Robin In Peril By Robin Girl Book Worm's Trap

(This is from the episode where Book Worm ties Robin up to the huge clock.)

"ROBIN!!" Batman cried running up the stairs. Chief O' Hara was right behind the Caped Crusader. The Caped Crimefighter stopped in his tracks when he saw his younger partner tied to the bell inside.

"Batman?" Robin replied quietly. His sight was still kind of blurry. He did know though that he wasn't moving anymore.

"Chief, move under Robin and get ready to catch if my reflexes fail me."

"Right, Batman."

Batman climbed up using his batrope then settled on a little ledge right where Robin was hanging. "Hang in there, chum." Using his batknife he cut the ropes that bound Robin. The Boy Wonder fell into Batman's waiting arms.

"Look out Chief, we're coming down."

Chief O'hara moved out of the way and watched as Robin climbed on Batman's back holding on as the Caped Crusader made his way down the rope again. "Begora, you poor boy. You alright, Boy Wonder?"

Robin was sat down against the wall. He was breathing hard still and his face still red from hanging upside down for a long time. "B..Batman? Did you get the Book Worm?"

Batman shook his head squeezing Robin's shoulder reasurringly, "No, but don't worry, chum. We'll get him before the night's over with. Are you alright?"

"I think so Batman. Still a little woozy."

"I don't doubt it you were hanging upside down letting the blood run to your brain. Sit still for a while longer then we'll go after Book Worm."


(Hmm..I was afraid if I kept going then I'd rewrite the whole episode. LOL. ^_^ Of course, that does sound like fun! Hee Hee! Maybe I should, no?")