A Peachy Valentine

For those of you who don't know, Valentine's Day in Japan is slightly different in a cute way. A girl makes homemade chocolates for the boy she likes, and if the boy likes her back, he returns the favor. This happens about a month later on White Day. The boy has it easier, he can use store bought white chocolate.

I haven't decided if I'll do a part two for White Day.

Takes place sometime after the Pharaoh left.

Unlike my first story, Mrs. Gardner isn't psycho.


Yugi was looking in his mirror.

"Looking good, just the right amount of wristbands." Yugi thought as he dressed for school. He straightened his collar.

"Now for the hair. Got to look hot."

He grabbed the maximum strength hair gel.

Meanwhile in the Gardner household, Tea was putting on the finishing touches.

"A bit of mascara, not too much, there…done." She thought. She grabbed her book bag and went down stairs.

"Mom, where is the chocolate?"

"Right here."

"Thanks Mom." Tea picked up the neatly wrapped package and turned to leave.

"Tea you need to eat something."

"Can't, too nervous."

"Don't worry honey; I'm sure Yugi will love it. Have some tea and toast, it will settle your stomach. Besides it's too early. You will be a bother…"

"Ok, Mom…Give me the toast."

Mrs. Gardner handed the food with a smile. Tea felt lucky, her parents liked Yugi a lot.

After breakfast Tea walked to the game shop and knocked on the side entrance that led directly to the Mutou household. Tea let out a sigh of relief that Yugi answered the door and not Grandpa.

"Hi Tea, come in for a minute."

She stepped inside and he shut the door.

"Hi Yugi, here I made this for you."

Tea blushed to her ears.

"Thanks Tea, mind if I open it now?"

"No go ahead. I would rather you did."

Yugi was hoping for a personal gift. They have been flirting but with no talk about a relationship. They walked into the kitchen, and Yugi put his breakfast dishes in the sink.

"You look nice Yugi."

"You too, but you always do…"

"Thanks" Tea couldn't stop blushing. Yugi opened the present and looked at the clearly homemade present.

"Wow Tea this must have taken you a long time."

"Not really, Mom helped."

Yugi tasted one.

"It's great!"

"Oh thanks Yugi!" Tea blushed, smiled wide and through her arms around Yugi. He hugged her back.

"I'll hide these in my room or Grandpa will steal them."


Yugi dashed up the stairs, hid the chocolates and ran back down.

"Should I ask her? Yeah, I will! No better time than right now!" Yugi thought. He walked into the kitchen and said:

"Tea, I don't want to respond to this gift in a month. I want to know now."

Tea noticed how serious Yugi was; she admired this new more confident Yugi.

"Tea, I like you as more than a friend. Will you go out with me? Be my girlfriend?"

Tea blushed right up to the roots of her hair.

"Yes Yugi I will be honored to be your girlfriend."

Yugi had a big grin on his face and noted the time.

"We better get going."

Yugi held out his hand. Tea clasped her new boyfriend's hand and they headed out the door.

"There is only one thing that worries me, Yugi."

"What's that?"

"Your fangirls."

"So what? They will just have to get over it."

Tea starred at Yugi in wonder.

"Oh Yugi! You are so manly!"

Yugi walked with a sly smile on his face.

"Babe, you don't know the half of it."

A blushing Tea glomped Yugi.

"My boyfriend is so cool." She thought.

They walked to school holding hands with big goofy grins on their faces. By the end of first period, everyone knew they were together.


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