Summary: Rose's POV of what happened at Soho House the night of Edward's Birthday Party.


I was sitting with Emmett, Jasper and Edward listening to the Bella beat the shit out of the paparazzi story for the third time for Jasper's benefit.

The Soho LA rooftop garden was gorgeous, had incredible views, glowing candles on the table tops and illuminated olive trees. However, instead of enjoying any of that, the boys were getting all worked up over the beating.

I'm just going to plan Edward's next birthday at a more suitable venue. Chuck E. Cheese seemed apt with as much immaturity as was going on in the room. Of course, if Bella surprised the hell out of me tonight and said yes to my brother, his next party would need to be an engagement party.

"She sprayed him with mace?" Jasper questioned, taken by surprise. "She seems like such an innocent."

Emmett chuckled from beside me. "Innocent my ass! Bootylicious has got some Layla Ali moves. She flattened the douche with a few punches. You should have her on your security detail, Babe," he smiled at me. That big goofy grin I feel in love with and the bright childlike eyes stared back at me.

Edward and I both rolled our eyes, but I was smiling. "She needs to be protecting someone far more important than me," I lectured. "And stop calling her that," I added sternly.

Edward nodded in agreement. "She has to stop being so reckless."

"Is she coming around at all?" I asked him hopefully, knowing that Bella was having a difficult time handling her status as newly pregnant.

"She seems to be," he answered. "She gave the baby a nickname at least."

"Well, that's something," I responded, with a smile. Jasper covertly pulled his phone out of his pocket and smiled upon looking at the display, before slipping it back in his pocket.

"Is your shorty coming tonight?" he asked Jasper, with a hint of suggestion.

Jasper side-eyed him. "Alice should be arriving with Bella shortly according to the text she sent me."

"Bella is with Alice?" Edward questioned.

"They were having some girl time, gossiping and deciding on outfits. Typical party prerequisite activities," Jasper shrugged like it was nothing out of the norm.

Edward was now gaping at Jasper. I'm sure my expression wasn't far removed from his. I supposed I shouldn't have been surprised that Bella was spending time with Alice, but I couldn't believe Bella was subjecting herself to primping. Edward did say that Alice was persuasive and Jasper was completely enamored with her off the bat.

I didn't realize that her and Bella's relationship was less like boss and employee and more like friends.

I took comfort in knowing that she was my best friend though. I was surprised at how quickly I liked her. She wasn't fake, she told me exactly how she saw things and she wasn't afraid to beat the shit out of someone who threatened her.

My kind of woman.

I only hoped she didn't see Edward's proposal as a threat. Although, seeing her pound on him a little bit would be gratifying and entertaining, no one was allowed to seriously injure him other than me.

When he told me of his intended plan to propose to Bella, the exact words that came out of my mouth were "Edward, if you are suicidal I could think of more humane ways to off you."

"She's going to say yes," he replied confidently. "I think."

Edward was always one hundred percent certainly unsure. He had the cocky facade, and the confidence and talent to act circles around his peers, but when it came to his personal life, especially with women uncertainty reigned. However with Bella, it not only reigned, but owned. She'd had complete control over him since they'd been together, but with that control she made him happy like no one else he'd ever been with.

Another reason I loved her.

It was hard to find someone to really share your life with in this business. Someone who isn't a gold digger or looking for a quick fling. Not that I was opposed to a one nighter when I was young and wild, but it gets hollow after a while; the endless parties, snickering at bitches who can't find their panties and the free flowing liquor, lose their appeal and you end up wondering what you're missing out on.

"I'm having a hard time visualizing Bella primping for this," I laughed. "She's not exactly known for her beauty rituals."

Edward laughed along with me. "Not that she needs to do anything to make herself beautiful," he commented. "Though picturing her in front of a mirror twirling isn't exactly registering."

"My powers of persuasion are unmatched, even against Bella," Alice chimed in as she walked toward the group.

She greeted us all, giving Edward a hug and saying happy birthday, before flitting over to Jasper. She was extremely petite, she looked like a nymph with her high cheek bones and dark cropped hair. I half expected her to sprout wings and fly around the room at any moment. She seemed nice enough and didn't appear the least bit intimidated by me.

Which was unnatural at best.

"I'll consider the Cinderella transformation I did for Bella your present Edward," Alice notified, with a grin as Jasper put his arm around her.

"I'm sure I'd be thanking you if I could actually see her. Where is she?" Edward quizzed, looking around nervously.

Alice smiled. "Her little 'passenger' made her dart off to the restroom. She should be here in a few minutes." A waitress came by to take her drink order, when she ordered a Rum and Coke instead of prissy Cosmo or something equally as feminine, I knew there was a little more to her than I originally thought.

Edward nodded and turned his head towards me. "Who else did you invite?"

"Just Dad and Esme," I answered. I respected Edward's wishes and kept the party small against Emmett's request to lug him and our friends to Vegas for the weekend. Edward never was one for anything extravagant anyway and I didn't want a repeat of the last time those two yahoos ended up in Vegas, as funny as it was.

"I tried to get Victoria to come, but she said she was taking a trip out of the country," I continued.

"Vic is in Cancun with Carmen for a week," Alice grinned.

Edward nodded in confirmation. "She told me limited details, but I knew she was going away."

"Pardon me a minute while I picture that porno," Emmett groaned, closing his eyes.

I sometimes wonder just what fucking age my husband actually is with some of the things he says and does. Most of the time his juvenile behavior added to his charm, but occasionally it was annoying as hell. It only took one glance into his eyes to dissipate the annoyance, because the glance reminded me how much I loved him and how grateful I was that he had accidentally come into my life.

Yes, he was my bodyguard and no, I'm not going into the parallels of the Whitney Huston movie that might resemble aspects of our story.

And God help you if you start singing the damn song, because I will end you.

"Maybe Alice and I could make out a little bit? Would a good girl on girl tongue wrestle finally get you off that train?" I glared at him.

"Fuck Cancun! Can they get us a inflatable pool and some jello in here?" he boomed.

I smacked my oh-so-eloquent husband upside the head. "Ow Babe, I was just joking. Mostly."

"What do you say darlin'?" Jasper beamed at Alice raising his right eyebrow and putting a gentle hand on her knee.

"Been there done that, Honey," she laughed. "I don't feel like putting on a live show of what I've already sampled in college."

Jasper's eyes grew wide and a salacious grin tweaked his mouth. "Still so many things I don't know about you Ali."

"I'm a treasure trove of undiscovered riches," she teased, happily settling closer to him.

It took Emmett a second to compose himself and continue his prodding. "You're missing out shorty, Rosie has a tricky tongue and tastes like bubblegum."

"I'll pass. No offense Rosalie. I'm sure your frenching skills are top notch and all, but women are crazy," Alice snickered.

I smirked. "None taken and I agree, but we're infinitely smarter."

"I resent that." Emmett huffed, but kissed my cheek.

"I didn't mean any harm sweetie, you just sit there and look pretty," I patronized.

Edward was strangely quiet, still expectantly scouting for Bella with nervous eyes. Bella didn't appear, but Dad and Esme arrived within minutes of one another. Dad in a light grey blazer, and slacks and Esme in a plum Givinchy that hit at the knee.

It was sort of strange how well they complimented one another in their apparel. Edward proceeded to introduce the two, I had already met Esme several months ago at a charity event for Dad's hospital and was happy to see her again and was extremely glad she was working with Edward instead of the idiot woman who had represented him for so long.

"We've met actually," Dad responded with a nod at Esme, while Edward attempted to introduce them.

"Yes, at the golf tournament, supporting organ transplants for Children's," she smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes.

"Oh, I thought you only met Rose there? I didn't realize," Edward shrugged and looked confused.

"No harm done," Esme replied with a genuine smile as she patted Edward on the shoulder. "Nice to see you again. Carlisle."

"Likewise, Esme."

I remember that night well, in fact she told her friend Jill, she needed to leave early because she wasn't feeling well and I don't remember her running into Dad before she made her frazzled exit.

"So when are you dropping the rock Bro?" Emmett quizzed, excitedly. I squeezed his left hand remembering his proposal to me.

That's a story for another time.

"I'm going to ask her tonight," Edward declared with broad smile. He was incredibly happy, but I could tell his nerves were shot to hell. With excellent reason.

As much as I liked Bella and thought of her as a sister already, and as perfect as she and my brother are together, she was going to be a hard sell when it came to this marriage business.

With as difficult as it was for Edward to get her to date him, I can only imagine what hoops he would have to jump through in order to get her to agree to become his wife.

Holy shit. My little brother was going to be a daddy and God willing, a husband. Where the hell did the time go? I remember when he was in diapers singing Rubber Ducky along with Ernie while sipping juice and practicing his aim with Cheerio targets in the toilet.

Mom used to clap when he would hit one and help him wash his hands when he was done. I always asked why Edward had different "equipment" and told her I wanted to borrow it so I could stand up and save time.

I thought of what she would be doing right now if she were here, and how excited she would be that she was going to be a grandma.

I sighed, and nuzzled up to my man, who put his arm around me instinctively knowing I needed a little extra comforting.

"Tonight?" Alice squealed quietly. "As in a few minutes? With all of us here?" I misinterpreted her tone for excitement at the prospect at being here for something that was going to be splashed across every rag and gossip site within the next few days, but I was mistaken.

"You're going to pat her down for weapons first, correct?"Alice quizzed further, her tone growing serious.

So she did know Bella well enough to know that my brother may get his heart broken along with his neck tonight.

Jasper flashed her a bemused smile. "You'd don't think she'd actually harm him with all these people present do you darlin'? Especially not for something like that. "

Four sets of disbelieving eyes immediately shot to his, including mine and Emmett's.

"Dude, you have no idea. Billy Jean should be working for the MI-6. Unlike this douche." Emmett motioned to Edward. "You should have seen the pap after she was done with him!"

Oh Jesus, Please not this story again.

"She's expecting," Jasper whispered. "Shouldn't that subdue some of her homicidal tenancies?"

Alice laughed, entertained with Jasper's naivety regarding Bella. "Oh, honey. No. In fact, if I know her as well as I think I do, Edward will be lucky if he's not in the hospital needing a tracheotomy when she shoves the ring down his throat."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Alice," Edward grumbled.

She put her hands up in a defensive manner, but was still smiling. "I apologize Edward, but I call them like I see them. I'm surprised your number wasn't up the minute she found out about the baby. How exactly are you alive?"

"A stroke of luck that she found someone to take her aggression out on before me," he answered with a smirk.

"I think it's romantic Edward, but I hope you're not simply doing this out of obligation. However much easier it will make my job, getting married due to circumstance isn't bound to end well," Esme warned lightly.

Dad cut in then. "What exactly are you inferring? Are you saying they shouldn't get engaged?"

"I'm not saying they shouldn't get engaged, I'm simply saying that in this day and age they don't have to," Esme defended with a smile. "Getting married is not an end all solution to everything."

"It's that kind of thinking that's led to the deterioration of morality in this country," Dad mumbled and took a sip of his wine.

"Dad," I interrupted harshly

"I don't think now is the time or place for this discussion," Edward interjected at the same time.

Our objections fell on deaf ears.

"Why? It is, in all reality, a piece of paper," Esme questioned, her hand resting on her hip.

Dad had gradually risen to his feet. "It's far more than that. At least my son is doing the right thing and I'm sure Bella will accept." He clapped his hand on Edward's shoulder.

"Thanks Dad, but I'm only doing it because it's right for us," Edward looked thoroughly exasperated and irritated. "I don't want to marry her because she's pregnant and I feel like I have to. I would have proposed a little later, but not by much."

"Well, there. You see?" Dad responded with a satisfied though tight smile directed at Esme. "The point is moot. It's right for them." Dad's gaze didn't break from her's.

Esme narrowed her eyes, and her body stiffened. "I suppose it is, for them. I was just telling Edward that he has options and doesn't have to kowtow to convention because his father may be pressuring him."

"I'm not pressuring him, he's a grown man and has his own opinions and ideals! He's not going to do a damn thing he doesn't want to! He obviously has strong feelings for Bella and she'd be a damn fool to say no!" Their faces were locked on one another, neither one of them backing away.

"That is enough Dad!" Edward growled, cutting him off and standing in front of him.

"Well, forgive me for speaking out of turn Dr. Cullen," Esme spat. "But above and beyond anything else I consider Edward a friend, and as such, I felt it imperative to offer up some advice based on life experience rather than archaic practices that might lead to heartbreak by doing things too quickly!"

Dad was dumbfounded by her response. Unable to come up with a retort before Esme turned to Edward.

"I'm sorry, but I think it's best if I leave. Have a wonderful birthday and good luck with Bella." She kissed him on the cheek before smiling sadly at all of us and walking away.

"What the hell is wrong with you tonight?" I all but screamed at my father. I couldn't believe he was acting like a petulant child on what could possibly be the biggest night of Edward's life. I knew he wasn't taking becoming a grandfather very well, but it didn't mean he could revert back to an adolescent.

"Seriously, what the fuck was that?" Edward barked.

"Nothing for either of you to worry about," Dad muttered.

"Like hell it wasn't Dad! You basically attacked her!" Edward countered, his jaw was tight and I never seen him that angry with Dad before. Not that I wasn't livid, but I couldn't figure out exactly what would make him respond like that.

Dad let out long cleansing breath and looked around apologetically. "She...pushed some buttons for me. That's all."

"Since when do you care so much about other people's viewpoints?" I quizzed. Something wasn't adding up.

"I..I need another drink," he mumbled and headed for the bar.

We were all stricken with confusion at what the fuck just happened.

"Can we see it?" Alice asked quietly. "The ring," she clarified sheepishly breaking the tension.

Edward relaxed slightly, but I knew he was still as confused as the rest of us. He quickly pushed it back and pulled out a little black box and opened it.

Alice gasped and I smiled watching the four carat asher cut ring sparkle via candle light.

"Oh it's gorgeous!" Alice gushed. "I would hate for that to have to be removed from your esophagus though. You didn't happen to bring a mouth guard did you?"

Edward shook his head and started to answer. "I really should have thought this..."

"The only place that ring is going is on her damn finger," I interrupted. "And she's going to love it."

Alice smiled and shrugged and Edward gave me a small smile in thanks.

"Man, you know this calls for a bachelor party! We're gonna put the Hangover douches to shame!"

"We are not doing Vegas, Emmett. I'm not bailing your ass out of jail again!" Jasper asserted.

"Fuck, I would have gladly bailed his ass out, if I didn't have to watch him lick the..."

"That's e-fucking-nough E!" Emmett growled.

I rolled my eyes. Same story different circumstance.

I knew no one was supposed to use their cellphones, but that was mostly to keep pictures of us from getting to the press, so I brought mine out and texted Bella.

Did you fall in? I know you're pissing for two now, but hurry it up

I was expecting her to respond with a zinger, but her answer worried me.

I'm waiting for a call. Be there when I can.

Alice must have noticed my reaction to Bella's text.

"Anything wrong?" she questioned. The men children were still clucking like hens about their ideas for the bachelor party and didn't notice my exchange with Alice.

"I think something is wrong with Bella," I answered.

Alice appeared worried. "It has been a while. We should go check on her."

I nodded and told the men we were going to the restroom, but I doubted they could hear us over my husband's booming disclaimer about making sure a "chick is a chick" and not a "chick with a stick" this time.

"Are you sure she even went in here?" I questioned as we arrived in the bathroom.

"It's where she said she was going," Alice responded back in a whisper.

I saw Bella leaning against the wall with her head in her hands.

"There you are! What is..." I started to questioned as she turned to face us.

What I saw next scared me to no end.

Her face was a complete mess. Her eye makeup smudged and caked around her puffy red eyes. She looked broken and petrified.

I was ready to go fucking postal on whoever the hell had done this to her, assuming it wasn't my little niece screwing with her hormones and making her bawl.

I hurriedly walked over to her. "Sweetie, what the hell is going on? Are you okay?" Really hoping it was her succumbing to a pregnancy pitfall, than some asshole I needed to deal with.

She swallowed thickly and started rambling about how she felt horrible and that she was bleeding and she needed to get to Cedars as soon as she could to meet her doctor.

It only took me a few seconds to piece together what she was saying and how I needed to act quickly, but first Edward needed to be here to calm her down and go with her.

I took out my phone and immediately dialed my brother, hoping he hadn't switched it to silent.

"Who are you calling?" Bella questioned, her voice still thick with tears.

I knew she was upset and possibly delusional, but she couldn't have believed for one second that I wouldn't be telling Edward what was happening. I gave her a look that clearly said whatever I damn well think is best.

"Don't Rose!" she pleaded. "It's Edward's party for fuck sakes! He can't leave and I don't want to ruin it."

I think the awkward exchange between Esme and Dad already did I thought.

"Bella, I love you, but shut off the crazy for a few minutes," I warned, waiting for Edward to pick up, encouraged that it was actually ringing instead of going straight to voicemail.

I walked over to the door and heard Bella shout something as he picked up.

"Rose, where the hell are you? Did you find Bella?"

I proceeded to tell him what was happening and I hardly finished, before he told me he was half way there and hung up.

In a few seconds, I called down to arrange a car to be ready immediately and opened the door just as Edward was about to barrel through it.

"Where is she?" he asked breathlessly running his hands through his hair, his worried eyes already scanning.

I didn't have time to answer before Bella leapt up and practically ran into his arms.

Instructing them to call me with news and informing them about the car downstairs, they took off for the elevator.

"Wow, that was a little intense. I hope everything is alright," Alice fretted.

"So do I. At least we know she wants that baby," I confirmed.

"And that she is going to be Mrs. Edward Cullen," Alice smiled with a giggle.

"How do you know she's going to say yes? A minute ago you were so sure that she would shove the ring down his throat?"

"I was giving Edward a hard time. We both know that on a normal day Bella wouldn't think twice about doing something like that, but I think with all the crazy hormones affecting her, he might have a prayer.

In fact, I'm pretty certain of it. And if not, you and I can tag team her pregnant ass and knock some sense into her."

"I think I might love you Alice," I responded, somewhat shocked that she was willing to rough up Bella.

"Hazard of knowing me," she giggled. "You're not too bad yourself."

We quickly walked back to the roof and over to our men. Dad, Jasper and Emmett waiting for us with concern written on their faces.

"We heard. What's going on?" Jasper questioned, as Alice sat next to him.

Emmett grabbed my hand to help me sit. "Is Billie Jean ok? What's happening with my nephew?"

"We don't know yet baby, we're thinking everything will be alright," I comforted. I loved how much concern he had for his family.

"As I was telling Edward, bleeding in the first trimester is very common. It often isn't something to be overly concerned about, but should be checked on. Bella is young and healthy, it's probably nothing," Dad informed, taking a slow sip from his wine glass, draining the last of it.

I could tell he was feeling guilty. He had been so preoccupied with his age and becoming a grandfather then getting into a skirmish with Esme on the night his son is going to propose and if they lost the baby...

Well, I wouldn't allow my thoughts to go there, because it would crush Edward and obviously shatter Bella.

I almost felt like I had two brothers rather than one and a father. This was entirely out of character for him though and I couldn't believe it all stemmed from Edward starting a family of his own.

"Does anyone know when they started seeing each other?" Jasper asked. "I know it was before I met Bella, but I only remember Edward mentioning her a few times before that."

"On that note, I'm going to get another glass," Dad interrupted, and stalked towards the bar.

Emmett and Alice both snickered, though I was rolling my eyes. I remember exactly when that was, I couldn't believe he actually showed up at Globes minutes after...

Not going to let my thought wander to that nastiness either.

"Globes," both Alice and Emmett said in unison, although Alice was smirking and my man was shuddering.

"Does anyone know if he actually had her thong in his pocket when he was on the carpet that night?" Alice whispered.

Emmett raised his hand. "I can attest to that shit. It was sticking out of his pocket before he got out of the limo. I asked him if he was going to come out as a cross dresser on national TV or if he had stolen a souvenir from his porn star screamer! He told me to shut the fuck up while he shoved it back in!"

"So it was true? I thought Bella was bullshitting me." Alice was getting a little loose.


"Whoa, you two know entirely too much about other people's sex lives," Jasper commented.

"I agree and one of them is my brother so this shit had better stop now. Because that is just too many levels of fucked up."

"I thought he was sweet with the tulips though," Alice whispered to Emmett.

"I thought she was sweeter with the response. Shorty has got a smokin'..."

I turned sharply and pinched Emmett's nipple. "Ow fuck Rosie that hurt! I'm all for the rough stuff, but give me a fucking safe word first!"

"Then don't talk about her like that in front of me!" I gave him the look all wives learn the minute they say "I do."

"Sorry baby, I only have eyes for you," he cooed, following it up with the most unbelievable puppy dog face.

"Save that for when your ass is actually in the doghouse," I chastised, and kissed him gently to let him know that I wasn't exactly mad.

"You guys should have seen them at Voyeur," Jasper started up again. "I thought I was going to spontaneously combust from all the sexual tension in that room for the three seconds I was there. I 'd never seen anything like it."

"You're telling me," Alice and Emmett both chimed in together.

"Jinx! You owe me a Rum and Coke," Alice laughed pointing at Emmett.

"I'll gladly get you another one Ali," Jasper offered. "But I want to give my mom a call first, see if she's settled in at the hotel." He kissed the top of her head as he stood.

"Tell her I said hello and I look forward to meeting her tomorrow," she responded with an air kiss and a wave. He nodded with a smile and made his exit.

"You're meeting his mom?" I asked.

"Yes." She bounced a little bit. "I'm nervous. She's never liked any of his past girlfriends, but he did admit most of them were dumb as a post."

"I've met a few of them and I would say that's putting it mildly. You're leaps and bounds above those trashy bimbos."

"Thanks, Rosalie that's sweet of you to say," she responded.

"Hey Leslie was nice," Emmett argued.

I stared blankly at him for a minute. He must be joking. "Leslie? The girl who couldn't figure out how Edward and I could be in the room with her and be in the movies at the same time?!"

"Because, like, how are you like two places at once?" I reenacted her high pitched air-headed tone and shook my head to clear the incoming stupidity from even thinking about her.

"I didn't say she was smart," Emmett chuckled.

Alice was scowling. "What the hell would he see in someone like that?

"I have no idea," I answered holding my hands out from my breasts to show the size of Leslie's girls, while looking at Alice.

She gaped at me for a second, then a look of agitation came over her face.

"Hey, that was years ago. Jaz has matured a lot since then," Emmett defended.

"He really has. His taste has improved tremendously," I complimented Alice.

Jasper made a well-timed appearance shortly after, but he was clearly out of sorts.

"What's wrong honey?" Alice asked immediately jumping up to stand by him.

He took Alice's hand and turned to me. "You're not going to believe this, but I think...I think I just saw your dad rounding second base by the bar," he grimaced.

He couldn't mean what I think he did could he. "As in...?"

"'As in' there is no baseball diamond here, but there seems to be very inebriated Esme that is enjoying the two hand touch your father is playing."

"That's football," Emmett scoffed, but as he realized what Jasper was actually implying, his eyes

grew wide. "Dad is getting his mac on with Esme?!"

"It appears that way," he answered, with a shrug.

"I've got to confirm this," Emmett said, making his way past me.

I was still in shock. What the hell? Jasper had to be wrong. Dad wouldn't do that. Not with someone he just met and especially not with Edward's publicist.

I'm not naive, I'm sure my father has engaged in that since Mom, but...

Jesus my thoughts couldn't go there either.

"Baby, you coming with?!" Emmett questioned.

This was too weird. Did I want to go spy on my father while he fondles someone or wonder if he actually is and not know for sure?

I must be a fucking masochist.

I suddenly had to know. I was sure Jasper was wrong.

"Let's go," I muttered.

The four of us followed Jasper to where he said he saw them, but the corner was empty.

"Whitlock what is wrong with you?! I growled. "Why would you say that when..."

Alice yipped and pointed towards the elevator. "Look!"

As the doors were closing, I caught sight of Esme and Dad groping and kissing each other like their lives depended on it.

Emmett let out a booming laugh. Alice squealed, Jasper chuckled, and I wanted to immediately find some eye bleach.

I settled for the next best thing and went to the bar to try and kill the last of my brain cells instead.