Back at the cavern, Turaga Lannair had finally woken and now everyone had moved outside to sit in the shade and enjoy the view. While they chatted, Makeo and Wanimua took an impromptu sand bath before the pheasant rahi spread his wings out to bask further and nearly covered the winged serpent with loose sand. Flicking his tail at his friend, Makeo slithered over to coil up beside Lannair for a nap.

Pausing at the crest of a hill close to the cavern, Naneki gave a low rumble, which he knew would alert his sire and dam, then hurried down the hillside towards home.

Chuckling as Notegeku and Keetongu told her about some of the cubs antics, Anuenue adding bits, Lannair suddenly felt a curious vibration move through her and was about to mention it when the healing rahis' heads snapped up to peer in the direction the feeling had come from. A sudden chuckle from Keetongu caused the peach/light gold Turaga to blink in surprise. Seeing her confusion, he explained, "That was Naneki telling us that Keli's managed to get herself into trouble. Haven't heard it for fifteen years.."

"And here comes Nane. What's the betting trouble and bother are somehow involved in this?" Anuenue said, her eyes glowing with amusement as they climbed to their feet and the orange/gold gleam of Naneki appeared and hurried towards them.

Between regaining his breath and sips of water, Naneki explained what had happened before glancing anxiously at the adults as they shared an amused glance, "Well I could use my Matatu to lift her down. But not having anything to hold on to could make her panic more. Hang on." Anuenue said before closing her eyes to concentrate.

Moments later she chuckled and opened her eyes to look up at the healing rahi, "Amaya says that Kokua, Lewa and Sheranu are coming, as Shenu thought a ride on Speur would bring happy-glad smiles back to their masks."

"And then some." Lannair giggled, her eyes dancing with delight at seeing the phase dragon which made Keetongu share a smile with his mate and Anuenue. Turning to their anxious son, Keetongu rumbled something that Naneki replied to before turning to raced back to the waterhole.

On hearing that their winged friends were coming, Makeo and Wanimua left off what they were doing and took off to meet them. Shading her eyes to watch the pair heading in the direction of the city part of Po-metru, Turaga Lannair felt her tenseness finally ease as Keetongu scooped her up and started for the waterhole, Notegeku doing likewise with Anuenue.


"Keep hold Keli, we're here." Sàraich murmured reassuringly when a light breeze sprang up and the pale green/gold rahi whimpered and clung even tighter to the handholds she'd found. Swallowing hard Keliana managed a nod, her eye wide as she watched Farran as she effortlessly swung from the ledge she clung to. "P-p-please can you stop doing that? It's making me feel ill."

"Sorry." Farran replied, stilling so that Keli didn't notice that Sàraich was scrambling up the rock pillar to see if she could spot their friends. Hiding her glee at reaching the top before her twin, Sàraich absently rubbed her arm before scanning the area around them. A huge smile crossed her mask as she spotted the familiar orange/gold form of Naneki coming back to the waterhole and further back, but gaining rapidly the adult healing rahi.


Makeo was first to spot Speur and Kokua and zipped ahead to fly alongside the Torahka while Wanimua trill in amusement when the phase dragon rumbled a greeting. After listening to his feathered friend explain why they'd come looking for them, Speur rumbled again, agreeing to follow him and Makeo, knowing his actions would confuse his malachite hued friend.

With a flick of his wings, Speur followed Wanimua and Makeo, ignoring the startled comments of Sheranu, while Lewa and Kokua shared a puzzled glance and followed.


Scrambling back down to join her sister and Keliana, Sàraich grinned at Farran before telling her and Keliana that help was on its way. Another whimper came from Keliana, composed of worry and relief, as she squeezed her eye closed and wondered how she'd get down.

Roughly twenty minutes later, Naneki arrived and peered up at the twins and his stranded sister, then the orange/gold healing rahi spoke with the watching Kikanalo before turning to watch as his dam and sire arrived and set the Turaga down. "Oh dear. This reminds me of the time Keli managed to get stuck in that gap in the outcrop." Anuenue murmured before explaining to Lannair what had happened.

From their perches beside Keliana, the twins grinned as they saw Lannair stifled her giggles, glad that their foster parent was getting over her fright, then waved at the approaching phase dragon, Kokua and Lewa.

Circling around to find a clear space to land, Speur rumbled his surprise on seeing where Keliana had wound up as he settled close to where the Kikanalo were then rumbled a greeting to them as Sheranu leapt from his back and joined the others. After they'd been brought up to speed, Sheranu, Lewa and Kokua glanced up at the stuck youngster, "We've got an idea-plan." Lewa grinned before explaining to the Turaga and healing rahi, whom nodded.

Kokua smiled as she took off and hovered beside Keliana, who still had her eye firmly closed, winked at Farran and Sàraich then hummed softly. "F-f-feathers?" Keliana whimpered, briefly opening her eye to confirm it was the Torahka before shutting it even tighter, "Yes, Lewa, Sheranu and Speur are here to help me get you get down."

As predicted, on hearing that the phase dragon was close by, the twins masks lit up, but they stayed beside Keliana as Kokua began to persuade her to reach out to her.

Eventually, the shaking healing rahi managed to do as Kokua asked and reached out a trembling hand which the Torahka took a firm grip of. On the ground the Toa and Turaga switched to and activate their Kanohi Matatu, supporting Keliana as she summoned up the courage to release her grip of the rock face.

With a wail of terror, Keliana flung herself from the rock face, startling Kokua even as she caught the quarter grown healing rahi as Keetongu and Notegeku winced then sighed with relief as a startled giggle escaped their daughter when she realized she was being supported by the Toa and Turaga. Carefully they lowered Keliana to the ground, Kokua still holding the youngster's hands while reassuring her things were okay.

When she felt the ground beneath her feet, Keliana burst into tears and dropped to her knees as Naneki immediately glomped her before all but dragging her over to their sire and dam, whom hugged her tightly. Resuming their usual masks, the Toa and Turaga shared a grin before glancing up at the twins, "Well are you coming down or what?" Anuenue called up, guessing what they intended to do, "What, what else?" Farran giggled before she and Sàraich returned to climbing up the rock face. Chuckling amongst themselves, Lewa, Sheranu activated their Miru while Kokua spread her wings and the trio sprang into the air to follow the twins upwards.

Anuenue and Lannair shared a grin before joining the healing rahi, who'd moved a short distance away from the pillars and were now in conversation with the Kikanalo, Keliana clinging to her sire as her dam rubbed her hand. As they were busy, Naneki offered the Turaga a water canister before rubbing Speur's muzzle when he nudged him in greeting.

"Oh wow, this is a great view!" Farran grinned as she and Sàraich reached the top of the pillar and sat down to scan their surroundings, "Yeah and more fun to see when not worrying about Keliana being stuck."

"Indeed and just how did Keli get stuck there?" Kokua asked as she hovered beside the pillar, while Sheranu and Lewa engaged in a game of air tag. Between themselves the twins explained and grinned when their winged foster parent chuckled, "Oh dear, but at least you were here to reassure her and make certain she didn't fall off."

"She's our friend..."

"We protect our friends." Farran grinned as Sàraich giggled and began sizing up the distance between her and the Torahka. Seeing the gleam in her eyes, Kokua chuckled and held out her arms to catch her.

Nearby, Lewa and Sheranu shared a glance before the elder Air Toa swooped to be level with Farran and mimicked his closefriend's actions seconds before Sàraich leapt from the pillar into Kokua's arms. "Wheeee!" Farran yelled as she then followed her sister and whooped in delight as Lewa spun her around while he slowly followed Kokua and Sàraich down to join their waiting friends.

Having seen what her friends had just done, Keliana squeaked in shock and buried her head in Keetongu's shoulder, refusing to watch as the Toa and Torahka came in to land before setting the giggling twins down. Farran and Sàraich immediately asked if Keliana was alright before raced over to where Speur was now sunning himself, wings stretched out to catch the sunlight.

Several minutes later Keliana had relaxed enough to peer over to where the twins were petting Speur then wriggled until Keetongu let her stand up. "No more climbing rock pillars?" the golden healing rahi enquired as she turned to join her friends, "No, no more climbing of tall rock pillars." Keliana promised before scampering off to join in making a fuss of Speur, Naneki close behind her.

"It never ceases to amaze me how younglings can bounce back from scrapes like that." Anuenue chuckled, grinning as she thought of some of the things she'd got up when younger.


It was late afternoon when Lewa and Sheranu persuaded Farran and Sàraich that it was time to return back to the metru, "What about Lanna?" Sàraich mumbled sleepily as she lent against her sister, whom wrapped her arms around Sheranu as he waited for Lewa and Kokua to join him and Speur.

"We'll meet you back at Aili's, she's offered to look after Lannair and the twins until Lanna's is repaired." Anuenue said, nodding when Lannair added, "And once we feel at ease there again." Kokua nodded then hugged them before joining her closefriend, who grinned and clambered onto Speur's back to help steady the half-asleep twins. As the phase dragon and Torahka took off, spiralling up into the sky before heading towards the city area of Po-metru Anuenue smiled as two shadow twins appeared, waiting to give her and Lannair a lift to Aili's.

After saying their farewells to the healing rahi, the Turaga allowed the shadow twins to scoop them up and carried them inst the deepening shadows.

Opening their eyes as the temperature around them cooled, Lannair and Anuenue smiled as the shadow twins set them down in Ta-metru main square. After thanking them, the pair strolled towards Aili's, responding to the matoran who called out greetings as they headed to their homes for the night.

Upon entering Aili's home and calling out to her, the pair were them glomped by Farran and Sàraich, whom demanded hugs before they'd consent to going to bed, "And don't forget to finish your chocolate." Hakinu called out as Aili's laughter rang out from the kitchen.

Several minutes later Lerihua scooped up Farran and Sàraich and carried them through to the room he and Aili had readied for them and Turaga Lannair. "Lanna..." a drowsy call came from the room and the Turaga shared a smile before the peach/light gold Turaga finished her chocolate and bid her sisters pleasant dreams.

When she was out of earshot, Aili chuckled, as Anuenue wandered through to the kit "Dìleas insisted I added sleeping draught to the chocolate...not that I hadn't already thought of it myself."

"Well no-one can argue with a healer." Anuenue grinned, glancing at her mug suspiciously before smiling as her fiery sister commented her drink hadn't been doctored, "True, specially if they think they can win." Lerihua snickered as he re-entered the kitchen and peered at his mug before fixing a fresh drink.

After topping up Aili's and Anuenue's mugs he settled beside his closefriend and the trio chatted about the day's events.

Curled up against Lannair, Farran and Sàraich wriggled closer in their sleep, comforted by their foster parent's proximity, watched by two pairs of intense blue eyes. Three sparks of blue light then floated over to vanish into the sleeping trio's masks, then the Great Spirits shared a glance before deciding to join the Toa and Turaga for some chocolate.

Farran and Sàraich will return in future stories