Alright this is my newest fic (like I need one when I have so many that need to be finished but hey you have to go where the muses take you) called Alpah Bitch (obviously). It's just some good old fashion fun with a frustrated Kagome dealing with a dog who thinks everything he wants should by right be his. Though that sounds more like it should be a Sess/Kags fic. Ah well it is what is is and what it is is a Toga/Kagome fic. So hope you enjoy and hopefully as per my sense of humor there are a lot of ha has for you all. Much love. Keva


Kagome screamed as she flew backwards thanks to a well executed slash by Sesshoumaru's poison whip. Well it really wasn't that well executed since he missed Naraku completely and caught her instead. Then for reasons she couldn't understand her only thought was that Sesshoumaru was the biggest (to use Inuyasha's colorful vocabulary) jackass on this side of Japan.

She was going to die there was no doubt about it. If the poison didn't get her the landing certainly would. She was a human there was no way she could fly that fast, hit a tree or anything else, and survive it… NO WAY!

She looked down when she felt something wrap around her waist and noted it to be Sesshoumaru's mokomoko. It wasn't enough that he damn near sliced her in two now he was going to constrict her to death also. What was his problem anyway they were there to fight Naraku not each other.

"Sesshoumaru you bastard!" She hissed when he pulled her in close then gasped fearfully when he sent her flying again only changing the angle of her flight path. This was like a horrible ride at a fair only this one was controlled by a psycho demon lord.

Really the poison whip and flinging her all over the place like she was his personal toy wasn't enough? Now he was going to make sure she was stabbed to death by flinging her daggers at her? "Sesshoumaru!" She screamed at him watching him come right for her. "Not me; Naraku you idiot!" She yelled when he slashed Tenseiga at her releasing a wave of healing energy in her direction.

The last thing she remembered was falling into the well with her daggers, Sesshoumaru's wave of healing energy, and his last words. "Find the child Onigumo."


Kagome groaned as she opened her eyes. "Dammit Sesshoumaru!" She hissed with a groan as she placed her hand to her midsection only to find herself completely healed. "Well at least he was kind enough to heal me." She huffed and pushed herself up into a sitting position.

As she looked up she noticed she was met with afternoon sky just as the sky was when that jackass tossed her into the well. "Sesshoumaru; you jerk!" She yelled fully expecting said inu to appear because clearly the well didn't work.

When he didn't show up she glowered at the well opening then stood up. "I'm going to gut him one of these days so help me." She grumbled then looked down at her daggers sticking into the dirt.

"GAH!" She gasped realizing they were right next to where her head was on either side. "Nope definitely going to kill him." She hissed as she pulled her daggers from the dirt, stuck them in their sheaths on her back, and began the process of getting out of the well.

She hiked over the side fully expecting to see Sesshoumaru, Naraku, and all her friends still going at it. However all that met her was silence and perfect landscape like nothing had ever touched it. "How did he know?" She wondered as she sat on the edge of the well.

Clearly she was in a different time and she was sure it was during the time Onigumo was still a child. Again how did he know she would come to this time or did he make it happen with his 'superior' (she mocked in her head using his voice) intelligence?

Now the question was where did she find Onigumo and what was she suppose to do with him once she found him? "I really hope he doesn't expect me to kill a child." She snorted to herself. "If he does he's a bigger idiot than I thought." She nodded.

She sighed, stood up, and adjusted her haori deciding that she would start with the village and work from there. It was a good thing Sesshoumaru (the jackass) forced her into wearing more traditional clothing. The last thing she needed was to scare everyone with her odd futuristic (though modern for her) clothing especially being further back in time. Though if her guess was correct she was back enough in the past that Kikyo should be no more than one or two if born at all.

Oh if only she had the constitution to kill a child she might seriously consider killing that one. Although if she did find Onigumo as a child and stopped him from becoming a vagrant he wouldn't eventually become Naraku. Naraku was the reason for the betrayal between Inuyasha and Kikyo which in turn caused Kikyo's hatred. So by simple math the subtraction of Naraku in that equation erased the betrayal in effect erasing Kikyo's hatred.

Well she really hoped it worked out that way. Hoping it wasn't one of those suppose to be situations where no matter what she did the events would play out the same somehow. If not Onigumo becoming Naraku then some other delinquent would sell his black heart to the devil or in this case horde of demons.

Maybe she could go further into the past and lop Mirdioko's head off instead before she created the jewel. Now that would solve a whole world of problems.

No Mirdioko equaled no jewel.

No jewel equaled no Naraku.

No Naraku equaled no betrayal.

No betrayal equaled Kagome still living a happy uneventful life in her own time.

Clearly she was the only one with the proper mental capacity to figure this out because obviously the Kami couldn't. Or they were just a bunch of sick bastards with too much time on their hands. One day she was going to die and when that day came the whole lot of them were going to regret their sick little joke in which she was sure she was the butt of.

She stared at the village noting it to be about exactly the same as the time in which she sort of came from. The only difference between the village now and the village to come were the number of huts. Well that wasn't what she was here for she was here to find Onigumo though how would anyone know of a single child that was anywhere between new born and… well… hell for all she knew he could be a grown adult by now.

Though if that was the case then he'd be pretty damn easy to find considering what a worthless bastard he grew up to be. Well if he was an adult she'd definitely have no problem in gutting him of that she was sure.

She spotted the hut that is or would be eventually Kaede's and headed straight for it. If she wanted to know what time she made it back to she would find out there. "Hello?" She called with a light tap on wood frame of the hut.

"Can I help you?" A woman exited with a little girl sitting on her hip.

"Well actually," Kagome fidgeted not really sure what to say. "I was looking for my son Onigumo." Oh she was no good on the fly. 'My son.' Where in all level of hells did that come from?

"Onigumo?" The woman drew her brows deeply. "Can't say I've heard of a child by that name."

"Oh, well, thanks for your help." She smiled and looked at the little girl. "And what a cutie you are." She gave her a little poke in the belly causing her to giggle. "How old is she?"

"Just turned two last week." The woman nodded.

"Well happy birthday..." She trailed off and looked at the mother expectantly so she could figure out who the girl was. If it was Kikyo she was in the right time if not well she was going to go back through the well and kick Sesshoumaru in his haughty ass.

"Oh Kikyo." She smiled.

"What a pretty name." She again gave the little girl a poke in the belly. "Well happy late birthday Kikyo."

"Thank you," the woman smiled. "and I hope you find your son."

"So do I." She nodded with a frown trying her best to look like a worried mother. "I just hope his worthless father is taking care of him."

"His father took him?" She drew her brows. "Well I suppose as his father it's within his rights."

Kami she hated the way people's minds worked in the past. They were always so accepting of some of the worst things just because they considered it the norm. "Not when he's a drunk and a thief." She narrowed her eyes. "I will not allow my child to grow up under that kind of influence." She nodded curtly then smiled. "Well thank you for your time. Sorry to bother you."

"Well good luck finding your son." She nodded and tentatively stepped back into her hut.

Kagome rolled her eyes at the woman's sudden apprehension but didn't care she had more important things to do like figure out where to find Onigumo. It wasn't like this was going to be easy or anything being she knew next to nothing about him other than his name and what becomes of him.

Again the thought that Sesshoumaru was an idiot crossed her mind. If this was his big plan he could have at least made sure that she had something to go on first. A last name would have helped or even the general location of the village he came from. Hell for all she knew he came from the southern most village on the entire continent of Japan. She was half tempted to start running from village to village screaming out Onigumo's name until he answered.

Or maybe just maybe she could go back through the well and find out where to start looking. Actually that seemed to be the most logical plan and the only one that made any amount of sense. Then her second plan was to give Sesshoumaru a good swift kick in the ass for being so damn stupid.

With that stuck in her head as her big plan she turned and headed back to the well hoping that this time wasn't closed off to her or her time or any other time.


When she landed in the bottom of the well she could hear Inuyasha yelling at Sesshoumaru about it being his fault Naraku got away. "Of course Naraku got away." She muttered to herself. "He always gets away because where would be the fun in actually killing him?"

She looked up at the blue sky and sighed deeply pretty sure Naraku got away not because of anything Sesshoumaru did but because of everything Inuyasha did. Swing first think later; that was his motto and to her it was the dumbest motto ever. Well that was neither her nor there at the moment she had more important things to take care of.

"Hey jackass!" She called though not very loudly knowing full well he would hear her. It wasn't long until a head appeared in the opening of the well and it wasn't the jackass she was calling for. "Not you your jackass of a brother." She bit out at the hanyou.

"What the fuck are you doing in the bottom of the well Kagome?!" Inuyasha accused. "You're supposed to be helping kill Naraku not running off home like a coward!"

"Oh just shut up Inuyasha." She bit out in no mood. "Now where is your idiot of a brother?" She watched as Inuyasha opened his mouth only to be suddenly thrown out of the way followed by Sesshoumaru's head appearing.

"Miko." He growled.

Her eyes narrowed. "Now look, you sent me back to find Onigumo but I need more than just a name to go on!" She growled. "Can I get a village location or a last name or something so I'm not spending the rest of my life wandering around looking for a child I'll never find!"

Sesshoumaru curled his lip at her before he jumped in, wrapped his arm around her, and jumped back out. Once outside the well he stared down coldly at her. "You will watch your tongue." He glared at her.

"If I could see it I would though I doubt it would be very interesting." She quickly retorted. "Now look how am I suppose to find Onigumo as a child?" She questioned before he could respond to her snarky response. "Do you happen to know what village he comes from or where I could at least get a clue as to where he might be?"

Sesshoumaru sighed irritably through his nose. He figured she knew more about Onigumo than just his name. "Why did you not say so." He demanded coldly.

"Well," she huffed. "there wasn't time between you throwing me around and trying to kill me." She eyed him critically. "You know if that was your big plan a little notice would have been nice so I could have prepared. If you had we wouldn't be having this conversation now." She scowled at him.

Oh he was so tempted to run his claws through her chest. "Remain here." He growled then lifted into the air heading towards the cave the vagrant hid in.

"What a pompous ass." She huffed then looked over at the hanyou that was glaring daggers at her. "You want to wrestle?" She narrowed her own eyes upon him. "I'll kick your ass Inuyasha."

"Keh!" He huffed and crossed his arms over his chest as he looked away from her. "So when did you and that ass hole become so buddy buddy?" He questioned with a glare at her.

She turned to face him fully and matched his stance with arms crossed over her own chest. "Oh I'd say about the same time you gave Kikyo my jewel shards." She narrowed her eyes when his widened. "Yea didn't think I knew about that did ya. You're such an ass wipe Inuyasha." She shook her head disgustedly. "I had to beg Sesshoumaru to find her and get them back before she delivered them to Naraku." Her eyes narrowed to deadly little slits. "You owe me big time for that buddy boy and when I call that favor in you better damn well pay up!" She pointed a sharp finger at him. "Sesshoumaru damn near worked me to death in exchange for helping me and you're going to get yours because of it." Though she shouldn't complain too much seeing as how his training gave her a lot more skills then just shooting an arrow.

"Well I didn't think she would betray me." He scowled. "Why the fuck would she after she said she loved me."

"Here let me point out where you went wrong." She nodded curtly. "Your first mistake was thinking. Your second was trusting someone that's made of dirt; dirt is not your friend Inuyasha." She pointed out. "Remember how it tastes when I make you eat it?"

"You're not funny." He growled.

"Not trying to be." She easily countered. "Now your third mistake was mistaking love for loved as in used to love, past tense. Finally your last mistake was trusting someone that wants to take you to hell. I mean really Inuyasha who in their right mind WANTS to go to hell; even promises to go there? I mean if you're really into pain and torture and all that hell has to offer," she narrowed her eyes upon him. "I can you know what you all day long if you'd like."

"Hell no!" He bit out with a pointed finger in her face. "Just forget it already." He huffed. "Now what is this shit with you and Sesshoumaru and this big plan of his?"

"Well now your guess is as good as mine." She nodded at him. "Because clearly it was a spur of the moment thing on his part seeing as how I had to come back to get the details."

"And you call me the stupid one." He glowered and watched as his brother landed in front of them.

"It must run in the family Inuyasha." She retorted then looked up at Sesshoumaru. "So you have a village or a name or his DNA or something?"

"DNA; do not speak of such nonsense." He growled.

She waved a dismissive hand through the air. "Whatever."

He scowled down at her. "This Sesshoumaru has determined that Onigumo came from the same village Rin did."

"Well good to know." She nodded and stared up at him waiting for him to continue only to quickly realize he apparently figured her for a mind reader. "And that village would be where exactly?" She questioned with a huff.

He narrowed his eyes upon the tone she was using with him. "The base of the mountain containing the wolf tribe's lair."

"Of course." She huffed. "What's worse than an over amorous thick headed wolf? A younger over amorous thick headed wolf. Oh this is going to be fun." She shook her head.

"You stay the fuck away from that mutt Kagome!" Inuyasha ordered with a glare.

"Now where would the fun be in that?" She snorted. "I was sooo totally going to waltz up the mountain just to experience his annoyingness because well I just can't get enough of him now." She rolled her eyes at him.

Inuyasha opened his mouth to respond to that but snapped it shut when his brother growled irritably.

"Enough." Sesshoumaru glared at her. "I have given you a task and you will fulfill it."

Kagome looked up at the demon lord. "But what if the well doesn't let me go back to Onigumo's time again; what then?"

He snorted at that. "It will." He then plucked her up, walked the few paces to the well, and dropped her in.

"Sesshoumaru! You bastard!" She yelled as he watched his face slowly vanish as the blue/black light surrounded her.