"Odd," she muttered, peering around and wondering at the eerie silence. The metru seemed utterly deserted, not a matoran or Toa to be seen, and there was no sound that indicated that there was anyone close by.

She jumped down to the street below and walked along for a few minutes, peering into the occasional window to see if there were any clues to where everyone was. Everything in the houses seemed normal, with no hints of a struggle or fight to be seen and Lariska shrugged, heading deeper into the metru.

A moment later she stiffened slightly, aware that someone was watching her. She continued on cautiously, acting like nothing was wrong as the feeling persisted. She froze suddenly as a faint sound came from somewhere above her, sounding suspiciously like somebody scrambling across the roof. Nothing could be seen however, and as the scrambling sound faded, she continued on, judging that her watcher was perched on a roof three buildings away.

Her hand crept towards where she kept the most obvious of her daggers sheathed as she readied herself for the fight.

As she expected the attack came from above, she had just reached the building where her watcher had hidden, a shrill shriek coming from the small being flinging themselves at the Dark huntress. She spun, daggers at the ready, then yelped and managed to drop them in time to catch the small green/blue/grey being. Her movement sent Lariska stumbling backwards and she tripped and landed hard, narrowly missing bashing her head on the garden edging.

"Oops," the seven year old giggled, peering at her mother who groaned, opening her eyes and glaring at her. She grinned happily and shifted off the Dark huntress, who didn't notice the glance she quickly shot at the garden behind them.
"I'm sure you never used to be that heavy," she complained, sitting up and rubbing her shoulder. She straightened her mask to get a better look at her daughter, her eyes narrowing as her gaze fell on the bandage on her left arm.

"And just how did you do that?" she asked, touching it gently and peering at her daughter's suddenly sheepish mask.
Both looked up as a low laugh came from the roof, Kokua swooped down to land beside them.
"Climbing something she shouldn't" she teased, poking Sàraich in the ribs. "Speaking of which, if you don't want another lecture, don't let Lakino see you up there,"

"But she said I should exercise my arm," the youngster replied innocently, ducking her head to hide the mischievous look in her eye. Lariska snorted, trying to suppress a laugh.
"She really is your daughter," Kokua quipped, pretending not to notice the small green/blue/grey mask now peering at them from close by, her expression matching her twin's.
"That she is," Lariska answered, not bothering to hide her grin. "Speaking of which, where is - argh!"

Farran had leapt from the garden edge onto her mother, both giggling at the expression on the Dark huntress's mask
"'lo there, La." Farran said, once she'd gotten her breath back, then smiled happily as Lariska pulled them both into a tight hug.

"We missed you," Farran told her, when she let them go, Sàraich nodding her agreement.
"You wanna come to the party?" she asked, tugging on her mother's hands.
"Yeah, we can race back," Farran added eagerly, peering back to the roof where Lewa was sat, watching Lariska cautiously, but grinning at the twins as they waved. Lariska glanced uncertainly up at Kokua, who grinned and nodded.
"There's enough of us there to keep an eye on you." she said teasingly to the Dark huntress, who mock growled, but smiled, both her daughters hugging her again.

When the twins finally let their mother up, Kokua sprang into the air and rejoined her closefriend on the roof he'd been standing on. Sàraich and Farran had taken that as the cue for the race to begin and had raced off towards the coliseum. Lariska waited until her daughters had turned the corner then shinned up a nearby building and set her sights on the distant coliseum.

Several minutes later she was rewarded with the sight of Sàraich helping Farran onto a lower roof before they scampered across the tiles, giggles escaping them when they spotted their mother as she followed.


Unknown to Lariska, after she'd left on the latest chocolate raid, the Shadowed One had summoned several Dark hunters to the throne room and was giving them special orders. When they left the room, the leader of the Dark hunters lent back and tapped his claws together as he contemplated how to use Lariska's twins to further the organisations' cause. "After all, they are young and will be easily manipulated." he chuckled maliciously while examining the sketch of the pair another Dark hunter had stolen from the home of Turaga Lannair.


As they reached the last few buildings before the coliseum, the twins glanced over their shoulders and noticed their mother had vanished, "Come on, let's..." Sàraich said before springing from where she was crouched to swing down the drainpipe, ignoring the ache in her arm, Farran moments behind her as they headed for the ground.