Life among the dead

A 'High school of the dead' Fanfiction.

He had been sitting on the roof for hours, smoking his way to oblivion, his usual morning routine in Fujimi Academy, he hated the place, and it had just been a few weeks since he had moved back to Japan, figures. Living in the States was so much more fulfilling. At least no one there gave a fuck no matter what he did with his life. Public schools were like that. Fujimi on the other hand, focused on 'Total Education' which included personality development and whatnot. What a bunch of shit, like they expected that to stop him from cutting class.

He was startled as the door to the roof opened. In his few weeks here, he had realized that no one ever came to the school roof, except for the astronomy club, who gathered in the night. Praying to the stars like a cult. It gave him shivers just thinking about it, a group of evil stargazers. Yeah right.

A junior walked through the door; this was the Takashi Komuro guy everyone was talking about. The guy looked absolutely devastated; being dumped does that to you. The guy slowly walked over to the railing of the roof, he leaned down on the railing, and yeah that's totally safe, no need to worry about tripping or anything. Takashi seemed to be talking to himself 'Pinky promise…what a load of bull, cross your heart and hope to die'.

'Dude, if you are thinking of committing suicide, it won't happen on my watch.' Takashi almost jumped out of his skin hearing that, combined with his try at turning around, made him loose his balance and fall back. He closed his eyes, expecting his body to plummet off the roof and into the ground below, but his feet never left the ground. A hand was around his shoulders, stopping him from falling down. Takashi regained his senses and looked up at his savior.

It was a guy in the third year, he was tall, and he had shoulder length silver hair that fell into his eyes. There was a cigarette in his other hand. He seemed athletic, which explained how he had crossed half the roof in less than a second. He looked like one of them guys that appear on men's fashion magazines.

'Thanks. You are the transfer student, Bakyura, right?' Takashi blurted out. He thought that the roof was always empty, so why was this guy here? Bakyura looked at him with a cold expression, 'Yeah, that's me. And you are that loverboy Takashi Komuro, aren't you? Listen up kid, no matter how good an ex may be, there are always better fishes out there, so don't go killing yourself just yet.'

'Ahhhh, I didn't come here to kill myself, I just didn't want to sit in the same class with her and her new boyfriend. Just being around them sickens me.' Takashi spat. He was filled with anger. 'I loved her, yet she left me, that too for my best friend.' Bakyura offered his cigarette to Takashi, who hesitated a bit before taking it. He smoked in, just to end up coughing. Bakyura couldn't help but chuckle.


A sudden noise drew the attention of the two teens, they looked at the school gate, and someone was standing there, trying to get in. It was a single guy, banging at the gate.

'Is that idiot trying to get IN? I'd bloody pay him to exchange positions with me.' Bakyura spoke, Takashi looked as three teachers walked up to the guy. The guy outside the school gate didn't look…normal. 'He looks like he's really tired, or injured.' Takashi spoke. Bakyura put his cigarette to his mouth and inhaled a puff. 'This might get ugly.'

Takashi saw what Bakyura meant, three of the school teachers were moving towards the gate, a knuckleheaded teacher, trying to show off to the female teacher behind him, tried to use force on the guy on the other side. The guy on the other side got his face rammed into the gate, but he quickly pulled back and bit a sizable chunk out of the Knuckleheaded teacher. Who fell back, screaming so loud that you could hear him across three blocks. He lay still for a moment, and then in a flash, he got up and bit the female teacher in the neck.

'There goes another A-grade MILF; I seem to have fucking bad luck.' Bakyura commented, he was grossed out by what was happening, but a simple look at Takashi told him that worrying would make matters worse here.

'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?' Takashi yelled, taking a few steps back from the edge of the roof. He was visibly panicking.

'You have people you love right? People you care for? Then stop fucking around and go save them. If you've seen as many movies as I have, you know what's happening. Gather your important ones and bring them to the roof, we will barricade ourselves here and wait for the worst to pass, and then we move. Now MOVE IT SOLDIER!' Takashi sprang to attention and ran down the stairs, possibly to save the girl that ditched him. Love sucks, doesn't it?

Bakyura was left on the roof, alone. He looked down at the school; things had gone to hell in less than a minute, the undead were roaming the school, and living humans were running around, more than often into the clutches of one of the undead, increasing their ranks, slowly but surely. He stepped into the school, he had no idea he would be fighting so soon after changing schools, looks like he wouldn't need to hold his demonic side at bay anymore.

'Time to kill the dead…' He spoke, walking into the school, taking out his headphones from his bag and lighting another cigarette as he walked in.


'This can't be happening' Rei spoke, holding her makeshift spear close, she was traumatized, first being slapped by her ex, then getting a busy tone at the police hotline, and now hearing someone's death rattle over the school broadcast station. The whole school was in chaos, people were trampling each other, trying to get out of their classes. Takashi and Hisashi nodded to each other. They started running towards the administrative building.

'Huh, weren't we going to get out of here?' Rei spoke, visibly confused.

'The class-room building is full of people trying to get out! We're going to have to escape through the administration building.' Hisashi spoke, count on him to figure things out even when in such a mess. Suddenly, on the walkway in front of them, a familiar figure appeared.

'Isn't that Wakisaka from current events?' Rei spoke. True enough, it was Wakisaka alright, but with blood dripping from various wounds in his body, he didn't look like the Wakisaka they knew. As if on cue, Wakisaka lunged at Rei. 'Hey douche! Over here!' Takashi tried to get the undead Wakisaka to follow him, but to no avail.

'God, have mercy on us.' Takashi thought as Rei attacked Wakisaka.

Bakyura was running through the corridor of the administrative building, 32, yes 32 undead had been taken care of till now, that only left a few hundred more to deal with. This was fun, fun indeed, and the trip to the principal's office had been worth it, not only did he get to kill the undead principal, he also got his confiscated weapons back, he rubbed his spiked half-gauntlets together. He heard a scream from the corner. He quickly rounded the corner and saw three teens fighting one of the undead, a girl's spear was embedded in his heart, she was freaking out because the thing still wouldn't die, Bakyura sped up, jumped and landed a heavy punch on the zombie's face, making it implode under his force and weight. The undead just slumped over and died. The blood-covered girl looked like she was about to pass out.

'That makes it 33.' Bakyura spoke, looking around at the people he had just saved. 'Oh hey Komuro, run to the rooftop, I'll dest- I mean hold up the ones that your squeamish lady attracted with her screams.'

Hisashi looked at Takashi, a look of understanding on his face, to deliver a punch this strong, and to move that fast, this person was no ordinary man. Yet Takashi seemed to trust him, his facial expression revealed that much. Takashi helped Rei up, and then started running towards the roof, Rei stumbled again, obviously shocked by how brutally that person had killed her old friend. Hisashi helped her up and let her lean on his shoulder. He could not help but be grateful to that person. He would have been devastated if something would have happened to his Rei. They slowly walked towards the roof.

'I'm going out to fight 'them'' Takashi spoke, he didn't feel needed at all, Rei and Hisashi were messing around with the things in the observatory, there was running water in the fire unit, there was food that was left by the Astronomy club for their stays at the observatory, Hisashi had barricaded the path to the observatory. Things were okay for fifteen minutes, but then the undead started to attack their barricade; it wouldn't last long if someone didn't thin out the undead.

'Why are you acting so suicidal?' Hisashi spoke, he had a point, from the top of the observatory, one could see that there were easily thirty undead on the roof, and sending one person, or even all three of them to fight would mean certain death. As the noise they would make would attract even more of 'them'.

'I just can't sit here doing nothing; I won't let them get to me so easily, and we can't wait here for someone to just come and rescue us, I'm not going down without a fight.' Takashi spoke, gripping his bat tight; he started moving towards the barricade, he could leap over it from this side. But it would be impossible to come back.

'I know why you are acting like such a kid, you are just jealous that you are all alone, you are jealous of me and Hisashi, aren't you?' Rei spoke, a demented look on her face, her voice spiked with hatred, was she fucking kidding? Cause it sure as hell wasn't funny.

'Rei! Stop spewing such bullshit!' Hisashi spoke, looking at his friend's face, Rei had hit a nerve, Hisashi could tell that Takashi was feeling like shit already, and what she had said made it worse still, He couldn't forgive himself for betraying his friend, but he loved Rei, love makes one do stuff that they would normally never do. He knew that Takashi secretly hated him. But he did a good job covering it up, but how long would he be able to keep his hatred in chains?

All three of them were silent, the only noises that could be heard were those of the moaning undead, and of the constant knocking on the barrier that they had put up, this continued for a moment, and then, it abruptly stopped, taking everyone by surprise. They got up and looked at the barricade. There were corpses strewn all the way down the stairs to the roof. Hisashi quickly opened the barricade and all three of them stepped out.

The whole roof was covered in corpses; there were around fifty dead bodies. And in the middle of all the carnage was Bakyura, holding one of them in the air with one arm. He quickly brought a leg up to its head while letting it drop, crushing its head before it even hit the ground. It crumpled, joining its dead brother and sisters in hell.

'And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it's done, a hundred and seventy four for the count.' Bakyura spoke, and just ignoring the fact that he had single handedly destroyed all of 'them' on the roof, all three survivors ran to him.

'Bakyura! You came for us!' Takashi spoke, Bakyura smiled, which came off as an eerie look, thanks to all the blood on his clothes.

'I was the one who instructed you to go to the roof, wasn't I? It's my duty to come get you peeps, right? And as for you two, I haven't really introduced myself, my name is Bakyura Lavosier, senior, pleased to meet you all.

Rei looked at the blood stained teenager, if he wouldn't have been covered in blood, he'd be one heck of a handsome guy. Even now, being around him made her feel safer, one can always trust someone who can get the job done, even if he has to get his own hands dirty.

'I'm Rei Miyamoto, second year, and this is my boyfriend Hisashi, we owe you a great debt.' She spoke, while bowing. Revealing her ample cleavage, Bakyura looked away, damn what was it with Japanese girls and growth hormones?

'Crazy genetics, huh.' He spoke to himself. The guy with the grey hair looked confused. 'Oh it's nothing, Mr. Hisashi, I was just thinking out loud, anywho, you people should find transport to exit the school. There should be some living teachers around, if not, loot the dead ones. I need to check the floor below this to see if I can find any other survivors. Take care, you three. And Takashi, give me a call once you people find transport, I'll send any survivors I find towards you.' Bakyura sprinted back down the stairs.

'He's bat shit crazy.' Hisashi spoke. He was slightly disturbed by Bakyura's overly enthusiastic mood.

'Yeah, I don't even have his number.'

'What is your name, sophomore?'


'Ishii-Kun, you did well in protecting Marikawa sensei, I admire your courage. Do you know what happens to those who get bitten? Do you want your parents and friends to see you like that? I have never killed anyone before, but I will help you.'

'P-please do it'

The purple haired beauty stood up, Bakyura was watching them from outside the infirmary, the girl sure had guts, and he gave her that. And she sure had skills, one does not simply walk through a school filled with the undead, and though he had taken care of most of them himself, he recognized quite a number of dead bodies that weren't left there by him. To kill so many, one must be a real sadist on the inside, just like him.

'Huh? Wait! What are you trying to do?' the blond bombshell of a nurse spoke up, damn, who sent this pornstar to med school? A grievous misallocation of resources was what this looked like.

'Nurse, please do not interfere, this is a matter of protecting a man's pride, to sit idly like a woman is not my style.' She assumed a stance and slashed, breaking the boy's skull, a painless death.

'You did well, lady swordmistress, better to die than to suffer as one of those.' Bakyura walked into the room, hearing him, the girl turned around; there was a slight smile on her face.

'He's in a better place, just like the countless undead that you have killed, Bakyura Lavosier' Bakyura's smile widened. 'It seems my reputation precedes me, but so does yours, Saeko Busujima, Your handiwork is rather noticeable too. Now if I were you, I'd take that br- teacher to the faculty room, some of the juniors are trying to find the keys to some sort of school transport. I shall follow shortly.' Bakyura spoke, damn he had almost called the teacher a broad, but at this point, did it really matter?

'And where do you plan to go?' Saeko spoke. Bakyura grinned 'The dorms, I have something there that might help if everything else fails.' Saeko nodded and ran off towards the faculty office, the klutz of a nurse followed.

Bakyura shot off for the dorms at full speed; he needed to pick up two things, his carton of smokes and the keys for his bike. Killing the dead was rather fun, but currently, he had people depending on him. And he sure as hell didn't want to let them down.

'-so we should take the microbus, it is the only way we'll make it out of here safely' the pink headed teen spoke. Bakyura opened the door to the Faculty office, making everyone tense up, seeing him. a couple of smiles appeared on some of the faces.

'Lavosier-senpai! I knew you would survive!' Kohta spoke up. Bakyura saw him and grinned his trademark grin, with his knowledge of guns, he was sure that Kohta would survive, seeing the gas-powered nailgun in his hands confirmed his theory. Bakyura looked around; everyone looked relieved after seeing him, even Saeko. The pink headed teen, who was speaking, on the other hand, was more interested in the bag on his shoulders.

'What have you got in there?' she spoke, hope in her voice, maybe she was expecting some weapons, in which case she wouldn't be wrong.

'There are some knives in here, a machete that one of my dorm members kept and the stun baton from the dorm guard's corpse, I tested it on one of 'them', works fine enough.' Bakyura said.

'Glad someone has the senses to pick up something I could use, thanks; by the way, I take it that you are the Bakyura Lavosier who Takashi owes his life to. My name is Saya Takagi, it's a pleasure.' For some reason, Bakyura could tell that this girl was the cold, calculating type.

'The pleasure is all mine, lady Takagi.' Bakyura spoke with a bow. He had taken the liberty to change into a fresh set of clothes while he was in the dorms. So he wasn't surprised to see Saya blushing as he straightened out. He had that effect on women, why? He had no idea.

'Anyways, I have something to do, I heard your exit plan on the way here, and just by the way, the zombies rely on sound as their primary sense, they can't see, use this weakness to your advantage. I have one last thing to do, so if you can empty my bag and keep the weapons, I can finish my job quickly and meet you at the gate.

Hisashi hurried forward and took out most of the knives, stacking them on a table; everyone picked a knife except for Saya, who got the stun baton.

'You guys, best of luck, take care. I'll follow you when I'm done here.' Bakyura ran away again, towards the kitchen this time, he had to stack up as much as possible. One could not survive the dead on an empty stomach. He reached the kitchen and loaded as many types of preserved meats as he could, stuffing in boxes of bacon and packets of pepperoni. He left as soon as the bag got filled; he had enough to last the group a few days. He ran towards the bike parking, fortunately, there were next to no undead here. He sat on his Ducati Diavel, in the distance, he could hear a bus starting off, he started his bike, and he had a full tank of gasoline. He pumped the gas, following the bus, which broke through the school gate.

'My my, seems you have all lost someone you look up to. That is sad, was he your leader?' Shidou spoke.

'Shut up you bastard.' Rei heard the noise of an engine right behind theirs and so did the others. They all turned around as smiles lit up their faces. Except for the new additions to the group of survivors who frankly no one gave a flying fuck about. Following the bus was a motorbike. And on the motorbike sat the youth most of them owed their lives to.

'Is he smoking?' Saya asked.

Takashi just nodded, falling off to sleep.

'The day the world ended,

I stayed up late'


Name- Bakyura Lavosier

Nationality – British by birth, travelled all over the world with his parents, who have a love for learning all kinds of armed and unarmed combat.

Siblings – One elder brother. elementary school teacher.

Height – 6'3

Weight – 70 kg

Hair color – Naturally blonde, dyed black (blond hair is considered a mark of being a Delinquent in Japan)

Eye color – Light Green

Things he likes – Combat, Smoking, Cookies

Things he hates – Overly pompous people, Shidou, Shidou.