Part 3 in my take on Doctor Whoof: Vale Decem Equis, by Andrew J. Talo. I hope you people like it!

And hopefully, I will write more!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not own My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic or Doctor Who.

"Doctor!", Ditzy yelled, seeing the colt running back to the main console in the middle of the room. "What was that?!"

"That, Miss Doo, was a spaceship! A spaceship! But why?", he asked.

"Why what?", she asked him back, unsure.

"Why is there a spaceship out there, unless…", the Doctor narrowed his eyes, checking his instruments, then his face became full of gleeful surprise. "Oh, now that makes all the sense in the world."

"Doctor, you are the one not making any sense yourself!", Ditzy said, already noticing he was giving in to that enthusiasm of his.

Her friend and daughter were still watching the spaceship, now much smaller, with the same fascination.

The Doctor cleared his throat a bit. "Yes, well… there may have been an accident", he said, a bit of joy trying to show in a otherwise serious voice. "Amazing thing happened, I did set up coordinates for flying closer to your system's sun… and that has been a success, however…"

"However what, Doctor?", she asked, worried.

"However, the TARDIS seems to have made a bit of a miss on the local timeframe's landing. We travelled forward in time. Approximately five hundred thousand years!"

"WHAT?!", asked Carrot Top. "You mean we are in space and in the future?!"

"As I said, a mistake", the Doctor replied. "In my defense, the TARDIS has been a bit wonky ever since we arrived at you lot's Universe, I mean, it should not even be alive in the first place, let alone working! Stably travelling half a million years to the future in a foreign reality while landing with spatial pin-point accuracy, then, is nothing short of fantastic, if I may say so!"

Seeing as none of his temporary companions shared his opinion.

Even Dinky Doo looked a little flabbergasted.

'Flabbergasted… I like this word… maybe I'll save it for later', the Doctor mused himself a little, noticing Ditzy was expecting for him to speak something.

"Yes, girls, no worries, I promised an uneventful trip, I'll just set the coordinates back, and keep us away from the amazing fact that we've just found a spaceship flying straight to the sun", the Doctor spoke, in all seriousness.

Ditzy trotted near him, as he kept checking some switched to flip on and off repeatedly.

"Doctor…", she started saying.

"Miss Doo, I'm not sad", he quickly said. "Really, I'm a responsible colt, I know what I'm doing, and what I'm supposed to do…"

The grey Pegasus put a hoof over his own, which was already holding a lever.

"Take us there, Doctor", she told him.

The Doctor's eyebrows shot up, his blue eyes stared at her intently.

"Is that what you want, Miss Doo? Really?", he asked, and she could feel that this was the Doctor she had seen before, the one in the Everfree Forest. "I must warn you, you're going to see all sorts of things, good and bad. Ghosts from the past? Aliens from the future? Long forgotten heroes and threats yet to come? The day Equestria is no more? English muffins? I frankly have no idea. I do know it won't always be quiet, or safe, or calm. But I'll tell you what it will be: the trip of a lifetime."

She stayed quiet for a moment, then nodded.

He closed his eyes, in return, satisfied.


"Project Icarus, day 89. Report by Captain Minyonette. This… this is it", the mare took a pause for a breath, controlling her own excitement. "In less than twenty four hours, the Icarus will reach its destination, the Sun. We're a week ahead of schedule. Even had to tell Hemera – I mean, Officer Orfeather to slow us down a bit, Lieutenant Colton needed the time to finish triple-checking the systems. My First Officer gave me the 'hoof up', we're good to go… pause report."

"Report paused", came the automatic reply from the computer.

Minyonette was, as usual, staring the space through her window.

'Good to go', she minced the words, over and over. After a decade of planning and building the ship, and three months of travelling with the most powerful engines ever made by ponies, they were finally fulfilling the Impossible Dream, to reach the nearest star to their planet.

Her crew, though lacking in numbers, more than compensated by their excellence.

Swarthy Colton, the young magical genius. Fresh out of the Magical Academy, practically rewrote the books on Magical Transportation in Vacuous Environments.

Hemera Orfeather, triple medal ace griffon pilot. Professional, sharp, skillful – though, sometimes, a bit impetuous.

Brunswick, their miracle worker down at Engineering. Minyonette had yet to see a machine the earth pony couldn't fix.

Doctor Phyllisha, her first officer and the mission's Healer. As efficient as a whole medical staff, as cool as an iceberg.

'Good to go is just not good enough to describe us.'

"Computer, resume Report. Better, impossible." – 'Now that's more like it.' – "Tomorrow, Icarus is finally going to have a meeting with a Star. End Report."

The blue doors opened up, two earth ponies stepping out of it.

"Ah, the whole package, artificial gravity, heating and atmosphere", the Doctor described out-loud in an approving tone. "Air smells sweeter than I'd expect, but, all in all, marvellous achievement!"

Carrot Top walked by his side, expectantly.

"You sure it's safe to just walk right in?", she asked, worried. "I mean, we are invading, right?"

"Like I'd let that stop us, we're on a mission!"

"Really?", asked the excited filly, followed by her mother. "Wow!"

"A mission? Seriously", said Carrot Top, not amused. That made Ditzy giggle.

"Why, of course, Miss Chariot" – "Carrot!" – "A mission for knowledge. New Universe, new things for me to discover and for you to learn. Or the other way around, that's the whole fun, isn't it?"

Ditzy Doo trotted closer to him.

"But Doctor, Carrot Top may be right. What if they don't like seeing us here?"

"What, a group of nice girls… fillies like yourselves?"

Ditzy Doo stared at him back.

"Oh, if that makes you feel any better…", the Doctor said, pulling out the sonic screwdriver out of his jacket's inner pocket. "… though it takes away a bit of the surprise."

He buzzed the tool around, much to Carrot's puzzlement.

"Here it is", he said, looking at the metal cylinder. "Equestria Solar Starship Icarus, crew of four, plus one captain. Blimey, talk about shorthanded."

"Short-what?", asked Ditzy, confused.

"Where?", asked Carrot, looking at the Doctor's tool, sure that there were, in fact, no words there whatsoever. "How do you know that?"

"I asked their computers nicely and got the info, how else?", the Doctor replied, annoyed.

"No, I mean…"

"This is a scientific vessel. Mission: orbiting the Sun, gather info, survive the trip back, the usual", he commented, in a better mood. "You lot are magnificent, you know that? Faring space, reaching for the stars, quite literally… Not much of a fan of the name of the ship, though."

"Why is that, Doctor?", asked a curious Dinky.

"Well, where I come from, there is a story about a fellow named Icarus and a moral about flying too close to the Sun, but I bet around here is just a coincidence", he explained. "Though, word of advice, just to be safe, don't get on board any ship called Titanic. Ever. Got it, Little Miss Doo?"

The little unicorn nodded her head, not making any sense out of what the Doctor just said, but feeling it was the right thing to do.

"Good! Hurry now, girls!", he said, excited. "As quick as we can, come along, come along! There's so much of this ship we still need to see!"

"Captain on the Bridge", the First Officer said, calling the attention of the griffon and the unicorn.

"Thanks, Phyl", the yellow unicorn said, passing through the back doors that beeped and closed back automatically.

Icarus' Bridge was an oval, metallic room, with enough space (heh) for the five of them to operate comfortably.

The seat in the middle of the room was hers, the Captain's.

Two stations were close to the viewscreen, Piloting and Navigation. Hemera gave a nod with her head while the light blue unicorn made an excited salute.

"Where's Brunswick?", she asked the pink pegasus, who sat on her right side, right next to the Scientific Database terminal.

She shook her head.

"You know him, Ma'am. Never one to sit still at the bridge", Phyllisha replied.

"That stubborn mule", she complained, eyeing the empty seat on her left, Engineering Station.

Minyonette returned to the back door's arch and pushed the intercom button.

"Chief Brunswick, your presence is requested at the Bridge", she ordered.

A few seconds later a low voice came through the speakers: "Something broke?"

"No, but…"

"Then I'll stay here, thank you very much, Captain. Brunswick out."

Minyonette rolled her eyes. "I swear, he worries so much about the engines, it's bound to jinx them!"

"Feeling superstitious, Captain?", the griffon joked.

"Oh, you know me, Hemera, I'm always watchful for curses and voodoo. That reminds me, I seem to have forgotten to bring my lucky horseshoe from my quarters."

"How dreadful", said Phyllisha, annoyed.

"Do not worry, Captain, I've been running a diagnosis check every ten minutes, all systems are within the acceptable efficiency variation – I could make exams more precise, though, perhaps I should…"

"Woah, woah. Lieutenant, that was a joke", Captain Minyonette explained to him. Seeing as he was still trying to understand it, she decide to go a little slower. "As in, 'I'm pretending to be afraid of mysticism when, in fact, I do not have a superstitious bone in my body'?"

The light blue unicorn blinked, his messy black mane untied as usual.

Eventually, his mouth made a shape of an 'O'.

"Now I get it!", he admitted too frankly.

"And he came with such credentials…", Minyonette said, rolling her eyes, in a disappointed tone, quickly realizing the colt was now getting scared.

"Arthy, that... was also a joke", the griffon told him, faceclawing herself.

Any comment from Colton was cut short because of the beep from the door.

"Well, about time", said Minyonette, quite surprised. "It's good to see you finally decided to join us, Mr. Brun…"

Everyone in the bridge froze, as, instead of the graphite coated stallion, there were four strangers in front of them.

The only colt of the four broke the pregnant silence.

"We come in peace!"

To be continued...