Robin in Peril By Robin Girl Water Trap

~~ This one is from the episode called Batman's Anniversary from the 60s series. ~~

"Robin?" Robin didn't answer and lay still unmoving. They had been fighting the Riddler under water and someone had pulled his breather off. Batman looked around and couldn't find Robin's breather.

"I've got to get him out of here." Batman dragged the boy's body and finally got out of the room that was filled with water. "Come on lad open your eyes.."

When Robin didn't respond Batman started CPR. Finally the Boy Wonder started coughing up large amounts of water. "Batman?"

"Shh..just finish getting it all out."

Robin nodded not in the mood to complain. After he was sure he wasn't going to cough any more water out he looked up to his mentor. "So..let's go after Riddler."

"Robin you just about died.."

"Holy Ressurection Batman, I'm ok.."

"Fine.." The Dark Knight helped the Boy Wonder up and followed him out..

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