A/N: Hello People! So I have not put any of my stuff on here in a LONG time. and the stuff that is on here, I think like one story, is crap. So here is the first bit of fan fic I've done in a while. This is a League Judgement for an OC of mine: Maximus, The Iron-Fist of Ionia. This was written to kick start my creative juices and get something actually typed. Things will start here essentially and while Maximus will play a big role in the story to come it will mostly center around a select group of champs rather than just one or two. As always Comments are welcome. Praise, critiques, even flames are welcome. just tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy.

Candidate: Maximus Ironarm

Date: 28 January, 30 C.L.E


Maximus Ironarm is every inch a soldier, from his horse-hair crested helm to the dull steel of his boots, and commands the respect of anyone in the room with him. His armor is pristine, its metal bands each shining as if newly made, but for the strange bloodied handprint above his heart, the oval shield on his left arm is a majestic piece of art, a mosaic of gold and steel while the crimson cape on his shoulders flutters like a battle standard in the morning breeze. At his hip is a Runic Hand-and-a-Half sword, its sheath and pommel alone seeming to almost glow in the light of the great hall. His face gives away his Ionian heritage, but little else. He walks with the impeccable cadence of one trained for years to march in formation, yet one can expect little else form the Commander of the Sons of War.

Maximus has been called the foil to Irelia. Where she stands guard over her people, he sallies forth to strike at their foes. The Iron Fist to Irelia's watchful blade. Cast out by his home land he still stands ready to fight, ready to die for Ionia. Maximus reaches the great marble doors laying a great gauntleted hand upon them, pushing inward. They open in a crisp fashion and he walks inside.


Maximus stands within the darkness of the room, waiting for the trial to begin. Suddenly a bright flash forces him to close his eyes. When he opens them he is gazing into Damnation itself. The entire village is on fire. He and his men must have just missed the Melter Barrage by minutes.

"Spread out!" He shouts to the men gathered behind him, "Make a sweep for survivors then move out! We need to be gone before the Noxian clean-up crews get here!"

The 200 men of Aquila Company split into squads and begin the search. As Maximus is about to call off the search, he hears a scream, and it wasn't from any of his troops. Someone is still alive, and they need help. Maximus runs as fast as his legs will carry him toward the sound of the commotion. When he finds it he feels his blood begin to boil. It is a woman, surrounded by 5 or 6 Noxian soldiers.

'They must be scouts…' thinks the commander as he draws the Rune-blade Monsdromen or Mountain-Cleaver form its sheath. As he watches he sees that the woman is injured, with a cut on her side bleeding profusely, and that she is herding something behind her with her one hand, while the other brandished a dagger at the Noxians. There is a child with her, no more than 8 or 9 years old, and they are cornered. With that, Maximus saw red. He rushes into the group, knocking two soldiers airborne with a sweep of his shield. Positioning himself between the woman and the soldiers. Parrying a sword blow from his right the Commander uses his opponents sword as a fulcrum, circling his sword arm around his opponents guard and smashing his spiked fist into the soldier's head, taking him down. Whipping his sword away from the now dead Noxian he used his momentum to switch his feet, spinning 360 degrees and cleaving the remaining Noxians in twain. All of three seconds had past. Sheathing his sword, he turns to face the woman. She is lying on the ground, her wound still spilling blood and the child, her daughter, kneeling next to her in hysterics. Kneeling next to her, Maximus removes his helmet and looks back over his shoulder yelling,

"HEALER!" hoping that at least one of the squads heard him,, he turns back to the woman before him only to find her clutching his hand,

"P-p-please, it is too late… for me… keep her safe…" gasps the woman, now struggling even to breathe.

"Be still, we will get you out of here." Knowing now that there is no hope, she is bleeding too much, and the breathing suggests she has a punctured lung, sealing her fate.

"Promise me… promise me you… will save her…" the wheezing now growing worse
"I will. You have my word."

"Swear it… Bellumpuer (Warchild)…" says the woman, looking him in the eye now

Maximus hesitates for a spilt second, before removing his right gauntlet and a combat knife. Cutting open his right palm and making a fist he says,

"I, Maximus Ironarm, Commander and Centurion Primus of the Sons of War, The Fist of Ionia, swear to take this child into my care." Maximus vaguely notices the men gathering around him, but focuses wholly on his words, "I shall clothe her, feed her, and care for her as if she were my own flesh and blood. So long as I breathe no harm shall come to her, so long as I have strength no evil shall befall her. By my ancestors and by my honor so do I swear." He says, placing the bloodied hand over his heart, sealing the Oath.

"Bless you, Bellumpuer…. Bless yo…" and thus the light left her eyes.

Maximus forces back his rage at having to watch another of his countryman die, and turns to face the child. She was not crying now, she was not even moving, she just sat there, numb.

Maximus reached out and touched her face, this seems to jolt her out of her numbness as she recoils from it.

"We must move from here." Says Maximus awkwardly, not knowing really what to say.

No response.

"Can you walk?"

A small nod.

"What is your name?"

"Viera.." squeaks a small voice

"Cmon Viera, we have to go…" says Maximus, starting to get up.

"Why do you wish to join the League of Legends?" Says the girl suddenly, drawing Maximus' attention.


"Why do you wish to join the League of Legends?" she repeats. Maximus sighs, before responding,

"I swore to this woman, to your mother that I would keep you safe my dear. And this is the best way I see to do that. If I can help make this world a safer, more peaceful place, that means a better world for you to grow up in. It will also let me make sure that this…" he says, gesturing to the hellscape surrounding them, "…is never allowed to happen again."

"How does it feel exposing your mind?" Viera asks, looking up at him for the first time.

"Like pouring salt on a wound, but if that is what must be done… then so be it"

The landscape then disappears, and Maximus is left in the dark room. Suddenly in front of him a door opens, letting bright light in that nearly blinds him. He then stands, straitens himself, and walks through the portal thinking,

'Now the real challenge begins'