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"How do you even do that?" Kagome questioned completely confused as she looked between Sesshoumaru, Kei, and Toga.

"It's a complicated process that involves binding their jaki together so tightly they become one." Toga glared at the duo. "And it is a forbidden practice."

"Iie." Sesshoumaru growled. "Grandfather suggested it should be forbidden it was never outlawed."

"Even still," Toga growled. "the consequences of what you two have done is too high to continue the practice."

"I refuse." Kei squared his shoulders and stared determinedly at him. "Sesshoumaru and I will maintain our bond no matter what."

"Agreed." Sesshoumaru glared at his father. "If the choice is life and death, life will always come first and I will do what is necessary to ensure his survival." He waved a hand towards Kei.

"As will I." Kei nodded in agreement.

Toga pressed his lips together tightly knowing damn well there was no way he could stop them from binding each other. "And what do you intend to do when it comes time to mate and create an heir?"

Kei stared at the inu dismissively. "I have no intentions of mating anyone."

"Nor do I." Sesshoumaru echoed.

"You say that now." Toga snorted. "However, I'm sure at some point in your lives you're going to want an heir to carry on your legacy."

"Mating isn't necessary for having an heir." Sesshoumaru pointed out. "I will gain a child of my blood by a chosen bitch who I will eliminate once the child is born."

"You can't do that!" Kagome gasped as she stared wide-eyed at him.

"It is my right if I so decide it." Sesshoumaru answered dismissively.

Toga sighed deeply and placed his hand on Kagome's shoulder when she opened her mouth to respond to that. "He's right it will be his right when he becomes alpha of his own pack."

"Even still," Kagome looked over at Toga. "that's not right."

"We'll worry about that issue when the time comes." Toga pointed out. "In the mean time we need to deal with them binding each other."

"Alright." Kagome sighed in resignation. "What is this binding thing exactly?" She looked over at Sesshoumaru and Kei.

Toga sighed deeply and shook his head. "Two youkai who have a strong bond can bind their jaki together. If the bond is strong enough their jaki can be bound so tightly that there is no difference between one youkai's jaki and the other's jaki."

"So they have the same power?" Kagome questioned with brows drawn trying to understand.

"Not exactly." Toga shook his head. "They both have the same power level but their power is still their own. Basically, what they have done is mated their jaki. That's the best way to explain it."

She was getting more confused by the second. "Does that mean they are mated?"

"Iie." Sesshoumaru answered. "It means we share the power we contain within us."

"You mated your beasts?" She drew her brows even further.

"No." Kei chuckled. "There is no mating of anything between us. I'd say we're just really close."

"Kagome," Toga drew her attention his way. "look at it this way. If you were to take your miko powers and bind them with my jaki how would you explain that?" He nodded at her when she just stared at him. "Exactly."

"Okay," she nodded and looked at her two boys. "so why is it forbidden?"

"Because," Toga glared at the duo. "when two youkai are bound their lives are tightly intertwined. For example Kei's recent brush with death." He waved his hand towards the neko. "Sesshoumaru was going to seal Kei away within him and use his powers to heal him. However as pleasant as that sounds this is why the practice was forbidden." He sighed irritably. "When one youkai seals another youkai within them their power increases two fold."

Kagome's eyes widened hugely easily putting two and two together. "And when the sealed youkai is healed and ready to separate…"

"The yokai who sealed the other almost always refuses to release the youkai because they don't want to lose the power they gained." Toga cut her off. "Which then leads to an inner battle which drives both youkai mad and eventually leads to death." He glared over at his offspring. "Which is exactly why your grandfather forbade the practice."

"That would never happen to me." Sesshoumaru responded coldly. "And we will not stop binding our power." He waved a hand over at Kei.

"I'm sure the others who have partook in the practice said the same thing and now they're dead." Toga retorted.

Sesshoumaru snorted. "They were weak and we are not."

Toga ran a tired hand over his face knowing damn well there was no convincing either of them to stop this. "Alright," he submitted. "if you insist so be it." His ambers narrowed deeply. "Just know this, both of you." He looked between the two of them. "If either of you seals the other away and become mad I will eliminate you. Understood?"

Sesshoumaru waved a dismissive hand through the air. "That will be unnecessary."

"I said understood." Toga growled.

"Hai." Kei nodded.

"Very well." Sesshoumaru practically snorted.

"Very well my backside." Toga glared. "Now go on both of you." He waved his hand towards the door. "I can feel Onigumo coming. Take him AND Inuyasha out so your mother and I can speak without any interruptions."

The two stood up and nodded.

"Hai." Kei answered then followed Sesshoumaru out of the room.

Kagome stared at the now closed door for a long moment before looking at Toga. "So because they're bound each other does that mean they can't mate?"

"No." Toga shook his head. "It means that any female that wishes to mate either of them will have to be accepted by both of them."

Kagome's eyes widened hugely. "The woman has to mate them both?"

Toga chuckled at that. "No." He shook his head and chuckled at the mere thought. "Say a demoness desires to mate Kei and Kei wishes to mate her."

"Alright." She nodded.

"Okay, here's where it will get messy. Sesshoumaru will have to approve and allow them to mate because Kei will be exchanging his power with his chosen mate. So since they share the same power Sesshoumaru would have to agree to the mating and allow his own power to be exchanged as well."

"Ohhh…." Kagome's eyes widened as she realized what he was saying. "Knowing Sesshoumaru as I do he would never trade his power with anyone he didn't determine worthy."

"And therein lies the problem." Toga sighed.

"Yea." Kagome agreed then drew her brows in thought. "You know now that I think about it I wonder if that's why I have no memory of Kei in the future… I think I don't remember him." She nodded and looked confused at him. "Everyday my memory of the future gets more and more fuzzy."

Toga sighed deeply. "Most likely." He agreed in reference to Kei. "Kei isn't exactly one to err on the side of caution when is curiosity piqued. More times than I can count that boy has put himself in some rather dangerous situations just to stat his inner feline."

Kagome shook her head. "So that explains why Sesshoumaru didn't want Tenseiga to save him."

"Yes." Toga agreed. "Now we need to talk about the jewel and what would be best to do with it."

Kagome slumped over and sighed tiredly. "I just don't know. It's too dangerous just to hide it or seal it away somewhere. Its power will draw youkai and humans to it seeking to gain that power as their own."

"And you say a wish would be corrupted?"

"Yes." She nodded as she looked at him.

He drew his brows deeply as he stared at her. "So what would happen if you made a corrupted wish on the jewel?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well say you made a wish like you wished the world would fall into ruin and that the jewel would remain here on earth forever." He stared at her expectantly. "What do you suppose would happen then?"

"I don't know." She frowned. "In theory the exact opposite would happen but I can't guarantee that that would happen. For all we know it would grant that exact wish because it is a corrupted wish." She sighed deeply. "The jewel is only pure because it's in my possession but on it's own it's tainted. Midoriko was no longer pure of heart so it taints the jewel along with Magatsuhi's hatred. So there's no telling what it may or may not do with any wish made." She stared at him hopefully. "You sure you can't just crush it into dust? That would solve a whole lot of problems." Her eyes suddenly widened. "Ooh how about you use your poison and melt it into oblivion." She nodded excitedly at him.

He shook his head and sighed. "With that thing anything is possible. I still say checking with Totosai to see what he thinks can be done with it would be our best bet. Like Sō'unga it may be a sword only a miko pure of heart and strong of will can wield."

"Yes and like Sō'unga should someone touch who isn't those things they can become corrupted."

He sighed and shrugged. "It's a chance we'll just have to take like Sō'unga."

"I suppose." She sighed in agreement. "I'll talk to Totosai tomorrow and see what he can do or thinks. I'm too exhausted to deal with him today."

"Hai." Toga nodded. "Plus we still need to finish the mating ceremony."

"Oh right." She nodded. "So what do we need to do?"

"You need to bind yourself with Sesshoumaru, Kei, and Inuyasha and I need to bind with Onigumo."

"Should we do it now or tomorrow?" She questioned tiredly. "I mean I'm sore and exhausted and would rather wait until tomorrow. But if it's imperative we can do it tonight." She frowned at him.

"Tomorrow will be good." He nodded. "As long as we finish it within the next few days."

"Fine." She stood up and stretched. "I want to take a bath, eat, and go to bed."

He stood up with her and put his hand on her lower back. "Now that's the best plan I've heard in a long time."


Sesshoumaru rocked Inuyasha in his arms and stared at Kei.

"I knew it." Kei smirked as he rubbed Onigumo's back. "She is from another time."

"Hai." Sesshoumaru agreed. "It explains how she knows so much about me and powers I have yet to acquire."

Kei nodded in agreement. "Although, I'm curious as to what happened to me that she doesn't remember me?"

"I'm sure I had to seal you away because you didn't take precaution and wound up close to death." Sesshoumaru glared at him.

"Maybe." Kei agreed. "Though if it wasn't for this one," he patted Onigumo's back gently causing the sleeping boy to snuggle closer to him. "we might have heard and known for sure."

"Even still," Sesshoumaru continued to glare at him. "the fact of the matter is she doesn't remember you. Which means your damn curiosity once again nearly cost you your life."

"I can't help it." Kei growled. "When the need to know comes about there's just no stopping it."

"You need to learn some self control." Sesshoumaru bit out. "There have been too many close calls and I find it unacceptable. I will not lose you due to some ridiculous need to know something that's not that important."

"Yes, yes." Kei sighed. "As you have told me a million times before."

"And yet you still do nothing to change your behavior." Sesshoumaru countered.

"Now that's not true." He argued. "When we went to check out that well I was tempted to jump in to see what would happen but I didn't."

"Small improvement." Sesshoumaru very nearly rolled his eyes.

"An improvement none-the-less."

"We shall see if you can maintain that change." He challenged then turned on his heel to go put Inuyasha to bed.

"I'll show you." Kei nodded curtly as he followed behind.

"I certainly hope you do." Sesshoumaru answered truly hoping deep down that Kei would in fact prove him wrong.