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I. Tournament of Legends, The Triumvirate Unites

II. Old Wounds Re-Opened, Second Battle for the Placidium

III. The Stage is Set, The Hammer Falls

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Connections are made, The Fist spills blood.

Diana was in a positively foul mood.

She had been woken early by some random summoner, at the crack of dawn no less. And was it for a match? To get to stomp other champions? No! She was here on the proving grounds to play test case for a new arrival. Being one of the newer champions, along with the oversized cat and the voidling cockroach, the summoners obviously thought that perhaps new friendships might be formed by those common threads.

'Augh.' Thought Diana, 'this is probably just another idiotic brute, just kill him quickly and you can get back to sleep…' She thought. Having been pacing back and forth across the great bridge, her thoughts thus occupied she was surprised when a voice sounded from across the bridge from her,

"Let's see… Armor is of Lunari make, high-ranking clergy judging by the quality of the craftsmanship. Hmm. Standard gauntlets and greaves, but the breastplate appears custom made, very high ranking indeed, probably first or second class War-Priestess. Relatively little face paint, no facial scaring and no tattoos point to very little battle outside the Fields of Justice. How am I doing so far?"

After initially being startled by how quietly the man had approached she took time to examine him as he spoke. He was tall and broad, and covered with armor from head to toe. His right hand held a polished hand-and-a-half sword, while a shield was strapped to his left. The armor he wore seemed strangely familiar to Diana, but she pushed her curiosity about it to the side as she realized that he was saying things that there was no way he could know, there was no way anyone could know them. Diana raised and pointed her great crescent blade at him,

"How did you know all of that? How do you know so much about a people so long dead?" she demanded of him. This man had just spouted information on the Lunarii that even Diana hadn't known from all her years of research and examination of the temples she'd found.

"Dead?" asked the great man confusedly, then he looked at her blade and a look of sudden realization took over what features were visible under his helmet, "I know that blade…" He then straightened himself, brought his sword arm to his breast, and bowed slightly at the waist saying, "The Centurion Primus salutes the Lunar Avatar, may the Mountains and Thunder guide you."

Diana snorted at this, her academic curiosity taking a back seat to her usually zealous persona, "I follow only the light of the Moon, fool. Your ignorant beliefs matter little to me."

As she said this she then realized where she had seen that armor before. It had been depicted in one of the great murals adorning the walls of one of the temples she had discovered. Though faded, it had depicted two great warriors; one was obviously Diana's predecessor, the other wore armor identical to the man across from her. The two appeared to be almost back-to-back fighting an unseen foe, the barely legible words beneath it had said, as best she could decipher: 'Glory and Honor to our Brothers in the East! May the Moon ever bless and guide the Children of the Mountains to Victory!'

"It is merely a traditional greeting amongst the Sons of War, but if you wish to take offence that is your problem" he said shrugging

"Any other worship clouds the truth of the heavens. Those who do not acknowledge that, die." She said firmly. The great armored warrior openly laughed at this, not a harsh or condescending laugh, but a light and jovial chuckle, as if recalling some grand and amusing experience.

"Ah to be young and naïve again! What a glorious thing it would be." He said. Diana, taking this as a jab at her, responded hotly,

"Do not mock me, Brute! I will hand you your head!" The warrior quirked he head at this,

"I do not mock you child, nor do I belittle your standing or office. I am merely stating my amazement at your youth and vigor! Were it that I were so young again, I would have match you zealous piety step for step, and blow for blow. But I am older now and such things are a luxury I can no long afford." He said in the calming voice of a mentor speaking to a young student. Diana realized that she was far too tired to keep up appearances, and she would never find out what this stranger knew if she made him think of her as a crazed zealot. She sighed deeply before responding,

"Yes I suppose that was a bit harsher than was needed." She said, her fiery anger now dissipated. The warrior appeared utterly surprised at this,

"Well that was unexpected. Perhaps there is some hope for you after all." He said, now smiling slightly.

"You never answered my question. The Lunarii have been dead for centuries, how could you have known those things?" she asked

"My predecessors knew it, and so thus I know it as well." He said plainly, yet infuriatingly cryptically.

"That doesn't make any sense…" said Diana confusedly.

"It is difficult to explain, especially with a limited timeframe. What say you to this? Meet me after this match is over and we shall discuss this in detail, hmm?"

"Very well." Diana responded.

"Alright then, now we were brought here to fight. Shall we get on with it?."

Diana responded by send a crescent strike towards the great warrior before he could react. And the fight was on.

Leona walked in to the East wing Common Room to see what the commotion was about. Having just gotten up to get breakfast she was slightly shocked to see almost everyone gathered in the common room this early. This wing of the Institute was shared by three groups, The Demacian champions, the champions of Ionia, and many of the unaffiliated champions for the League. Mostly all of whom where now gathered around the large HD Viewing Orb near the far wall.

"Wha…What's going on?" she asked with a yawn. The ninja yordle named Kennan turned to her from one of the couches and spoke,

"Diana's fighting the new guy, Maximus, for his trial match." He said before looking back at the viewing globe at the nearby wall.

"Who is he fighting for?"

"Ionia," responded the ninja, "so we all came to support him."

"How does it look so far?"

"Yes, how does our newest addition fare?" said a new voice. Pantheon emerged from the hallway Leona had just come from; walking up to the viewing orb he examined the Warrior on the screen, "He appears to be quite a formidable foe. But he's not part of any Ionia group I recognize." Said the Hoplite.

"He is the leader of The Sons of War, a group of Ionian citizen-soldiers who believe that true growth can only be achieved through physical and philosophical conflict." Said the Ionian Guard Captain Irelia.

"Sounds like he belongs up on Mount Targon with us, eh Leona?" said the Hoplite, looking towards his fellow champion. Before Leona could answer, Kennan spoke up once again,

"Yeah, but the Sons of War make the Rakkor look like pussies." Said the ninja. Leona quirked her eyebrow at this, looked down towards the ninja and said,

"Is that the Kinkou Order's official analysis?" she asked jokingly,

"Yes." Said Shen and Akali simultaneously. Both keeping a completely straight face and even tone while doing so. There was a moment of silence before everyone burst out laughing, including Pantheon and Leona themselves. When the laughter died down Pantheon spoke again,

"Well here's to hoping he can take the moonstruck bitch down a peg!" said the Rakkor warrior before taking a seat. Just as he did so Diana unleashed on of her Crescent Strikes and the fight began.

The warrior opposite the Lunari has no time to react as he was hit with the blast full force. As this was a trial or "brawler" match, there were no real restrictions on champion powers, thus the Crescent Strike would have taken many champions off their feet. However the Ionia warrior stood firm shield raised. But Leona knew that since the strike had connected Diana was about to use her Lunar Rush to close the gap between them. Leona felt sorry for the Ionian, he had no idea what was coming. Diana did just as predicted and slammed into the warrior with a blast of arcane energy, and that's when the battle turned.

As soon as he recovered the Ionian warrior, in spite of the immense damage he must have taken from the combo, brought the proverbial hammer down on the unprepared Lunari, who clearly thought this would be an easy kill. He rained down a quick series of blows so fast Leona could not follow them with her eyes, and it was clear Diana could barely follow with her blade. He swept upwards with his first strike, quickly transferring his momentum into a stab at Diana's midsection when the sword was blocked. When she jumped back to evade, he then brought his shield around, still maintaining momentum, and began twisting himself to maintain his balance as he brought his sword across her torso to knock her sword out of position. He swung his shield around with enough force Leona swore she could hear the crunch and snap of bone as it connected and buckled Diana's breastplate. Leona quietly gasped at this, earning looks of confusion from some, and anger from others for interrupting.

Bringing the rest of himself around the Warrior brought his sword down for a finally overhand chop that would have cloven Diana in twain if it had connected. The Lunari barely brought her sword up in time to intercept the killing blow, but by doing so granted her enough time to summon her Pale Cascade shield. Having thus protected herself she then slammed the warrior with the balls of energy summoned alongside the Cascade, staggering him enough so that she could retreat back toward her tower. Leona smiled triumphantly at this, much to the surprise of the Ionia healer Soraka sitting next to her,

"What has got you so happy? I would think you would be glad to see Diana soundly defeated for once." Said the healer, Leona looked over to the other woman, and said,

"Well I feel like someone should be pulling for her, it is a two-sided match after all." said the Sun Avatar lamely.

"Well yes, I just wouldn't have expected it to be you that's all, given your rivalry at least." Leona did not respond to this, blushing slightly, she looked back to the viewing orb to see what was happening…

Diana was gasping for breath even as she attempted to figure out what had just happened.

'He is faster than he looks.' She thought, 'Ok, ok, think. That armor is made of bands, if I can get my blade under one of them, I can gut him. The only problem is getting close to him. I'll need to wear him down first…'

Diana then finally noticed the minions fighting each other in the lane. She then came up with a plan. Sending out another Crescent Strike she made sure to graze one of the minions with it, not enough to kill it, but rather just mark it. The Blast then connected with the Great warrior marking him as well. Diana channeled her energy into her great Moonsilver Blade and performed her lunar rush towards the warrior. Swinging her blade in a wide easy to read arc, the warrior easily intercepted it, not realizing that Diana didn't need a direct hit, just a surface to impact. As soon as the blades connected, the energy in Diana blade exploded forth, damaging the warrior and putting him off balance. Before he could counterattack Diana dashed to the marked minion and then to another further up the lane, putting a safe distance between the two.

Diana had noticed when she had gotten close that there was some sort of bandage over the warriors left eye. She could use this to her advantage. She repeated the maneuver two more times, each time staying on the left side of the warrior to throw off his vision. After the second time he spoke,

"Ok you've had your fun. MY TURN!" Diana turned just in time to have the Shield that had been strapped to the warriors arm hit her in the face, breaking her nose. Bringing her arm to her nose, she looked up just in time to see the giant Warrior nearly on top of her. Their swords connected and the battle continued.

Despite Diana clear advantage in agility over the hulking warrior she could not make it show. As soon as she moved out of range he would close the gap and being hammering at her defenses again. He was clearly the better swordsman of the pair, never allowing her to go on the offensive for more than one or two blows. There was however a weakness Diana knew she could exploit. From fighting against swordsmen like Garen, Irelia, Talon, and Riven, she knew that when a good swordsman got into a groove like this they began to block out the outside world, completely focused on killing their target. If she could break this concentration, she would have a chance for a decisive blow.

Gaining slight distance from the warrior, she waited until he moved at her before bringing the point of her great blade down and activating her Moonfall spell. This spell was powerful enough to knock any champion of the fields of justice airborne, and it did not fail her here. The warrior was lifted off of his feet before coming crashing back down to earth. In this moment of vulnerability, Diana quickly moved behind the warrior, chose one of the armor gaps, highlighted by the kneeling warrior, and slipped her blade into it. She felt immense satisfaction as the blade stuck flesh. Rather than pull it directly back out, Diana quickly pulled the blade along the armor gap until it came out of the warrior's side, maximizing the damage done by the blow. She then quickly darted to her starting position in front of the warrior as he stood, blood now almost gushing from his wound.

"AH! Well struck, Chosen. Well struck." He said, genuine compliment in his tone even as he groaned in pain.

"Thank you." She said automatically, not used to receive complements while activity in battle. Just as the word crossed her lips she saw the warrior charge at her, going for what looked like a full form tackle.

'This is gonna hurt.' she thought in the second before impact. All-in-all the entire warrior weighed about 350lbs in full armor, and if he had been recorded at that moment would have clocked in at 45 Mph.

It felt like getting hit by Nautilus…if he were being fired out of a cannon.

Diana went flying backwards. Landing within her turret's range, she lay there a moment to hate her life for having her put up with this so early in the morning. When she lifted herself again, barely able to stand at this point, she noticed the warrior had not moved from the point of impact, and his shoulders and chest heaving with the effort of breathing. He then looked up to her and said,

"Time to end this, It was a good fight child." Diana was about to issue a challenge when the warrior looked to the sky, raised his right fist and yelled, "Aquila Company! Forward!"

Thinking that he had now genuinely gone insane from head trauma and blood loss, Diana watched in disbelief as the warrior approached her turret. Suddenly figures began appearing around him. Phantoms armed with the same armor as the warrior himself. There must have been hundreds of them. They lowered their shield, swords pointed forward. They then all at the same time charged the turret. Diana knew it was over, but was determined to take her opponent with her. Waiting until the very last moment, pretending to be doubled over in pain, Diana prepared to strike. Just as the Phantoms were on top of her she lunged for the warrior leading them. She "felt" a pulling sensation as the warrior's sword entered her gut but kept on going, aiming her blade at an angle she slipped the blade in between the armor slats and felt the tip strike home beneath the ribcage. She then fell to the ground, her spine severed from the sword now protruding from her back. As her fingers slipped off the handle and the darkness crept in she heard the warrior speak,

"Well fought young one. Perhaps there is some hope for your people after all…" before he too fell to the ground.

The entire common room was silent as everyone processed what had just happened. Irelia then spoke up, breaking the silence,

"Well, at least he'll keep things interesting I suppose."

At this everyone chuckled slightly and then broke out into conversation. Realizing the excitement was now over, Leona wandered to the Dining hall to finally get breakfast.

Diana felt the familiar electric sensation of being summoned back from the fields. As she landed back on the summoning platform she turned towards the summoner at the far end of the room,

"Are we done here?" she asked, she wanted to speak to that warrior as quickly as possible.

"Yes, we are. Thank you for your time Champion Diana." Said the summoner absently as he finished the rites to close down the summoning platform. Hearing this, Diana turned on her heels and quickly left the room. As she walked out she saw the Warrior walking from the opposite summoning chamber. She then lifted her hand and called out to him, simultaneously beginning to walk over to him,

"Hey!" She yelled, causing him to look up from an apparent conversation with his summoner from this match. Ending said conversation he then made his way towards her, meeting her in the middle of the great hallway.

"Greetings Chosen! And well fought! I have not had a battle that hard in a long time." he said, his voice complementary and impressed.

"You said we could talk after the battle, shall we begin?" Said the Avatar, not interested in beating around the bush.

"Indeed we shall. But first, have you eaten yet?" he asked,

"No." Diana responded simply, with her stomach rumbling to second the fact.

"Then we shall speak over breakfast." He said, now smiling and indicating the direction of the dining hall, "Shall we?"

As impatient as she was for answers, Diana had to admit she was quite famished by this point. Recognizing the wisdom of killing two birds with one stone, she said, "Very well then. Lead on."

Stepping forward the great warrior and the Lunari began the trek to the dining hall. As they walked the Warrior seemed to realize something and turned to Diana,

"I never actually got your name Chosen." He said

"Oh," said Diana, realizing that she had not introduced herself, "Diana, I have no surname as I gave it up when I was exiled."

"Maximus Ironarm." He said, extending his hand for her to shake. After she did so he turned back to face ahead once more. Diana became more curious at this revelation,

"Not exactly an ordinary Ionian name is it?" she said in response

"It was not given to me at birth. I received this name when the Sons of War found me in the foothills surrounding Patroga Fortress." He said, his tone carrying finality in it.

As they reached the dining hall Maximus stopped and turned to face her once again,

"Get your food and I shall meet you at the Ionian table," he said, pointing to a table at the far end of the hall, "that should give us a spot to talk." Diana nodded at this and split off to retrieve her meal.

Diana was now very curious as to what information could be provided by this Ionian warlord. If he could help her to discover more Lunari temples like the one near Mount Targon, it might just be the kick start she needed to revive the Lunari faith. Just as the thoughts began to crystalize in her mind the aforementioned warrior sat down across from her, with a veritable mountain of food on his plate. She had to lean around it just to give him a confused stare.

"What?" he asked, part of a rice cake coming out of his mouth, "I'm a hungry man. Eat, I'm not leaving anytime soon." He said, waving the rice cake to indicate her food. Realizing the conversation wouldn't start until the commander was ready, Diana dug into her own meal of meats and bread.

About five minutes later Diana was finishing up the last of her meal. As she finished the last piece of bread from her plate there was a rather loud belch from across the table. She looked across to see the commander's food also gone. Scrunching her nose at the display of poor taste, she looked back up at the commander to see him smiling.

"You must forgive me Chosen. It has been a long time since I've had good meals on a consistent basis. The Tempest Flats aren't the most fertile of lands. It is a luxury you never recognize until it is gone. But now to business. Let me preface this by asking you what it is you know about the Lunari. If I know that, I can better help to fill in the blanks with what little additional knowledge I have."

"Alright," said Diana, "fair enough. From the two temples I've found so far, the Lunari order stretches back millennia to before the first Rune War. There appears to even have been a time where the Solari and Lunari were allied or even combined in some areas. Then about 1,000 or so years ago something hit them that dropped their numbers dramatically, which we know, of course, was the Solari Purge, conducted by the last Chosen of the Sun. At this point the Lunari all but vanished and their records were burned."

"Alright then. For a bit of background to my connection to this, I shall begin at the beginning…" he said. Diana then noticed his one visible eye seemed to lose focus, as if gazing far into the distance, before he spoke again, his voice different, deeper, and more ethereal

Long before the Rune Wars, and the rivalries of late
In the time of legends old, our Primus sealed our fate
For we are of a different land, Of that there can be no doubt
Our true home lies far from here, in the mountains to the South
We spent our days upon those peaks, under the nights so starry
For we were bold in those days of old, in the Kingdom of the Caelari

Maximus' eye now seemed to refocus and his voice returned to normal, "So spoke the Centurion Primus." He said, before taking another drink.

"Alright, what was that?" asked Diana, now more confused than ever

"That was the earliest verbal record of my order having any other home beyond Ionia's shores. This 'Kingdom of Caelari' has always fascinated me, as I could never find a record of it. In the old tongue it literally translates as Sky People or People of the Heavens. I could never find reference to them so I went digging through the orders archives. What I found was astonishing."

"What was it?" said Diana, now hanging on the soldier's every word,

"We were always different from most Ionian marital order, in both creed and goal, but I never understood why. Then I found a set of document dated back 1, 134 years, to the lead up to the first Rune War. They were marshaling orders, given by the 'Celestial Chosen' for the Sons of War to march towards the Margon Pass and cut off a column of 'Noroxan' troops from entering. The message ended by saying, as near as I could tell, 'This mission is of critical importance commander, Caelari everywhere are counting on you and your men. May the Sun and the Moon forever bless your path.' We appear to have been the army, or at least a military arm of this Caelari Kingdom, and they must have been marshaling strength for the coming Rune War. There were maps detailing our troop movements, specific town locations, and even a small city, but they were all contained in the vaults of Potroga, and so are all but lost to us now."

Diana sat there frozen for a moment, letting the soldiers words sink in. So it HAD been true! The Solari and Lunari had at once been a single entity. And had been ruled by the Celestial Chosen.

"So your saying that this civilization…"

"…could perhaps have been the precursor to the modern Solari and Lunari doctrines. They could indeed have come from the same place."

"By the moon… that is incredible! If we could find proof of this there could be chance for my people to have peace." Said Diana excitement creeping into her voice at the prospect of finally gaining some traction.

"Proof of what?" asked a new voice from the table side. Diana looked up to see a man in purple Summoner's robes standing next to them.

"Hello to you too, Thrulios." Said the Commander with a raised eyebrow, "Diana and I were just discussing a mutually interesting academic matter. Now, is there something you require my friend?"

"Oh, right. You've been requested for Ionia's 5v5 practice match, and actually so have you Diana. It'll be a good way for you to make an impression on the other Summoners at the Institute. It'll also let the high councilors decide if you need to be buffed or nerfed depending on your performance." Said T-Dog, his voice moving at lightning speed for fear that he had angered the newest champion of the League.

"Thrulios, I've just had two cups of wine and its 7:30 in the morning. Speak common, and speak slowly please. Jumpy little mouse." Said Maximus exasperatedly, the last bit muttered under his breath. The Summoner breathed in deeply and sighed before responding,

"Right, so this is going to be your first real match. You'll be getting summoned by an Ionian ranked team called The Sovereigns of Shao-Xul. I've been told to go over some things with you before the match, which is in about an hour… wait, two cups of wine? Really?" said the Summoner, coming to the realization of just how strange that was.

"Well I'm sorry, but I just died. As in dead, drape the cape over my shield and bury me, dead. And the person who did it is across the table from me no less. I will drink if I damn well please. Now what do you feel the need to discuss?" said the commander defensively.

"Oh, right. Forgot how weird it can be the first time. Anyway, so as this is your first broadcast match, you get the chance to make an entrance." Said the Summoner

"An 'entrance'? What exactly does that mean?" asked the warrior,

"Just what it sounds like. You can enter the arena any way that you wish. And you get a little bit of time to show off, you know standard chest pounding and such."

The Commander's eye lit up at this, and both Summoner and Champion could see the wheels turning in his head, "This could be quite a bit of fun." Said the warrior

"It's a nice way to start a reputation." Said Diana, "I teleported onto the field in a beam of moonlight and gave the whole audience a lightshow to show my power then capped it off with one of my standard ultimatums and went to get my starting items. It was great at terrifying my lane opponent."

"So, you got any ideas?" asked Thrulios

"Yes, yes indeed I do." Replied the Commander conspiratorially, before leaning forward to tell the Summoner.

The Summoners for The Sovereigns of Shao-Xul were at their appointed chamber making their preparation rites for their match. Their newest member, Ivan Tregoch, was reading through the background of the newest champion of the League, who was to be joining them for that match.

Maximus, the Iron Fist of Ionia.

Ionia is a land dedicated to the pursuit of enlightenment, though not all of its inhabitants accomplish this through peaceful means. Since the time of the first Sovereigns, The Sons of War have stood guard over the island. An order that believes that growth can be achieved only through conflict, they have been at odds with the mostly pacifist order of their island home since the beginning. They are soldiers, not warriors. Striving for discipline and perfection of the group, as well as the individual, their practice of the 'Stance of the Mountain' makes them stand apart from most of their island brethren. The Sons of War are led by the Centurion Primus, a living embodiment of War. It is an office that can only be gained by skill in combat, strength of character, and tactical wisdom. Maximus Ironarm has all of these and more.

A soldier of unequaled prowess, Maximus led the Sons of War through one of the most trying ordeals in their history, The Noxian Invasion. When the Noxians landed on Ionia's southern shores The Sons of War were the first to respond. Maximus and his personal command, known as Aquila Company, held the Noxians at bay while the townships north of the coast were evacuated. Many scholars, including High General Swain, point to their early actions as the reason why Ionia managed to hold on as long as it did. Maximus and the Sons participated in almost every major engagement of the war, including many battles with Fury Company led by current League Champion Riven the Exile. Even after losing his left eye, ear, and most of his face Maximus still fought on. Maximus' last action of the war proved to be his down fall however. While attempting to retake his order's ancestral home of Potroga Fortress, Maximus broke the cease fire that had been brokered the day before, by attacking Noxian troops stationed there. The Ionian council then banished Maximus and the Sons of War from the Ionian Isles for war crimes and threatening the peace.

Maximus brings to the battle field years of tactical and combat experience, and an unerring ability to find his opponents weak points.

"Maximus fights on not only for himself, nor his men, nor even merely for his country. He fights for every soul he has been unable to save and has sworn to avenge. He is a powerful ally, and a terrifying foe."

-Dutchess Karma

Miriya Li, another summoner for the team, was trying to express her irritation at her teammates and perform her summoning rites at the same time. Her failure to do so was causing her teammates to make a few mistakes of their own due to equal parts laughter and exasperation.

"Can someone remind me again why we are summoning the convicted and banished war criminal to represent our nation for this match?" she asked agitatedly, having to go back several steps due to a misused rune. This earned a groan from a summoner standing across from her.

"For spirits sake, Miri, give it a rest. The man is not a war criminal he's a hero, and besides, it's not like we haven't summoned some unsavory characters for our matches. Why are you treating this guy so harshly?" asked Ivan, who was now finished with his rites and was simply standing there debating Miriya,

"How is he a hero? He failed in defending the Southern Provinces, or any Ionian territory for that matter. He leads an army of paramilitary war mongers. He tried to coerce the Council of Elders into going to war! He has no place bringing such violence and conflict to our shores." Said the angry summoner.

"The Sons of War were the first to respond to the Noxian invasion. If they hadn't been there to hold them back the Noxians would have swept north and taken the Placidium before anyone could stop them. Maximus and his men helped win us the war." Said Haruko Ojima, the oldest member of the group. She spoke calmly, not wanting to aggravate Miriya more and set her even further back.

"Irelia won us the war." Said Miriya harshly, "The Ionian Guard won us the war. It was only after Irelia join that we even made slight headway against them. And then what does this Maximus do once we've driven them back? He attacks the Noxians AGAIN! The Sons of War are an anachronistic warrior cult from before Ionia's enlightenment lead by a bloodthirsty warlord who was willing to sacrifice peace for a shot at glory." Said Miriya, an edge of victory in voice as the summoning rites completed.

"Well, when you put it like that he does seem like more than little bit of an asshole." Said a new voice. Miriya looked up to thank whoever it was that supported her, only to find that all of her teammates and all but one of the champions they were summoning were in front of her, and the voice had come from behind.

'There is no way my luck is that bad.' She thought as she realized who was missing.

"And yes, you are right. Irelia did win us the war. But I like to think I helped a little." Said the voice. Miriya turned stiffly around to face the voice's owner, and found herself looking up at none other than Maximus Ironarm of The Sons of War. She had never seen a more terrifying and awe-inspiring thing in her life.

The soldier was covered with polished steel armor. Everything from his stance to his sword at his hip seems to radiate raw power. His great helm was held under his right arm, baring the scars on his head for all to see. His left eye socket was covered but the scars and burns still shown. It was only in this moment that Miriya realized how much she had screwed up.

'I just trash talked one of the most deadly warriors in all of history, and he was standing there the whole time. I am so dead.' she thought, the color draining from her face. Upon seeing her expression, Maximus smirked at her and said,

"Oh don't worry. I'm not going to eat you." Then his face turned suddenly serious and his voice threatening, "Yet." If Miriya had been any more scared she would have lost control of her bladder. Seeing her expression go from scared to terrified, Maximus could no longer maintain his straight face, and burst out laughing.

"Oh dear spirits child. The look on your face!" he said, now doubled over laughing. Wiping an imaginary tear from his eye, he straightened himself and spoke, "Now then, what exactly am I supposed to do for this summoning?" he asked still smiling widely.

"Come over here champion." Spoke Summoner Ojima, leading him away from the still dazed Miriya. When Maximus was beside her she spoke again, "Stand upon this rune facing inward, and relax."

"Alright." said Maximus. Ojima then turned to the other members of her team,

"Is everyone ready?" when they all answered in the affirmative, Ojima walked over to her summoning globe and said, "Then let us begin."

Maximus felt a tingling sensation on his skin, then with a flash of blue light he left the platform. Opening his eye the soldier took in his surroundings. The team was now in a line shoulder to shoulder, Dutchess Karma, Varrus the archer, the fox Ahri, Shen of the Kinkou, and himself. The enemy team stood across from them, but before Maximus could examine them, he felt a pulling sensation on his mind before suddenly a voice could be hear within his head.

'Commander Maximus, I am Summoner Ivan and I will be guiding you for this battle.' Spoke the voice.

'They shall feel the mountain's wrath, Summoner' "spoke" Maximus back through the mental link.

'Alright, so as you probably know, as this is your first match and so you have the chance to make an entrance. Put any thought into that?'

'Yes, I have an idea. I will be away from the rest of the team correct?'

'Yes, they will spawn in the fountain, you will be in front of the Nexus.' Spoke the Summoner through the link. Maximus started to feel his innards shifting as the summoning progressed

'Alright told me that there are Ki blocks in place for these matches, I will need you to remove themso I can give a true display of my power.'

'Already done. Anything else?'

'No, if I cannot impress them as I am, then I am not worthy to be here.' Thought, the commander.

'Very well sir. On a personal note sir, many members of my family were and are soldiers in the Sons of War, and so it is an honor to fight with you today.' Said the Summoner proudly

'Glad to have you along soldier. Now let's show them what we can do, eh? Stand like the mountain!' said Maximus, giving the first line of the Sons of War's battle cry.

'Strike like the Thunder!"

At this, the darkness then flashed away. And Maximus found himself standing on a great paved-stone pad looking out at a grand forest valley. Before he could make any more observations, a great voice boomed over the valley,

"Welcome to Summoner's Rift!"

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