The umbilical cord had still connected them as she held him. She had been afraid he'd be stillborn, arriving a month early and coerced out by severe distress; the stress of being kidnapped and used as bait had taken its toll and hearing the battle raging on the other side of the warehouse had been what forced her preterm labor.

But he was so strong. After she'd cleared his airway, he'd screamed. With shaking arms she'd placed him in her lap. He'd been bloody as a warrior fresh from combat. As much as she'd wanted to continue watching him, hoping he'd open his eyes the tiniest bit, the room was too cold to keep him exposed. She'd wrapped him in her coat to keep him warm. And then she'd grown woozy as she lay there, eventually falling asleep…

When next she awoke she was in a hospital bed. Minutes later a nurse came in, asking if she needed anything. She mentioned something about losing a lot of blood and being very lucky. Felicity barely listened, begging her to send Oliver in.

Moments later, her husband walked in; she'd know his blurry form anywhere.

"I knew you'd save us," she said, beaming. "Isn't Robbie beautiful? And he's so loud when he cries!"

Her blurry husband sank into the chair by her bed, not saying a word. He probably wanted to hear her babble about their baby.

"He seems like a good weight for being premature, doesn't he? Not too small? Were you nervous holding him?"

Oliver did nothing in response but lean forward and take her hand in both of his. Felicity licked her dry lips, finally realizing something was wrong.

"Is he okay?"

She could swear she heard Oliver stifle a sob as he pressed his forehead to the back of her hand.

"Oliver, is he okay?"

"I'm so sorry," he choked out quietly.

An icicle plunged into her heart as she tried to decipher the simple words. Her blurred vision worsened as tears brimmed in her eyes.

"Oliver, where's our baby?"

You'll never know, dear

How much I love you

Please don't take

My sunshine


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