Danny smiled at Sam, and she grinned back, small tears shining in her eyes from the force of the wind. She was so beautiful at that time, Danny had trouble staying aloft. He was struggling to remain in this moment forever. The small amount of warmth provided by Sam's hand pierced through the ghostly hazmat suit, heating his frozen insides with a hot glow. He still couldn't believe that she was finally his girlfriend. Maybe the Disasteroid was good for something, after all. Besides Sam, Danny had also gained the respect of not just Amity Park, but the world. At first the attention was too much, but when he shared this piece of information with Sam, the situation was quickly resolved. No reporters were willing to get too close to the happy couple after she was done screaming at them.

Distantly, Danny realised that he was still staring at Sam. She was gazing back at him, but her expression was slightly nervous. Her grip on his arm tightened as she reminded him to watch where they were going, her loud voice only just managing to reach Danny's ears, despite his ghost-enhanced senses.

Danny chuckled at her anxiety, knowing that for as long as they had each other, no serious harm would befall them. Nothing would be able to separate him from Sam. Never.

Sam tugged on his sleeve, prompting him to float down. They were flying over Lake Eerie, just barely skimming the water. The silvery bodies of large fish gleamed in the moonlight, a glow surrounding them similar to Danny's ghostly aura. Sam smiled, letting down the guard that she so diligently maintained around other people. Danny was the exception, he was the one that the true her existed for.

Danny watched his and Sam's reflections being distorted by the subtle ripples on the otherwise smooth surface of the lake. They were together, just like they always should have been, just like they would be forever.

The lake ended abruptly, shiny black water being rapidly replaced with coarse silver sand. Danny's boots crunched as he landed, Sam letting go as her feet touched solid ground. He smiled and held out a hand, no words needing to be said out loud. It was all written in the air between them, a silent message that only they could read.

Sam smiled softly and placed her slender hand in his, then they just stood there, each staring into the other's eyes. Nothing else was necessary, because everything was already perfect. They would never have to be alone, not when they have each other.

Slowly, carefully, Danny tilted forward, so that he could feel Sam's breath on his face. Leaning even closer, he placed his mouth by her ear.

"I love you," Danny whispered. "Nothing will be able to change that. Never."

Sam replied with a soft exhale. "You can read my mind."

They stood back from each other, fingertips just barely touching. Danny watched the shadows play across her face, illuminating her features and making her image a sharp picture of contrast. He blinked slowly and dropped his hand, skeptical as to if any of this was even real...

And maybe it wasn't.

As Danny lazily opened his eyes, the glowing green orbs failed to see anyone before him. The shore was empty, no one but the lonely, solitary figure of Phantom stood upon the sand.

A blind panic settled over Danny. What if he had imagined it? What if Sam was never actually there? What if he was fated to have nothing- forever?

The sand made a strange noise as he collapsed, unable to tear his eyes away from where he had last seen Sam. The fine silver grains were undisturbed. No one had ever stood there, whispered the words of his dreams to him, given him reason to hope again. And no one ever would.

His mind switching to automatic, Danny flew to his most frequented haunt. As he sat in front of the large, ornate gravestone, Danny remembered everything. The Disasteroid, saving the Earth...


The last memory hurt the most. It grew more and more painful each night. He could still feel the elation he experienced after being accepted by the world, finally able to reveal his secret. But, even more powerful than the joy, was the betrayal.

His parents, his killers, wouldn't even come to the funeral. It was organized completely by Sam and Tucker- hence the expensive gravestone.

As it did every night, the hurt resurfaced, bubbling uncontrollably and building in pressure. The urge to see his parents, to ask them why, to hear the answer he already anticipated, was overshadowed by his need to see Sam one last time. But...

He couldn't.

She was alive, and he was a ghost. A full-ghost. It was his fault, he should have known what would happen. He deserved this.

With that last thought echoing through his head, Danny curled up above his grave, as was his nightly routine. He read through the inscription one last time, the words already fixed in his memory.

Daniel Fenton

Loving brother and friend

No one was ever named 'hero' for following the crowd. Heroes set their own course.

-Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Maybe I should have set a different course, Danny thought regretfully. It was too late now; Sam was gone. She still visited Danny's grave frequently- three, four, times a week. But she never saw him. Never heard the desperate screams, the begging for her acknowledgement. Sometimes, Danny wondered why that was. The best answer he could come up with was that he was never as important to Sam as she was to him.

Over the years, Sam had grown and changed, but Danny remained the same. He was forever trapped in his ghost form, he supposed that there was now no human body for him to go back to.

She had visited earlier that day, digging up the memories that Danny wanted to bury. Needed to bury.

Already, Danny, as he once was, had been forgotten by the world, while he was struggling to forget. Maybe if he could block out his memories, eliminate his past life, the endless cycle would falter, stop.

Each night, remembering his dream. Each night, living his nightmare.

His Sam, the fifteen-year-old Goth, would come soon after darkness spread itself over Amity Park, allowing Danny a glimpse of what might have been. Then... She left, and he was alone- at least until the next moonrise. Beautiful torture.

It was maddening, driving the unfortunate ghost towards insanity, for without Sam, Danny was nothing...





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