Dr. Wario

Forces of Evil are gathering.

The Mushroom World has been sheltered, protected by the Hero Mario. But now, a dangerous curse broke out, killing the innocent and destroying them. And Mario can't do anything about it.

A stranger from another world has been handpicked and placed in the Mushroom World in order to save the World. The Hero will be learning to control the awesome powers bestowed on her, and understanding the meaning of this Homicidal Curse.

The greatest adventure of her life is about to begin.


Something jarred me awake.

I realized that my body was burning from the inside out; a fever engulfed me and had transported me into a dizzying world of brilliant reds, hot purples and blazing yellows. While my eyes tried to focus against the bright whiteness of the ceiling, drifting in and out of the wild, surrealistic carnival of colours, the strong, pungent smell of antiseptic stung the insides of my nose violently, making my eyes water.

I emitted a tired groan, rubbing the heels of my palms against my sore eyes again, trying to wake myself up as quickly as possible. As the grogginess of sleep left me, my head looked left and right to observe the room I was in. I had no recollection of what has happened.

I noticed that I was in a bright, white clean bed, inside a small room. A typical room in hospitals…hospitals…

I frowned. I have always hated hospitals; the hospital world was nothing but grim whiteness, chilly, uneasy silence, medication, illness and even death. Almost an alienated prison for those who couldn't take care of themselves.

I have to get out of here. I don't like this place at all! Where are my friends? Where are my family? The big question was how the fuck did I get here…and why?

I threw the thin sheets off me and threw myself up into a sitting position, only to be rewarded with the sickening powerful clamp of pressure in my head, like a hood. The headache crackled on my skull, and I was so hot. My mouth was so dry; it felt like it was stuffed with cotton balls. I snarled lowly to myself, getting frustrated. I learnt my lesson and sat on the edge of the bed, glaring at the white, boring wall. I looked to see a wide window, fitted with beautifully-patterned curtains and a small flower plant pot sat on the sill in the glorious sunshine. It soothed me a little, and as the headache dimmed very slowly, I tried to control my actions and think, trying to remember what has happened.

But nothing came. No memories whatsoever. Silly, I knew my name; I knew my timetables and a few other things. I don't have amnesia, I knew that well. Or maybe I have forgotten. Everything was so fuzzy now, with my brain on fire. How could I be sure of anything?

So what was going on?

Hot…damn, I felt so fucking hot…just burning! As if I was lying on the beach in the middle of July with a cruel sun mercilessly beating its heat down upon my flesh. I needed water, fast.

I forced myself to get up and stumbled towards the door opposite my bed. My feet had no shoes or socks, and my attire was the typical white hospital clothing.

I reached for the door handle to only collapse against it, but I didn't give up. I growled angrily. This was pissing me off. I snatched the door handle while my mind played tricks on me and spun the world around constantly as if I had been spinning in my computer chair for hours. I threw the door open to see a clear hallway. Panting, I stumbled out of the room and hurried my way out. There was no one in the hospital, and that's what scared me the most.

But then, as if reading my thoughts, I heard a voice.

"Oh my! Wait!"

"Crap…" I uttered angrily, and began to try to run, but the hotness that took over my body made it so difficult to control, I felt my legs betray me and I collapsed onto the floor. I heard approaching footsteps behind me, clicks of high-heeled shoes. I struggled to get up and by the time I stood straight, a young women was already holding my body for support. I turned to her angrily.

She was a young and pretty person, about my shoulder-height, with long flowing blond hair. She wore a simple pink dress, and a pink nurse's hat to add. She had the biggest blue eyes and the sweetest voice. She was a typical nurse, but it took me a few moments to realize who it was.



I stuttered, suddenly unsure what to say. She responded! It was Princess Peach! Why on earth was she here?

"Come on, sweetie, let's get you back to your room. The doctor will return shortly." She placed a petit hand over my forehead and her pretty eyes widened. "Oh my, you're burning up."

Before I could retaliate, she had already grabbed my hand and took my back in my room. Peach was a lovely lady, and so I didn't snatch my hand away. That would be rude. Besides, I kinda trust her. The first person who I see is a princess from a game. Heh, how strange, but it was real alright…

Peach was kind and helpful, the two things I needed the most…besides an answer to my question.

"What happened? Where am I?" I finally asked. Peach turned around and looked at me, and smiled softly.

"You're in one of the Mushroom Kingdom's best hospitals." Her voice was soothing, but it didn't take the burning away.

She opened the door to the room I escaped not so long ago and asked me to return to my bed. I obeyed. I lay over the sheets and watched as she walked to the window, opening the windows widely. A pleasant cool breeze swept through the room. I could feel my heart calming down. She began to tidy my room, from fluffing my pillow to readjusting the flower pot to which I finally noticed was a Piranha Plant. I smiled. How I adored those little plants.

"Do you want to see your pet?"

Peach's voice interrupted my musing, and I looked up to realize she saw me staring at the Piranha Plant. Did she mean…

"The Piranha Plant?"

"Of course the Piranha Plant," Peach giggled happily. "We took him along for you just as soon as you were admitted to this hospital. He seemed to be the only thing that made you smile,"

I paused, sitting up from the bed and walked towards the plant. I stared at it. I knew these things' bites could kill, but Peach exclaimed that it was my pet. Slowly, the Piranha Plant looked up, its eyeless face staring back at me. I stopped, wondering if I should pet it. I raised my hand towards it, holding my breath. I could feel Peach fixing my bed behind me, not watching, and gradually I placed my hand on its smooth head. I waited for it to bite…

…and it didn't. In fact, to my amazement, it lips curved into a smile, and it nuzzled its head against the palm of my hand, purring gently. It touched my heart.

I exhaled deeply.

"Hey little fella," I whispered, rubbing my index finger under its head and it tilted its head back, purring happily. "Aww…that's a good boy," I smiled so much my face began to hurt. I stroked its round, smooth head a few more times, and noticed that it would never bite me. "My little Petry…"

Whoa…how did I remember its name?

Then, I heard Peach giggle.

"That's better. It is always a pleasure to see a patient smile, especially you," She said. I leaned down and kissed the top of its head, making it purr louder and happily before I faced Peach. "Did you have a good night?"

"I…I don't know, but I can tell you, I had one hell of a headache when I woke up,"

"Poor you," Peach said sympathetically. "You've never really been sick, have you? I can tell. You're not used to lying around with people fussing over you,"

I shook my head. It was always so hard returning to awful reality, waking up hearing the sounds of daytime's typical routine. Now, I was in a hospital, where I will hear the constant rattle of food carts, the muted thuds of rubbed-soled shoes or sharp clicks of high-heels, the squeaking of wheelchairs and occasionally hearing someone in pain crying out for relief. And there was, always, that pungent, antiseptic smell of the hospital.

"I don't like hospitals," I replied lowly. Peach bowed her head.

"I understand. Hospitals can sometimes be a scary place, depending who is in charge, of course. But I can assure you, you are safe here with us. Your nightmare is over,"


Our conversation was interrupted when we heard knocking. Peach and I looked at the door.

"You return to your bed, sweetie, I'll answer the door,"

I nodded and sat on the edge of the bed. Peach was right. I was never used to having people fussing around with me. It was in my nature. To stick out, to be outside the box. I have walked through hell's gates, and returned on several occasions as much as I tried to decline. But I always walked out stronger and smiling. A pathetic little illness such as this can't bring me down.

How funny. My mother was always too proud. Declining help from others. It was until recently I accepted that fact that I, myself, was too proud. I can take care of myself…

Peach opened the door and I saw a small man. I almost instantly thought he was a dwarf, but to see those friendly blue eyes, bright smile and famous black mustache, how could I not know who he was.

Mario walked towards me, wearing his bright white doctor's attire, with a stethoscope around his neck and a clipboard hugged against his chest. On his head was a doctor's head-mirror, reflecting the glorious sun. He beamed his smile and I smiled back automatically. Peach closed the door.

"Ah, that's-a better. It's about time you smiled," He chuckled. I nodded. God, it felt as if I haven't smiled in years!

"Dr. Mario, I must ask you: What is going on? Why am I here?" I noticed that Peach avoided my question, but perhaps it was against her duty to tell me such information.

Dr. Mario blinked, as if I was crazy.

"You do not remember?"

I shook my head.

He frowned for a moment, and began to check through his clipboard.

"So, you're name is-a Wario-Girl, correct?"

I stared at him, and my jaw suddenly tightened, my voice turned sharp automatically.

"Yes. Now I'll ask you again, what has happened?"

"You are in the Mushroom-"

"Why?" I yelled, my frustration getting full control of me. I stood up and towered over Dr. Mario. Peach gave a small startled cry, horror washed across her face, but Dr. Mario gave me a straight face. His lack of reaction angered me even more. I wasn't kidding around.

For a time, nothing was said. The heaviness of my yell settled on us like a tank, and I felt the air around us go dark.

"I will give you the full details of it tomorrow, Wario-Girl. Right now, you are not in the right state of mind." My eye muscles tightened. And then he looked at me levelly. "All I can-a say is that, according to your husband, you were-a screaming in your sleep and your temperature was-a going high,"

I made a face of disgust.

"So you don't know?" For some reason, the whole 'husband' thing flew over my head until later on that night. I don't have a husband…

Dr. Mario suddenly beamed an optimistic smile, the dark shadows passed.

"But do not worry, Dr. Mario is-a here!"

Peach cheered and clapped her hands. I stared at her and back at Dr. Mario. What the fuck just happened then? Suddenly, everything was so happy-dappy?!

Well, that was Mario…forever optimistic…

Dr. Mario told me to return to my bed and took my temperature, along with a blood test. I frowned to myself. It seemed that no one was in a sharing mood. I asked everyone the question, and yet no real answer. I mean, it is my temperature, not theirs! But everyone avoids the question, as if telling me would get them sent to prison or something.

After recording the results, Dr. Mario and Peach flashed another cheesy smile at me, as if they have been rehearsing their smiles all nights. I felt bitter, and didn't smile back.

"It is-a time for you to rest, Wario-Girl," Strange how they even know that name of mine…

"Have a good rest, sweetie," Peach said sweetly, before Dr. Mario and Peach left the room, gently closing the door behind them, and then I was alone in the room again. Well, except for Petry.

"Damn…" I whispered to myself nastily. "They're hiding something from me, and I wanna know why!"

I walked towards the window and glared at the happy universe I was in. I didn't understand why I was here, but at the same time, I didn't care at the moment. I had a lot more important things on my mind. My hands were shaking violently. I felt so tired. And I was so angry. But why…?

Petry looked at me suddenly and I faced him. He seemed to have felt my anger, as he stared at me, somehow concerned. I smiled lightly and stroked the top of his head again with my fingers delicately. His purring calmed me down.


I sighed and kissed Petry again, my consciousness telling me to return to bed. I struggled my way and collapsed onto the bed, suddenly falling into a restless sleep before my body hit the bed…