Title: Dreams That Can't Be Real

Author: Dreamwind

Warnings & Disclaimers: See previous chapters

Winterfall drifted in and out of sleep. His world was all white, shifting colors only every so often. The wind ruffled his hair and snow landed on his face, sticking to his eyelashes. He looked around again and found that the old man was gone, and he had been abandoned out in the snow. The wind howled louder and Winterfall shuddered. Why had he been left alone? Had he done something to anger the old man? Winterfall pushed himself up out of the snow. Staggering he began to leave the small clearing he had woken up in. He clung to the bearskin blanket as he slowly left. His bare feet sunk deep into the snow, crunching softly under his weight as he moved.

"Where did you go, old man. . . ?"

Winterfall stumbled and clutched a nearby tree branch to keep from falling on his face. Panting, he waited. As his breathing calmed the world began to seem less gray and the nauseating spinning disappeared. Winterfall again began to move. He couldn't stay out here. Hadn't the old man said something about there being dangerous animals in these parts? And surely they must be dangerous to live in such god-forsaken cold. Winterfall shivered. He didn't feel the cold at all, in fact he felt warm as if he was out in a lower climate under the summer sun. Hmmm. I must be getting frostbite or something, he thought.

As Winterfall continued to travel through the forest he began to forget his surroundings. His mind wandered into the void that seemed always at the edge of his thoughts. He became so lost in his thoughts that he never saw the strange block of ice next to the trees. If he had, Winterfall might have stopped to help the old man who had taken care of him. But he never noticed and the old man remained where he was, forever frozen in a solid block of unnatural ice.

Nyssah watched as some of the children from GhostCat Clan chased after Ramsey. The sticky fingered little brats trying to touch him had immediately offended the cat. And so they ended up playing an odd sort of catch, where Ramsy seemed to have become the prize. As another of the children got close to grabbing him, Ramsey let got an angry yowl and swipped his claws at the boy. The boy fell backwards into a puddle of mud as he tried to avoid the sharp claws. The other children laughed, but were not deterred in their own pursuit. Ramsey made one last made dash and dove under Firesong robes, hissing at the children. This caused several of the watching adults to burst out laughing. Firesong simply looked startled for a moment as he looked down at the hairless, hissing cat, hiding between his legs.

"Nyssah would you be a dear and remove your cat from it's current hiding place."

Nyssah chuckled. "Arrre you ssurre you want me rrreaching down there, Firrresssong?"

It seemed to take everyone a moment to process the fact that the normally shy gryphon had actually made a joke. Then they burst out laughing all over again. As Nyssah got up to do as she had been asked, a brave child dashed forward lunging at Firesong's robes. The mage yelped and the child managed to snatch Ramsey out from under Firesong. Nyssah couldn't help it. She began to snicker as she watched the triumphant child dance around holding Ramsey up in the air. That cat was going to wreak some terrible vengeance, she was sure.

Ahhh…..I'm so sorry it took this long to update and this is all there is. I really wanted there to be more but I've been distracted a lot this last year. Please don't give up on me just yet. I will continue to to update my stories, it just might take