Labels, Labels Everywhere, But None Of Them Are Me

By Shelby Allen

Don't call me crazy

My reasons may be hazy

But that doesn't mean I'm a freak

So I'm a little off

I hear you, don't scoff

Let's just say I'm unique

Don't call me insane

From these terms please refrain

Your attempts are futile for you see

I'm something you can't change

I'll always be strange

And always proud to be

Don't call me a distraction

I get that reaction

A lot more often than you think

But the odd color of my hair

And the clothes that I wear

Don't make me the missing link

Don't call me murderous

That's not very courteous

There's no reason to be rude

I may threaten you death

With every breath

But at most that makes my humor crude

Don't call me a loser

At least I'm not a boozer

Slumped drunkenly against a wall

If I partied every night

Instead of sitting down to write

You wouldn't be reading this at all

Don't call me creepy

Now I'm getting awful sleepy

This is the last one I shall explain

Why do you care what I do

What's it to you

Who cares if I'm not the most sane

Alright, Now I've kept my end

And a few hours I shall spend

In bed so my energy can renew

Sorry this isn't too long

Or catchy like a song

But insomniacs need some sleep too