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Other Worldly Beauty

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Chapter 1

(Bella's POV)

I sat alone in the back of my first period English class waiting for it to start. I looked at the empty seat where HE used to sit and the familiar hole in my chest seemed to flare to life. My eyes began to tear up and I pulled out my compact and quickly dried my eyes before any of the other students noticed. There were dark bags under my eyes from lack of sleep or waking up screaming from nightmares and my skin was paper than usual and dry from constantly crying. I had my hair pulled back in a low ponytail because I just lacked the effort yo bother doing anything nice with it. Who am I trying to impress? The love of my life is gone and took his whole family with him.

"Attention class, it seems we have a new student today. Jayden?" Mr. Birdie gestured towards the open doorway where the most beautiful girl I had ever seen came in the classroom. Her long dark blonde hair fell in long ringlets down to the center of her back and had lovely auburn and light blonde highlights dancing through it. Her green-blue eyes stood out on her face along with her pale skin that just seemed to glow. She had a body that every girl would kill for and stood about 5'6 and her tight. Dark yellow dress showed off her curves and stopped about mid thigh. Over her spaghetti strapped dress, she wore a white jean jacket that came down to right under her breasts. She wore gold heals that gave her flawless legs that legs for days look to them. Her beauty surpasses Rosalie by far and could make even the prettiest girls feel self conscious.

She stood in front of the class and smiles a shy smile and I have to think to myself that that is another thing that makes her prettier than Rosalie who always wore a permanent scowl and was always so vain. You could just tell that this Jayden loved to smile and was a kind soul. You could see she was honestly insecure and obviously had no reason to be. "Why don't you tell the class a bit about yourself and where your from?" Mr. Birdie suggested obviously as entranced by her as the rest of the class was.

"Hi." She waved in a very familiar musical voice. The same voice that supernatural beings have, which caught my attention for the first time in the past two months when the Cullen's left. "My name is Jayden DelCampo. I'm from Napa, California and am an only child. I like to read, and I love art." She said.

"Thank you very much, Ms. DelCampo. If you could please take a seat in the back next to Ms. Swan, we can get started. Ms. Swan, can you please raise your hand?" Mr. Birdie asked and I raised my hand.

I watched her as she made her way down the isle to the desk connected next to mine, studying her movements and how she almost glided as she walked. She sat down and looked to the front of the room as Mr. Birdie began his lecture on 'Of Mice and Men'. I subtly looked over at her from time to time, studying her and her other worldly beauty. Eventually, Mr. Birdie assigned us a project on the book with our partner.

She turned in her seat and gave me a small smile. "Hi, I'm Jayden. What's your name?" She asked.

"Isabella. Bella Swan." I answered in a monotone, entranced by her beauty but as an experiment, stuck out my hand for her to shake. She eyeballed it for a second, before hesitantly accepting my hand.

Just as I thought. Cold.

I looked to her eyes and saw that the blue green color matched Jasper's eyes, except instead of gold running through from the center, it was red. Of course, you had to be looking or you would never have noticed it. Either way it was beautiful. Maybe she was an anomaly like Jasper? He is the only vampire I have met without either red or gold eyes. She slowly took her hand back and took a deep breath and sighed.

"Looks like we are going to have to talk after school, huh?" She asked.

"Yes, but don't worry. You're not the only one I've met. I won't tell." I answered, still looking at her. She looked me with wide eyes, but let it go for now, accepting what I told her and got started talking about our project.

By lunch time, Jayden was all anyone talked about. All the guys wanted to date her, all the girls wanted to be her friend. It was very off considering the fact that humans were supposed to steer away from vampires, not gravitate towards them. I could see that all the attention was making her very uncomfortable as I watched alone from the Cullen's old table. She was at the salad bar getting her props while looking around for a place to sit. I noticed everyone was on edge, waiting to see which one of them she would dot with, so you can imagine the shock as she walked towards my empty table and took her seat. We sat in silence for a few minutes while she tossed her food aimlessly around on her plate while I sat there playing with the hem of my shirt.

"So, whats the real story?" She asked out of the blue.

"Excuse me?" I asked confused.

"The gossip queens over there told me you've gone crazy and how you're not speaking to anyone or dating, because your boyfriend and his family moved to LA and broke up with you." She explained softly, watching me for any reactions I may have. When she saw none and received no answer, she continued. "There has to be more to the story for you to be this sad for this long and to this extent over a break up. Please, tell me about it?" I looked at her feeling shocked and almost happy. Here was someone I could actually talk to about the supernatural and what really happened to me. Someone I could really be friends with, because, lets face it, it's hard to be an ordinary human with human friends anymore after being exposed to the supernatural. How could I be truly friends with someone that I can't be honest with? Sure, I can have acquaintances, but it pays to have a real friend. Not only that but everyone seemed to turn their backs on me here in this school. I mean, being as depressed as I am, people just stopped trying. Now, here she was, a supernatural creature I can be honest with and despite everything she heard about me, she is still willing to try.

So, I told her. I told her about first meeting HIM. About him saving my life, then ignoring me for weeks and how I figured out what he was. I explained about the men in the alley and how HE saved me then took me to dinner where we proceeded to clear the air with my knowledge of him and him answering questions about himself and his gift. I told her about the meadow, meeting his family and the lullaby he wrote me. Then I proceeded with the baseball game where James and his coven made their appearance and his sick game where I had to leave town and go to Phoenix. About the ballet studio and getting beat and bit where HE decided to suck the venom out, stopping my transformation and ending up in the hospital.

I told her about having a wonderful, almost dream like summer where I got to know everyone aside from Jasper and Rosalie on an intimate level. Then, I told her about Jasper attempting to attack me at my 18th Birthday only two weeks into this school year. About how for 3 days HE began acting distant, then on the third day, he took me for a walk in the woods. Went on to tell me he and his family were leaving and that I wasn't to come. That he didn't want me and said I was not good enough for him. He made me promise not to do anything reckless and that it would be the last time he would see me. How he left me broken and crying in the woods trying to follow after him.

That I was missing for 13 hours before Sam from the reservation found me as a part of a search party. How I've been catatonic for the last 3 months and only speaking when spoken to. How one by one my friends all gave up on trying to even talk to me. My emails to Alice that never go through. How all I do when I get home from school is sit and stare at my window he used to come through. Not even bothering to cook for my Dad any more and that he is at the end of his rope. She listened intently, not interrupting but her emotions were written straight across her face.

"What was the doctor's name again?" She asked.

"Carlisle. Why?" I answered confused. She looked almost angry. "Jayden? What's wrong?"

"I am not what you think I am. I don't understand how the oldest had eyes like..." She trailed off before going switching the topic. "But I am no animal drinking vampire. I'm not even of that species. But we will talk on that later. Just know that Carlisle has taken two I loved so much from me and I don't know if I can forgive what he did." She ended in almost a whisper, yet it was strange I could still hear her with the loud noises of the canteen. I was confused how this could happen and if she wasn't a vampire, what was she? "If is one of my talents. No one can hear us and we can hear each other just fine." She said as if reading my mind. I nodded in understanding, but before I could ask anymore questions, the bell rang signaling the end of lunch.

The day finished in a blur as I thought more about the girl who had Edward's old seat in many of my classes. I tried to think about what she could be as I walked to my truck, but came up short. I closed the door to my truck and started it up and before I could drive out of my spot, someone started to tap on my window. I jumped in my seat, but as soon as I saw it was Jayden I breathed a sign of relief and rolled my window down.

"Hey, I am going to follow you to your house, then you are going to jump in with me. We need to finish our talk in from lunch, so call who you need to so we can keep moving. Somethings off with the future and I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing yet." She rushed out, then walked away to her car at a quick walk.

On the drive home I called my dad at the station.

"Bells? Is everything OK?" He asked almost alarmed. Not that I blame him. I haven't called him at work or came out of my room since before HE left.

"Yeah, Dad. Everything is fine. I just wanted to let you know I'm going to a friends house." I answered.

"Your going out? That's great, Bells! You need to rejoin the land of the living." He said to which I about cracked a smile. If only he knew. "So what's her name? Or his name?"

"Her name is Jayden." I told him.

"Oh! That new girl from Napa. That's nice kid. Don't worry about anything at home. I'm going to be at the Clearwater's all weekend helping Sue. So if your going to be staying there that's fine." He told me.

Sue's husband and my dad's. Close friend Harry had a heart attack while hunting some bears or something. Dad and Billy Black have been taking care of her and her two kids.

"OK dad. I will talk to you soon. I'm leaving my truck at the house so if you need to use it today for any reason go ahead. Bye." I hung up the phone feeling good that I could make my Dad happy after everything he's been through these past 3 almost 4 months. From the way I have been acting with my depression, to loosing a close friend...Charlie has been feeling extremely helpless.

For the first month after HE left, I didn't even go to school or leave my room. Charlie had my Mom come up to try and help and when that had no effect, they threatened to send me to Jacksonville to where I threw a fit and at least started attending school again. He even had Jacob come over to try and pull me out of my funk, but he stopped trying about a month ago as well.

I pulled up at my house and got out of my truck, then proceeded to take my school bag inside and up to my room. I heard a tapping on my window that I always kept open, just in case, as Jayden slipped through.

"I heard your Dad say that if you wanted to stay over that you were allowed. Since he won't be here all weekend and we have a lot to talk about, why don't you pack a bag and stay? If you want to leave at any point, I will bring you back." She said as she took a seat on my full sized bed. I nodded my head and grabbed a bag from the floor in my closet and began to get a few outfits together.

As I made my way back from my dresser to my chair to get my jacket, I tripped over a loose floor board and began to fall. I prepared for impact, only to feel a pair of cool arms around me as she righted my stance.

"Are you OK?" She asked concerned.

"Yeah. Tripping or falling is a common occurrence for me. I'm a bit of a klutz." I answered with a small smile which disappeared when I thought about how HE was the one who used to catch me. My eyes began to tear up as I thought about him, but I shook them off and turned towards the floor board. "That's weird. This never used to be sticking up." I said to myself as I knelt down and examined the floor.

I noticed that there seemed to be something under it so I began to fiddle with it and shocked myself when I saw how easy it came off. I looked up at Jayden who was watching with interest on my bed, then back down as I reached down inside and picked up a medium black satin bag. I replaced the missing floor board and took the bag and sat in the middle of my bed and emptied the bag of its contents. Tears came falling down my face as the hole in my chest opened up in pain as I looked at the face of the boy who broke my soul.

Inside the bag were all the pictures I had of the Cullen's and HIM, the CD HE made me with my lullaby on it, the necklace Rosalie bought for my birthday, all the notes I had that he and Alice had wrote me, the plane tickets to Jacksonville from Esme and Carlisle, and a small rectangular box wrapped in Robin's egg blue paper with a white bow with an envelope. A sob escaped my throat as Jayden wrapped an arm around my shoulders as I let the tears fall.

About a half hour later, I had calmed down enough to talk and sort through all this.

"When I woke up the morning after he left, after the doctor checked me over again, I went to get my CD to play my lullaby and noticed it was missing from my stack of CD's. I panicked and began to look for anything that proved he was real, only to find that he took everything. Any notes we wrote each other, the plane tickets his parents gave me for my birthday, a necklace his sister gave me for my birthday, pictures of him and his family...everything except the radio that Emmett and Jasper got me for my birthday. Other than that, the only thing I had to remind myself of him and his family is this." I explained, showing her the bite mark on my wrist from James.

"Why would he take your things away? Only to leave them under the floor?" She asked as she began to look through the stack of photos.

"He promised that it would be as if he never existed. He should have known it was impossible to forget someone like him. Let alone a family of vampires." I answered while tracing my finger tip over the cool bite mark on my wrist.

Suddenly, I heard her gasp. I looked to see what was wrong and found her looking at the picture of HIM and I with Jasper casually lounging in the background.

"Is this the one who you said had eyes like mine where it made you assume that I too was a vampire?" She asked gaping at the picture.

"Yes...that's Jasper Hale, Alice's mate and husband." I answered. "Why, what's wrong?" She looked at the picture skeptically and moved on to a picture of Ed-HIM, Emmett and Rosalie and sighed wistfully before putting the pictures down before turning to me.

"Nothing, forget I even asked. Aren't you going to open your gift and letter?" She asked effectively changing the subject. I decided to let it go, but only for the time being as I took a deep breath and nodded and picked up the light blue package and carefully opened it.

Inside was a navy blue soft box and I carefully opened it to find a bracket with a heart shaped charm. I saw that there was an inscription on the charm and looked closely and read:

'In my heart always...'

I wiped away a tear that fell and slowly opened the letter with the same colored envelope and my name in white writing. I opened the folded letter in HIS good stationary.

My Dearest Isabella,

If I live to be 1 million, I still don't think I will find it in myself to forgive myself for lying to you and then leaving you. I write you this letter in hopes that if you one day find it, along with your things, and that you will come to understand why I did what I did by leaving the way I did.

First, I need to tell you that I lied. I never stopped loving you and I know I never will. I had to lie about my feelings for you in order for you to let me leave as much as it killed me. Your not safe in my world, Bella. You deserve a normal human life with a human husband and surrounded by your children and grandchildren. To grow old with the one you love and have him give you all the things I cannot. Then when you pass on from this life, you will have a shot at heaven and have your soul. That which I could never take from you. I love you far too much for that.

Please do not be upset with the family. They wanted to say goodbye but I thought a clean break would be best. But they send their eternal love and gratitude for everything you have done for them and myself.

I apologize from the bottom of my dead heart and I never meant to hurt you and I want you to know that I will never forget you and will carry you in my thoughts always. I want you to know that I couldn't bare to go without leaving a bit of myself here with you. Not only that, but I left my heart with you as well. Goodbye my love and please be safe.

All my love,

Edward Anthony Masen-Cullen

I was full out crying by the end of his letter. Jayden had her arms comfortingly wrapping her arms around me.

"Now that seems more like the Edward I know." She whispered to herself to which I whipped my head around to face her.

"You know him?" I asked surprised and almost hopeful. She nodded her head looking down at her hands in her lap. "How?"

"I will tell you everything, I promise, but not until we are at my house. Your father will be home in ten minutes." She said as she took my new bracelet out of it's box and carefully placed it on my wrist, on the one with the bite mark and stood. I stood along with her, picking up my bag and the black satin bag with my things from HIM and followed her down the stairs. We walked out my front door and I locked the dead bolt and turned to find a beautiful baby blue Viper parked behind my truck. How I didn't notice it beforehand, I had no idea.

"Wow." I said to her to which she smiled in thanks back.

I opened my car door only to realize they open upward like the Lamborghini's and Ferrari's do. I slid into the black leather seat, noticing the doors open and close automatically as I put my seat belt on in awe.

The car had lots of black, baby blue and crone as its main colors and a touch screen radio and DVD player.

She drove as fast as all the mythical creatures I've met so far drive. Smooth and fast.

We arrived at her house within 10 minutes. Her house, if you could call it that was deep into the wood's off a hidden drive, right next to a very large lake and was very similar to the Cullen's window wise. The 3 story house, not including the basement, had lots of glass the length of the walls and light wood and stone. I noticed a large deck came from the second floor where I assumed the kitchen or living room was as we drove and parked inside the detached 4 car garage. She pressed a button on the door once the car was off and the doors automatically opened upward. I climbed out of my seat with my over night bag in hand and saw that she also had a white off-roading Range Rover, a huge black Ford F450 and a silver Ducati. There were a couple 4 wheelers and 2 dirt bikes as well.

As we walked out of the garage, I noticed a barn with horses grazing in the distance.

"Are they yours?" I asked.

She looked to see where I was looking and smiled. "Yeah. I've had each of em since they were colts. I have several houses like this around the world and I take them and my two dogs everywhere with me." She answered as she opened the front door and two large black pitbulls came bounding over to her. "This is Athena and Jerico. They are not actually real dogs, but I will go into that later. In the mean time, follow me and I will give you a tour of the property. In about two weeks, your Dad will be explaining that he will be selling your house and moving in with his friend Sue. Apparently, they are getting quite serious in a relationship that he will be telling you about this week." She explained winking in my direction as she stood up from giving her two 'dogs' attention.

I wasn't surprised to hear about Charlie and Sue. He has been over there more than he was at home and when he did come home, he always brought home meals for us from her house. But one thing he always made sure to spend the night at home for when I had my nightmares, making sure he was always there to calm me down. I was happy for him. He deserved some happiness in his life after the time he's had. I knew one day I would go away to college and it felt good to know that no matter what happened to me in the future, he had somebody now.

She lead me through the front doors into the main room. Spiral stairs circled the room to the many floors covered in marble and glass. It was so light and open in the house that you couldn't help but have your spirits lifted. From there I followed her through an archway to the side of the house to a beautiful kitchen. There was black marble counter tops and white cupboards with stainless steal appliances. Over looking the kitchen was a living room with a sectional, a chaise with a connecting ottoman and a large white entertainment center with a flat screen TV. Sliding glass doors took you to the deck high up and over looking the property.

"What's that house over there?" I asked pointing towards a small one story house with a small deck and hot tub.

"That is the guest home/cover home. Since I live here alone and am attending high school as an 18 year old, it would look odd with me owning all this on my own. So I had the guest house built claiming I rent it from the owners of this house considering the fact that it's normal for 18 year old's to have their own place. Sometimes I pose as my real age which is 21 and can pull off owning this house and all this." She explained while we looked over the view of the lake.

"Smart. Makes sense." I nodded then paused. "Why do you live alone?"

"I think it is time I tell you my story. First off...I am half demon, half phoenix. I am fairly young, almost a toddler compared to other demons or phoenix's. I have yet to meet another half breed with my heritage.


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