Levi liked the evenings best, especially on slow mission days. The Varia usually ended up sprawled in the common room after dinner, mostly too full from Lussuria's cooking to do more than just relax. The brats would sit in the corner and bicker with each other over a game or a magazine article. Their bickering usually involved a lot of groping… but Levi tended to ignore that. His contently full stomach made it far too much effort to get involved in their weird foreplay. It wouldn't be too long before Bel would just pick the snarky Mist brat up and carry him off to their room anyway.

Xanxus and Squalo usually spent the evenings cleaning their gear. The sharp smell of gun oil and sword polish actually left a pleasant aroma in the common room while Levi flipped through the channels, trying to settle on a program. He could hear their conversation, but had finally resigned himself to the fact that Squalo was always going to be on top in their Boss' mind. (Figuratively speaking, of course… it was never Xanxus who came down the next morning limping…) He even nodded respectfully, with a muttered, 'Good night, Bossu,' when they both got up at the same time to leave. He ignored the silver-haired bastard, and was ignored right back… which was just fine for both of them.

With the common room empty, Levi stretched his legs out in front of him, the channel-surfing finally landing on an infomercial. These were a weird sort of entertainment for the Varia Lightning… he liked to imagine his companions as the advertisers. He snickered softly to himself as he imagined Squalo waving his sword around, threatening the audience into buying the shitty product.

A soft kiss on the top of his head made him look up, his grin spreading wider.

"Who is it this time?"

Levi grunted. "Squalo." He connected his lips with the Sun Guardian's before pulling him around the chair and into his lap.

"Ho ho ho, that would be funny. He's actually got a good tv presence… you should have seen some of those Sword Emperor films we did." Luss lifted his hand, toying with the Lightning's lip chain as they talked.

"Che, no thanks. I have to listen to enough of that crap around here… I don't need to be able to rewind it." He caught Luss' hand, kissing his pinky with a small smile before turning back to the tv. Luss returned to playing with the chain, letting his gloved fingers slide across the larger man's lips every once in a while until the end of the program.

As they ran through a final ordering offer, Levi crashed his lips into Luss', pulling the Sun tight against his chest. The Muay Thai master groaned softly and made no protest as the Lightning stood and made the way to their room almost by memory, trailing nibbles and kisses along his pale throat.

And when they lay together, catching their breath in rumpled sheets and Levi's fingers smoothed Luss' green strands away, he couldn't help but smile. "Happy Valentine's Day." The Sun gave him a radiant smiled and a deep kiss, and Levi was absolutely positive… evenings were the best damned time of the day.

AN: Happy Valentine's Day! A little something sweet and fun for my lovely SkyGem. Enjoy. :D