's eyes softened. "Is that what he said?"

"Yes. Don't worry, I've heard worse," Athena said.

"I'm sorry, "Logan said.

"Don't goes with the job," She said.

Logan reached down and gently stroked her cheek. Athena frowned and took a step back.

"I'm in your life, red...get used to it," Logan said softly. "Fighting me won't change nothing."

Logan pulled Athena closer and wrapped his arms around her. She felt a bolt of energy shoot through her body. She could feel a dull ache in her loins and her heart was beginning to pound.

"We're staying here for the night," he whispered down to her up-turned face. He picked her up and dropped her on the bed. He walked back to the door and opened it.

"You stay put," he said deeply. "We've got unfinished business, red and I ain't in the mood to negotiate. Be in that bed when I get back".

Logan left the room and Athena stared at the door.

out of the frying pan...