Part 3 in my take on Doctor Whoof: Vale Decem Equis, by Andrew J. Talo. I hope you people like it!

And hopefully, I will write more!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not own My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic or Doctor Who.

The materialization noise stopped, and the now tangible blue door opened, revealing the grey-coated pony that was piloting the wonderful machine.

"So…", he proudly said, "next stop, here… we…"

The Doctor stopped, as soon as he realized there were three ponies in front of him, one of them was a yellow Earth pony, with an orange mane. He barely noticed her carrot themed cutie mark as he turned towards the other two ponies, both whom he promptly recognized.

"Doctor?", asked the mother, who appear to have just got into the room in a hurry.

"Doctor!", cheered the younger one, who was sitting at a table, some toast and jelly already partially eaten on her plate.

"Back so soon? You just left… an hour ago!", Ditzy Doo quickly said, still caught by surprise by the fast return of her new friend. "Not that I'm complaining…", she quickly added, realizing how she may have sounded rude.

"Who are you?!", asked the other mare, open-mouthed about what she had just seen. "What… what is going on in here?!"

The colt smiled back, awkwardly.

The Doctor was sure, pretty sure he had set the coordinates for the outer limits of the galaxy, and yet, here he was, back in Ponyville – he checked his leg watch – after sixty-eight minutes.

And he managed to land right inside what he could deduce was Miss Doo's kitchen.

Miss Ditzy Doo and her daughter. Once again.

"This was not supposed to happen", he quickly answered, half annoyed, half in embarrassment, but he quickly recomposed himself. "Is that blueberry muffin I smell?', he asked, already trotting to the table, warmly ruffling Dinky Doo's mane, who smiled in response for the kind act.

The yellow mare kept staring at him, mouth open and wide eyes.

Ditzy walked past him, even though a part of her wanted to hug the colt, and she went straight to her friend, who she still did not have the opportunity to talk about the events of the previous night.

"You won't mind having an extra plate on the table, will you, Miss Doo?", he politely asked, already checking the tray of freshly baked muffins.

"Can the Doctor have breakfast with us, Momma?", asked the overly excited, bright shining eyes filly, following the older colt wherever he went.

"Of course, Sweetie!", Ditzy said, still checking at her friend. "Carrot Top, are you okay?"

"Ditzy, there is a strange colt in our kitchen, and he just appeared, out of nowhere, inside a blue box", she stated, her mind trying to understand all that had just occurred. "Certainly, I am okay."

"That's good", the Doctor congratulated the mare, oblivious to the signs of sarcasm, while helping Dinky carrying another chair from the living room. "Most folks would get a nasty shock out of all of these, let me tell you."

"Oh, really?", asked Carrot Top, who was clearly trying to control her temper over the intruder. Ditzy looked at her with pleading eyes. "So… who are you, exactly?"

"He's the Doctor", Dinky said.

"Hello!", he cheered back, with a grin, already checking the inside of their refrigerator.

"He's a friend we made yesterday, Top", Ditzy quickly explained. "He's… err… not from around?", she tried to explain, remembering what the Doctor had said earlier.

The Doctor nodded, in support.

"But, wait a minute, Doctor, you told me you were going for a small trip, why did you come back so soon?", the grey pegasus asked, her eyes crossing.

"Well, normally this would be the time I'd say something on the lines of 'I had been away for a lot longer than you'd think, Miss Doo…' but, in reality, I haven't!", he said, perplexed and a little joyful too. "Quite the opposite case, I have just left you on the alley when I closed the TARDIS' doors, and, when I get them opened, here I am, barely moved at all!"

Ditzy took a muffin from the tray, trying to understand what the Doctor had just said.

Carrot Top was, honestly, still angry with the invader, but the looks her friends were giving made her accept his obnoxious arrival just a little more.

She knew there were not that many ponies that could make Ditzy Doo so happy.

(Besides Dinky, of course.)

"So, what do you think it means, Doctor?", the grey mare asked, worried.

"No idea! Isn't it fantastic?", he asked, in full honesty.

His big grin captivated everypony in the room, including Carrot Top. Now that the tension had left them, she could really see the strange colt as just an absurd pony, with large flapping ears and big nose.

They were having a nice meal, with the Doctor occasionally (read 'constantly') dropping his butter knife.

"Still having trouble to hold thing with your hooves, Doctor?", Ditzy asked, helping the grown up colt.

'Just like only a mother would', Carrot observed, as The Doctor smiled sheepishly in return.

"The Doctor never had hooves before, Carrot Top", Dinky explained the unasked question. "He is getting used to them now."

"Never had hooves before?", asked Carrot Top, in surprise, loudly enough to get the Doctor's attention. "How's that supposed to be?"

"In my line of work, the unexpected always happens, Miss Top", the Doctor explained – then frowned, rambling. "'Miss Top'… 'Miss-Stop'… 'Miss, stop!'… Nope, sorry, don't like how that sounds. Ever thought about changing names?"

"Excuse me?", she asked, quite sure she heard him right.

"It's that Carrot Top is making me confused, that's all. Carrot Top is a comedian's name, not a pony's!", he explained.

The Doctor saw Carrot's outraged face, and Ditzy's nervous one.

"All right, if that's not possible, may I at least call you by 'Miss Carrot' instead?"

The mare blinked a little, caught by his odd behavior.

She got closer to her friend, whispering: "Where did you find this guy?!"

"Yesterday, the Doctor saved Dinky from being ran over by a fruit cart!", she explained, very apologetic. "I know he's a bit odd, but he's a nice colt, see?"

Carrot Top did see him paying attention, while Dinky Doo was explaining to him how to properly hold the knife with one hoof and the bread with the other.

"I suppose so", she agreed, then turned back to the colt. "Fine, call me like that if it pleases you, 'Doctor', but you did not explain what you meant with 'never had hooves before'."

"What is there to explain, Miss Carrot?", the Doctor asked, bothered. "I've never had hooves in my life, till…wait", he checked his leg watch once more. "… twenty hours ago. New body, new everything. Would you kindly pass me a muffin, Little Miss Doo? I think I got the hang of it."

"Wait", Carrot Top said, starting to get confused once more. "What you're saying does not make any sense, if you did not have hooves, what did you have?"

The Doctor sighed. "I can see this conversation is getting very old very fast. And you know what? A quick jaunt on the TARDIS might help you understand, what do you say, girls?"

Ditzy's eyes grew wide. "But, Doctor! You said…"

"I know what I said earlier, Miss Doo, calm down", he waved with both hind hooves, dropping once more the butter knife - 'Oh, come on!' "What I meant was, I'm not offering a big thing, it's just a quick jump, in and out of here so quickly you three won't even notice it! Nothing dangerous or too exciting, of course", he made a motion with his head towards Dinky Doo, who was oblivious to the meaning of this gesture.

"Oh…", Ditzy considered. She was aware travelling with the Doctor could get them in danger, but she was sure he would not put her family and friend in harm's way. "Oh, of course, whatever you say, Doctor!"

Both the Doctor and Dinky Doo beamed at her reply.

Carrot was way less enthusiastic.

"Come in, you three!", the Doctor invited, opening the doors and walking right in.

Ditzy and Dinky Doo walked right behind him, leaving a lone pony behind, still unsure of what they were playing.

"How can we all fit inside of this?", she asked unsure.

The Doctor's head showed up from inside. "Don't know about them, but I feel comfortable myself. Room to spare", he said with a smile.

Her standing eyebrow was not the response he was expecting for.

"Suit yourself, we're about to leave, hop in or…"

"Okay, okay!", she complained, passing him by and finally entering. "Crazy colt and his blue… CELESTIA ALMIGHTY!", he heard her say behind him, which made him smile as he closed the doors.

He found Carrot Top had been, almost literally, struck down by the shock.

The Doctor found her sitting down, trying to take in her surroundings.

"Cultural shock, happens to the best of us", he offered her, as he walked up the ramp to the Main Console, Ditzy Doo walking in the opposite direction to help her friend up.

Dinky Doo was smiling there, trying to see the bright buttons and levers above the panel.

"Want to help me fly it?", the Doctor asked the unicorn filly, who started jumping up and down. "I'll take that as a 'yes'!"

The Doctor turned a switch up, the panels lit in green light and the time rotor slightly turned blue.

"Right then, Miss Doo, you tell me", he offered her. "Where – and when – do you want us to go to?"

Ditzy blinked, unsure of what to say.

The Doctor kindly smiled in return.

"That's okay, I think I know just the thing to break the ice!", he said, spinning a wheel, pressing a row of buttons and pulling down a side lever.

The entire room shook a bit, the large column of the Time Rotor started going moving, up, down and back.

Ditzy held on to Carrot Top, who was holding on the floor with scared eyes, recognizing the noises that happened when the blue box appeared in the living room.

Dinky Doo was shouting excited, the Doctor safely holding her in a hug, while he grabbed at the edge of the panel.

The shaking stopped, a couple of levers automatically shifting up and down in the console, all by themselves.

"There you go, nice and easy!", he spoke, finally seeing the dishevelled state of the grown mares' manes. "What?"

They were both a bit in shock, as far as he could notice it.

"Oh… I forgot to tell you to hold on, didn't I?", he realized.

They both nodded, steadying themselves.

"… ops. Been a long time since I travelled with a companion. Sorry, Miss Doo. Sorry, Miss Charriot."

"It's Carrot", she corrected the colt.

Seemingly not aware of what she said, the Doctor walked past them.

Dinky Doo stood at her mother's side, worried about her.

"I'm fine, muffin", she replied smiling. "What just happened, Doctor?"

"Take a look and find out by yourselves", was his only reply before opening the doors.

"Woah", was what the three female ponies said at the same time, as they observed the outside.

"Couldn't have said it better myself", the Doctor joked at their sides.

In front of them, just outside the box, instead of their kitchen or their living room, there was space. Deep, vast, and unbelievably big space, as far as the infinite darkness could reach, with millions of billions of stars shining at all directions, the brightest one directly ahead of them, a fiery yellow sphere of incredible proportions.

"It's beautiful!", said Dinky Doo, in complete awe, while hugged by her stunned mother.

"I… I can't believe it!", said Carrot Top, also impressed, her previous annoyance gone. "We're in space, so that means… is that really…?"

"Yes. Yes, it really is", the Doctor confirmed. "The Sun. Specifically, your planet's sun."

The four of them stared at it, appreciating the powerful image. The Doctor took a peek at the ponies, his 'temporary' companions, and smiled.

That reaction of them. That pure, innocent look of amazement… that actually made him feel so young again. So free of the weight…

"Congratulations", he said to them. The ponies looked at the grey colt, distracted from the outside.

"What for?", asked Ditzy Doo, confused.

The Doctor smiled. "As far as I know, in your history, you are the first ponies ever to go out to space."

The pegasus, the unicorn and the earth pony stared at each other and looked outside, completely taken by the Doctor's words.

"Now, as a certain friend of mine once said, and I'll take the liberty of adapting it a little", the Doctor added, "it's 'a small step for ponies, a giant leap for…"

And, at that moment, something passed them by, a giant white object cruising across the space, straight towards the sun.

It was clearly bigger than Canterlot's Castle, made of metal, painted white with big letters painted in its hull.

"Okay, I was not expecting that", the Doctor said, completely taken by surprise, reading the name of the space vessel: 'E. S. S. ICARUS'

To be continued…