A Choice That Will Change Not Only One Life

"You can start in June!"

Martin fumbled with the keys to his car, turning them over and over in his hand.

He was in shock, he thought, if he had to try and explain his state of feeling right now. Pure and utter shock.

The initial high that had come with the five words uttered by the CEO had worn off. In fact, he hadn't had much of a high because he had been so confused. He knew that he had botched the interview, that it had been all set up, anyway, but yet... he could start work in June? Barely three months from now? How-

But how could he just... leave MJN? He hadn't even been looking for another job, not until Carolyn had demanded that he did, because he couldn't imagine life without Carolyn and Arthur and even Douglas. They were a part of his life now... They were like a part of his family.

Like a family, they were always there when he needed them.

But what did he say?

They offered me the job! I'll be getting paid thousands of pounds! I can finally move out of the attic!

He could imagine their reactions.

Well done, Martin. I knew your hat was more intimidating than any old interview could ever be.

That's brilliant, Skip!

Good on you, Martin, I told you that you should have started looking for a job long before this.

Arthur's reaction was very much spot-on with Martin's idealization (except Arthur wasn't coping with an allergic reaction in his mind...).

But it made Martin's stomach hurt.

How could he leave this family?

How could he leave My Jet Now for the promise of a stable job, thousands of pounds, a new flat, a new (used) car, the idea of not needing Icarus Removals to get by, good food (baked potatoes once a week?), nice clothes...

He could leave rather easily, actually. Really rather easily.

If it weren't for Carolyn and Arthur and Douglas.

All of his five years with MJN led him to the smiles that graced his lips when he remembered bird strikes or impromptu celebrations, secret clubs and heated cargo holds, hats or Birling Day, fizz buzz and Brians of Britain, bacon or brown sauce, pianos and bassoonists.

And he didn't know if he could leave.

Whether or not they folded... well, Martin wasn't getting paid anyway, so would it matter?... Whether or not he had a paying job offered... and he did have Icarus, so he still did get paid now... Whether or not he wanted to be happy... and he said he'd be happy if anyone let him fly an aeroplane, but...

The idea of leaving his family...

... It really broke his heart.

"They'll let me know..."

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