Theme : Pity

Roxas had faded.

He faded back to Sora, so he would be completely whole again. Sora should feel pity, but all he feels is confusion. He didn't know Roxas at all, yet, he had faded, for Sora, who he hardly even knew.

Sora didn't know who Roxas was at all. Until of course, Riku, in the form of Ansem, had explained it to him. Roxas was Sora's Nobody. A Nobody was a being without a heart, born when somebody with a strong heart was killed, and Roxas was Sora's.

Had Roxas perhaps felt his own pity for Sora? Maybe he had feelings, even if Riku said that he didn't. Maybe, despite being told that he didn't, maybe he had a Heart, and he felt that it was the right thing to do.

Sora should have thanked Roxas for this simple sacrifice, but he didn't know how, nor did he know if Roxas could even hear him anymore. The blond boy was probably gone forever. He ceased to exist. Just like Namine, Kairi's Nobody.

Namine was the same as Roxas, wasn't she? She wasn't supposed to have those feelings, but she did, and she gave her own life to let Kairi be whole too. Roxas and Namine both felt that Sora and Kairi's lives were more important than their own. That isn't true, Sora thought, Every life is equal.

Nothing is equal, or fair, when it comes to Nobodies.

Oh yeah. Angsty chapter. But, at least I updated. And the theme was a little angsty, when you get right down to it...

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